Scary story essay

One of the guy said “Why did you take my brother’s headphones? ” then I said I don’t know what you are talking about and don’t even know your brother, these are our headphones. ” then he was quite for a second and his other friend pulled out his knife and said ” Look! If you don’t give us your headphones now otherwise it’s going to be bad for you”. After he showed his knife our heart started beating fast. We were so freaked out, I almost wet myself when saw the knife. My friend looked at me ND I looked at him.

We knew what to do, we slowly got off our bicycles and we slowly put the bicycles down. We took our headphones off from our neck and we looked back and started running. We left our bicycles, because our headphones costs a lot more than those bicycles, so we thought that leaving the bicycles were good idea. Unfortunately, those guys caught us and when they were trying to get our headphones from our hands, something happened, that never forget, from nowhere undercover police officers showed up in seconds.

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Big white van stopped next to me and more cops jumped off from the van. They arrested those guys. It was like the movies, still can’t forget that. Cops told us that, they have been watching those guys, because they did some crimes in the past. We thanked NYPD for saving our lives. If, they weren’t there, I don’t know what would have happened to us. After that, me and my friend went to the court couple oftentimes, because we were witnesses.