Save Girl Child essay

In India, there are many cases emerging out on girl child. In rural areas, people are still practicing methods to avoid girl child. People think that for a girl they have to spend lot of money for her education and other expenses and at last for the dowry, which is a waste of money as one day she will become a housewife after all. They don’t know the importance of a girl in the society. They treat her as a burden. They feel that having a son can continue their business and lead their family to next generation. But nowadays, gathers became equally important as sons.

They have the contribution in almost every field. And many times they also fulfilled the absence of a son. TO make people aware Of it, we must Start spreading the importance Of having a girl child. There are number of possible solutions for it. Like, we can travel from village to village. We can start a small campaign to save the girl child. To make this possible, we must share the achievements brought by the famous women personalities. We can also explain by focusing on their Allen’s in different fields by using some everyday examples.

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Advertising is also one of the best way through which we can attract their attention. Among all this method, talking to the people directly is one of the best solution. We can know their problems according to which we can act. We can also share the different work fields where women are exceeding the men. We will make them believe that girls are equally important as boys. As India is being a democratic country, people should come out of their four walls and realize the world taken up by the women.