Biosocial Theory of Gender essay

How does this work? Biological predispositions lead to different social reactions which shape individuals. E. G. Male babies more irritable, which may lead to caregivers treating them less warmly, which might be expressed as traits like independence/aggressive Innate differences dictate how society is organized, which in turn create expectancies about what males and females are like. For example, Men occupy roles of power and women tends to occupy submissive roles within in our society (e. G. Doctor- nurse/ manager-secretary) which leads us to expect men to be more powerful and women to be submissive.

Physical preferences (size, strength) dictate the sorts of activities and roles given to males and females in society (e. G. Males go to war) which in turn creates gender roles we teach our children. Sex role oscillation- read Con and summaries here EVIDENCE FOR: Wood and Eagle (2002)- hormones (page 83 Lips) Competition: The bifocals theory might explain men’s attraction to and engagement with competitive roles by noting both the social expectation that men will be competitive and the tendency for men’s testosterone levels to rise when they are expected to be in competitive situations.

Endurance: The hero might explain women attraction to and involvement in the mothering role by noting both the cultural pressures toward motherhood for women and the hormonal changes that accompany child birth and seem to stimulate nurturing behavior. ] Wood & Eagle 2002-Allocation of sex roles based on biological attributes (Lips pop) Bifocals theory predicts that there would be most consistency in gender roles across societies in which such roles are not clearly tied to sex differences in physics attributes: male size and strength and female capacity for pregnancy and lactation.

It also predicts sex differences will vary hectically among societies according to the conditions that affect the impact of pregnancy, childbirth an nursing on women’s activities or the impact of size and strength on men’s activities. Smith and Lloyd 1978: Baby X (Gross page 525) The ‘baby X’ experiments involved dressing babies in unisex snowsuits and giving them names which were sometimes relevant to their gender and sometimes not. When adults played with them they treated the babies according to the genders that they believed them to be.

This indicates that a persons biological makeup becomes part of his/her social environment wrought others reactions to it. Sexual behavior differences (Plotting IPPP) Men have a desire for more sex than women. Men have approximately 18 sexual partners in a lifetime, whereas females have 4 Or 5 sexual partners in their lifetime. An international study of 1 0,000 individuals were asked to state their top priorities in choosing a mate. Across all cultures and all racial, political and religious groups, men generally value physical attractiveness more than women, while women value financial resources twice as much as men do.

This maybe due to the bifocals theory, as it says that differences in sexual activities and in values for selecting mates developed from traditional cultural divisions of their labor: Women were primarily caregivers and homemakers, while men were primarily providers and protectors. Wood and Eagle (2002) Cross cultural support Cross cultural evidence reveals a consistent tendency for societies to be organized to enable mothers to bear and care for children and to take advantage of men’s strength and speed.

Pseudo hermaphrodite (Gross, p. 525) Money and Earthward studied girls that were initially raised as boys. When the mistake was discovered, their genitals were surgically corrected and hey were reassigned and raised as girls. They claimed that it is possible to change the sex, without any undue psychological harm being done, provided this occurs within a ‘critical’ or ‘sensitive period’ of about and a half to three years. But after this, the reassignment to the opposite sex can cause extreme psychological disturbance.

TASK: Respond to the following stimulus items with reference to the bifocals theory Of gender development. 1 . A study by Holloway and Hess found that parents explained their daughters’ successes in math’s as due to effort and good teaching, but for boys it was due to ability. Failure in math’s was said to e the result of lack of ability in girls but lack of effort in boys. 2. Huston found that advertisements for boys’ toys were” loud and fast”; where as those for girls’ toys were “soft and fuzzy’.

Why Cardboard Boxes Have Replaced Wooden Crates essay

Why Cardboard Boxes Have Replaced Wooden Crates College Essay Shasta mail These days cardboard is being used more and more for storing a wide variety of goods in, from being used to ship fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables in, through to long term storage Of documents. Where as once only Secure archive storage service wooden crates were used to ship fruit in such as apples and Save on your document bananas, a huge amount of fruit is now shipped in cardboard Storage boxes.

The reason for this is they are very easy to recycle as hey can simply be folded flat when they have been used, where as older wooden fruit crates had to be broken up, or they would take up huge amounts of space, and many were not reused, and given the amount of them that were being produced they were using up a lot of trees building them, which is not now classed as very experienced. Cardboard is, as it can be recycle d.

Indeed fruit and vegetable retailers and wholesalers actually do recycle a lot of cardboard boxes. Other s outrage uses for cardboard boxes now include those used by removal firms, who once upon a time used wooded storage crates, but these took up a lot of room as they could not be folded flat. With advent of strong cardboard d boxes, they still do the same job as the wooden ones, yet fold fiat when not in use.

This means the removal fir m saves money, as they do not need such a large storage area. Yet the boxes are strong enough to be stored full of goods one on top of the other, either whilst being used to move house, or for longer storage.

Sustainable Living essay

A Comment If we look back, just 10 or 20 years, the technology and consumerism has escalated. The technology has become a big part of our everyday-life. We, humans, have founded the technology to make our lives easier in so many ways. The statement of Leo Beauty from his blob: we rarely stop to consider whether technology and consumerism have always changed our lives for the better. ” He is questioning whether the world has change for the better.

Even though, the everyday life has become better and easier as a result to the technology, we have forgotten what the real values in life is, and come anti-social in a physical way of living. We spend a lot of the time on our phones and computers especially in the Western World, and do not spend time with each other instead. We do Often speak with our friends online. We also forget how we destroy our planet with the technology. We destroy our humanity and our world. Call me old-fashioned but I agree with him. In fact, I think it is a huge issue in the world today. 4 A Article To the students: A brand new and sustainable VIOL-Lonely 26.

September 2014 by Helene Mainland Strindberg Your class is dismissed, and you are about to leave for today. If you instead of looking out the door to your freedom, just look behind you. You will see trash every”here, and papers on ground the teacher just handed out to you. The classroom is a mess. Think it is time to change this, and I have some ideas to make the school more clean and sustainable. I think at us, students at VIC- Lonely, should think more about the environment, and make it a cleaner place to learn. For that reason, I would suggest some small changes at this school. Loud plant some trashcans around the school with three rooms, en for bottles, one for paper, and one for plastic, and in that way sort our trash to recycling.

The Simple Gift essay

The author supports the idea that everyone seeks a sense of longing, and that without that belonging life has little meaning. However, the author also challenges some conventional understandings of belonging by showing that belonging can come from any situation, and is not just limited to a particular place or person. This is conveyed through the different perspectives of Billy, Old Bill and Cattail showing their gradual sense of belonging with one another and to important places.

This particular discovery of belonging in Bill’s situation includes finding belonging in his place and his friends. “We both sit staring at the beer and the sunrise, sharing the hobo our. ” (Billy – Page 49) This new sense of belonging for Billy is contrasted by Old Bill who found a renewed sense of belonging; a sense of how he can belong in a world in which neither his wife nor daughter do. And I realized as I walked home that for a few hours I hadn’t thought of anything but how pleasant it was to sit with these people and talk to them. (Old Bill – page 125-126) Steven Heroic explores how having a sense of belonging changes someone and develops their personality. This is mainly explored through Cattail’s character. Cattail feels misplaced in her own life; rich in possession to in life. The Simple Gift was written as if she was moving through the motions of life and didn’t stop to appreciate her life until she met Billy and Old Bill. This explores the fact that you can think that you belong but not really belong until you meet someone or something happens.

These are ways that Steven Heroic explores the traditional boundaries of belonging. Traditionally, society has had structured attitudes towards homelessness and this theme is thoroughly explored in The Simple Gift as two of the main characters are living homeless. The author acknowledges that socio tends o have a negative attitude towards homelessness and in Billy’s point displays this as a negative attitude towards himself. “limb not proud. I’m sixteen, and soon to be homeless. (Billy – page 3) The author links attitudes towards homelessness to belonging in a way to results in Billy’s belonging coming from being homeless; he belongs more as living homeless than he ever did living with his dad. Steven Heroic questions the stereotype of homelessness by introducing characters such as Cattail and Old Bill. Cattail expresses a commonly thought stereotype in the verse which describes the meal that she coked for Billy and Old Bill. “l almost laughed when they arrived. The two neatest hobo’s I’d ever seen, with their hair combed, slicked back, and their faces rubbed shiny clean. (Cattail – page 1 22) When Old Bill is introduced into the story, we do not know how he became homeless but it is later explained that he cannot stand to live in house without his wife and daughter, who both died within a year of one another. This challenges the stereotype that all homeless people spent all their money on drugs and alcohol, and that this caused them to live homeless. This is another way that Steven Heroic explores the traditional and conventional boundaries regarding society attitudes towards homelessness.

The Simple Gift explores the prejudice that people living homeless have imposed upon them in society. The prejudice towards homelessness is often the preconceived idea that they are not intelligent or they are not valid in today’s society; it is often the belief that they have a mental illness. Cattail shows this kind of prejudice in the verse after seeing Billy with Old Bill. All can think is that seeing Billy with that old bob made me think of Billy as a hobo and I was ashamed, ashamed of myself for thinking that. (Cattail – page 1 16) This shows that despite Cattail’s relationship with Billy, she was afraid to see Billy as a hobo like Old Bill; she didn’t want to believe someone she was close with could turn out as a hobo. Steven Heroic dismisses the idea that all people in society believe this and that all people living homeless are not like this. Characters such as Ernie and Irene who do not display traditional prejudice towards people living homeless. “Hey kid, get auto there. You’ll freeze to death. That’ll teach you to hitch a ride with National Rail.

No free rides with this government, son. Just kidding. I hate the bloody government. Get your bag and come back to the Guard’s van. ” (Ernie – page 1 2) This shows that Ernie has non-traditional views about people living homeless; he sees them as people who just need a helping hand. The other prejudices are explored in this book such as all people living homeless are alcoholics; this is explored through Old Bill, who is introduced as an alcoholic, and shown through his transformation from run to sober.

The prejudice towards people living homeless is another way Steven Heroic challenges the traditional thoughts about homelessness. Steven Heroic pushes the boundaries and challenges the traditional ideas and thoughts towards homelessness. He uses themes such as attitudes towards homelessness, a sense of belonging and homeless prejudice to convey his take on society views and opinions. The Simple Gift challenges its readers to reconsider their thoughts about homelessness and offers a new perspective on the traditional ideas and thoughts on the topic.

Tacitus Source Analysis essay

The Roman Consul and historian, Cassias Did also takes an unfavorable view of Tuberous; a number of similarities in the writing of Tactics and Cassias Did can be seen, particularly in the closing years of Tuberous’ reign. 15 On the other hand, Vellums Buttercups, a Roman Historian born approximately A. D. 20, presents an image of Tuberous as skilful, courageous and modest, contrasting significantly with Tactics’ depiction . 16 Vellums presents a plainly pro-aristocratic view, particularly in relation to Tuberous; his enthusiasm for which is said to shine ‘out of the pages of his work. 17 The variance between the works indicates that neither are completely realistic and both have been influenced by their respective authors’ backgrounds and political beliefs. In Tactics’ case, critic Michael Grant suggests Tactics was completely sincere in his attempt to write without favor, and his overpowering hostility can be linked to his terrifying experience and loathing of Donation. 1 8 What do modern scholars say about the bias of Tactics? Examination of modern scholarship. Most critics are well aware that Tactics creatively enhanced, recreated and at times fabricated details and stories.

Scholar A. J. Woodman contests, “recently I was able to demonstrate that one of the most celebrated episodes in the whole of Tactics’ Annals is largely a fabrication… In which the latest commentator 1 9 on the Annals has accepted, rightly adding that it has troublesome implications. “20 Woodman goes on to emphasize that ancient historians differed greatly from modern ones, and that ancient history is better served by reading it as literature. Woodman suggests that Tactics is better read as a poet and is openly skeptical the validity of some of Tactics’ recollections.

Tactics is considered to be one of the leading figures in Roman historiography. 21 However, Tactics’ bold claim that he would be able to record a tumultuous time in Roman history ‘without indignation or partisanship,’22 does not appear to be achievable, at least in accord with modern historiography standards. Although Tactics declared himself to be completely impartial, he was easily stirred to indignation and resentment, particularly when addressing the reign of Tuberous. Consistent use of specific referencing and full bibliography. Overall presentation, including correct spelling grammar and punctuation.

LEGO A Success Story essay

With businesses spanning across 130 countries, this giant toy manufacturing business employs approximately 10,000 individuals to run the company (Jensen, 2012). Factors such as innovation, marketing and brand power are the main contributors to the success of the company, thus allowing the company to bring positive impact such as innovative education and economic growth for various parties. Innovation is one Of the key factors that resulted in the success of the LOGO Company.

Innovative new products promote a constant interest of children; this allows sales to be constantly endorsed. Created in 2003, Binnacle is one of the most revolutionary products room LOGO as it became the turning point in the company’s innovative products. It was dubbed by The Guardian in an article by Woodbine (2004) as “the biggest of the recent hits, and number one Logo product in 2003”. The Company realize that it is able to not only branch out of the construction toy category but also make an immense amount of profit in the role playing toy category.

Goodly (2011) reported that the UK managing director Marko Lillian was proud to announce the company enjoyed phenomenal sales during that year and was astounded to see the sustaining growth of it classic reduce lines, namely LOGO Star Wars and LOGO City. Due to idea originality aligned with the current trend of the market has enabled the company to boost it sales with its ground-breaking products. Marketing is crucial to the success of the LOGO Company. LOGO does not overlook when it comes to market research.

Before the introduction of LOGO Friends in 2011 , the company did research on the behaviors of girls and their thinking about construction toys and it reveal that girls favor role playing and were keen on the appearance of the toys (Wieners, 201 1). By comprehensively follow wrought the research process, LOGO is able to create a product is able to appeal to its consumers gaining it success over the market. The holiday seasons have always been the best time for toy manufacturers as the purchasing power of consumers increase.

The marketing team of LOGO is able to utilize such major event or holidays to launch its new products to boost the company’s sales. Goodly (2011 ) reported that the company launch of its new LOGO Harry Potter products during the holiday seasons to further consolidate its market position. As a result the company experienced a large mount of profits from purchases of presents for children over the Christmas period that year. Therefore, Logo’s marketing line-up has proven to add on to the success of the company. The brand power of LOGO has also catapulted it into one of the most successful companies.

According to recent reports by Milne (2013), after defying the gloom in the toy sector, the company increase its sales by a quarter in 201 2, making LOGO the world’s second-biggest toy manufacturer by sales. With that increased market appeal, the company is able to earn a large portion of the market share. Therefore, high quality reduces are constantly expected from LOGO. The company paid a lot of attention to detail and has gone to great lengths to ensure there is no single piece of LOGO bricks that could not fit together (Coffee-Walt, 2012).

Delivering the promise, this allows LOGO to have bargaining power over the price to sell its product thus reaping more profit from its consumers. That is why in Torus, a box of 102 pieces of LOGO blocks cost $60 proving higher quality allows price premium Off-Walt, 2012). Innovation, marketing, brand power and recognition have contributed into the company’s success over the past 80 years. As a result of the success of LOGO, various parties benefit in-terms of innovative education and economy growth.

LOGO bricks are so incorporated with creativity and innovative in children, it has cause the educational culture to adapt it learning power in schools and educational institutes. With the ability to engage in interactive learning through toys, children at school will be able to enjoy learning. In Palm Harbor, Florida, the Children’s Programmer, Cheryl Jackie-Driller of East Lake Community Library (LLC) launch a [email protected] Club in July 2, 2009, with intention of a low cost summer program for children (Wolf, 2013).

Logos are also use by the freshmen at Stevenson university, Stevenson, Maryland to articulate their perception of the university Career Architecture by constructing replica from the LOGO bricks they remember from their youth (Bethel, 2013). Hence not only children benefit from LOGO but young adults as well through its ability of innovative learning. The LOGO Company also stirs the economies in multiple country namely through its LEGEND theme parks.

LEGEND is a chain of LOGO- themed theme parks partially owned by the LOGO Group and Merlin Entertainments. Merlin Entertainments is a British theme park company that s in-charge of the operation of the park. With 6 branches of LEGEND situated all around the world, the theme parks are able to increase the gross domestic production (GAP) of each country. For instance, LEGEND Malaysia is one of the major catalysts for the large predicted growth of the service industry in Juror as 44. 9% of Malaysia’s GAP depends on the service sector (Too, 2012).

Therefore, economies in multiple countries may experience increase due to the success of the company. In conclusion, LOGO has established themselves as one of the most successful toy manufacturers n the world by constant innovation, relentless marketing and solid brand power. The performance of the company has never been better and has causes various parties to profit through innovative learning and economic growth. I can see there is still potential growth for the company as they have change the way the society perceived innovation.

The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll essay

This is seen in the killings which are reported on the news every day including massive events of loss but also smaller yet just as tragic ones. This was seen during and after the 9/1 1 attacks where almost 3,000 people died, even though the event did not occur worldwide it is clear that it has effected everyone and instilled millions of people with fear about revealing and what they may have to face.

Much like the 9/1 1 attacks, the current event taking place in Baltimore, where thousands of people are rioting over poor treatment and brutal deaths especially the single death of one black member of the community (Freddy Gray) shows just how much a single death can affect people despite their relation or lack thereof to them and truly give people a completely different view on the world. Secondly, although as previously stated people can have a different view on the world due to extreme changes and events it is not always up to the individual.

This is seen during the natural ageing process and he illnesses that often come with it, including the horrible illnesses known as Alchemies and dementia. According to the western Australian fighting dementia website around 332,000 Australians are currently suffering from dementia and that number is expected to increase to 400,000 in less than 10 years. Although the sufferers have minimal say in accepting this change their loved ones and family members have to accept this inevitable change.

It has been reported that families and close ones will notice the signs of dementia on a sufferer up to 3 years prior to the actual diagnosis. This only emphasizes the need to prepare and attempt to continue and move forward with life while the chance is still there. However quite contradictory it can be very easily seen that the only way to prove that an individual is really living their life is that they have created their own identity and that they are changing and adapting to the world around them.

It has been said that “The only difference between a rut and a grave is its dimensions” -?Ellen Glasgow. There is no arguing that in order to become a functional member of society one much change and grow as they age. The idea that someone in their late ass’s would be acting as though they were a toddler is not functional nor an acceptable way to act as when it is looked at comparatively a toddler cannot know or create their own identity until they grown, become independent and move forward with society.

Lastly, as previously states societal changes can have a massive impact on ones sense of belonging and individuality this is shown in the play “The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll” written by Ray Lealer, this Australian play discusses changes in the individual and society. This is especially seen wrought the character olive. Olive had the ideal life set up for what she wanted, Olive was content with the system she had with the men coming to visit during their lay off period and she purely wanted to keep it that way arguing at one point “l just want what I had before. (pop. ) It is often said that Olive never really grew up, she still collected dolls and still had hopes that she would not have to conform to the idea of being a housewife however Olive seemed to lack the understanding that dreams and reality are two very different things and although the laid back lifestyle was one appropriate for a nouns lady as society changed it no longer was. Further into the play ROR proposes to Olive and she immediately is unhappy with the idea as she had never previously had to grow up.

At the end of the play there is the tragedy of the smashing of Olive’s dolls. This smashing her dreams and bringing her back to reality she would no longer be able to be like “a little girl about twelve years old” which ROR had previously called her. This eventually made Olive and the other members realist that she cannot recapture the past despite her identity truly lying there rather than her future, much like the doll she elected, change was not something Olive was capable of doing and accepting, thus resulting in tragedy.

In conclusion, whether it is through death, the ageing and growing process or in the resistance to change seen in The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. It is very clear that change is needed to be accepted in order for growth and to move forward not only as a member of society but as a individual person developing their own identity and feeling of belonging, no one person can increase their knowledge strength or any form of resilience without accepting change first.

Transworld Auto Parts Part essay

She woo laud soon bee meeting with the heads of each division and woo endured what feedback SSH he should give eve them AIBO UT their progress in implementing their strategies. With TAP’s future on thee line, any m misstep she m made now coo old be repay arable. AR, a $6. 6 billion subsidy diary off U. S. Diversified manufacture urine company, was a T Tier 1 Mann effectuate of original and after-market parts p for auto mobile prod duckers in the United States and abroad ad. TAP had been directly y affected by the downturn in the auto o industry (see TAP’s financial reports in Exhibit 1).

Major customers, include duding Chrysler and General Motors, were on the brink of insole evenly, and eve even robust ca AR makers, us such as Toyota and Honda, were selling g many fewer cars amidst the global recession. He parent com many had hired Ellen Bright, a veteran in the auto and aerospace pace industries, in Actor beer 2008 to TU urn TAP aura undo. The dismal 2008 results and pro ejections for 2009 led Brig get to conclude due that she had to make radical chaw engages in strategy and then implement the new strategy flawlessly. She had d no room for error.

If she were successful, however, TAP could d take advantage of opportunities in the troubled auto industry. She recalled a recent report that outlined booth the challenges and thee opportunities for auto parts makers: d volume pressure, and, at Suppliers rare still facing g challenges Of higher Co sots, price and Tim mess, erratic production schedules fro mom their auto o-producing customers. T Thus, our U original equipment meet sales o outlook for 2009 is negative eve. We see leg get vehicle sales volume of ABA bout 10. 3 million in 2009 and 11. Million in 2010, d down from 113. 2 million for 2008, with Simi malaria scaled d reduction in production on. Because the economy y has weakened, however ever, visibility in 200 09 is more limb mimed than usual. We expo peck the Deter Tit Three to collectively 10 SSE SSH hare to foreign gnu brands in n 2009. Thus, the greater a supplier’s exposures to U. S. -abased companies, the greater will be b the impact on its performance, in o our view. Still, we believe the hat 1 This case borrows he evilly from an EAI earlier case: Robert Kaplan, “Doom meson Auto parts,” ABS NO. 055-078 (Boston: H Harvard Businesses School Publishing, 2005) and its accompanying teaching note: HOBS NO. 107-087 (Boston: Harvard Business school publish inning, 2007), as well w as Professor Kaplan scum emulated published d works on strategy maps and the balanced Soc rerecord. The authors wish to that ann. Professor Aka plan for his GUID dance, ideas, and d direction in dive evolving this case. Professors or V. G. Maryanne n and Research Associate Lisa Bred prepared this case. The company men mentioned in this cease is fictional.

HOBS cases are develop peed solely as the baa sass for class discussion. Cases are no to intended to seer. ‘ eve as endorsement’s, sources of primary data, or illustrations of effective or ineffective man management. Copyright get 0 2009, 2010, 20 11 President and Fellows of Harvard d College. To order copies or request p permission to roper educe materials, call 1-800545-7685 5, write Harvard Buy equines School Pub blushing, Boston, MA M 021 63, or go to w www. Hobs. Harvard d. Due/educators.

T This publication may not be digitized d, photocopied, or otherwise reproduce cued, posted, or trans insisted, without the permission of H Harvard Business S School. This document is authorized for use only in 201 AS Management Planning and Control by Lily Lieu, University of Technology Sydney from March 201 5 to August 2015. 1 10-027 Translator Auto Parts (A) n the long term, rising automobile production in Asia and other emerging markets presents an opportunity for the larger multinational suppliers to increase sales and profits…. Despite near-term challenges, U. S. Auto parts suppliers are increasing the proportion of business they do outside the U. S. Emerging markets are becoming more attractive to parts manufacturers due to lower labor costs for manufacturing and engineering, and/or growing demand in local and regional markets. China, for example, is important both as a source of low-cost parts to ship abroad, as well as for local market vehicle demand. Global expansion among the Tier 1 parts makers is important, as it supports automaker efforts to consolidate designs across international markets and to expand international businesses overall. The Executive Staff Meeting: Defining a Strategy In December 2008, following extensive consultations with her board of directors and the corporate executive team, Bright prepared for a high-level two-day offsets strategy meeting in which she would announce a dramatic restructuring. TAP manufactured two core product lines-?electronics and interiors-?in four customer-centered divisions: luxury, economy, medicine, ND truck. TAP served three geographic markets: North America, Europe, and Asia. The four customer divisions each had very different customers and customer value propositions.

Bright looked over the marketing reports that Mary Stewart, her vice president of marketing and sales, had put on her desk that morning (see Exhibits 2 and 3). These reports reinforced her view that future success would depend on how well she positioned TAP to compete aggressively in its most profitable segments. Attending the meeting were Aaron Gerhard, the president of the luxury division; Kim Swoon, the president f the economy division; the chief financial officer; and the vice presidents of marketing, manufacturing, and research and development.

After presenting a report that showed the product level financial (Exhibit 4), the global market production figures (see Exhibit 5), and the market segment reports, Bright summarized her position: If you look at our data and the reports coming out of the industry analysts at a macro level, you can see that the best course of action for us would be to go after the segments that give us the potential for the most profit.

Those segments are the luxury car makers (mostly serviced from plants in Europe) ND the economy car makers. Now, I realize that plants in both the U. S. And Asia serve a high proportion of economy car makers, but I feel strongly that TAP should focus its resources on Asia, since it is a growing market with great potential. As for our other customer segments, we are losing money in the truck and mid-price segments and these are dragging down our more profitable lines.

After much discussion at the corporate level, a thorough review of the alternatives with TAP’s board of directors, and gaining preliminary agreement from union leaders, we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down the reduce lines and customer divisions that cater to these low-performing segments and focus only on luxury and economy car makers. Most of the plants affected will be in the U. S. , leaving the majority of the facilities in Europe and Asia intact (see Exhibits AAA and b). We have not made this decision lightly, but we feel it is the only way we can save TAP.

On the positive side, I believe we can grow our top line by selling more products to our customers in profitable segments and win over new customers in new markets, primarily in Asia. 2 Afraid Levy, “Autos & Auto Parts,” Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys, June 25, 2009, up. -4. 2 This document is authorized for use only in AAA Management Planning and Based on a competitive analysis conducted by an outside market research firm [see Exhibit 7] and an internal analysis of our core competencies, we’ve decided to differentiate ourselves in the economy division by producing high quality car parts with the lowest lifetime price.

All of our major competitors in the economy segment focus their strategy on producing parts with the lowest initial cost. We will differentiate ourselves by instead producing high quality parts that will be known in the industry for durability and low maintenance cost. We must make sure that we clearly communicate our value position to auto makers who have built a reputation for durable, high quality cars in the economy segment. In the luxury division, our strategy will be to produce the most innovative, quality parts on the market.

While our major competitors are pursuing a customer integration strategy, we believe that if we focus our efforts on producing the most innovative and technologically superior car parts in the industry, then luxury Memos will come knocking at our door. You all know that our parent company has set a stretch target goal for us: By 01 1, achieve an 8% return on capital employed (ROCK)-?a dramatic increase over our current negative ROCK. The company’s CEO stated that if we do not reach these goals and maintain a positive cash flow, he will seek to either divest or close TAP.

It appears that the unions will agree to the plant closures and offer substantial concessions on health care and pension benefits in order to save the company. We also have some resources available to us for capital improvements, R&D, and other investments; and we qualify for the U. S. Government’s Auto Supplier Stability Program. We must do what we can thin this constrained environment. I’d like to hear from each of you about how your division will help us achieve both our financial goals and our market strategy.

Lets start off with you, Joe. Joe Nathan, Fright’s newly hired CUFF, shared his data with the group: Ellen and I have worked extensively to develop the economics that must be in place for TAP to achieve its financial goals. Designed a simple model to pinpoint the critical economic drivers needed to reach our goal of an 8% ROCK and positive cash flow by 2011. Due to the economic downturn and the extensive plant closures, we forecasted only $4. 5 billion in sales in 2009.

That means, to cut our negative ROCK from -15% to -?7% in one year, we need to reduce our cost of goods sold (COGS) from 95% to in 2009, then to 83% over the next two years. If economic forecasts are on track, and if we can target the right growth segments, we should see revenues increase to $5. 5 billion by 201 0, and $6. 5 billion by 2011. We need to better utilize our capital assets, both current and new-?currently we are operating at 65% on old assets-?and we must get to 90% utilization on an upgraded and downsized asset base.

Finally, we must minimize our total cost structure-?today we are operating above the average Cost in Our competitor group and We are bleeding cash. We need to get to the lowest cost quartile to compete. These are the key drivers needed to get to the financial results expected by the parent company. We must balance them-?one against the other-?to achieve our overall goal of 8% ROCK by 2011. Gerhard, the luxury division president, chimed in: am glad to see that the company is putting its focus and resources toward the luxury division.

As you know, we have always been a leader in product innovation, something our customers continue to value. What you may not legalize is that the innovative products we designed for our high-end customers five years ago have started to filter down to the rest of our customer divisions. Satellite radio and Bluetooth capability, for example, are now becoming options for the economy segments. 3 Bright asked Michael Milton, vice president of manufacturing, for his perspective. Milton said: W?re under huge pressure to reduce costs and prices to the customer, except for the very high end.

Because of the uncertainty in the market, the Memo’s production schedules are all over the map, making it nearly impossible to anticipate their volumes, which in turn sakes any capacity utilization target extremely difficult to make. In addition, our raw material costs are so unpredictable that it’s hard to keep COGS under control. To remain competitive in this environment-?heck, to remain solvent in this environment-? we need to do a lot of internal things better. We need to coordinate supplier management, manufacturing, and product delivery so we can effectively and efficiently get products to the customer.

We need to be on time and on spec just to get the opportunity to sell new products. Key in my mind is managing the supplier pipeline, the raw materials-?there’s a lot of none to be saved there, especially if we can consolidate our product line, increase capacity in the remaining plants, and redesign our products to reduce their materials costs without sacrificing product quality or functionality. We also need to balance our focus on cost cutting with the need to make investments in process improvements and new and upgraded equipment.

Unscheduled downtime and the inability to make fast product switchover on the manufacturing floor are killing us. Upgraded capital will both reduce our costs and help deliver consistently on time and on spec. We talk a lot about reverting maintenance, butte need to get real about it. This could save us big time in terms of costs and effectiveness. If we don’t do these operational things, we will have trouble convincing the luxury manufacturers to pay a premium price for our product.

Plus we won’t be profitable in the economy segment if we can’t get our manufacturing costs under control. Swoon, president of the economy division, added his thoughts: It is not just that we should become better manufacturers-?we have to be the best. Our customers, particularly in Asia, have no tolerance for substandard suppliers. We must not only be competent, but fully master just-in-time 01 T) and lean processes in order to gain and retain the economy car MEMO customers in Asia.

Our entire division must become lean-?every single employee must be trained in these processes-?and we can only do this with resources and total leadership buy-in from the corporate level. Rata Richardson, vice president of research and development, responded to the challenge to produce state-of-the-art, technologically sophisticated products: To go back to what Aaron said, I agree that if we are to compete in the luxury segment, we certainly need to get creative and bring to market ewe and improved products in partnership with our leading customers.

Our customers have been demanding more from us on product development. In Europe, they want us to move faster-?we have to come up with new designs and product innovations-?because they are having trouble keeping up with new regulations on emissions and safety standards, and its very hard to anticipate what the customer will want. TO reduce new product development time, we need to invest in new CAD/CAM software, and acquire and train skilled design engineers, scientists, and technicians from toper schools and competitors. We also need to invest in prototyping equipment.

We want to be able to strip our competitors’ products, see what technology they have that we do not, reverse 3 Original equipment manufacturer. 4 Control by Lily Lieu, university of Technology Sydney from March 201 5 to engineer those technologies, and acquire those capabilities. We should be a one-stop shop for all the technological needs of our premier customers. Stewart, UP of marketing, added: There are many things we should address from a marketing perspective. First, we must be much more aggressive in signing new customers in Asia. Everyone in the industry knows this is a growing segment, so the competition will be fierce.

As Kim pointed out, we need to quickly get up to speed on lean processes to leverage our presence there and gain a reputation for delivering low-cost, high-quality parts in that region. Next, we should respond better to the evolving needs of our customer base. Our MEMO customers are changing the way they do business; they are looking to partner much more closely with their suppliers. The parts suppliers that will flourish in this environment will be able to take total responsibility for key subassembly. Gone are the days when the Memos just wanted a specific part; now they want fully assembled systems that they can use for final assembly.

Head girl speech essay

Thank you very much for having us here today. Very recently, Tom and were appointed to these positions, and we are exceptionally proud to have the opportunity to represent Oakwood school. What really makes Oakwood so special, is the people, students and staff alike. With support from teachers, and peers, students are able to develop and flourish, both academically and morally. With *things* such as out of school activities, extra curricular clubs, and leadership opportunities, teamwork and demodulating are a huge focus of our school.

We believe hat to succeed, you must be able to play a part in a team, and Oakwood School encourages this the the nth degree. From my arrival at the school until now, I have always felt supported and encouraged to achieve. This nature is reflected in the school motto “achieving excellence together”. Over the past year have started working on my Geese’s, and the support offered to all by the staff has been amazing. The network of support that has been created for all when under stress or pressure is extraordinary. Not only does this include staff, but the entire school community.

Facilities are available for anyone who needs any extra help with class work, or someone to talk to, or even someone to listen. In Oakwood school we often speak of ‘one voice. ‘ Amongst all that belong to such an outstanding and encouraging place, one voice is shared. This voice is caring supportive, and above all, it strives for the best it can be. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to creating an environment where individuals are celebrated, teams are rejoiced, and excellence is achieved. Thank you to all the staff of Oakwood school.

US dollar is strong and peso is weaken essay

A depreciation trend may not be avoided on strongest dollar sentiment because a positive on it is that a weaker peso is advantage to local industries and families overseas Filipino workers and it is DOD for the competitiveness of the Philippine economy, and its not only for good for exports but even for the entire local industries that compete with imports. Imports now become more expensive than the local products, so there would be more local production and by that it will create jobs.

Increase purchasing power of OFF dependent families will spur consumer spending and in turn to drive economic growth. To a degree the recent weakness in PH does allow the BOP to remain competitive, the pesos weakness highlighted volatility- or sudden ups and downs in the exchange rate but according to the analyst short-term volatility should not be cause for worry as the country’s foreign reserves recorded at $82. 9 billion as of end of may which is provided by the BSP to cushion upsides risk.

Inflation is not in focus because the SSP has likely been smoothing the movements in the PH and the size of reserve suggests that it will be well placed to limit excessive volatility in either direction for the PH said the HASH Currency traders at local foreign bank who requested anonymity to protect their positions in the spot market said the BSP intervenes in the market when peso moves, win or SSE within the day. The adjustment in monetary policy will only be employed should a weaker peso significantly stoke inflation or a rise in consumer prices.

At the moment this does not appear to be the case because a weaker peso may increase cost of commodity imports like fuel and food, but inflation was changed. Any volatility will be short live in for a bumpy ride but when the tempest is over the Philippines will be in a better position to rebound quicker, given recent upgrades and solid consumption based growth.