PPF ShoppingTool Rasmy essay

People desires and needs are endless, although it beatable day to day. Hence moving with day by day busy schedule, people wouldn’t have idea about where is the exact place to buy their required stuff available. By this time, to a particular shopping item have around one to hundred branded products. Therefore choosing the genuine item for best price is truly challenged. Also concerning modern business methodologies such as promotions and advertisements are enveloped inexperienced consumers into their products, finally fresh consumers bind to one product blindly.

Wherever the term equines exists the chances of fraud also conditionally exists. Because of high competition every vendors trying to be smart via variety of tactics. So there are possibilities on unreliability. Despite such issues how a consumer find the appropriate required shopping item and knowing the best price, where and how to get it with the condition of reliability. The same situation happening to APPC students and staffs. One of the solution is to this issue, which can be getting best price with reliability for shopping items is knowing the product information via own community.

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Obviously we trust our friends and lectures. Hence collecting information from APP community leads to solve our day to day purchasing. My system being proposed would provide shopping convenience to APP community. We can assure the APP students and staffs are possibly living around few kilometers of university. Most probably every one purchasing their shopping item by concerning their convenience, instead of looking where is the best product available for the particular item around the area. So my system is purposely developed for the APP community to gather valuable information regarding daily essential shopping items.

The system is running via engaged participants from the APP. Therefore contribution of every one is must and help to run the system effectively. We help APP community to buy genuine products to best price. As much as APP community involving, contributing and sharing reliable info’s together for a “common good”, subsequently the individual quality of life will be improved together too. The system consist of user login function to ensure authentication of the user. After enrolled to the system the user can share a product whenever and where ever he or she finds the product is truly satisfy tit the price and quality.

Which mean the user can notify key word of the product and note the place where available. Likewise each user might be report for the same item. Therefore to optimize the best among those report, the system will bring the updated best price and place from evaluating every user’s report for the specific shopping item. The system build to update each reporting entries consequently on time. Thus whenever by checking the system APP community can get the appropriate information regarding each item.

Therefore the system bring very convenience to the users by avoiding unwanted issues regarding the required product and choose the right one at best place. Most importantly the system contain searching feature. When the user need to know about the specific shopping item by typing keywords will bring up the detail of the particular product. Furthermore the system have a features for viewing the amount of reporters for a particular shopping item at right there on the screen. From this feature the user can measure the trustworthy and reliability. The basic concept is more user reported the reliability also high.

So the liberty on the user which how he identify and realize the product trustworthiness. . Problem Statement In the past 30 years the online shopping methodology have been improving dramatically. The main factor is for that improvement is internet technology improved and the product which run based on internet also widely invented and expended. Eventually it became the essential tool for the people to gather information and finding facts and online shopping is most effective than offline shopping. Although the internet tech oenology convenience as latest, fastest and most effective for the people who are having busy schedule.

Correspondingly past few years’ people used online platforms as a nonviolence tool for their shopping requirements. Even though people using it the reliability of the web side or application information is doubtful. Hence need a trustworthy and reliable information. As the matter of this building community based platform make more secure and reliable source for the purchasing requirements. Because obviously every individual rely on their community and own community is the trustworthy than public. At the same time using online platform for purchasing increased and expended among the consumers in Malaysia.

Although Malaysia internet shopping classified as still adopting (need a site). When it comes to APP students and staffs, off course the time can be allocating to shopping stuffs are very challenging. Because five days not enough working on subjects and assignments. Every students should work 24/7 to gain a good output. Therefore most probably the APP community spent less time for the shopping requirements. Additionally when the students or staff decided to buy things they just looking at convene mince and comfortable to them. Identically they just go to the nearest shopping mall or shops where they used to go all the time.

Hence they stick with those favorite merchants. It does not mean they are buying stuff which consider as quality brand for best price. As a matter of fact the same item can be available many place around them which can be more cheapest and high quality. Due to that fact every individual should know simply where can buy the specific shopping item for a best price. So the system is to solve these issues for APP community. Moreover, we can classified shopping to three major stage. Which are pre- shopping, ongoing-shopping and post shopping (site). When a consumer on the pre-shopping stage he/she should have proper knowledge about the reduce.

In a community there are few people have being well experienced, most Of them are inexperienced and careless about their shopping expenditures. Thus the knowledge about the purchasing product is vital for everyone. Obviously it is not possible for every individual. Because by this time for a specific product too many brand choices available, consumer confused. Although by the company marketing such as advertisements and live promotions make people even confused. Finally people choose simply a particular brand product. Later on if they realized bought item is not suitable r not valuable for their expense end with wasted money and time.

So that it is much valuable to knowing about a shopping item on pre-shopping stage. Hence being smart by using this system can avoid unwonted sufferers. This system provide searching feature which user can search particular item using a key word and find where the product purchased for best price by their community members. So the user can directly approach and buy the specific Furthermore there is plenty of supermarket and shopping mall available around the place where APP community reside. Current time people are addict to buy their preferred items under one roof.

But the fact is shopping centers and supermarkets are too big to optimize price, quality and brand. Meanwhile for the substitute for offline shopping people choose online shopping platforms. Which is importantly not hundred person trustworthy because most of the platform are accessible freely and run publicly. Although the major issue is most online shopping web based applications are created by an individual company or enterprise. Therefore the platforms only bring the items which are owned by them and comparing their actual price and available latest price. Who knows the exact value for the item? Finally people fall in to their trap.

So the trustworthiness is more considerable. On the other side some platforms are sharing the best finds (ex: pronto, single and Worthington) but the fact is they are comparing they are comparing only between best merchant websites such as Google product, Amazon, eBay etc. So under that circumstance, there might be available particular shopping product in another place which can be more beneficial and satisfying to consumers. So this kind of online shopping tools are not leading to shopping effectively for the people money. Another key matter is if a reliable and ones online shopping platform available it not accessible free to everyone.

They are available only for paid subscribed users (ex: thickest). So it is not beneficial for every individual. Furthermore some web based platform are not updating the information time to time, hence it leads consumer to find inappropriate information and make wrong decisions. My system is purposely build in real-time beatable. By accessing this system a consumer reduce the chances of gathering inappropriate information. 3. Project Aims and Objectives The aim of this project is contributing “common good” for APP community to hose and purchase day to day essential shopping items on the pre- shopping period.

And also allowing user to identify trustworthy and reliable product by the contribution of the APP community. By the same time to allow every single participants to contribute by reporting the reliable resources to buy daily stuffs which had been satisfied them for the cost. As a result, users easily able to take better decide to buy an item. Consequently enrich and enhance the APP community and improve the quality of life together and avoid unwanted disadvantages and difficulties. There would be several objectives in order to accomplish the aim defined:

To develop a system which can involve same community members and contribute for common benefits. To decide reliable and trustworthy day to day shopping products and locations fast and effectively. To utilize the shopping experience for the common benefit. To save the consumers time for searching information about the required product and available mall. To Save the cost of the consumer for finding the quality and cost effective shopping items. To bring out and show the best shopping choices among the marketplace. To share ideas and experience about the consumed item. To provide platform and give knowledge to APP community regarding archiving. . Deliverables This system will work as APP community based and allow users such as students and staffs being able to access the system in an advanced and convenience way. The system provide Wide range of information about essential shopping items. Every users can search a specific item and also able to see discussions about that particular product. Moreover every user can contribute as a volunteer by reporting/posting APP community benefits shopping items. Allow user to logging and logout from the system. Allow user to search required shopping item anytime, anywhere.

Allow user o view how many reporters report about an each item available in the system. Allow user to view exact price and available location Of a product. Allow user to access the official website of the shopping item if available. Allow user to report/post about an item and related information such as price, location, available quantity and picture. Allow user to discuss and put comments regarding a particular item and also share personal experiences. Allow administrator to manage the users. Allow administrator and users to keep track activities. Allow user to find shopping location via geographic map.