Plate tectonics essay

Earthquakes Volcanic eruptions Tsunamis Factors affecting the degree of loss and destruction of tectonic hazards 10 10 Ways to reduce losses during tectonic hazards Factors people consider when deciding to stay or leave hazard-prone areas (risks and opportunities) 13 Managing river and coastal environments Water cycle 11 Factors affecting the river energy 14 Fluvial processes (erosion, transportation and deposition) Characteristics of a river at different courses 12 Resultant landforms at different courses and conditions 15

How human activities alter river environments 16 How waves generated and types of waves Wave processes (erosion, transportation and deposition) Factors controlling the rate and location of wave processes Landforms created by wave erosion 18 Landforms created by wave deposition 17 How human activities influence and alter coastal environments 15 Changing industrial location Manufacturing industries in Hong Kong 18, 19 Manufacturing system Location factors, industrial inertia 19, 20, 22 The use of technology Iron and steel industry in China IT industry

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Impact of industrial relocation and changes in new production mode 20 21 Building a sustainable city Changes in urban population in Hong Kong over time Changes in internal structure and urban areas of Hong Kong Processes involved in the changes in internal structure and urban areas (arbitration, substantiation, counter-arbitration, Europeanization) 23 Urban problems, urban encroachment 21, 22 25 Ways to tackle urban problems, urban renewal 23, 24 26 Sustainable city: a possible solution? 24 Costs of developing Hong Kong into a sustainable city

Combating famine Classification of agriculture 29 Farming system Physical and cultural factors affecting agriculture Nomadic herding in the Sale 27 Irrigation farming in southern California 30 Phenomenon of famine Causes of famine/factors affecting food supply 31 The use of agricultural technology Negative impact of agricultural technology 28 Sustaining a balance between the use of technology and the environment: farming in a sustainable way 27, 28 Other ways to ease food shortage problems Disappearing green canopy Problem faced by tropical rainforest’s

Characteristics of natural tropical rainforest’s 32 33, 34 Climate of tropical rainforest’s Ecosystem of tropical rainforest’s (biotic and biotic components) 35 Energy flow and nutrient cycling Human activities and root causes of tropical deforestation Negative impact of large-scale tropical deforestation.