Saving Syria essay

Children have been ruthlessly ripped from their everyday lives of education and playtime, to a world we only see in movies. They are constantly hungry, exhausted and have harrowing stories to tell. These children have been forced to witness scenes that no person should ever have to see. (show the little girl, and the boy, mentioned in the following paragraph, along with other war stricken orphans). A little girl describes the day she saw her mother die. Her own mother was shot and raped in front of her, whilst she and her brothers could do nothing but weep. Another boy was detained in a police cell for over a month.

He was taken out every day, to be whipped and burnt with cigarettes. Many children have seen so much more than we can ever imagine in our worst nightmares. They have been left with nothing, their Are gone. Their families? Dispersed. And their health? Deteriorating. Some have been left so traumatized that they wet their beds, and some cannot even speak. Many self harm in an attempt to escape the nightmare they are living. (*at this point show homes which have been destroyed, implies which have been killed and images of sick children in the makeshift hospitals).

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Makeshift camps have been set up by the people of Syria, and they are over flowing with disease, dirt and horrible memories. One man describes how there is a child with diseases like typhoid in every tent. They do not have the sufficient medical provisions to deal with anything more severe than a headache, so these young children are normally left to die, slowly. Imagine, watching your own child die slowly, and not being able to do anything about it. Imagine not being able to fulfill your role as a mother, and losing your home, and then slowly; your family too.

A grandfather weeps as he tells us his story;** His home was bombed by rebel forces and his family were forced to flee in order to save their own lives. He has no idea where any of them are, and can only pray that they are safe, alive and well. He is also a diabetic patient, and his medication was left behind in the commotion. The hospital near him cannot provide him with the correct medication and he is simply for his death to arrive. Many hospitals do not have medication that exceeds Appreciator, and are forced to improvise in order to treat their patients.

Hospitals are a common target for both government and rebel forces, and they are constantly in danger of being bombed. Because of this many qualified doctors refuse to work, in fear of their own lives. Only a few, brave doctors have agreed to help the public. These people are the real heroes; they sometimes work 4 day shifts, without even sitting down for a small break. Image of grandfather looking helpless and weeping). 14 ear old Named*** is the youngest victim of the bombing of a school nearby.

He is asked to wait in the waiting room, whilst his fellow students are being treated for severe chemical burns to the face back and neck. His clothes have been burnt and only rags of dirty material hang off his back. He is in shock. He can hear and see his fellow classmates scream in agony as the doctors do all they can to help them survive. Named shivers and shakes, waiting for his time to come. Later on, he asks us ‘ Why do they have to bomb us whilst we are at school” he then tells us ‘Vague had all we can take. No more please, no more”.

Named died 14 days later, as the hospital did not have the sufficient provisions to treat him. His case is just one in a million others. Image of named in hospital when admitted and his body as he leaves to be buried). 7 month old Samara’s**** home has been bombed and she has been brought in by her parents, to receive treatment for chemical burns to her face and back. She is also having difficulty breathing, and is in need of a canella. However, the hospital only stocks adults sized ones and are again, forced to improvise.