Reagan essay

Reagan had always said that he was a Democrat but after the controversy of political party platform change, he changed to be a Republican n 1 962 before he retired from his acting career. He was an actor for almost thirty years, when he began working at General Electric during the time of Republican and Democratic issues growing in the acting industry. (Evans, 2007) Barry Goldwater, a republican presidential candidate in 1 964, had a firm platform that Reagan strongly supported. This involvement with presidential politicians, led to his candidacy and election as California governor in 1 966 and 1970. The 1 980 election took place against a backdrop of bad news in the U. S. : high unemployment, terrible inflation, and an energy risks that had drivers waiting in line for hours to fill their gas tanks. But most importantly, on Novo. 4, 1 979, dozens of Americans, mostly diplomats, had been taken hostage in the American embassy in Tehran, Iran. “(German, 2004) Reagan, with George H. W. Bush as his running mate, ran again President Jimmy Carter and won in a landslide. This began a shift in many changes in the United States and led to many new policies and economic plans.

Assassination Attempt On March 30, 1981 after being in office for no more than 69 days, Ronald Reagan and some members of his department and security were placed ender fire at the Washington Hilton Hotel by John Hinkle, a man obsessed with trying to impress Jodie Foster. He shot them in efforts to gain attention from her and impress her. He failed and was arrested and was found innocent by reason of mental illness or defect. Hinkle did make a name for himself in history, but not like Reagan did after this event. Reagan was taken to the hospital, operated on, and recovered in less than two weeks.

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He went back to the White House on April 11, 1981 and earned a lot of support and encouragement from the nation. Having been the only president to be shot ND live, made him very popular with his supports growing even larger in numbers. His popularity and overwhelming followers led to his policies and plans to be equally successful. Iran Contra Affair In the ass and ass a rise in a group known as Sandiness, spread through Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Members of this group were responsible for many deaths and were thought to be members of Nicaragua government.

When Reagan came to office in 1981 , a policy he put in place was to create a group known as Contras who would help over throw the Nicaragua government in an attempt to stop the spread of Communism, but Reagan was misinformed and later found out that the deaths were the product of guerilla men. When this information was exuded, the CIA but an end to aiding Contra affiliation. During this time there were numerous American hostages in Lebanon taken by Islamic extremist, and Reagan used illegal bargaining to retrieve them.

Because Iran was an ally with the Islamic activist, bargaining with them was not foreign policy procedure. With Iran on the brink of war with Iraq, they needed weapons and Reagan needed money to continue funding the Contras, so Reagan illegally traded weapons with Iran or money and the American hostages. “In November 1986 the Lebanese magazine AY Shirrs published a story alleging that the U. S. Government had been shipping missile parts and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Iran in exchange for American hostages held by pro-learning terrorists in Lebanon.

Because many of the hostages still remained in captivity, the story was not given full credibility. However, as Attorney General De Messes investigated, he found that the story was not only true, but that the proceeds from the sale to Iran were used to aid the By the beginning of the next year, Reagan had admitted his involvement, though distancing himself from direct involvement, and took responsibility for the deals because his administration was at fault. His willingness to accept responsibility, showed favor in his position as a loyal president.

End Cold War By the beginning of Reggae’s second term, he had put many military and arms control policies in place to make the agreements with ending the war more likeable. “Reagan believed that his massive arms build-up had restored America’s might and that from its new position of strength the American overspent could now engage the Soviets in productive dialogue. ” (2008) When Mikhail Geographer took over as Soviet leader in 1986, President Reagan saw this as an opening to reason with someone in a diplomatic sense to end the expansion of war.

During Reggae’s speech at the Berlin Wall, in 1987, he sent a peaceful message to Geographer saying that he should tear down the wall if he wanted to make peace. By the end of 1987, Reagan and Geographer were having meetings and talks to see how they could compromise and end the war. Over the next 3 years these leaders enforced the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty (INFO) which “called for the destruction of the entire class of intermediate-range nuclear missiles… And put in place an unprecedented verification regime in which U. S. ND Soviet officials would have the authority to inspect each other’s nuclear facilities. The INFO Treaty was the greatest foreign policy accomplishment of the Reagan administration and was a major first step in disarming the Cold War. ” (2008) These talks between Reagan and Geographer lead to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which was argued and compromised over those years. Reagan left office in 1 989 with the treaty n place. With the fall of the Soviet Union evident, n July 31, 1991 Bush and Geographer signed the treaty officially ending the Cold War.

Conclusion Reagan was the 40th President of the United States and is considered “The Great Communicator” for many reasons well explained. Reagan explained policies simply and he related with many American citizens equally. Reagan faced many trials, such as losing the first presidential candidate run and being shot less than two months in office, but he stood tall and took his duties straight on. Being responsible and a hard working president while dealing tit foreign and domestic issues is a difficult position but Reagan overcame adversity and played a big part in ending one of the longest wars in American history.