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Provide your score, and discuss what this score suggests about your ethnocentrism. Then look back to your score from this scale from reading response one. How do the scores compare? In what ways has your thinking changed? If the score did not change, explain that as well. My score was again 22. The score suggests that am not overly ethnocentric and do not put my own culture as the center of everything and do not look at outsiders with contempt. If my opinion of other cultures is clouded, it is only because of my limited knowledge of their background.

My thoughts on this have not changed. I have and always will be interested in other cultures and people from them. Humans are always affected by other cultures whether they realize it or not. I think it’s important to always learn from one another. Though I exist within my own culture, I do value and understand the importance of people from other cultures. 2. Complete Self-Assessment 12. 4 (p. 458), the cross-cultural awareness scale. Provide the score and reflect upon how this score indicates your progress this semester. Be specific. My score was 50. Before this class it would have been much lower.

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I did not know what it meant to be collectivist or polychrome, did not know what power distance was, and have a better understanding of cultural norms and gender roles in different countries. I have learned about cultural value and beliefs, environmental contexts and communication (verbal and non-verbal). 3. At this point you should have read quite a bit of the Troops book. Using the information from the beginning of the book, identify as many characteristics of culture shock that the author and his girlfriend are experiencing and explain why this is culture shock.