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An individual guide can give the individualized consideration any understudy needs to legitimately handle the college affirmation process. Whether your understudy is the first individual in the family to go to college or originates from a long line of Ivy League graduates, the committed guides at International University Counselors can give your understudy the edge to discover and get into the University of his or her fantasies.

Institute of Business & Management In a quickly changing business environment, there is a solid interest for administration experts why should prepared attain to remarkable execution ND make educated, learned and visionary choices. To take care of this demand, the Institute of Business and Management (BIB&M) at the University Of Engineering and Technology (JET) Lahore has been launched in accordance with the college’s long convention of offering inventive, dynamic and industry-arranged training.

The External Analysis examines forces that exist in the environment. These forces exist dependently in the environment. These forces differentiate between a strength and weakness from an opportunity or threat. Opportunities refer to favorable conditions in the environment that could producer wards for the organization if acted upon properly. Threats refer to conditions or barriers that may prevent the firms from reaching its objectives. Strength Have established a strong brand of themselves.

Have acquired latest teaching methodologies. Have got the Highest rating in Business Studies from HECK. Weakness Eligibility criteria and admissions on it. Emergence of new business schools Competitors . Fees structure. Opportunities Research and Development: New programs: More campuses: Moving in other regions Introduce incentive programs Recreational activities Transportation facilities The rats Government policies Competitors Reliance on temporary faculty SOOT OF BIB (PIG) Strong management Innovative culture Cost advantages Strong Image.

Well-equipped labs Learn new skills Team skills Weaknesses: Academic advisors not identified Lack of funding Lack of succession plan for future Opportunities : Work Experience Professional development Threats : Lack of external funding Current Strategy rough Grab as much students as you can falling in the criteria in the given time period. No emphasize on quality just on Quantity Causing the ciaos about the bad quality and image of BIB. Mix Up Summary Change in Market strategies. Increase no of scholarship programs. Give additional bonus to those government employees whose every child has passed at least inter.

Short Introduction to GrabTaxi essay

This essay will outline and analyze the environment forces affecting Grabbing, its competitive advantage, followed by the Corporate Social Responsibility effort as a com pony. Founded by Harvard Business School graduates Anthony Tan and Tan Hoi Ling, Grabbing was established in 2011 and came forth as an idea after a classmate of Anthony told him how difficult it was to get a cab in Malaysia, where Anthony is from.

In that same year, Anthony pitched the idea to a panel of judges in the 2011 Harvard Business Plan Competition which won them second place, giving the all-Asian team back then confidence which they abstinently went on to kick start Mites in Malaysia which was officially launched to the public in June 2012.

With a vision to pioneer public transportation mobility by combining top talent with technology and innovation, Grabbing have raised a grand total of $340 million in investor funding in just over 3 years of operation and currently boast a star-studded board of advisors which includes both co-founder and founding member of Youth, as well as former CEO of Thomson Financial. Currently operating in 20 cities across 6 countries, Grabbing have also recently launched a S$136 million Centre in the heart of the Central

Business District in downtown Singapore this year, focusing on analyzing data and providing a place to 200 engineers and data scientists from around the world. Discussion The following next section of this essay will outline the general environment analysis Grabbing utilizing the PESTLE Analysis, along with Porter’s 5 forces to analyze the Competitive Environment Analysis.

Business Plan motor car wash essay

Also, with the aid of engineering-based knowledge, we would like to share some information regarding the maintenance of car and motorcycle so as to prolong the lifespan of our customers’ cars and motorcycles. In our company, there are 7 shareholders and each of the shareholders contributes capital in equal share which is RMI O. As such, our capital has a total of ARMS to start our motor-car wash service business. Since we are doing this service as one day business, we plan to buy basic equipment including car wash shampoo (mall), sponges and microfiche water absorbent cloth.

For other equipment such as pipe, pails and vacuum cleaner, we are able to get them as free rental. This greatly reduces the expenses for our business. For financial part, we will not have any basic salary for any shareholder. Our income is 100% based on the profit gained from our motor car wash service which will be distributed equally among all the shareholders. In University of Malay, all the students and staffs have their own mode of transportation for studies or work. They may drive a car, ride a motorcycle or a bicycle or even walk to any place in COM.

For those who will be driving a car or riding a motorcycle, most of them will contribute less time in maintenance of their vehicles due to the packed schedule in their studies and work respectively. From our observations throughout all the vehicles in LLC, there re more than 70% of cars and motorcycles are in bad condition in terms of the surface cleanliness of the vehicles. Besides, it is believed that at least of them need immediate exterior cleaning service for the sake of their vehicle’s lifespan and functionality.

Thus, if we operate this business in I-JAM, we believe that it is a good opportunity to start this kind of service business. Furthermore, motor-car wash service is not a one-time service, thus, it will be a great demand in campus. Our business is planned to be operated in Faculty of Engineering for one day and 7 hours for that particular day. The exact location is the vacant space in front of block D of Engineering Faculty. We choose this location due to several factors. The vacant space is large in terms Of area which is necessary for motor-car wash service.

In addition, Engineering Faculty is a strategic area where it is situated just beside the main road after entering the KILL gate of UM campus. It is believed that the traffic flow and volume through KILL gate is very high everyday, thus it is strategic to put Engineering Faculty as the area for our business. For business hour, we plan to operate business at full time from am to pm. We will have workers to take turn to go for lunch, so that we will have continuous manpower for our business in order to maximize our profit gained.

The period from pm-pm is important to us because most of the staffs are having break time during this period, and thus it may be the high profit gained period for our company. For marketing part, our market target is mostly students and staffs of UM who owns a car or motorcycles, followed by JIM outsiders who pass by I-JAM areas. In order to promote our business, we will have some marketing strategies to attract more customers. First and foremost, we will advertise our cuisines through flyers and posters to increase our business’s popularity.

Social websites such as Faceable page and Twitter account are created in order to introduce our business to all students and staff. Moreover, in terms of sales strategy, the flyers that we give out will also serve as a voucher which customers can get a rebate of RMI if they bring along the flyers to our motor- car wash service. For financial analysis, we predict our one-day business will have income from different aspect of cleaning of vehicles including exterior and interior where exterior cleaning for car is the major income. Thus, in a one-day cuisines, there is about REARM. 0 of income will be funded. After subtracting the expenditure which is ARMS. 60 of equipment and raw materials and RUM 10. 00 of registration and promotion (flyer printing), we will gain a profit of REARM. 40. Thus, our payback period is about 3 hours of service only. In conclusion, we plan to be a successful company in University of Malay campus by providing high quality services to our beloved customers. Opportunity given to us would be fully and wisely utilized for the company growth. Part 1: Introduction 1. 1 Introduction University of Malay has more than 27,000 students and 1500 academic tiffs.

From such amount of these students and staff, it is estimated that 4% (1080) of students having own car and 10% (2700) of students having own motorcycle for their mode of transport in LIME. In addition, it is also estimated that around 67% (1000) of staffs come to JIM by car and 13% (200) of staff with motorcycles for working day. Try to imagine the condition where 50% of the total cars and motorcycles come to UM central areas such as JIM main bus stop, library’, Preparedness Complex, Chancellery, Science faculty and Engineering faculty to search for parking slots to park their vehicles.

The robber of limited parking slot will always run through their mind everyday. Due to the limited parking slot, most of the owner of vehicles will then park their cars or motorcycles at places where there is no shelter for their vehicles. This causes their vehicles are highly exposed to rain, dust and dirt. Thus, in just a few days to one week of exposed to surrounding, the external surface of cars and motorcycles are covered with stain that could not be washed off easily. Moreover, most of the vehicles owners do not have the awareness of car maintenance and therefore the appearance and the condition of the icicles become unfavorable.

Because of the problems such as inconveniences and time management, customers opt to ignore it. Therefore Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Service is established to provide motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in university of Malay. Our business provides exterior washing service for both motorcycle and car, and also interior cleaning service for car. After reviewing the problems stated above, therefore motor and car wash service is needed and it has a great business opportunity. Basically, Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Service is founded by seven engineering dents as a group and leaded by Chic Hi Eng as the director of the company.

The main purpose of the company is to provide motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in University of Malay. Our main target customers are the students and staff of I-JAM in which they are reasonably charged for our service. We will also share some information regarding the maintenance of motorcycle and car to increase their awareness. With high demand of business opportunity, we have decided to set our service business in front of Block D in Faculty of Engineering where the size of vacant space there suits our desire business area.

Faculty of Engineering is also a strategic place where most of the cars will pass by the faculty when entering JIM campus through KILL gate. With the knowledge gained by enrolling in Basic Entrepreneurship Culture course, we believe that we are able to manage this business well with the right planning and strategy besides gaining experience about entrepreneurship throughout this project 1. 2 Description of Business Fleecy Motor-Car Wash Services provides motor and car wash at a lower price for students and staffs in University of Malay. We also share some information regarding the maintenance of vehicles to increase their . Business Name The business name is Fleecy Motor – Car Wash Services. “Fly” brings you hope and inspiration. It reflects our mission and vision to provide flying-fast and efficient service. While “Much” represents every owners of the company who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering course. 1. 4 Vision, Mission, Objective and Logo of the Company To help and improve the community in University of Malay by providing quality services. 1. 4. 2 Mission To provide quality motor and car wash services to customers. To instill the correct information about vehicles to customers. 1. 4. 3 Objectives

To provide a better quality of car wash service to the customers who have time constraint in car maintenance. To make use of car wash service as income source. To help members and customers to gain knowledge of basic car maintenance. To help members to gain experience of entrepreneurship from business 1. 4. 4 Logo of Company 1. Car It represents our motor-car wash service. Car is also our main target for our business besides motorcycle. 2. Bubble shape It also represents our motor-car wash service. The company would be memorable and easy to leave impression on the customers. 3. FLY MUCH Fleecy is the name Of the company.

The word ‘Fly brings customers hope and inspiration while ‘Much’ represents every owners of the company who are pursuing Mechanical Engineering course. 4. The blue color Blue and white color represents water and bubbles for our motor-car wash service. It also symbolizes the trust and loyalty which are our principles when dealing with customers. 5. The white color White color represents the bubbles for our motor-car wash service. It also symbolized cleanliness in which we will clean up our customers’ vehicles thoroughly. 1. 5 Form of Business Ownership The business ownership of our business is based on partnership.

The advantages for this selected type of business ownership is we are able to mobile more capital and expertise with the other partner in this business; management capability amongst the partner is able to be improved with the inputs of partners; the partners are fully responsible for all liabilities and risks therefore business risk can be shared amongst all the partners; each of the partner able to access to different experiences and skills; Lastly partnership brings to a more efficient decision making and able to view the problem arise room different perspectives and angles. . 6 Ideal Customer The ideal customers are mainly those who possessed a car or motor. In other words, the ideal customers are consisted of students and staffs in University of Malay and they possess cars or motors. The rest of our potential customers will be the population which pass by University of Malay or the residents from Potentiality and Bangs area. 1. 7 Our Advantages Our business has the uniqueness as shown in the following: uniqueness: 1. Fast, efficient and informative We assured that the whole car wash service process will be done in between to 20 minutes.

Tips on how to cut down petrol consumption and some basic maintenance tips will be given to the customers so that they will not have to waste their time while waiting their car to be cleaned. Pamphlets containing these tips will be distributed to them. Also, an auto detailing checklist will be given to the customers as to ensure their cars are in good condition. 2. Priority booking Customers are allowed to make priority booking via phone call, SMS or social network such as Faceable and Twitter service. Therefore an extra RMI will be charged for each priority booking.

Calamba City essay

The old name was too limited for the vision of Board who foresaw the broadness of the Bank’s service capability beyond the boundaries of the Laguna Province to a wider area of Luzon. OLD celebrated Golden Year of prudent banking in 2011.. Luzon Development Bank aims to be a leader in regional development banking by concentrating, and intensive training of its human resource. Mission We are committed on our role in nation building and its progress based on the free individual citizen working in a free economy. We will help bring the immunity together and to develop the individuals with the community.

We aimed to provide our valued customers with quality banking services. Our personalized service will be quick and friendly, with prudence in handling all assets entrusted to us. We will support our clients in all aspects of their business because we recognize that our growth is directly dependent on our customers. We will provide our employees with professional and personal development through productive, efficient and challenging work, a fair merit system, development programs and competitive compensation that reflects he amount of quality of their work.

We pledge to our stockholders a fair return on their investment and to safeguard their capital through prudent policies and practices. In all our undertakings, we will act with fairness and in honor. Our goal is quality service to the people we serve-out clients, our stockholders our community. Vision To strengthen leadership in regional development banking by providing the community we serve with efficient, responsive and excellent quality of products and services. Core Values Total personnel care Total personal commitment Total banking (product) knowledge

Total quality customer service Company Philosophy in People Luzon Development Bank aims to be a progressive organization that provides good employment to its people. TO the best Of its abilities and within the capability of its resources, L DB believes in providing its people with personal and professional development through productive, efficient and challenging work, a fair merit rating system, development and training programs and compensation that reflects the amount and quality of their work.

OLD will work to provide its employees with the environment that will encourage them to: Perform their jobs to the best of their abilities Be competitive players Develop self-discipline Develop personal and professional moral values Develop sense of ownership Be innovative and dynamic in the way they perform their jobs It is the belief of OLD that each human being should be treated with dignity therefore respects each employees and his worth to the institution.

As growth and success are responsibilities shared by the management and the employees, their relationship must be as partners-each committed to fulfill the recognized needs of the other. In effect, OLD is one big family who, in order to prosper, must share similar goals and aspirations and coherently work towards attaining them. That way, OLD can be assured that as its business progresses, so shall its people.

First Activity For the first activity is to assist the client for the requirement in opening new account for Personnel, Corporation, For club, association, society, and other voluntary or UN-incorporate organization. Compute for the interest rate in savings account, current account, and pay roll account. And explain it in the client to know the difference between our bank and the others. Second Activity Checked for any file transaction that is not been approved, to make sure that NY transaction is performing in the right process, and to prevent any complain from the clients.

Third Activity In making a new account give the right forms for personnel, corporate, and for club, association, society, and other voluntary or UN-incorporated organization. The client is needed to fill up the following forms and also get the following requirements to register their new account. Arrange some documents, to their respective place or position put them alphabetically to make it easier to get. Forth Activity Checked the savings account withdrawal slip, check deposit slip, and cash deposit slip. Checked if there is any transaction that not have been approved.

If the information is not same as written in the slip list it down. Look for the date of the transaction, the account number, the amount of pesos, and the name of the person. Assist some phone call if the other employees are busy in their respective work. Putting some stump in deposit slip, debit memo, and credit memo. Fifth Activity Checked for each trial balance and list down if there is a transaction that not has been approved. Also arrange it by date and put in to the other complete transaction.

The Story of Tom Brennan essay

Daniel proves to be a positive influence on the life Of others when he helps one of his inmates, Thee, overcome his suicidal tendency. Daniel also said that he would “make it up to al of you” by doing this Daniel is showing a change and demonstrating a grow inning maturity that was lacking before and on the night of the accident. He is also overcoming g a challenge, which once he could not overcome even a mere hill near his house that the FAA mill called Daniels Whine. The hill represented challenges and problems which he was o once not willing to take on.

Helping others this growing maturity that is beginning to evolve du ring his jail sentence is proving he is overcoming challenges and using his maturity to face e problems. Keeping him locked up would only minimize his potential to prevent others in he community from making a tragic mistake like he did and suffering through much more the an just a jail sentence. Daniel is already punishing himself for his actions. He has to wake up everyday y and know that he has killed two of his friends and ruined the life of his cousin.

He feels cons ant regret for what he has done and accepts that he has to be punished by going to jail. Beef ore being sentenced, he wrote Insole’s family a letter of remorse which showed how sort ray he was for what he had done. The letter which he and his family received back would have e made Daniel ND his family feel even more guilty for what Daniel had done. The Mourner’s s aid that, “Daniel Brenna was an accident waiting to happen”. With these opinions and percept actions of Daniel and the words echoing in his mind, he was punishing himself beyond jail.

Live Eng with the trauma and grief from the accident and the uncertainty of his future, Daniel b come suicidal. Upon Tom’s first visit to Daniel in jail, he realized how his brother had change d, not just physically but emotionally, “Daniels face, once glowing, is now pale and thin. His eyes are downcast and he walks with a slow, shuffling step” therefore Daniels jail sent once doesn’t need to be extended because he is already punishing himself further than jail.

Daniel may be lost for a while but Nicole and Luke are lost forever and Fin’s once bright future e is now in the dark. No matter what is done, what is said or how long Daniel is kept in jail, it will n ever bring back Nicole or Luke and it will never make Fin better. The Brenna family learn to a accept what has happened and are now reconnecting as a family after being torn apart, even without Daniel.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room essay

This scandal was so huge that its effects reached other companies cross the globe as well. Upon watching the movie, I realized that there is a lot more to the story – the important parts that we should all know of. The collapse of one of the biggest American corporations left us with lessons that we can and should apply, not just in the business industry, but in our everyday lives. Believe that the main reason why this scandal happened was because of greed.

In the midst of everything, people who took part in it lost their sense of morality. They were blinded by money, by selfishness and greed. I agree with the film relating it to The Amalgam Experiment which concluded that “Once o accepted the idea that behaving inhumanely was okay, you could do anything. ” I believe that every human being is naturally good. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, for me, the proponents of this scandal, Lay, Killing, Fast and others, did not intentionally plan to do what they did.

Maybe, at the beginning of everything, they thought that what they are doing is for the greatest good of their shareholders, which should be the main goal of corporations. Their decisions brought about highly favorable financial results to both Enron, itself, as well as to their shareholders. Naturally, men would want more. And so they did everything they could to continuously gain profit in the industry. After a bad move, they told themselves that what they did was all right, because it is for the benefit of their shareholders.

And so it began, one bad decision after another, until they were able to justify to themselves that they are not doing anything wrong. It turned out that at the end of the day, they were the only ones who benefited in every bad decision that they made, leaving everyone else, shareholders, employees, etc. , penniless. What is morally right and wrong actually depends on what the person believes in. For example, hedonists believe that what is morally right is the one that brings the greatest pleasure in life.

Applying it to the Enron scandal, the pleasure that we are referring to is money, an instrumental good. In that case, to be morally good, people should do what is required for them to have money, which is what the proponents did. Another example of another ethical belief/view is utilitarianism. Under this belief, what is morally right is the action that produces the most good. The Enron scandal, under utilitarianism, is morally evil because what happened only benefited a few, and burdened the most people involved.

From my ethical point of view, the Enron scandal is morally evil because the people involved did whatever they have done to gain power and wealth, even at the expense of others. This is not how the business industry should work. As much as possible, we should be fair and transparent because there are always a lot of people who are involved. Business decisions should be made with regards to their effects to the company’s stakeholders. A business will fail without the help of others, may they employees, customers, financial institutions, etc. I think it is just right to think of those people, too, when deciding for our businesses.

Lady Windermere’s Fan essay

To be different or to go against the unspoken rules of society is conveyed as akin to committing social suicide; therefore most people live behind a mask, behaving in ways other people expect them to. An example of this, included in both the play and the film, is Mr. Dumb conduct at Lady Windjammer’s ball. When asked, “It’s been a delightful season, hasn’t it? ” he replies, “Quite delightful! ” When he is asked, “It has been a very dull season, isn’t it? ” by a different person, he replies, “Dreadfully dull! It is also highlighted by both Barker and Wiled that to be ‘good’, one doesn’t have to be morally good, they just have to be respectable – “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious”, says Darlington. Mrs. Arlene, who with her sexual deviations has ostracizes herself from society, is considered the worst a woman can be. However, she demonstrates her selflessness and good heart at the conclusion of the narrative as she eaves Lady Windjammer from social suicide at the sake of her own.

These virtues would mean nothing to many people, who spend their time lamenting the sins of others while completely ignoring their own faults. This hypocrisy is a prominent theme in the play, however is somewhat left out of the film due to changes in the script and characterizations. The differences that separate Mrs. Windjammer from he film and Lady Windjammer from the play have the biggest impact on the film, even if they are not the most prevalent compared to those of other characters.

Darlington continued advances gravely offended Lady Windjammer – “I don’t like compliments and I don’t see why a man should think he is pleasing a woman enormously when he says to her a whole heap of things that he doesn’t mean,” because she, as stated, is a puritan and has a very strong sense of what’s right and wrong, and what should be and what should not be. Lady Windjammer’s cinematic counterpart is far less stringent and a lot more liberal. That is what blurs the theme of hypocrisy of Lady Windjammer’s Fan. In his play, Wiled represents Lady

Windjammer as a flawed character, one who is blinded – by her perceived social superiority and ideals – to her own faults. One particular scene in the play depicts her arrogantly humiliating her servant Parker, snapping at him “you speak so fast sometimes I miss (the words). ” This was an action derived Of her own aggravation at an unrelated matter, however it nonetheless demonstrates the underlying selfishness, pride and arrogance Lady Windjammer possesses, exposing her hypocritical nature and demonstrating the nature of many other members of society.

Along with the omission of this scene from the film, the change in Lady Windjammer’s nature as she is taken from the page to the screen significantly decreases the meaning of the film. Set in the sass’s on the Mammal Coast, A Good Woman starkly contrasts against the 19th Century England in which Lady Windjammer’s Fan takes place. The changes allow for the audience to experience a more ‘Hollywood’ version of the film, as well as increasing the drama of the narrative through the versatility of film.

It tells the story over a wide range of locales using costumes to enhance meaning – for example, Mrs. Windjammer wearing the same dress as Mrs. Arlene at her ball. The film also tells the story over a number of days or weeks, while the play is set over a single day. It could however, be argued that Wiled tells the story over this short period to underline the cruelness of society, emphasizing how fast social ruin can occur, and that it does not matter how morally good one is. “How can I save her? How can save my child? A moment may ruin a life.

Who knows that better than l,” states Mrs. Arlene, who experienced a very similar resistance when she was younger, with a Very different Outcome. Barkers alteration puts in place yet another costly divide between the film and the play, weakening the themes and reducing the significance of the storyline. A Good Woman, while it follows the plotting of Lady Windjammer’s Fan, undergoes distinct changes as it is transferred from the page/stage to the screen. The setting, time period and characterizations of key elements of the story are profoundly altered, and as a result the themes and message of the film suffer.

A Person Should Never Make an Important Decision Alone essay

Many people want to leave alone without making friend with the others. They just want to study alone, eat alone or even working alone. Sometimes, they don’t feel good to working as a group, so they decide to working by themselves. On the other hand, they should ask a person who they can trust such as family, teacher or friend to give them the best advice for their decision. In my opinion, I agree that a person should never make an important decision alone such as study, work, and friend.

First of all, a person should never make an important decision alone with study. Student sometimes get in trouble in their learning they just want to quit school instead Of trying hard to get through it. Besides that, they have to ask the adult who has an experience about their trouble to help them out, so they don’t feel boring at school. For example, when I applied to transfer to the ISIS, don’t know which school will be good for my major. I decide to ask my uncle and the counselor.

My uncle told me to apply the school near my house iris, so I can save money on house, food, and transportation. Besides that, the counselor shows me how to apply in the school which popular with my major. I’m so happy to making a right decision about it. Even though, some peoples like to work alone but sometimes, they have to listen the other ideas to get more information that can help them in personals life a lot. In addition, person should ask the others idea in work.

People working in group always get a better result than the people working alone. People who re working together will collect lots of idea from the partner that can help their team to prove work the best. It will be creative and shortened time than the others. For instance, in my accounting class, teacher told us to complete an assignment in class; we can work alone or create our own group. My classmate and I decide to create a group of three to work together. When we solve the problem, I got a different answer compare with two others.

Then, they explain which part I’m doing wrong. We complete the work earlier than e expect. Working together always make a right decision without having some mistakes. Team works always a right decision to make without thinking about it. Finally, they can also ask to have more ideas about friend. Making new friend is one of the reasons they don’t need to ask for decision. But sometimes, they get in trouble with their friend and they don’t know how to figure out. They really need to hear some advices from the adult.

Specifically, my high school’s friends are name Tu and Ho, when Tu goes to work and aka money, he can buy his own technology such as pad, phone, or new video games that Ho can’t have one. Tu thinks that he can takes care Of himself with that little money. During that time, Ho wants to quit school and make money like Tu, so Ho can earn some stuffs like him. Ho parent’s know and explain for Ho to understand. Tu can make money right now, but in the next 5 years, Tu will have the same salary as right now instead of Ho will become a doctor or an engineer that will make lots of money than Tu.

Everyone need to be careful with the important decision in their life. When things go wrong, their life will go down and being unsuccessful. Being quiet all the time is not a good reason. Sometimes, they have to speak up, participate in some activities, or making new friend that can improve their lives. In contrast, listening to the person who has an experience or who they can trust will make their decision go right. I agree that a person should never make an important decision alone such as study, work, and friend.

Pestel Framework essay

The framework provides a comprehensive list of influences on the possible success or failure of particular strategies. Important to do PESTLE analysis whilst developing a strategy! PESTLE is an acronym which stands for; Political This highlights the role of governments. Firms will be directly affected by the actions of government and other political events. These might be major events affecting the whole of the business community or they may be actions affecting just one part of the economy.

Economical This refers to macro-economic factors that affect business organizations. Economic factors can range from big to small, from local to national to international, from current to future; Some example from the rising costs of raw materials to the market entry Of a new rival, from the forthcoming Government Budget allocation to the instability of international exchange rates, from the current availability of investment funds to the likely future cash flow from a new product.

Business must constantly take such factors into account when devising and acting upon its business strategy. Social Social influences include changing cultures and demographics. This aspect of the business environment concerns social attitudes and values. The social/ cultural environment also includes social trends, such as an increase in the average age of the population, or e,g, changes in attitudes towards seeking paid employment while bringing up small children.

Technological This refers to innovation such as the internet and the rise of new composite materials. MESA and is impact on banks especially Equity Bank strategy. Environmental This refers specifically to the green issues such as pollution and waste. Opportunities created for green energy. Legal This aspect embraces the legislative constraints or changes, such as health and safety legislation or [example] restrictions on company mergers and acquisitions.

Political stability which has led to increase in the number of foreign insurers The East African Community (EACH) common market, which came into effect in July 2010, has provided a market for Kenya insurers Rising commodity prices mainly food and fuel International and regional relations Slow legislative process Economic Changes in the interest rates Rise in unemployment and crime rates hindering its penetration High inflation represents a challenge to the long-term development of the life segment Ethnic tensions highlighted by unrest surrounding the December 2007 presidential election could deter international investors for some time Social Non-life insurance has moved beyond motor insurance / People now taking up more non-life insurance beyond motor insurance as has been the case for a long time previously Growth in the micro-insurance sector Poverty and lack of sufficient knowledge about the insurance industry and its benefits High population growth rates hence increased potential market HIVE/

AIDS limits the potential for health insurance and life insurance The development of tactful products has opened up a previously untapped market Negative perception on insurance Technological Innovation leading to new products Payments of premiums through mobile networks Access of insurance products online don’t think there are any environmental factors affecting insurance.

Language essay

Colleges and universities use Learning Management System to distribute lecture notes or learning materials through online access to the students, and corporate use ALMS to deliver online raining to staffs. There are also record-keeping which users can save or submit files into the system. ALMS is a system which has a good infrastructure. It is commonly used by universities because it allows students to submit their assignments and tutorials in the system, and lecturers are able to assess them. It enhances learning experience, and provides conveniences to both students and lecturers.

Students are able to check on their assessment marks, and lecturers could always provide extra learning materials for the students. ALMS is also known as Virtual Learning Environment. 1. Introduction on Blended Learning Blended learning is an education program which is usually implemented with Learning Management System. It is about mixing digital activities along with face-to-face teaching methods. As data collection and assessment could be done with this approach, it could be seen as major benefits because lecturers could allocate resources depending on the outcome of student’s achievements.

One of the commonly used of blended learning would be forums. Students are allowed to ask any questions regarding their courses, and lecturers could answer their questions in the forums. It is very useful as students could self-study in their free time and still able to ask questions despite not in class. 1. 2 Problem Statement There are many flaws in the current Learning Management System. It is not used often by students as it’s not a favorable system, and students merely use it for lectures notes, tutorials, and assignments that are uploaded by lecturers.

Students are not very fond of the system, and rarely use it. 1. 3 Objective The objective is to design and improve the Learning Management System, and promote the use of ALMS more, so that students would be using the yester more often and the system will provide better learning experience to the students. 2. Use Case Diagram Intermediate Description of Learning Management System 3. 1 Flow of activities for use case Lecturer upload course material. Main flow: Lecturer type login id and password. 2. System allow lecturer to access into system.