Persuasion Speech essay

Protect or wait to be protected. Hello. I hope you are all doing well today. See you all made it here alive. I would like you to think about that, as well as a couple of questions the next time you hear the word “Crime” or “Gun Control”. ‘Would more restrictive gun control policies have the unintended effect of impairing citizens’ means of self-defense? “. “Would restrictions stop attacks on public figures or thwart deranged persons and terrorists? ” These were questions raised in the “Supreme Court Debates; Appear 0, Volvo. 13 Issue” .

Let’s take a look at the true meaning of control and gun control that can be found in any dictionary. Control is defined simply as the power to direct or determine, and Gun Control is defined as the regulation of the sale and use of rifles and handguns and to control misuse Of said items. But I ask, is there truly anyway to actually control anything at all? Are we able to control the criminals who purchase guns for misuse? Can you control the person who breaks into your house in the middle of the night? What is he really there for at that time for? Is he there just for your TV or jewelry?

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He can get those things during the day while you’re at work. Go ahead, ask yourself. Why would someone break into your mom in the middle of the night? How would you protect yourself and your children sleeping in their beds if you are not allowed to do so the way you feel necessary? Many choose to have a gun in the home because of a situation like this that could happen at any time. Ken Orca printed in the Christian Science Monitor “Responsible owners have myriad options for gun safety ranging from the most mundane and effective method of education to other methods such as gun safes, locked closets, or disassembly.

Education is the ultimate gun-safety feature. ” So how do you protect yourself responsibly? “National Rifle Association of America (NEAR), group founded (1871) to promote shooting, hunting firearm safety, and wildlife conservation. ” They are here to help you become educated and familiar with the firearm of your choice as well as your family, if you so choose. Protection, we can all agree, is the most important thing when it comes to our kids and their safety. But what if also told you that with the type of safety we are talking about today comes with an open door to a whole new world to explore.

By joining a group such as the NEAR or even WOW (Woman Outdoors Worldwide), you and your family can do any activities together while learning the skills for self protection. Kids need to be able to protect themselves too. So why not make it fun so they can learn more and retain it with you in a controlled environment? I like that idea, don’t you? In 1 993 Time magazine printed “New homicide records have been set in Dallas, Washington, Anchorage and San Antonio. ” and in 2003 People magazine reported “In Curare, which lies just across the ROI Grander from El Paso, at least 310 young women have been killed since 1993. This shows that the need is real and the fear is valid. We see more and more the need to rotted and educate our loved ones in the protection available to them. So I ask today, that you join me in the quest to move our government from wasting time with making new laws that will slow down the system and may not even work but to spend money, but will allow us to continue in having our voices heard in how we want our families and loved ones protected.