Projectile Motion Physics essay

Lab Report: Projectile Miscegenation Launch Angle 03/05/201 2 James Allison section 20362 Group 5 James Allison, Clint Rowe, & William Cochran Objective: In this lab we will compare different parameters of a launched projectile. This includes time Of flight, initial velocity, initial vertical velocity, initial horizontal v elicits, range, time of Max height. All these data points are collected for 300, 400, 450, 500, 60 o, 700. Date for the 00 angle is was only initial velocity, and time of flight.

We will then study the relationship of these data points as a function of launch angle. Discussion: We fired the first projectile at 0 degrees, with the piezoelectric landing pad at the same height as the launcher. After inputting the diameter of the ball into Data Studio we c menaced our first shot. Adjusted the landing pad accordingly. Then preceded to collect data a. We were very careful to ensure that the launcher was at the same launch speed every shot. And we made sure the launch angle was also dead on.

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We put a pen down the barrel to en’s re that the ball bearing was fully seated into the barrel. There were no problems recording the e data. There was a consistent error throughout out data collecting. The predicted vale uses were further in range than the actual values. Because the error was consistent we believe t hat it somewhere in the sensors used to collect information. Conclusion: it’s apparent that there is a relationship between the angle of launch and the distance the ball bearing fired. What’s even more interesting is the optimum angle for firing the e projectile.