Reflecting On Wisdom essay

As we all live our own lives and work towards this wisdom so many talk about, we learn what attributes are commonly associated with wisdom. Courage is an emotional strength that a wise person possess to help them overcome a fear, weakness, or doubt. Humanity is the care, love, compassion, sympathy, and empathy we have in our hearts for other living creatures and humans. Justice helps us keep a healthy balance with society. It allows us to know what is going on in our community and how we can help if it is needed.

A wise person is able to control impulse and excesses which means they obtain temperance. Transcendence means one is able to rise above the ordinary and succeed very well and healthy. There is a person in my life that I feel is very wise. She has always been there and has taught me how to obtain wisdom and control the wisdom that I do have. This person IS my grandmother. My grandmother holds all the attributes to obtaining wisdom. For many years I watched her gain courage to overcome many obstacles that have at some point been in her way.

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There are times when she feared that she would not be able to make ends et, she feared that her kids and grandkids getting older they would move away and she would not be able to see them. She gained the courage to know that all would be well and made a positive aspect of all the changes taking place. She has always showed love and respect for everything and everyone around her, without any concern or second thoughts. She was able to see through tough skin and find the positive in everyone. With the society constantly changing she was able to maintain a healthy relationship with her community and society around her in general.

If he did not need anything she did not have it. She was able to progress her will power and keep her temperament in control. There was not ever one time that she did not give someone something they needed if she had it. She always offered her advice or even just a casual conversation if she thought it would help someone having a bad day. She focused on keeping her household, family, hopes and dreams on positive ground. As a child growing up, I watched my grandmother rise above any doubt that others may sustained themselves with about my grandmother’s life.

She never et the negative out shine the positive and always taught me to be thankful for what we have and not dwell on what we want. One must be thankful and happy with themselves before they can have and be happy for what they want. As for myself, I believe I have obtained the full meaning of a few attributes that describe wisdom. Courage and humanity I have fully developed. I have been able to overcome many fears that have filled my path, and also able to look at life as a positive road with a few bumps. I have sustained the fact to treat people as to the way I want to be rated.

One attribute I feel that I still need to work on is the temperance. I say this because there are times that what I need and what I want seem to spin around in circles with a never ending path. At times I lose sight of what I am working for and what needs to be done for me to get there. I feel as though I need to gain more self-control over needs, versus my wants. For many people a wise person may hold many different types of attributes. In my eyes, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence describes the tauter Of wisdom am seeking for.