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This document provides an overview for all the case studies presented in this project, and outline deliverables that are required, with an initial schedule. Project Title Triple Cases Team Name Group 13 Team Members Changeling Fan Fen GHz (PM) Josh Merritt Rotor Joshua Shoo Hung Zamia Buzzard Supervisor Sandra Cowan ; Table of Contents Scope… 4 Timeline… Page 2 Scope The following project plan outlines the problems and solution details that our team will be working towards achieving for the three case studies. We will aka the time and cost calculation for those cases and find the answers for relative questions. All results and interpretations will be included in a final report. All the work will be completed by our team through online discussion.

We will discuss the three cases one by one, as in the following order: Case 1: Database for Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team Case 2: A network plan study Case 3: A cost-time graph study page 3 Introduction The project plan here Will be the brief introduction for all three cases and relative questions: Case 1 : Database for Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team We are evolving a customer database for the Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team and development activities with predecessor relations are given.

We will draw the project network and calculate the time parameters including activity slack. After the calculation done, we will analyze those parameters to check how long will this project take and whether the project schedule is sensitive or not? Case 2: A network plan study In this case, a network plan will be given. And based On that, firstly, we finish the time calculation and get the project duration. Secondly we will develop a adding chart for resources Carpenters and Electricians.

Thirdly we finish the resource activity schedule. Finally by analyzing the resource activity schedule, we figure out the critical activity and adjust the project duration accordingly. In this case the time and cost data of the project activities will be given, with an initial cost-time graph. We will finish the calculation of the total direct, indirect and project cost for each duration. After that, we will work out the optimum cost-time schedule for the project and get the final cost. Page 4 Deliverables

The deliverables for this project are: Case 1 : Database for Modesto Nuts minor league baseball team C NON network with critical path and activity slack C] Answers for the three questions (l network plan with all parameters C] resource schedule with all parameters 0 Answers for the questions of new critical activities and old/new duration 0 A cost-time graph with all parameters CLC Answers for the questions Of optimum cost-time schedule and final cost Expectations Some expectations for this project: C] Outstanding discussion between team members. C] Participating from all team members.

Symbolism in Cinema essay

Many films are brought forth from literature. Reynolds, 2014) Studies reveal owe symbolism used by film makers can act as a bridge between thoughts and feelings, cognition and aesthetics. Symbolism in a film can be so subtle, the film’s viewers may not be aware it exists. A symbol appears when an image is surrounded by conscious and unconscious associations and its impact is dependent upon its cultural context. Film directors assimilate symbols with character, theme, and predicament. (Backbone, 1974) Symbolism is an approach used abroad to express a message that deeper, alternative for language when it’s shared and enhances the message that’s intended.

Symbolism is when something represents something. For example; a dove could represent peace and a lighted candle could represent hope and prosperity. (Hog and Jackson, 2010) In the film, “Winter Light”, Ingram Bergman repeatedly uses water symbolizing the still body of a man who has committed suicide. In the film, “Gummy”, the scene before the last, it’s raining and the song “Crying’ is playing in the background. The song and the rain symbolize God’s tears at the sin of the residents.

In the film, “The Spenserian Trilogy”, Peter has multiple father figures such as his secretive biological ether, adoptive father, Norman, and Doc Co. In the film, Peter, aka Spenserian, is trying to find his way through life. Spenserian symbolizes how we all go about finding our own ways in life. Many of the Disney films contain symbolism because they are always full of color, and these colors usually symbolize something of significance. In the film, “Beauty and the Beast”, Belle is wearing a yellow dress. Her yellow dress symbolizes her and the Beasts’ youth, strength, and growing love for one another.

Later in the film Belle’s father stumbles upon the Beast’s castle. It’s a dark, stormy night with lighting across the sky, which symbolizes the terror her father feels when looking for the castle. I do find symbolism in most, if not all of the above mentioned films, surprising because when viewing the film for the first time, did not know exactly what the film was about or what would take place within the scenes. I was not looking for anything symbolic. I find symbolism, or symbolic figures, in a film make for a more interesting film.

I find it makes the film more unique, interesting, and fascinating because it’s like you are finding denied treasures within the film. You can find symbolism in pretty much any film, book, or song if you kick hard enough.

Moral Injury essay

This juggernaut of war has crushed millions of humankind. Its savagery and decadence is consummate. Such butchery has patently marked all the wars of this century and before. This centralization of mankind on its own is unparalleled. Scenes of human massacre that few persons would believe will be imprinted perpetually in the minds of the combatants. Many of those who experience the immoral, offensive and degrading trauma of war can be physically and psychologically scared indefinitely.

Their sense of what is right and wrong is in constant conflict. The tragedy of war and incomprehensible death will change whoever you thought you were and whatever you think you will become when you encounter its indescribable cruelty. The ferocity of combat is the final test for mankind. No other activity produces such an amplification of emotions. No other activity is so final in its consequences. We often have an enigmatic relationship with combat and war; sometimes it is venerated and other times abhorrent.

Perhaps this quote put some context to war. ‘The sheer terrors of knowing that the next one is going to have your name on it, when that goes on and on and on… O get a strange feeling in which you seem to become detached… But who cares. And you learn to sort of live with it… You will either survive … Or you will not. So there’s really nothing you can do. And you just take it. ” Sidney Phillips, THE WAR For centuries we have seen victims of war; soldiers who have had numerous physical injuries that last throughout their life.

With the advent of military arsenals capable of world destruction on a horrendous scale we can see the devastation on the human psyche. However, during the 20th century, little was acknowledged about the emotional toll of war. It wasn’t until a psychologically study was outlined that we began to understand what was happening to them. I want to start with some history of the psychological effects war has brought to the 19th and 20th century. During the American Civil War, after ‘insanity, ‘nostalgia’ was the second major diagnostic category used during the Civil War to term what we think of today as a stress disorder.

In the seventeenth century any disorder associated with depression or changes in personality was termed melancholy or nostalgia. Daniel Greenfield, said in the Journal of Psychiatry & Law symptoms analogous to PETS were called ‘Soldier’s Heart’ ND ‘Ad Costa Syndrome’ during the mid to late 1 9th century. During the Civil War era doctor Ad Costa studied this problem in the 19th century. Doctor Jacob Mended ad Costa studied Civil War veterans in the United States; he found that many of them suffered from anxiety and shortness of breath. He called this syndrome “Soldier’s Heart, Irritable Heart and “Exhausted Heart. But it also came to be called “Ad Costa Syndrome” after doctor Jacob Mended ad Costa There is little question that the Civil War psychologically damaged its soldiers. Many soldiers fighting in this war seemed to have more severe homonyms if they attacked or were attacked with a knife or bayonet (Bourne, 201 1). The closer the actual distance between soldiers, the worse the symptoms would become. To defeat the enemy, one had to stare into their eyes and then take their life with bayonet or firearm. Hand to hand combat was without doubt one of the leading causes in the birth of psychological distress.

This antiquated method of fighting is enormously personal and had an extraordinary deleterious consequence on a soldier’s psyche. What established the term nostalgia for the typical soldier during the combat? Francis Clarke acknowledged that the fracturing of family ties as the most upsetting trials that a soldier could experience. Considered as a mental disease there can be little doubt that the primary phenomenon of this state is mental and psychological; it belongs to the class ‘melancholia’. Melancholia was a mental condition consisting of a manic-depressive condition characterized by hallucinations and delusions.

It is an acute mental depression with an unassailable yearning for home that soon produces a state of ‘chef (a profound and patent state Of constitutional disorder; overall ill health. With the arrival of World War I, (the Great War during 1914-1918) ‘Shell Shock’2 was considered a psychiatric disorder resulting from injury to the psychological part of the soldier during warfare. Smith and Pear however preferred the term, ‘war strain’ to ‘shell shock’ as they felt ‘the trigger for war strain was reflected in an intense emotional arousal and the subsequent suppression of sympathy for others, as well as fear’ (Smith & Pear, 1918).

It was felt that the shells formed a concussion that interrupted the physiology of the brain. While the totality of factors exceptionally added o the total misery, it was primarily the artillery shelling which really broke men’s psyche or perhaps more aptly ‘their inner self. ” Wounded soldiers had a shocked unblinking robot like stare that was a common symptom of “shell- shock. ” It was essentially a helpless reaction to the intensity of conflict. The term ‘shell shock’ came into use to reflect a presumed connection between psychological symptoms and the explosions from artillery shells.

It was considered a crushing stress disorder occurring in soldiers, particularly those engaged in close one on one combat, characterized by extreme autonomic automation. Adam Household commented that, “Simply put, after even the most obedient soldier had enough shells rain down on him, without any means of fighting back, he often lost all self-control. “3 Cases of “shell shock” were also construed as a lack of ‘moral fiber. ‘ (It is of interest that it was also considered a lack of ‘moral fiber’ which we will take up later. It entered into widespread public imagination after 1 915 and was known as the signature injury of the war. While it was acknowledged that the trauma of war could cause men to ‘break’, a lasting incident was also suggestive Of a hidden ‘lack Of hearted. Consequently, some men suffering from shell shock were put on trial for military crimes such as: going ALLOW, desertion and cowardice. One diagnosis that gained little currency was Fraud’s “war neurosis. ” Freud felt it brought about an inner conflict between a soldier’s ‘War ego” and his “peace ego. Another diagnosis which accrued little traction was called neurasthenia: “The mental troubles are many and marked; on the emotional side. .. On the intellectual side, lessened power of attention, defective memory and will power…. ” When World War II came in 1939-1945 the name was changed to Battle Fatigue’ also called ‘Combat Fatigue’. It was also referred to as “Combat Stress Reaction” (CAR), some psychiatric professionals also used “Gross Stress Reaction” (GARS)4 to refer to shell shock it is a psychological disorder that progressed in some soldiers who had suffered and agonized over major traumatic experiences in war.

However, this diagnosis (GROSS) served as a proxy, due to the want by psychiatrists of having a more meaningful definition. CAR is a severe response that embraces a range of behaviors ensuing from the stress and trauma of combat that decrease the oldie’s fighting effectiveness. Combat stress was seen as “psychological disintegration suffered during the stresses of battle” (Watson, 1 978, peg. 233). S. E Ambrose noted, “The experiences Of men in combat produce emotions stronger than civilians can know, emotions of terror, panic, anger, sorrow… ND each of these feelings drained energy and mental stability” (Ambrose, 1992, peg. 203). The most common symptoms are fatigue, sluggish reaction times, vacillation, withdrawal from one’s surroundings and helplessness to prioritize. The person is classically traumatized with symptoms including depression, excessive irritability and recurrent nightmares. It became apparent it was not just the “weak” in character who were falling apart. Near the end of Vt/roll War II terms like “combat neurosis” began to shift or give way to the term “combat exhaustion” which was very similar to ‘Combat Fatigue. Author Paul Fusel said the term “combat exhaustion” as well as the term “battle fatigue” suggest “a little rest would be enough to restore to useful duty a soldier who would be more honestly designated as insane. ” Fusel quoted Bruce Cotton: “A singular fact about modern war is hat it takes charge… Doing what has to be done to win, men perform acts that alter the very soil in which society roots are nourished. ” The average age in WI was 26; however it was the 18-year-olds who were put up front. Poet James Dickey said, “Among the horribly wounded the most common cry was ‘mother! During the Vietnam War was when PETS came out of the psychological closet. The symbol of the traumatized soldier was commonly depicted during the Vietnam War. American citizens’ condemnation of the war was a significant environmental factor accounting for the veteran’s PETS. Vietnam was a total reversal of the zeitgeist as was evident during World War II. Before this time veterans coming back from WWW and WI were looked upon as heroes; Vietnam War veterans returning home were seen as murders and were shunned and rejected by much of the community. This only traumatized the returning soldiers more and exacerbated the PETS.

Post- traumatic stress disorder (PETS) is a mental health condition that’s prompted by a terrifying or severely distressing event that could be either experiencing or witnessing it. PETS is marked by a re-experiencing of the trauma: “in Hough, feeling… Which is in turn evidenced by emotional and psychological numbing. ” Symptoms may include flashbacks, dreams and severe anxiety as well as overpowering thoughts about the event. Post-traumatic stress really came to the forefront in the mid-ass to the ass due to the adjustment problems of numerous Vietnam vets.

One Vietnam veteran said, ‘You can’t take a 1 9-year-old brain and subject it to the constant threat of death or injury… And expect it not to be affected. ” Robert J. Liftoff a psychiatrist based at Yale University, said countless Vietnam vets combined characteristics of the … Traumatic Stress Syndrome (TTS) with an overwhelming preoccupation with questions of meaning… ” Psychiatrist Victor Franken wrote in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning that “an abnormal response to an abnormal situation is normal behavior. ” An interpretation would be: if things don’t make you crazy, then you aren’t very sane to begin with.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: Mental Disorders (ADSM-I) published in 1 952 Was the first official manual of mental disorders. The use of the term “reaction” throughout the ADSM-I mirrored the influence of a psychobiology assessment that mental disorders epitomized responses of the personality or character to psychological factors. In the post-Vietnam period (mid ass), it became obvious that many soldiers were in anguish, suffering from severe psychological consequences as a result of their traumatic experience, yet psychiatrists had no diagnosis to refer to in the ADSM-II.

In 1 972, Chain Shasta, a psychiatrist, wrote a piece in the New York Times regarding the termed, “Post-Vietnam syndrome”. Soon afterward, the Committee on Reactive Disorders was commissioned to search for whatever research on tress and explore the possibility of adding the diagnosis to the ADSM-III (Scott, 1990). The committee amassed evidence from hundreds of cases for what was termed, “catastrophic stress disorder. ” In the end, the PAP acknowledged the committee’s conclusions and properly reformed the term to “postgraduates stress disorder”‘ (Scott, 1990).

Satin’s article in the New York Times reaped tremendous support for codifying post-Vietnam syndrome in the ADSM II (Scott, 1990). However, it wasn’t until the 1 sass that the term post traumatic stress. Fortunately, as our understanding of PETS has changed or evolved since its conception, so too has the treatment. Much has changed since America involved itself in the Vietnam War. In 2001 America went to war in Iraq/Afghanistan met with a new tactic of war; terrorism. Technological enhancements occurred and the nature of war transformed so immeasurably that all things associated with war, including PETS, had to evolve.

Yet even with new technological advances, PETS lingers on being an extensive and widespread condition of warfare. Combat in the mountains with an unidentified or unknown enemy has had a tremendous impact on soldier’s psychological welfare. Terrorism has been the most mutating tactic seen in modern conflict. Civilians are not theoretically to be targeted but due the fact that this is an unconventional war the enemy has to use every method of attack they can employ. This transformation in tactics, by both sides, inevitable meant a change in how soldiers would experience combat and this change meant that PETS would likewise change.

Not being able to define who the adversary was by just looking at his flag now it is almost impossible to tell if the people by the side of the road are civilians or part of a military. As a result it led some down the road of intense anguish. The exhaustive work by Kuhn shows that astoundingly it took a drastic or radical upsurge in suicides among veterans for PETS to amass the attention it required. It seemed as if the product of Vietnam had washed-out. Lessons learned were lessons lost. Soldiers are trained to kill with little regard of the enemy; to react instantly or lose your life.

They are conditioned consider the enemy as inhuman, but when they come close in confrontation to the enemy that hypothesis is at times challenged. For example: You are outside on your way and suddenly you hear a shot. You immediately fall to the ground for feet. You then locate the shooter. The shot rang from a distance but you felt the wind as the bullet shushed by your head. You take aim. Slowly you prepare to shoot. As the figure comes into your scope you slowly start to pull the trigger. Your heart is beating for fear. The sweat is pouring off you. Your thoughts are racing. Then suddenly you pull the trigger fully back.

Through your scope you see the shooter fall from a two story building. Feeling somewhat relieved you approach the fallen and suddenly notice it was a little girl about the same age as you daughter Candace. With blood pouring from ere head you just fall down and sit on the ground near her as tears roll down you cheek and fall to the ground. You reach out to touch her almost as if to say you’ll be alright; I’m here. You immediately come back to your senses and realize you have just killed a little girl that did not know. Was she forced to do what she did? Was she a victim of someone else’s anger that forced her to confront you?

You pull out your wallet and slowly take the picture of your daughter out. They could have been play mates. They could have been playing with dolls or having a tea party. How do we reconcile this morally? Where do you go to rationalize her death away? It was her life or yours. This is where ‘moral injury’ comes into play. This is where you have a collision of right and wrong. Moral injury is a philosophy that describes what many feel: a sense that their central understanding of right and wrong has collided and been desecrated and damaged, misery, detachment or guilt often follows. It is besieged with moral and ethical ambiguities of war.

It suggests an injury to a person’s moral conscience ensuing from an act Of moral offense which constructs profound emotional disgrace and shame. 5 It is a disruption of the ailing of right and wrong that allows a wound to aggravate the soul. Moral injury is a typical human reaction to an aberrant incident. 6 Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatrist DRP. Jonathan Shay says, “Post-traumatic stress disorder is the primary injury, the “uncomplicated injury. ” Moral injury is the infection; it’s the hemorrhaging. ” Guilt, self-condemnation, contempt of self and shame are at the epicenter of moral injury.

Brett Lilt, is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and the Psychology Department at Boston university defines moral injury as “perpetrating failing to prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectation” It has also been depicted as act of severe transgression that leads to somber inner conflict because the incident is at odds with core ethical and moral beliefs is called moral injury. Brett T Lilt et al. , “Moral Injury and Moral Repair in War Veterans: a Preliminary Model and Intervention Strategy. Although veterans make up only 7 percent of the U. S. Population, they account for a startling 20 percent of all suicides. Though treatment of post- aromatic stress disorder has unquestionably assuaged suffering and allowed many veterans returning from combat to transition to civilian life, for veterans under thirty the suicide rate has been escalating. It is no doubt that this moral injury has also contributed with its ingrained sense of transgression: feelings, grief, meaninglessness and remorse from having dishonored central fundamental moral values and beliefs they held.

The cultural perception on moral injury has been fostered in Jonathan Shay work. He defines moral injury as stemming from the “betrayal of ‘what’s right’ by someone who holds rower. “8 The treatment of recovery should entail “purification” through the “communication of trauma. “Moral injury can only be forgiven when “the trauma survivor… [is] permitted and empowered to voice his or her experience…. “9 For this to come about there needs to be sincerity on the part of civilians to not just hear but to listen carefully what is not being said. The veterans’ experiences need to be accepted without prejudging.

Fully coming “home” means integration into a culture or society where one is received, valued, appreciated and respected, has a sense of place, purpose, ND collective support. 10 It takes many years for even the most sane among us to arrive at what we have seen and wanted to forget. When a society sends people off to war, it must accept responsibility for returning them home to A Navy corpsman (medic) who served a tour each in Iraq and peace. Afghanistan said, “Guilt is the root of it, asking yourself, why are you such a bad person… L have a hard time dealing with the fact that I’m not me anymore. DRP. Shay says when an individual’s ‘moral horizon shrinks’ so does their ideals, principles, values and beliefs. ‘It’s despair that rips people apart who] feel they’ve become irredeemable. ‘ It’s a colossal emotional and rational pain you live with. You don’t feel that they can get past it because you feel deserve it. It is morality at its best confronted with anxious mindset of self-preservation. Something very devious has happened to you and corrupted your sense of self; you feel your life is without worth, the universe is a vast depraved place.

Moral injuries can also be caused by strikes to their moral stability, ravaging their sense of right and wrong and often leaving them with an ongoing traumatic torment. This is the moral concession made, avian or forced to deliberately cast aside values, break something inside yourself and transforming one into somebody hardly recognizable let alone acceptable. A Marine squad of Charlie Company was pinned down in a gully, taking intense fire from an adobe compound. Unable to move forward or to retreat, the squad leader Good an attack and Lance Cap.

Joseph Cochins, a 22- year-old on his second combat tour, lifted a rocket launcher to his shoulder, took aim and fired. The blast blew apart much of the adobe building. As the dust settled, the Marines could hear shouting and wailing. Their interpreter aid, ‘ ‘They want to bring out the wounded. ” As the torn and bleeding bodies were dragged out, it became clear that the Taliban had herded women and children into the building as human shields. Another soldier told of a firefight in Iraq. Insurgents had suddenly rushed toward him using women and children as shields. He had about three-quarters of a second to decide, and of course he killed. ” ‘When he arrived home, his wife handed him his new baby daughter. She put the baby in his arms and he immediately gave the baby back to her with an almost disgusted look – he almost dropped her,” he said. The thing was his new daughter was so beautiful and perfect and pure that he didn’t want his filth to contaminate her. This is the essence and depth of ‘moral injury. ‘ To speak to moral injury requires participating in moral questions regarding war with families, communities and society.

When such dialogues transpire, they mine a profound level of moral questioning in which language moves from being narrative and descriptive to being immensely transformation. A dialogue about moral injury targets morality, justice, and human dignity at the epicenter of public attention and disclosures a collective amnesia about war and its victims. To listen to the veterans that struggle with moral injury loosens the conversation from the individual issues of veterans after the war to significant questions about the morality of war.

The Myths Zulu And Egyptian Edit Start essay

The two myths of creation that have chosen to write about are Zulu and Egyptian. In the Egyptian myth, the beginning comes from the dark swirling waters of chaos. This place is called Nu out of Nu came to Datum from the sheer force of his will using his thoughts. The creation of the earth came from his children Shush, his son, and Teflon was his daughter these two created everything in the heaven and earth. The way this was done their father gave them the task to divide the chaos into principles of life for all time.

This order called Meat which was produced by these two produced the first thing was tangled together as one the earth Gibe, and Nut the Sky, god Of the air Shush, pushed Nut up into the heavens and separated them . It was done so that the Meat could fulfill its full function in the new world -In the Egyptian world had all the elements in the form of gods. The queen of the gods Sirs the goddess Hath of love and beauty were made. The god Souris of wisdom and justice also, the god Seth of evil, the god Tooth of wisdom and the protects

Nepenthe of the dead were all made as parts of the elements. In the myth of Zulu creation life stats from the darkness. In the dark, there was on the big seed it was the start of creation came from a seed that fell to earth it was called Talking. There grew a reed that grew man and has this reed grown man fell to the earth-The first man and he saw other man and woman being grown in the same way. Unluckily was the first man that divided all men women and men; medication people and their dreams.

He also gave the iris cattle fish, birds and fierce creatures. All the element in the Zulu creation is the same. The seed gave birth to the reeds and the reeds brought forth everything. That is how the Zulu myth of man woman all things come to be by a reed plant gave them water, earth, fish, and foul. In the Egyptian story creation came from dark waters form the water of chaos (Nu) begot Datum. Datum was neither man nor woman in this myth there is no significance due to the fact datum created the first man and woman.

This as done by spitting his son (Shush) out and vomiting his daughter (Teflon) up. These two were the started to creation they were given the task to divide the waters of chaos into principals that govern the earth. This was called Meat after this creation there was the creation of earth and the heavens and these things made the need to divide the dark and the light. In the Egyptian myth the Nu the is the darkness that evil or bad thing that exits in the world. In this myth it is the dark swirling waters.

In the Zulu Story Of creation there is darkness in there was a seed that fell to earth that started all of creation. The seed produced a reed that was Talking which is the source of all things from this the first man was made. There is also a destroyer in this myth there are two animals that are used. The first is languid the chameleon out into the world with the message that his people will never die. The second one the lizard had the task set before him to go into the world with the dispatch that Death was coming.

Teacher Career Presentation essay

Reasonable Work Time Although challenge of meeting students needs teachers need to be arrive earlier and Class size overcrowding. It is hard to leave later than students. Teachers get satisfied every student’s need. Summer and winter time-off. More… Earn a solid paycheck Paid about 11% more than the average professional worker. Teachers can also offer opportunities advancement and increase pay over time. Tenure Tenure is an reward to teachers, and also allows teachers to do their jobs without fear of losing of them. Tenure also called career status, revived job security for teachers who have successfully completed a probationary period. ) Teachers have to know a lot about the subject they teach to make sure that they won’t teach wrong stuff to students. Students whose skills are below grade level— Some kids who have lower grades than the average can be a huge challenge to teachers. Similar Career C]Private tutor becoming a private tutor before a high school teacher could be an appropriate Working environment facing only one or several teenagers only. Easier to take charge of them.

Quality Tutor Private tutor can be ore careful about if students are listening or not, so the quail¶y’ of teaching can be higher. Parents Parents can pay more attention to their child. Compared with teachers, it is easier to meet students’ parent and more convenient to communicate with individual parents one a time. Uncertain Income Private tutor can not get a solid pay like high school teachers. Overwork When it is nearly final exam, many students would come and ask for help. Sometimes it could result in one being overworked. Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges. ЂћJoyce Meyer 0 “Being a teacher makes me feel my duty of life” – Mrs.. Storm. 0 “Although it could be a hard job for some reasons, feel so happy and honorable when I can help students figure out things and let students feel more comfortable about themselves. ” Mrs.. Storm C] “l don’t like to judge students just by test grades, but this is how school administrators judge teachers” Mrs.. Change Thank you my teachers! Elf there were a Noble Prize for teachers, all of our teachers deserve to get it. Thanks you for being such an amazing person and a true inspiration! Thanks!

My Acca RAp essay

The choice of the topic also allow me to practically apply my theoretical knowledge , which learned through COCA exams, into a practical scenario. My choice of Access Bank was a result of the recent Central Bank of Nigeria banks’ special examination that reveal some banks grave financial condition and others were given a clean bill of financial health. In which Access bank Pl was among the those with a clean bills of financial health. Apart from this I used to be an employee and a customer of the bank and to effectively analyses the business and financial information of any organization one needs to have access to its financial data.

Access bank is also listed in Nigeria stock Market which makes it mandatory for the Bank to publish its Financial statements even make it available on the internet. . 3 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE REPORT These aims of this report are as follows: To analyze the Financial and non financial information of Access Bank Pl. In order to give the users a better overview of the overall performance of the company’s business. To determine how liquid and profitable the bank has been over the last three years.

To evaluate the business performance of Access bank and by extension, other Banks in the Banking Industry in Nigeria using (pest analysis and soot analysis model) To determine the overall going concern status of Access bank Pl as compared to Guaranty Trust bank and Diamond bank Pl being the major competitors in the banking industry . TO make recommendations base on the findings of this research report. 1 a RESEARCH QUESTIONS In caring out this report a number of questions will be raised to which answers will be provided at the end of the research report.

The questions are: How does Financial and non financial information of Access bank Pl affect the overall performance of the Bank? What is the Liquidity and Profitability level of Access bank Pl over the last 3 years. What is the level of business performance of Access Bank Pl using SOOT and PEST analysis model in relation with other banks in the banking industry What is the going concern status of Access Bank Pl in comparison with other competitors in the Banking industry. IA RESEARCH APPROACH This research and analysis report examines the financial position of Access bank Pl.

The analysis is carried out from a stakeholders point of view. The research will evaluate Access bank’s performance in light of general banking environment and also make comparison with Guaranty trust bank Pl and Diamond Bank Pl two of its closest rivals in the industry. This research is carried out using secondary data. .NET through various academics texts for business models which will provide a structured approach to analysis of financial performance, its strategies and position within the banking industry. The financial report of the bank was also used coupled with the reviews of the bank from independent stockbrokers on the internet.

Finally, I made a checklist from which I tick off each project objective and research questions I felt had answered upon the completion of the project. INFORMATION GATHERING 2. 1 SOURCES USED FOR INFORMATION GATHERING This topic evolves round analyzing the Business and Financial reference of a company. Most of the information I have used are basically financial of Access Bank Pl coupled with relevant materials from personal study on the subject matter as well as materials obtained from the internet. FINANCIAL OF THE COMPANY IN VIEW: This constitutes the primary source of information which includes the Income Statement, Balance sheet, etc.

The reason for its use is to give a better understanding to readers of this write up as it has to do with the actual performance of an organization and not fictitious set of accounts. Another primary source of information is enquires add from the Financial control department. Other sources which are secondary include relevant materials from text materials and materials downloaded from the internet. References are made to these in other sections of this report. 2. 2 DESCRIPTION OF METHODS USED TO GATHER INFORMATION 1. Published financial statements of the bank was studied and critically analyses using different analytical models 2.

Some members of staff of the bank were interviewed by me and information gotten was documented. This serves as a vital method of getting internal and relevant information about the bank. 3. I made use of different libraries including the Bank’s Library to get books, reports and Financial journals such as Augusto and co. 2010 Bank Rating Report, Votive Reach Report from a stockbroker and Standard & poor Global Credit Portal Ratings Direct, Coca study packs etc. For this research report 4. The use of the internet facility also aided my research work. As able to get related materials from different websites. I started this research work by downloading from the COCA website the oxford brooks project guidelines and I rounded it up by printing out the project submission form. All wrought the work, the internet proves to be indispensable. 2. 3 LIMITATION OF INFORMATION GATHERING Some of the information was collected from Access Bank Pl website which may be favorably biased towards the company. Some sources of information may contain research carried out with different objectives than this research report.

It is difficult to judge whether such information should be used for the purposes of this research report or not. The Financial statements of the company may be a bit favorably biased towards the company as through these the company aims to present itself in the best Seibel manner. Some of the reports such as carried out by Votive research , were not available free and were not also available at the Libraries. 2. 4 ETHICAL ISSUES The issue that arose was of plagiarism. As most of my research is from secondary data, there was a risk of plagiarism if any information that was used was not properly referenced.

For this I took special care. I clearly identified and attributed any thoughts or quotations which were not my own at he points where they occur in my research report and used the Havana Referencing system as in the Oxford Brooks University information pack to eliminate beyond any possible doubt any chance of Plagiarism. 2. 5 ACCOUNTING TECHNIQUE USED (FINANCIAL ANALYSIS) The accounting technique that I have decided to use for this research work financial analysis which will gives detail analysis of the bank’s financial information Financial ratios can be classified according to the information they provide.

The following types of ratios will be considered for this research report: Liquidity ratios Profitability ratios equity Ratios Liquidity ratios provide information about a firm’s ability to meet its short- term financial obligations. They are of particular interest to those extending short-term credit to the firm. Two frequently-used liquidity ratios are the current ratio (or working capital ratio) and the quick ratio. The current ratio is the ratio of current assets to current liabilities: Current Ratio Current Assets Current Liabilities Short-term creditors prefer a high current ratio since it reduces their risk.

Shareholders may prefer a lower current ratio so that more of the firm’s assets are working to grow the business. Typical values for the current ratio vary by firm and industry. For example, firms in cyclical industries may maintain a higher current ratio in order to remain solvent during downturns. One drawback of the current ratio is that inventory may include many items that are difficult to liquidate quickly and that have uncertain liquidation values. The quick ratio is an alternative measure of liquidity that does not include inventory in the current assets.

The quick ratio is defined as follows: Quick Ratio Current Assets – Inventory The current assets used in the quick ratio are cash, accounts receivable, and notes receivable. These assets essentially are current assets less inventory. The quick ratio often is referred to as the acid test. This ratio measures the company’s ability to meet current debt, a stringent test since it discounts the value of inventories. The rule of thumb is 1 -to-I . A lower ratio indicates liquidity. A higher ratio may imply inefficient use of funds) Financial Troubleshooting (2000) Defining key Financial ratios (online).

Available http:/ /www. Inc. Com/articles. Com[Accessed September 2010] Finally, the cash ratio is the most conservative liquidity ratio. It excludes all current assets except the most liquid: cash and cash equivalents. The cash ratio is defined as follows: Cash Ratio Cash + Marketable Securities The cash ratio is an indication of the firm’s ability to pay off its current liabilities if for some reason immediate payment were demanded.. Profitability Ratios Profitability ratios offer several different measures of the success of the firm at generating profits.

The gross profit margin is a measure of the gross profit earned on sales. The gross profit margin considers the firm ‘s cost of goods sold, but does not include other costs. It is defined as follows: Gross Profit Margin Sales – Cost of Goods Sold Sales Return on assets is a measure of how effectively the firm’s assets are being used to generate profits. It is defined as: Return on Assets Net Income Total Assets Return on equity is the bottom line measure for the shareholders, measuring the profits earned for each dollar invested in the firm’s stock.

Return on equity is defined as follows: Return on Equity Shareholder Equity (FINANCIAL RATIOS) While 2. 6 LIMITATION OF ACCOUNTING TECHNIQUE financial ratio analysis can provide us with important insight into a Oman)ads performance, a good financial analyst will be aware that there are some important limitations that should be noted when using financial ratios as an analytical tool in financial analysis. Limitations of Financial Ratio Ratio analysis is a retrospective, not prospective examination. Ratio analysis is based on accounting not economic data. Ratios do not capture significant off-balance sheet items.

Basic ratios can be manipulated through acceptable alterations of accounting policies (e. G. , LIFO/FIFO). Financial statement accounts reflect historical cost not necessarily current economic value. 2. 7 BUSINESS TECHNIQUE (SOOT AND PEST ANALYSIS MODEL) SOOT ANALYSIS The SOOT analysis combines the results of the environmental analysis and the internal appraisal into one framework for assessing the firm’s current and true strategic fit, or lack of it, with the environment. It is an analysis of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats offered by the environment. BP Learning media, 201 0) A SOOT analysis IS carried out in this research report to analyses both internal and extender factors which affect the business performance of Access Bank Pl. It carries out an assessment of a company’s strengths and weakness which relate to internal factors such as resources and capabilities. It also assesses the opportunities and threats that may arise in the future. This involves an analysis of external factors such as the economic environment and the industry structure. Source: SOOT analysis diagrams. Samaritan. Mom PEST ANALYSIS PEST is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the impact political, economic, social, and technological factors might have on a project. It involves an organization considering the external environment before starting a project. PEST is used in this research report as extension of external analysis in SOOT to access the external factors that affect the business performance of the bank. Political factors include areas such as tax logic, employment laws, environmental regulations, trade restrictions and tariffs and political stability.

Economic factors are economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rate. Social factors often look at the cultural aspects and include health consciousness, population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on safety. Technological factors look at elements such as R activity, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological change. LIMITATION OF BUSINESS MODEL (SOOT ANALYSIS) SOOT Analysis is 2. 8 not free from its limitations. It may cause organizations to view circumstances as very simple because of which the organizations might overlook certain key strategic contact which may occur.

Moreover, categorizing aspects as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats might be very subjective as there is great degree of uncertainty in market. SOOT Analysis does stress upon the significance of these four aspects, but it does not tell how an organization can identify these aspects for itself. There are certain limitations of SOOT Analysis which are not in control of management. These include- a. Price increase; b. Inputs/raw materials; c. Government legislation; d. Economic environment; e. Searching a new market for the product which is not having overseas market due to import restrictions; etc.

Internal limitations may include- a. Insufficient research and development facilities; b. Faulty products due to poor quality control; c. Poor industrial relations; d. Lack of skilled and efficient labor; etc LIMITATION OF BUSINESS MODEL (PEST ANALYSIS) The external factors considered during PEST analysis are dynamic and they change at a very fast pace. At times, these changes may occur in less than a days time, thus making it tricky to predict why and how these factors may effect the present or future of the project.

On many occasions, environmental changes that may have an adverse effect on the project may not be noticeable during their initial stages. All that indicates that a certain amount of uncertainty still remains even after carrying out a detailed PESTLE analysis, which to some extent defeats the prime purpose of this analysis – cutting down the uncertainty 1. Its simple presentation can also be considered a limitation. For PEST analysis, the usual procedure is to present a simple list of the environmental factors that can affect the project.

Unless the attributing actors are critically examined in terms of the degree of impact, the findings of the analysis do not seem to be of much value. 2. Collecting enormous amounts of relevant data from the right sources becomes a bit of a problem, especially since most of the pertinent data must be collected from external agencies. This makes PEST analysis not only time consuming but costly as well. Also, getting the latest data and keeping the analysis updated with it becomes a problem. 3. The lack of easily available updated information, as mentioned in the point above, leads to one more problem – making too many assumptions.

Oftentimes, the factors mentioned in the analysis are based more on assumptions and less on actual facts. An analysis based on unfounded assumptions can lead to planning disasters. So, its important to device some method to cross-verify whether the factors mentioned in the PEST analysis are not merely based on tenuous assumptions. 4. A proper PEST analysis requires a lot of information to be collected. But when handling too much information, the users tend to get confused and lose sight of what factors are more critical. This ambiguity in proportioning the affecting factors can put the entire planning on the wrong track.

Management and Leadership Plan Notes references thoughts essay

How have the seminal theorists discussed in this course helped you envision the leader you aspire to be and how you should become that leader? How will applying what you have learned allow you to cause positive change in the strategies and effectiveness of organizations as you develop into the leader you aspire to be and when you lead in the role you identified? If anything I have stated above is unclear or confusing, please let me know immediately. Also, if anyone is missing a grade, please let me know.

Aspire -? seek, aim, hope, desire, want, wish Dream – vision, aspiration, fantasy, delight, fantasize The leader you aspire to be in 3-5 years in a role you aspire to have: Global Effectiveness Consultant How do your current performance strengths and vulnerabilities contribute to our performance as the leader you aspire to be? How do you need to change? Refer to handout: Leadership potential (Retell, 1994), and manager/leader traits comparison (no author, no date -? from Dry. S) Discuss your current emotional intelligence related to the leader you aspire to be.

How do you need to change? Quondam El Quiz Emotional Identification, Perception, and Expression 83 The core ability of identifying, perceiving and expressing emotions in yourself and others is an area where you seem to be doing quite well. This aspect Of emotional intelligence helps you to read others, understand how they feel, ND effectively identify your own emotions. These skills form the basis of your ability to relate to the emotions of others as well as well as your ability to understand yourself.

Review the results below for further information on areas that may need improvement. Http://whom. Quondam. Com/tests/ access_page/index. HTML? Dreggiest=1121 “>http://www. Quondam. Com/tests/ access_page/index. HTML? Dreggiest=1121 “Emotionally intelligent public administration has the ability to understand and to problem-solve situations that are meaningful for vast populations of citizens and for policy issues ender the control, management, or supervision of government,” (Gymkhanas & Dads, 2005, p. ). (insert under ‘need to work on) From MAGGOT Week 7 Q submission (up. 2): “El and leadership is crucial – reading body language, listening (and hearing) tonal inflection, watching two or more co-workers interacting with one another – all of this can lead to a powerful tool that the great leader can sort through and use to the advantage of the organization (Pagoda-Gadget & Messier, 2010). (Insert in Mother Teresa slide) Tale’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable (2010).

Knowledge, even when it is exact, does not often lead to appropriate actions because we tend to forget what we know, or forget how to process it properly if we do not pay attention, even when we are experts”, (p. 53, up. 3). The point is not what core values you have, but that you have core values at all, that you know what they are, that you build them explicitly into Can] organization, and that you preserve them over time. (Collins, 2001 , p. 1 95) There is a website (http://leg. Perform. Com) to assess if your life is in balance, according to the Lower/Schwartz management philosophy.

My Overall Engagement, according to the assessment is average at 75%. Physically, I am sorely lacking. I challenge you (and the class) to take the assessment! The leader you aspire to be and how you should become that leader? Jones (2010), Collins (2001), Shaken, Lurch, lick, Kerr (2002) lead to Boyd, Palmer & Dumbfound, Payola, Fiddler, and back to (look in RL) How will applying what you have learned allow you to cause positive change in the strategies and effectiveness Of organizations as you develop into the leader you aspire to be and when you lead in the role you identified?

Of the 11 areas of recognizable leadership abilities, there are four areas that need developing: managing profit and loss, leveraging technology, managing business diversity, and working internationally. Working internationally is a step I have not taken yet. Cross-cultural solutions, a global volunteer organization, will provide this opportunity, though circumstances prevent involvement at this time.

Aviation Environmental Issues essay

The FAA began testing Next, which uses GAPS technology to track planes and create more efficient flight paths allowing for more frequent arrivals and apertures (Chris Bragg, 2013). Unfortunately, the FAA did not inform the general public that it allowed lower altitudes on approaches or that the system would increase the frequency of flights. Woodside, New York is a middle class neighborhood two miles to the southwest of Laggardly airport. The problem with their location is they are right in the flight path of the primary runway used by the majority of traffic.

The Instrument Landing System (IL S) for Runway 04 at Laggardly descends from 1700 feet Mean Sea Level (MASC.) to 640 feet MS directly over Woodside. The significance of the problem is that due to the increased traffic and low bevel flight path, occupants must endure the vibrations and noise of large commercial jets. Laggardly receives flights from am to midnight daily which gives residents little reprieve from flights that arrive every few minutes. Residents of Woodside met with the FAA to discuss the noise pollution and possible solutions but in the end threatened to sue due to the reduction in their property value.

The New York Senator Tony Vela assisted the community by “requiring the port Authority to routinely conduct noise surveys” (Chris Bragg, 2013). Analyzing the situation, the facts that remain clear are that runway 04/22 as been in use since the sass (City of New York, March, 2010) and the ILLS has been in place just as long. On the IL S, WARNING Intersection is directly over Woodside and the minimum altitude is MUMS until passing the intersection. However, the Decision Altitude (DAD) for the ILLS is oft MS reached in the last 1. Miles to the airport. It is clear that residents of the area knew that their home was in the flight path of runway 04 and would have endured the noise prior to the Next upgrade. The Baas implementation of the Next to improve the flight efficiency at Laggardly was a great decision to save money and time to both the airlines and consumers. However, the FAA made a poor decision not to inform the public within the flight path of runway 04 that the ILLS altitude would be reduced for the Next testing.

The increase in the number of flights annually is something that is difficult to control other that limiting the number of flights per day. The FAA has limited the airport to 75 operations under visual conditions but this is difficult to manage. Laggardly one of the busiest airports in the country and at times has as many as ninety-six arrivals and apertures an hour (City of New York, March, 2010) and there is little chance of that changing soon. An alternate action could be to move several scheduled flights to Tetrameter or JEFF International airports.

Additionally, in the future it would benefit the FAA to conduct a local outreach or advertising campaign designed to inform local residence of changes to policy’s and procedures that may affect them. The FAA also should have conducted noise surveys during the testing to find the best compromise for residents versus efficiency. Recommendations would be to increase the number of arrivals and apertures for the 3 runways that begin in the waterways (runways 13/31 /22) thereby reducing noise complaints.

This practice would reduce the amount of traffic over Woodside but only on days that winds allow. Additionally, increasing the DAD on the ILLS runway 04 to keep traffic greater than oft over most residential areas would reduce some noise complaints. Ideally, and at the cost of millions, Laggardly could extend runway 04 further into the East River eliminating the problem by creating a touchdown zone further to the north east. The residents recommended changing the flight path but this is unlikely due to the prevailing winds out of the north.

In conclusion, Laggardly airport will continue to grow with increased flights annually due to public demands. The FAA, Laggardly and the residents of the area must find a compromise because closing Laggardly is not an option. The success of Next proved that the airport is capable of receiving larger numbers of flights efficiently. This fact only ensures future growth of the airport as well as future public relations problems. There are several options to explore but all parties involved must discuss their needs to determine the est. outcome.

Newsademic Issue essay

Nepal is a poor country. It is probably best known for its many Hindu temples and the Himalayan Mountain Range. Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, is on its border with Tibet. The earthquake destroyed a number of the ancient temples in Katmandu, the capital city. It also caused, or triggered, a huge avalanche on Mount Everest. Ice, snow and rocks buried tents at base camp. This is where many mountaineers gather fore they set out to climb the mountain.

The earthquake’s epicenter was between Katmandu and Pokka, Napalm’s second largest city. Seismologists said it was ‘shallow, or only 15 kilometers HIMALAYAS (9. 3 miles) below the surface. These types of quakes are often more destructive. They create a greater side-to-side shaking movement. Over 30,000 thousand years ago the bowl-shaped Katmandu valley Was a lake. The loose soil, or sediment, Of the former likeable amplified the shaking movement, or made it worse. The city of Katmandu and surrounding area is home to about three million people. Today, Katmandu is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia.

Yet many of its buildings are badly constructed. Extra floors have been added to some two- or three-storey buildings. This means that they are more likely to fall down when the ground starts to shake. Most of the surrounding areas are mountainous. There, many smaller towns and villages are built on steep slopes. Earthquakes in these places can create huge landslides. Apex predator discovery Fenland’s new prime minister Vampire squid study Auschwitz trial begins Banding anniversary Conference Mammoth DNA decoded Glossary Crossword and Wardresses Puzzle Learning English as a foreign language?

Recommended reading FEEL and SSL 30th April 201 5 -? British English edition Less powerful earthquakes are not uncommon in the Himalayas. It is easy to understand why. The outer layer, Of the Earth is like an enormous jigsaw. It is made up of huge pieces called tectonic plates. These float on the very hot rock deep below the surface. This rock is like a thick liquid. The plates move slowly at a speed of about two centimeters (0. 8 inches) each year. Some move apart from each other. Others slide past and some force other plates underneath them. Earthquakes are a result of these plate movements.

India and Asia are on separate plates. Around 85 million years ago the Indian plate was not connected to Asia. It was close to the island of Madagascar. Then, it began to slowly move northwards. It eventually collided with the Eurasian plate. The Indian plate is now pushing into and under the Eurasian one. This is what has created the Himalayas. This mountain building is still going on. Each year the Himalayas get a few centimeters higher. Millions Of years ago, rocks now at the top Of the mountains were under the sea. This explains why fossils of seashells an be found high up in the Himalayas.

Earthquakes in Nepal and other parts of the Himalayas are part of this mountain building process. This was the fourth major earthquake to hit the Himalayan region since 1905. In that year the Kananga Valley earthquake killed more than 20,000 people. This was centered on the most northerly part of India. Around 10,000 people died in the 1934 Nepal-Briar quake. Its epicenter was in eastern Nepal. Over 80,000 people were killed in Kashmir in 2005. This earthquake struck the northern part of Pakistan. People in Katmandu rushed out of their houses when the ground page 2 Everest and Napalm’s other high peaks.

Since Mount Everest was first climbed in 1953, around 6,000 people have got to the top. In recent years more and more people have wanted to climb Everest. Expert climbers organism group expeditions to the mountain. Each expedition member must have a permit. They cost at least E 16,000 ($25,000) per person. This money is paid to the Naples government. Each year about 300 climbers try to get to the top of Mount Everest. For ten months of the year bad weather makes it impossible to reach the top of Mount Everest. Climbing permits are made out for late April and May.

These months are known as the climbing season. At this time of year, the winds at the top are calmer Other countries quickly offered and the weather is clear. After this, help. Within a few hours Of the heavy snow falls on the mountain earthquake, military planes from and it becomes too dangerous. India began to arrive at Katmandu airport. They brought rescue workers and emergency supplies. Within several days over 50 countries had flown doctors, medical workers and equipment into Nepal. However, the country roads and communications are poor. So it was difficult to reach the people most in need of

Mount Everest. Help. Because of landslides the only Nineteen people died in the way to get to villages near the avalanche that hit Everest base centre was by helicopter. No one knows how many people camp. Other climbers became stuck have been killed and injured. Some on the mountain when ropes and fear that the figure will be higher ladders were swept away. All had to be rescued by helicopters. Than it was in 1934. Officials said it was fortunate Nepal is a popular holiday destination. Many people visit to go that the earthquake struck at noon on trekking, or hiking, in the mountains. A Saturday.

Schools were closed and Tourism is an important part of many people were outdoors. In the Napalm’s economy. One newspaper countryside, people were working in reported that at least 20,000 people the fields. If the quake had happened from other countries were in Nepal in the middle of the night many more when the earthquake hit. This is also would have died or been trapped the time of year for climbing Mount under collapsed buildings, C] began to shake. Because of the aftershocks, most were too scared to return to their homes. Buildings damaged by an initial earthquake can fall down in a later aftershock.

Many people set up small camps on open areas of ground and slept outside. Hospitals treating the injured soon became overcrowded. Officials from the United Nations (UN) said that the earthquake had affected 8. 1 million people. Nonacademic. Com – British English edition HEROINE SETS SAIL Thousands Of people gathered near the port city of Roquefort, on France’s western coast, on 18th April. They came to see a replica of Heroine, a famous French ship. As the ship set sail for the USA, the crowds waved and cheered. American War of Independence, or the American Revolutionary War.

Washington’s army, with help from he French, eventually defeated the British forces. Lafayette was about 1 8 years old and living in France when the Revolutionary War began. He decided to go to America and join Washington’s army. Lafayette took part in several battles and was commended for his bravery. In one battle he was wounded in the leg. Lafayette asked for permission to go back home to see his family. Washington agreed. In France, Lafayette was given a hero’s welcome. Heroine France is often described as America’s oldest ally. This is because French and American soldiers fought alongside each other against the

British over 235 years ago. Then, George Washington (1 732 – 1 799) led the American army. In 1 780 a young French aristocrat and military officer called the Marquis De Lafayette traveled to America. He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a ship called Heroine. After arriving in America, Lafayette told Washington some welcome news. A large French force was being sent to help in the war against the British. Beginning in the early sass, Britain set up settlements and colonies on the eastern coast of what is now the USA. By the 1 sass there were 13 separate colonies.

All were controlled by Britain. Yet, at that time, many people in the 13 colonies were unhappy about being governed by Britain and its king. They wanted to elect their own leaders. The rulers of Britain disagreed. In 1 775 fighting broke out. This war is known as the Marquis De Lafayette Lafayette met with the French king, Louis the Sixteenth. He asked the king to support Washington with soldiers and money. Louis agreed. Lafayette then returned to America on the Heroine to tell Washington the news. The French ships and soldiers arrived several months later.

Lafayette continued to fight for Washington’s army until the British rendered in 1783. After the war ended Lafayette returned to France. He died in 1834. 3 Work on the replica Heroine began 20 years ago. The ship, which has three masts, is 65 meters (213 feet) long. The materials used are the same as the original. The wood came from 3,000 oak trees. The ship was even built in the same shipyard. All the sails have been sewn by hand. Heroine has a crew of 80. Many are younger volunteers. In the ASSAI, the ship will visit several coastal towns and cities. Heroine will be in Boston on 4th July, America’s Independence Day.

CLC ‘SEA OF TEARS’ The leaders Of European Union (ELI) ember countries were called to an emergency meeting on 23rd April. It was held at the US headquarters in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. They discussed ways of stopping the migrant boats that are setting off from the North African coast. Several days before the meeting one overcrowded boat sank. Over 750 people drowned. In recent years hundreds of boats carrying illegal migrants have tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea. The people in the boats want to go to EX. member countries. They believe that they will find good jobs in these countries and improve their lives.

Nowadays, most of these boats mom from Libya. The migrants come from many different countries. Many travel from places like Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. Some are Libyan. Most of these people say they want to get away from the fighting in their own countries. Many others are from African nations such as Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Reiterate, Ivory Coast, Niger, and Ethiopia. Some come from as far away as Nonacademic. Coin”;’ – British English edition 4 Bangladesh. These people are what are known as economic migrants. They want to find work in E countries. Even if they get low paid jobs, they will earn far more than they can at home.

Many plan to send some of the money they make back to their families. M De eternalness After arriving at the coast, the migrants have to find a boat. Criminal gangs in Libya charge thousands of dollars to take the migrants to Lampshades or Malta. These gangs are also called people LIBYA smugglers, or people traffickers. Lampshades is one of a group of small islands, called the Pelagic Islands. Even though they are not far from Tunisia, the islands belong to Italy. The island of Malta is a separate country. Like Italy, it is a drowned. After this, Italian navy navy ship Off the coast Of Sicily. Member Of the CE’. D coastguard ships began to pa- He said that the Mediterranean was troll the seas around Libya. Over the now a ‘sea of tears’. N next 12 months these ships picked up 170,000 migrants. However, this operation was expensive. Italy ULTRA MAN wanted other EX. countries to help. Some EX. members argued that rest- Just over 20 years ago a team of specking the migrants only encouraged eulogists (speleologist is the study of Rescued migrants on a navy ship in Sicily caves) decided to investigate some more to make the journey. The people smuggling boats Last November an ELI force, caves in Italy. The limestone caves are always overloaded.

Most are known as Triton, took over. Yet are near the town of Ultra. The old and need repair. There is al- this has far fewer ships. In recent team found a skull and bones in one ways a danger of them sinking. Months the number of migrant boats of the caves. They looked like the However, if the boats manage to has increased. More accidents have skeleton of a man. It was not possessive Lampshades or Malta their happened. At least 1,750 migrants blew to move them. This was because passengers may eventually be al- have drowned since the beginning the bones had become fixed to the lowed to live in an EX. county. 2015. At the Brussels meeting, wall Of the cave. Also, if a passing ship picks them the EX. leaders decided to increase Caves often form in limestone up, the migrants will probably be the size of Triton. Another idea is to rocks. Mention is porous. This taken to Italy. Italy, Greece, Malta, destroy the people smuggling boats means that water can seep through Germany, and Sweden have agreed in Libya. They will need to get it. Rain that lands on the ground to take in many of the migrants. Permission from the United Nations slowly flows through the soil. As Yet most EX. members say they do (UN) to do this. Does, the water absorbs carrot want the migrants to come to On 27th April Ban Ski-moon bon dioxide from rotting vegetarian countries. Visited Italy. He is the secretary- Zion. This makes it slightly acidic. Over one year ago several general, or leader, of the KIN. Mr. If there is limestone under the migrant boats sank. Hundreds Ban spent some time on an Italian ground the water will seep into Nonacademic. Com”;’ – British English edition it. The acid in the water will dissolve some of the limestone. Over many millions of years this acidic water can create long caves and big caverns.

The water flowing out of he limestone contains calcite. Stalactites and stalagmites are made of calcite. Stalactites are chalklike formations that hang down from the ceiling of a limestone cave. Stalagmites grow up from the cave floor. As the stalactites and stalagmites keep growing, they can meet. When this happens they form ‘pillars’ that join the floor to the ceiling.

Economics essay

In this task I will be comparing the challenges to my selected organization and their business activities in the two different economic environments. Challenges in boom stage (1995-2008) In a boom stage, Asset goes to though challenges that may impact on their performance. When a boom in the economy occurs the main Stages are high inflation, competition of labor and shortages of supply. The boom stage generates a high inflation; this is because of the rise in the economy, and the prices, therefore, increase.

This occurs because of shortages of supply, rodents or service are less, and many customers are chasing after it. This leads to business having to employ, and this is when there’s competition for labor. There are many jobs, and everyone is trying to go for the most convenient one leading to competition in it. When this happens, Asset could make sure they give good bonuses and benefits to having enough workers for the amount of productivity that needs to be made. This is a challenge to Asset because they have to make sure customers are satisfied. Also, they will have to employ staff to be able to produce and serve their customers.

The boom stage leads to inflation, which then lead to a fall in the economy that affects Tests negatively. Challenges in a recession stage (2008-2014) In a period of recession, there are a lot of changes Asset needs to face in order to survive and help them to continue operating. In a recession period Tests goes through a decline in demand, customers don’t buy like first leading to low productivity. This has a fall and cash flow problem, the performance of the business drops. Asset could control him by offering sales and offer deals to attract customers.

During the recession, inflation occurs due to the economy. When inflation rises, jobs decrease, productivity decrease and prices are also high. This slows down the economy, to a fall that will then have to go through a recession to come back on an economic balance. Also in a recession stage customers’ confidence is low, customers would save and buy only the essentials to survive, and this is because they don’t have enough money to travel. This is due to the decline in employment. Asset could control this by having good marketing plans to attract customers and making them buy their tickets.