Reflective Essay essay

Once figured out one, I could hardly to wait to describe it to my team members and want them to accept it. I could never have imagined that my self-righteousness would result in their confusion of my idea. For example, thought ‘sailing’ was quite suitable for our worldwide alcohol event. However, some of my team members did not understand me. In addition, I spent insufficient time thinking about the effects of my actions and behavior. I was responsible for coming up with the event schedules and entertainments as well as producing the Power Point. I thought that using Prize is better than Power Point while my team members did not think so. However, I have done so. Later I realized that they may thought that am an arbitrary person.

In fact, my behavior lead to unnecessary trouble because most of my team members did not know how to operate Prize, which could not foresee. If only I had known then what I know now, I would not be so thoughtless. Moreover, compared to the tasks of other team members (e. G design, creative idea, etc. , the part of event schedules and entertainments is relatively easier. However, making Prize was really a challenge for me because I need to integrate all the contents of all group members, and in fact, due to insufficient and not timely communication, several essential information were not covered in our Prize. Communicating timely and communicating with every team member are essential when conducting an event (Van De Wage, 2007).

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For example, when finished discussing with the leader about the changes of fares and PIP entertainments, we didn’t inform the layout designer. Therefore, some information will be incorrect when she s designing the layout and ticket, which is awful for an event. If I had the chance, I would do it all over again. Additionally, through this group work, I am more aware of my problems clearly and face them. Bond, Gogh and Walker (1985) pointed out that what we most need to know is the hardest to hear. My team members did not beat around the bush they always spoke their minds bluntly when they had comments. In the past, very few people did that to me, if any, I usually pretended some problems do not really matter, or made an excuse.

I found that really want to interrupt my group members when they were talking if I deiced some problems, but I could not because know it is not respectful or accomplished. Therefore, when they finished talking, I forgot what I intended to say. With hindsight, I realize that I should record the words that want to say at anytime before I forget stats, feedback is an extremely valuable resource that I can use to reflect on development. Generally speaking, our group spent a long time on this group assignment and was disappointed with the marks when we saw the feedback sheet firstly. However, when saw the specific assessment, recognized that we can not deny that our group leaves much to be desired. Firstly, due to my obstinacy, the event theme was not always clear. Now I realize where this leads, would do it again.

Secondly, about the UP slides, they had no good visual impact, which is also my responsibility because I thought Prize was better than Power Point as I mentioned before. However it turned out that my group members’ suggestion was correct. Overall, I should keep an open mind when listening to the opinions of other group members. To sum up, on a personal level, I can not be obstinate and consider myself always right. It is apparent that my self-righteousness resulted in an unsatisfactory mark. In the next aspect, I should set myself a realistic target as as every single individual has unique idea and it is difficult to taking on changes of other people at once. The main developmental aspects for me were in taking responsibility for my own tasks and in communicating with others.

Without strong communication skills and persuasion techniques, it is easy to be discouraged. Primarily, I should be more practical and accept the fact that I can not change other people effortlessly. In addition, I am much better now at integrating information so other members can use it. On a whole, communication is significant when during the event planning.