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Throughout the years, society never fails on setting unrealistic expectations on women and ho w they should act or look in order to be recognized as pretty. People tend to practice ignorance and overlook the damaging consequences that these expectation have. An example Of this sign range often celebrated that only preserve the stereotypical image of women are beauty p agents, and all sorts of other contests that criticize a human beings outer appearance. In beauty p agents, contestants (whether they be children or adults) go to various lengths to try and win the cry own.

Whether this means putting on dazzling gowns, sickish heels, applying flawless makeup, or even putting on butt glue to ensure that their bikini bottoms are glued to their rear ends, BEA TTY pageant contestants are very willing to take desperate measures just to be deemed as the fairest of them all. However, in regards to beauty contests, one has to consider what the real definition of beauty, whether it has a universal definition or if it varies from one person to another. Littered 2 For a majority of people, beauty is something achieved by winning the genetic lottery.

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To be more exact? They base beauty from physical appearance, beauty pageants are the one of the largest influential competitions that send a bad message. They perpetuate the e extremely sexist troopers society has placed amongst all women, beauty pageants are dam aging; they are restrictive, objectifying and constrict the already narrow definition of beauty. According to a study conducted by Thompson SSH, and Hammond K. The connection between child beauty pageants and body image reveals itself in the journal “E at Weight Disorder. The selflessness and dieting habits Of 131 female beauty pageant contestants, around the ages of 25 to 26, from 43 states were examined by an anonymous survey. 89. 6% rope rated being a pageant finalist or winner and 55. 2% had competed at the national international anal level. Over enforcer of the women had been told or perceived they had an eating disorder deer which reportedly began at 1 6 years of age. Almost half, 48. 5%, reported wanting to be thinner a ND 57% were trying to lose weight (Eat Weight Disorder .

These statistics only show how influential beauty pageants are, especially to young girls, and the influence they’re sending out a re far from good. These beauty pageants not only send a bad message but also set unrealistic e expectations on how girls all around the world should look: small waist, long legs, perfect hair, and flawless skin. These expectations only put pressure to women and instead of teaching them o accept their flaws and differences, it only makes them want to abandon them and In most cases in the most harmful way possible; which generally leads to depression and selfsame.

Although some may claim that beauty pageants aren’t the sole reason of the numerous debilitating conditions girls are Littered 3 Another reason why beauty pageants shouldn’t glorified is because it poisons the mind of people, especially impressionable young girls who are forced to doubt their own selectors and think that it is a necessity to look for validation in others. An example of t his instance is a RL named Jeanne, a beauty pageant competitor who started at a young age if ends herself and her own definition of beauty in a time of distress; she shares her story in an article e by PBS. Org and her ongoing battle of anorexia (Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and Family). At a young age she was exposed to beauty pageant girls who went to extreme measures in order to lose a couple of pounds, ‘ most girls smoked because it was a way to stay thin, some did cocaine; Jeanne chose the eating disorder route She was one of the very many girls who seeded validation, but only in her case she craved compassion from her mother, Hough that if I could be thin, then could be pretty, and then that would be something she would respect, or woo old be lovable. To think that selectors relies simply on outer appearance, shows how unstable s he was, mentally and emotionally, all because Of the big influence beauty pageants have contra butted to her. And SSH?s not the only victim of this, more and more girls are being forced to resort t to other people’s opinions, they are not taught on how to find inner beauty and selectors but I instead are fed with the bitter media’s false realities. There’s a reason why a beauty pageant calls itself a “beauty’ pageant.

There’s an ongoing debate on whether winning a beauty contest really depends entirely on the candidate’s appearance or not. However, it seems that the criteria for Miss America, one of the largest and most separated beauty pageant in the world, is not in favor with the latter, AC Roding to Miscarried. Org the official Miss America website their judging process cons sits of a variety of factors, such as, but is not limited to, their clothing, their talent, and the private Littered 4 interview.

One aspect of the judging process involves the onstage questioning , the portion where a candidate’s intellectuality is showcased. What is interesting to note is that Miscarried. Org also states the percentage of how much each of these aspect TTS factor into the final scoring of each contestant, but what is astonishing is that the percentage of the onstage questioning is five percent, adverse to the swimsuit category which is fifteen p recent (National Judging Process, Miscarried. Org).

The criteria proves how little Miss America cares about the brains and the personality of their contestants and are more geared towards their outer “beauty. ” This information exposes the fact that beauty pageants are biased towards co entrants that are ore physically pleasing and judges are most likely to crown the one that is m ore appealing to the eyes; and yet, according to Olivia Bergen, a political science student and e enthusiastic feminist claims that beauty pageants are not solely about the physical appear once of a woman and are “empowering” rather than objectifying (The Gazelle. She believes that they are a stepping stone women can use to benefit them, since the Miss America Page NT is the world’s largest scholarship program for young women. Although this statement is agar able and does have a valid point, there are still alternative ways besides parading your half n seedless in front of a panel of judges; there are various ways to achieve one’s goal, the possible ties are limitless.

Women shouldn’t be required to take part in something so ridiculous, so judge mental, and so subjective just to prove their significance in this horrendously unfair w oral. The qualifications needed to fulfill in order to participate in something so absurd a re also very unreasonable, like for example, women who have history with pregnancy are not allowed to compete; and yet, it is almost apparent that if people were to be questioned a bout who they thought the most beautiful woman in the world is, most of them would probe lay respond with Littered 5 their mother’s name.

The reason why they choose to not let mothers participant et is because they feel that mothers do not meet the superficial standards society so desperately y tries to ingrain and simply because they think these mothers are past their prime age, as backed up by the fact that Miss America’s judging criteria consists of more than 35% being geared toward ads looks. This is merely one of the many discriminatory requirements that Miss America deem ND which only verifies the true intentions of the pageant, which is that they look for the “fair est.” of them all and deem her the winner.

Although many people may especially the judges and t he people behind the Miss America competition deny this and still continue to promote the fall e ideas of beauty pageants. It is undeniable that all pageant winners share the same exact facto r and that is that they are all superficially beautiful. It is undeniable that one of the greatest contributions of beauty pageants to it s contestants is that they make them strive to be the best version of themselves, with a focus s on their community, academics and personal success.

It is also understandable that the is kind of environment would seem empowering. The idea of joining a beauty pageant gives the impression of glamour, and potential prosperity. Although, the consequences and the en active impact it has on society often get neglected. Women from all around the world are forced t o reevaluate their worth importance in society and are led to believe that good looks are a huge factor that determine their success.

In the end, it all boils down to the question that linger RSI in the back of everyone’s head, that one question that seemingly no one can answer that o en question that seemingly no one wants to answer, “Can’t women be valued for their minds a d talents without having them strut down a stage half naked? ” Littered 6 Beauty is freedom, having the choice to do whatever you want to do without having to worry about what other people think.

Most people tend to forget ABA out the true meaning Of beauty and Often are ashamed Of the flaws that make them spear ate them from others and makes them a unique individual. Beauty pageants are the exact problem that hinder this very world from letting each and every individual from having their own idea of be duty. If people decide to cease on supporting and celebrating something so restrictive and pr eye on the insecurities foemen then the world would be a much safer and happier plan CE to live in.

Although some may argue that beauty pageants aren’t as harmful as they ma y seem to be and are only a small component of the harm inducing media, it is still very essential to take into consideration even the smallest factors to contribute to something so damage nag. They are the absolute epitome of society’s unreasonable expectations for women, often mi stakes with glamour and female integrity. Beauty pageants are harmful because they fail n contributing to society advancement and only prevents it from recognizing the depths of be duty, they are one of the primary sources of insecurity.

It is absolutely destructive to both its con testaments and audience, more and more women are being told to feel that it is necessary to fit society ideals even if it means losing their own being in the process.