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I believe without him I couldn’t reached an appropriate concept. Besides that, would like to thank to my collage (APP) to allow me to use library resources which lead me to choose a proper title to my project. 3. 0 Introduction Nowadays internet plays a crucial role in society. One of the most supremacy tool which grabbed primarily school students to leaders of a nation. Hence it covers schools, business companies, organizations, broadcast Medias and etc. Beyond that to get the internet service people are connected to an internet service provider (ISP), and they are the one who integrate people and internet.

There are three types of broadband packages re provided by ISP which are unlimited, semi limited and limited packages. There are few issues regarding semi limited and limited packages which to maintain the available quota provided by ISP. Although people need a good browsing experience which can feel them super cool and ease of use. There for they need a good browser which can work through dynamic functions. In this era everything getting narrow and narrow and also users’ desire is using a gadget or a tool which can hold multiple function and can perform with a usage of minimal resources.

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Therefore I come up with a system named he Dynamic Browsing Tool (DEBT) which can solve all these issues. It has variety of features. Basically it is a smart download manager which embedded with quota management and a dynamic browser. It is sophisticated tool which can fulfilled users’ all desires which can lead to a new era. As mentioned earlier my system (DEBT) is purposely best choice for limited and semi limited internet package users. Because there is a function for manage broadband quota until the package get expired.

Hence there is user defined segmentation for data transfer rate (Kbps/Mbps), basically it is a pre assign feasibility for users. And also importantly my system has a user logging feature, by this a user is able to keeping track on all usages and provide parental control for the user which is tend to a good secure using. Furthermore my system embedded with a powerful browser with the support of all latest protocols. When user is browsing via DEBT, he/she can see download button automatically appear above the all kind Of file and user can on click download directly from any web side.

Hence video, audio, text documents, and images automatically identified and grabbed by its’ file type. And also saved the downloaded files categorically in the Debt’s downloaded ill window. Moreover when the quota near to finish allocated maximum amount they should be a notification alarm and make user alert about it. Last but not least hope this system is user friendly and give an excellent experience in browsing style. 4. 0 Problem Background As we know, there are plenty of issues regarding browsing and downloading.

For the first, those who use limited and semi limited broadband package, they are suffer to manage the given data amount until the package get expired. When they subscribe for a particular usage plan most users, they don’t have any idea about how does data usage exceeds. When they downloading or uploading data without knowing the exact volume of the data file, he user may get in to trouble and depend on the internet service provider (ISP), either some are blocked or tend to pay unexpected extra charges for their usage. Therefore users required a sophisticated quota management plan for their broadband package manually in their PC’s or laptops.

Beside that nowadays most people using restricted temporary data storages (e. G. Dynamic-RAM) and session storages for their PC’s, laptops and mobile. Therefore using multiple software for browsing and downloading/uploading end to the function interruption in the device. Running few programmer at the same time for a long period caused over leading and stop the programmer which is define as a deadlock. So using separate browsers and download managers in a device lead to this problem. Although considering modern trend, a user ultimately willing to have a heavy less tool which can handle all these issues.

Thus believe Dynamic Browsing Tool (DEBT) can provide a worthy solution for the above mentioned issues. 5. 0 Problem Statement Some internet download manager do not support to integrate with web browser’s add-on extensions. Using individual software for browsing and downloading occupied too big capacity in temporary data storage. Finally for the limited broadband users suffer by unable to maintain the certain amount of given broadband data until it expired. 6. 0 Research Aims & Objectives The aims of this project is prioritize user’s browsing experience and make feel user super flexible while using the tool.

Although keep track bandwidth usage and utilize limited and semi limited broadband packages, hence user can monitor download history and make limitation of downloading. And finally use minimum temporary data storage (Dynamic-RAM) for browsing ND downloading and should not consume too much portion from the resource. 6. 1 To build a system for managing downloads while browsing. This is the one of significant objective. This system consist mainly two function which are browsing and downloading. My system is not same as other existed systems. Of course there are plenty of browsers and download managers.

But the issue is they are isolated software and we have to install it separately. Only the relationship is integrate by add-ions extensions. But my system is a combined product of a download manager and a browser. Therefore like other browser and download managers, it contain all basic unction’s such as. Fetch any kind of file content by a server then interpret and display under the regulation office (World Wide Web Consortium). (Tail Gassier – 2011) and also have download functions as pause, stop and resume. These function work as usual tasks when user use pause function it tend postponing the download.

Resume function continue from the pause state. And stop function stop the download. Furthermore some important DEBT functions are easy download link with on click, video, audio, PDF grabber, dynamic file segmentation and many more. 6. 2 TO enable user activity logging torture which involve user to track bandwidth usage and limit download feature. Considering security issues, in this system consist a login function. Without login to the system user can’t use the features of DEBT. If user logged in he/she may able to access all basic functions above mentioned.

Although importantly by login a user can manage data usage (Quota management). When a user login happened and then what ever activity user doing relevant to data transform, all activities are keep track by the system such as keeping track on bandwidth usage. Therefore user able know how far his/her data usage used, ND in related to that there is a function to limit the download feature. Basically there is a default amount set on the system to maintain quota management, but to enhance the previously available systems, also user can manually set it, as per his/her requirements.

User can allocate certain value (MBA/KGB) as his/her maximum quota. Hence the system automatically set up the allocated data amount which can routine until the data package get expired. By applying appropriate algorithm to the system can hold the certain data amount for a definite period by limiting data usage per day. When user exceeds the amount in a day. The system will trigger a notification and an alarm and stopped all current downloads. If the user unavoidably need to download the specific file. There is an option which can extend the daily data amount for that specific day, but it will reduced total quota amount per day. . 3 To make users feasible while approaching the tool and provide a best browsing experience. The Dynamic Browsing Tool allow user to approach all available servers and brows user’s desire. Today’s web browsers become very dynamic and multipurpose which means can offer some additional functions rather than browsing. Some browser allow to change core functions to users. In addition there are some browsers allowed programmers to develop the progress of the system, also some system have data base management system (Maxilla- Silliest). So today’s market wildly ranged with all kind of technologies.

So I hope my system also contain at least basic features of the common web browsers. Furthermore to make user feasibility while browsing, definitely the tool must consist of grabbing functions for all kinds of file. Although very necessary to have on click download buttons at appropriate place and have an easy design. 7. 0 Research Questions Research question are important for doing a research in any field. Research question it defines the whole process of the assignment and guides your arguments and inquiry. (CHESS. 2008). We can have two types of research questions, which are Domain research question and Technical research questions. . 1 Domain Research Question Does the developer have enough knowledge about security issues to build a new system? How will be the systems interface kick like? Does it user friendly? After the completion of the system, can it hold the current market? If so how much affordable is it by users? 7. 2 Technical Research question Does the developer have sufficient knowledge about using appropriate coding language? If so what are they? What are the operating systems needed to run this application? How long would it take to accomplish the system? What are addition feature? Is it acceptable by users? 8. Research Design There is to stage to do the research data, which are first stage and second stage. To collect relevant information, there will be questionnaire, it can be conduct survey based via internet or face to face interviews. By doing a questionnaire session, we can investigate what user exactly want through this system and how much interests people have in the relevant field. Self- selection sampling method will be used to sample the data. This kind of sampling will be conduct mostly via internet. Publish the sample to the internet and get the results through the internet who do sampling.

To conduct these kind of self- selective questionnaires We can use email too. Without finding suitable recipients we can save up time through this internet based questionnaire. And no need worry about selecting appropriate people. In additionally by this people tend to help by giving new opinions and suggestions. Potentially it will be a big advantage. In my case target user for the questionnaire will be above age of 17. And they can be related to any field, such as students. Employees, software engineers and etc. Because currently internet used by all kind of people.

Hence getting feedback from them will be make a better solution. Although if needed in order to modify the program better, also can be publish a prototype When it comes to second stage, there will be collecting data through some free sources, such as journals, library or online books, conference paper and other internet resources. This will be a speed up method to find the relevant information. Beside that literature review can also help through to overcome by the barriers of problems that could be face during research. It will be the more eatable evidence which can be used as a citation or reference.

This research method is more convinced than the survey form, because it is time saving and cost saving. 9. 0 Personal Reflection There are some limitation encountered, there are still flows in the system. For the first there are very hard to find similar systems currently. Because the download manager and browser which are exist separately. Hence the developer need an appropriate knowledge to integrate two system. There will be many issues can’t be easily solved. When it comes to browser side, there are plenty Of servers which should be authenticate by the browser reemerging.

Furthermore will be hard to fix this system as supportive to multiple operating systems. And finally secure coding will be a most difficult barrier. Researcher should find an appropriate program language, then coding to develop the system should be ensure the protection of the system, because there are variety of thread available in the internet. Last but not least that, the system can’t be perfect as today’s existed individual system. Some of the unlimited features in currently available systems are highly veiled by the original developer, therefore very hard find exact information to include that kind of features.