Ramifications of Participation Contacts essay

The provider can use the plan to increase the provider’s revenue ND number of patients. The plan is broken down into parts that include an introductory section, the purpose of the contract, covered services, the physicians’ responsibilities, the obligations of the managed care plan, billing guidelines and compensation. Though there are several financial opportunities available for provider who chooses to participate with certain insurers. Although, the providers may still experience less revenue because the plan pay less than the providers scheduled fees.

It is important that the revived also ensure that the plans protocols do not interfere with their judgment on patient treatment. Depending on the plans the providers participate with, they may get extra exposure due to some plans encouraging the providers to advertise through the radio, television, and local newspapers. Before making any decisions, the provider has the opportunity to view several plans. This allows the provider to choose a plan that meets their practice and financial needs (Bases, 2008). Plans can have positive and negative ramifications that are associated with it.

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With the discounted fee-for-service plan the main problem is that, preventive care is not covered. This form of insurance plan is offered through the preferred provider organizations (POP) plan and the providers are paid based on a discounted free from their schedules. The benefit to this plan, is that the provider receives his payment based on services not monthly income. Therefore, the providers are more inclined to provide a variety of services or treatments which will increase the provider’s income, versus limiting reviver’s practice to only a selection of services (Bases, 2008).