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The issue concerning immigration is one that has been fought over for a while now. It’s been one of the main issues for the US legislature. It’s been difficult for them to resolve this issues, as their many individuals involved. There are a variety of people debating in politics over issues, but who are the main heads of this controversy? They range in positions from Representatives to Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, and from the Executive Branch the President Both political parties seem to find no resolve, that they can truly compromise on for immigrants.

Immigration can either benefit one party or the other depending on what they claim they will do and if they do. One Of the main argument against it is , “Often poor and unskilled… They do not contribute to the tax base” . (35)1 But the main point is that people are basically breaking the law, and not being penalized for such. And due to some people not being satisfied with how much the government has done by far, some of the states have decided to take the matter into their own hands, like Arizona.

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In the previous years the Dream Act brought the idea that students could get temporary legal status so hey could go to work, school, or join the military. Representative Mario Ditz was one of the small amount of republicans to want to pass the now-failed Dream Act. Once Obama called for deferred action for the youth, Gob Jan Brewer responded by using her power by issuing order to deny immigrant youth privileges in Arizona. This lead to created controversy with Arizona. There are individuals on both parties pushing for some kind of reform.

There are some who want to tighten the border’s security such as Republican Rep. John Carter. And ironically there are some who first pushed against immigration reform, but now recently have switched sides, and now want to recreate reform. He is willing to help, but keeps his same ideals. He said himself, ” if you are here illegally, you ought to be deported” 2. Republican Senator Marco Rubin from the “Gang of 8″3, is working on a compromise between Deportation and Amnesty, and that seems to be giving him some Latino voter appeal. He House Speaker John Bonder has been meeting up with Rubin, and it is said, “he would favor a path to citizenship limited to immigrants brought to the country as children”,4 and by far this seems to the cost possible compromise that would happen if a reform would be to pass. Some officials change their place such as, Democrat Rep. Luis Guttering who left the House Financial Committee to go with the Judiciary Committee so he could battle for the reform. ‘Public Action Committees have donated 51 million to lawmakers on either committees overseeing reform” As you can tell there are many individuals with Committees, and sub committees involved with this. There are those who favor a more “humane” way of doing this such as Democrat Rep. Xavier Bacteria who although favors the border becoming ore secure, also to be more optimistic about those who have made a life in the US and have helped the economy benefit. And others also imply that those who came to the US unwillingly and obey the rules should be allowed to remain here.

In general republicans seem to want to deport those illegal, while democrats as well would like to would like to keep those who are beneficiary to the US. Just recently on February 1 7, 2015 President Obama tried to use his executive power to implement immigration action to protect immigrants, and a federal judge help temporarily stop this. A lot of congressmen were angered calling it unconstitutional. This obviously is a wrong thing for Obama to do , but this proves what occurs when the main heads of politics can compromise.