Panaghoy sa Suba analysis essay

“All is fair in Love and War” Pentagon as Subs is a film set during the Japanese Occupation. It focuses mainly on the life of Dory, a boat operator from Boll. The films also features his love for a girl named Set, and the complications they experience with their relationship. The film also shows how badly the Americans and the Japanese treated the Filipinos. The main theme of the film is the nationalism of the Filipinos as well as the colonization of Philippines by other countries.

The film shows some of the traits of Filipinos such as courage, faithfulness, obedience to their family especially to elders and also their love and care for their loved ones. The use of the Visalia language in the film makes the scenes more realistic and makes the viewer feel what it was like during that particular time in the Philippines, especially in Visas. On the technical side, I think the audio effects were clear and the music chosen were very appropriate. Some of the scenes where not lighted properly, but most of the scenes can be seen clearly.

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The film had very slow pacing during the first part f the movie, but it picks up the pace during the latter part of the movie. The actors portrayed their parts well. They captured the emotions of their characters well, however, the portrayal of the American was sort of forced. I think that the film was not very accurate, like how it showed an American priest even though there were none in the Central Visas during the World think that the main purpose of the author is to show to the audience war II. I what it was like for the Filipinos during that time and also feature our patriotism and altruism to our country.

It may be a little one-sided, since it is in fact a Filipino film, however, there are some parts where they feature the point of views of the American and Japanese through the foreign characters of the film. The film is very convincing. It shows how the life of a man changes, from a boat operator in a river to a guerilla in order to answer the call of his country. Think that the movie wants its audience to be brave and never give up on the things they love. It also shows that with patience and persistence, nothing is impossible to achieve.

It is also shown how the past, especially in the life of Dory, affects a person all throughout his life. It is important for us to stay true to our roots, and also to let go of the things in the past in order to move forward which was shown when Dory did not kill John Smith. SYMBOLISM think that Set symbolizes the country. The way that Set was being sought after by different men shows how the Philippines was wanted by foreigners. Also, she shows how the Filipinos answer to her call whenever she are in danger or in times Of need just like how the Filipinos stood up and fought for he Philippines during the colonization.

The river represents the life of a Filipino. The river is an essential part of Dory’s life in the film. I think it symbolizes the flow of life of the Filipino, and how it goes on even during and after the war. CULTURAL IMPACT The film shows how much the Filipinos take importance of family. It is shown when Dory puts his brother first before his love for Set, and also when Set takes in consideration the thoughts of his father and aunt in choosing a man. The film also shows how people think highly of foreigners especially when

Site’s aunt wants her to marry the American because she thinks that he will help them have a better life. 2 IMPACT ON SOCIETY The film shows how the Filipinos were during the war. It shows us that we can move on from whatever challenges life gives us. It also shows that we should never give up on the things we love and if we try’ our hardest we can achieve anything. The film shows that just like the river, life goes on. INSIGHTS FROM OTHER CLASSMATE (Jeffrey Ryan Faustian, Zeal-l R) 1 . What is the film all about?

The film is about the life and sufferings of a Filipino during World War II, specifically during the occupation of the Japanese. Moreover, it also showed Filipinos’ patience and faithfulness to their loved ones. 2. Insights about the characterization and dialogue used in the movie. The characters portrayed the nature of a Filipino. They showed that Filipinos are loving, caring, industrious, brave, and they do not give up without a fight. The characters used Visalia language which makes the film more realistic as to how Filipinos live in Central Visas during that time. Authors purpose, Realizations and Message of the movie think the authors purpose was to show Filipino nationalism and his love to his country and its people. The movie wants to tell its audience that they should love their country and the people around them because we do not know when something bad will happen. One should also be patient and faithful to their loved ones as shown by Dory. In the film, he stopped courting Set when he 3 learned that Bib, his brother, also loves her. He do not want his brother to be hurt. He chose his family over the woman he loves.