Revised Essay Review And Final Draft essay

Ideas: Does it meet the requirements of the rubric? Make sure especially that the argument makes sense to you and that the supporting evidence is sufficient a ND logical. Yes it meets all the requirements of the rubric. The evidence supports my rag unmet well and shows I know what I am talking about. 2. Organization: Make sure the organization of the essay as a whole and each individual paragraph flows and makes sense to you. Reread my paper and each paragraph was organized and had a good flow an d sound to it.

Also the essay as a whole has good transitions and the has correct grammar. The essay makes sense to me and I understand the point being made. 3. Sentence Fluency: Does it meet the requirements of the rubric? Are the seen tenses interesting to read, and do they flow smoothly? Are the sentences varied in SST rectum and length? Yes went through the rubric and it met all the requirements. The sentences are interesting to read and sound good while still proving a point.

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Not only are they easy to undo restart, have good structure, and vary in length, they are put together well. 4. Conventions: Does it meet the requirements of the rubric? What errors do y u see. Be specific. Yes it meets the requirements of the rubric and had some errors with gram AR but they have been fixed. I also had to correct some transitions between paragraphs. Damaging effects of tobacco use as a teen Throughout a teenagers life they will have many experiences whether it be ha armful to themselves or helpful.

Tobacco use is very prominent among teens and included sees immediate, short term, and long term problems that may occur over time. Tobacco use is a major Issue among teenagers and has several harmful effects that can damage the lungs. Teenagers who experience cigarettes could also have a higher risk of taking harder drugs or d ringing alcohol. Tobacco use has a wider variety of effects including immediate effects that ca n be seen early on.

According to “The American Lung Association” Smoking Cigarette test as an adolescent produces various health problems among teens, including cough and phlegm production, an increase in the number and severity of respiratory illnesses, d creased physical fitness, and unfavorable lipid profile. Cigarette use is highly addictive which possess a greater risk to young adults or teenagers who begin smoking. According to t e Surgeon General, adolescents who begin smoking are three times more likely to use al cool, eight times more likely to smoke marijuana, and 22 times more likely to use cocaine e.

Not only is smoking cigarettes harmful enough it increases the chance Of participating in these other harmful activities. These are just a few of the immediate harmful effects of chi Garrett use as a teenager that can also lead to other problems. Using cigarettes pays a big toll on teenagers including several short term effect TTS. According to the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation it will cost approximant tell 100 dollars re month if you buy a pack a day and 1 ,226. 40 dollars per year.