Rationale Scenario essay

The laws that were violated in this case were the SPAM, Pushing, and theft of information. The user was directed to a site designed with malicious intent to fool a user into buying or paying for a service that may or may not be true. Trojan installation by an unwanted access can cause so much devastation to your computer and life. Trojan allows a user to remotely access information and can be programs to transmit data back by opening FTP ports tunneled in the world wide web back to attacker.

When the user realizes that his/her PC is low or not working properly, an pop-up invite to fix slow PC’s with an option to buy. Sadly, a lot of users fall into this trap and attackers are gain access to their credit and debits, and other personal information. I recommend being really careful which sites you go to. Nothing is really free in this world, same is true online. When you download something, they’re taking something back from you.

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And when you visit sites that are not exactly wholesome sites, you’re vulnerable to Trojan attacks as they can appear harmless but when you click, can cause so much destruction to your PC. I recommend running an nit-virus software on your PC and making sure that firewall is always on. Mallard-byte is a great tool that use at work that updates its definitions before running a scan, which gives you the most recent ones created out there.

When done running the scan, you can either, quarantine infected files/ docs and delete to get rid of them. For enterprise environments, I recommend using TREND SCAN/ Anti-virus. This is probably the best one in the market today and its database and definition is far and wide. It might take several hours, up to a day finish a full system scan. But you can rest assure, every file folder was scanned.