Abuse assessment hnc essay

Becoming aware of the ways in which abuse can take place, empowers workers to be better prepared to recognize such behavior as abusive. Once you are able to label abuse, you can begin to take steps necessary to stop it from happening or repeating. These are; Physical Abuse Can occur when one person uses physical pain or threat of physical force to intimidate another person. Actual physical abuse may involve simple slaps or pushes, or it may involve a full on physical beating wide-ranging with punching, kicking, hair pulling scratching, and real physical damage sufficient in some cases to require hospitalizing.

Physical abuse is abusive whether bruises or physical damage occur or not. C] Sexual Abuse This is any sort of non-consensual sexual contact perpetrated on a victim by an abuser. Sexual abuse can happen to men or Women of any age. Sexual abuse by a partner can include derogatory name calling, refusal to use contraception, deliberately causing unwanted physical pain during sex, deliberately passing on sexual diseases or infections and using objects, toys, or other items without consent to cause pain or humiliation.

Also molestation, incest, inappropriate touching (with or without intercourse), and spiking of drugs such as date rape are all instances of sexual abuse. O Psychological Abuse (also known as mental abuse or emotional abuse) This can be a range of non-physical controlling behaviors that cause emotional damage and undermine a person’s sense of well-being. Emotional or psychological abuse can be verbal or nonverbal. Its aim is to chip away at the confidence and independence of victims (survivor) with the intention of making the individual compliant and limiting her ability to leave.

Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming and shaming. Isolation, intimidation, threats of violence and controlling behavior . 0 Financial and Economic Abuse This aims to limit a victim’s ability to access help. Tactics may include controlling the finances; withholding money or credit cards; making someone unreasonably account for money spent/petrol used; exploiting assets; withholding basic necessities; preventing someone from working; deliberately running up debts; forcing someone to work against their will and sabotaging someone’s job.

The victim can begin to doubt their own sans¬∂y’ as the abuser can also try convince the individual it was them who spent the money and just can’t remember. 0 Signs and Symptoms physical Abuse unusual pattern of injury; repeated trips to the emergency room Bruises, burns or cuts healing at different times Change in behavior-Abuse of alcohol or other drugs Social isolation or withdrawal Sexual Abuse Not able to sit down, difficulty in walking Going to the toilet more or less often Becoming reserved and having no physical contact with others i. . Hugs, shaking hands Depression, withdrawal from regular activities, fear, anxiety Psychological Abuse Becoming unusually over or less emotional Mood swings and anger outbursts Social anxiety/ loss or gain in weight Becomes very isolated from family and friends; Financial and Economic Abuse Asking others/family for money frequently unusual patterns in someone’s bank withdrawals/spending Weight loss due to lack of food

Deterioration in appearance due to lack of necessary Self-harm or self-destructive behavior] Identify and describe abuse relevant to case study, short and long term effects (See Appendix A) Question 3 There are current legislation relating to the case study which could have protected and helped some of the individuals. These are; Disability Discrimination Act 2005 This act created legal rights for people with disabilities, such as “A physical or mental impairment which has substantial and long term adverse effect on (their) ability to carry out normal activities”.

This could relate to Mrs. Green as he was awaiting hip surgery, the lawyer should have took this into consideration when encouraging Mrs. Green to sign over her house to her son. He should have complied with this act and expressed her rights by informing her to apply for an advocacy when making this important decision as she already didn’t have much knowledge in legal or financial matters. 0 Child (Scotland) Act 1 995 This piece of legislation can safeguard Mrs. Greens 5 year old grandson as even though he is not being directly abused he is still present or in the same place as where the abuse is taking place.

By experiencing tension or by tensing arguments, distressing behavior or assaults – (even if they do not always show this) can still have a significant impact on Mrs. Green’s grandson’s development. Local authorities are bound to this piece of legislation such as the social work department, schools, doctors etc. Within this piece of legislation it states that parents have responsibilities to their children under the age of 16.

These include; To safeguard and promote the child’s health, development and welfare To provide direction and guidance appropriate to the child’s stage of development Section 19 of the child’s rights within this act dates; ‘every child has the right to protection from abuse (of any kind) even from parents’. This act has been superseded by the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. I will take information on the previous act but probably from next year I will be strict about the new law. It’s worthwhile becoming familiar with the new act.

Data Protection Act 1998 Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 Careers (Recognition and Services) Act 1 995 Human Rights Act 1998 Adult Support and Protection Act 2007 Case of Failure to Protect in Britain Caleb News was born on 30th July 2001 at hospital where he spent the first 3 seeks of his life in the special care baby unit. On the 18th October 2001, Caleb Alexander News Was admitted to the Royal Hospital for sick children in Edinburgh at the age of 11 weeks old. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital and had immediate visible signs to doctors of a non-accidental death.

An Autopsy was carried out which showed evidence of a wide spread fresh hemorrhage in all compartments of the brain which suggested rapid death following a traumatic injury, possibly caused by rough shaking of the baby. There was also evidence of 14 rib fractures, quite possibly sustained during he course of the morning of 18th October. Some of the fractures were approximately one week to ten days old, whilst one fracture was several weeks old. It was concluded there had been at least three separate episodes of trauma to the chest, probably caused by gripping the child during shaking.

The government report regarding this case stated; Caleb Alexander News mother was well known to the local authorities. As she had many criminal convictions and a long history of prostitution. His mother had a history of chronic drug use for over 20 years, was taking methadone wrought her pregnancy which led to Caleb withdrawing from methadone after being born, and had previously had social work involvement with her other children resulting in them being taking into care because of failed attempts of tackling her drug dependency.

A Child Protection Case Conference was held while the baby was still in hospital on the 9th august 2001. Caleb was put onto the child protection register but later went home with his mother. It was well known the child’s father would be visiting on a regular basis but no further review or check on the risks took place before his death regarding the other and also the fact his father had been released from a 5 year prison service after being charged with assault and murder. He had a long criminal history, drug misuse and also medical reports of having a brain injury.

Alex News was later convicted of the murder of his son. Social worker knew that the father was on parole but yet did not enquire why Social workers were concerned about fathers brain injury and risks towards child but did not enquire to see his medical history or seek advice about risks to the child Social workers did not undertake a rigorous assessment of risk regarding the leveler of the child and instead was naive/easily reassured and took the parents at face value as to what they were told by them Whole Child Protection Case Conference was flawed.

Left out crucial information regarding her previous kids taking into care, stated the parents were stable when in fact chronic drug addictions, nature of their criminal records, the fact Alex had brain injuries, no child protection plan was agreed so child was left at risk Health visitor did not visit regularly and the communication between agencies such as social work, addiction worker, doctor was almost non existent Poor recording of information Question 5 The policies in my workplace regarding protection are to; Workers are committed to devising and implementing policies so that everyone accepts their responsibilities to safeguard vulnerable adults from harm and abuse.

To follow procedures to protect adults and report any concerns about their welfare to appropriate authorities Promote good practice, providing vulnerable adults with appropriate safety/ protection whilst in the care of Y People service and to allow staff to make informed and confident responses to vulnerable adult protection issues Providing a safe ND secure environment for service users All suspicions and allegations of poor practice or abuse are taking seriously and responded to fast and appropriately The procedures in my workplace in relation to reporting suspicious and/or allegations of abuse are to stay calm as to not frighten the service user and to reassure them that they are not to blame and it was the right thing to do by reporting the alleged abuse. Staff members should then take the individual into an appropriate setting such as a private room and to make them feel comfortable by offering a soft or hot drink.

I would make sure I have a pen and paper to write down what is being said making sure it is accurately written, dated, time and signed by myself and the service user as this document could later be used in court as evidence. The information should be detailed and confined to the facts making sure not to include your own personal opinion. Staff should actively listen to the individual, showing them you are taking the allegation seriously and also being aware that your body language is in an open manner. Inform the individual that you will have to pass this information to other people guarding what they have told you. Staff should immediately inform the senior supervisor or any other staff member available about the report written/concerns raised who should then pass on the information to appropriate authorities.

This could be the police or social work The National Care Standards are made up of key principles such as ‘dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realizing potential and equality and diversity. They reflect the strong agreement that your experience of receiving services is very important and should be positive and that you also have rights. This act also created the Scottish Social Services Council who have the duty of promoting high standards of conduct and practice among social service workers, and in their education and training. RL Staff are compiled to follow these standards and can read them if they have queries about an issue or need reassurance of the standards expected within their job role.

The national care standards and CSS are put in place to also help safeguard individuals from harm and abuse from others in the service and also by staff members, for example regarding reporting abuse allegations within my placement on standard 8 of the National Care Standards in states; 8. ‘you can be confident that the housing support service provider deals with concerns and complaints quickly and sympathetically, and provides full information about what will happen as a result of the complaint’. D Question 5 There is a range of agencies that may be involved in supporting the Green Family such as Women’s Aid, their Local Council, Domestic Abuse Authorities, their local GAP, lawyer and Social Services.

A towords from defined contribution to defined essay

In particular over the past three decades, the issue of graduate shifting from fined-benefit (DB) pension to defined-contribution (DC) pension schemes has received considerable attention (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). The main reason is the growing of pension fund caused by increasingly longevity that could lead to underfeeding with DB plan (Coco and Lopes 201 1). DB is defined as the retirement benefit of employees based on how many years of service to the organizations. It will be on the basis of final service year’s salary and determined by a formula. Unlike DB, each employee in DC pension scheme has an account if they have a contributory plan. The infinite gained is based on the accumulative total contribution and return on investment in the account (Bodied, Marcus and Morton 1988:139). The overall structure of this paper is as follow: first it discusses the topic of different characteristics for DC and DB pension schemes. It is critical to examine this area in order to demonstrate the next section that the reasons for DC pension plans turning into more important.

Finally, a comprehensive conclusion and recommendation will be outlined. 2. Differences between DB and DC From the nature of pension schemes, both of DB and DC plans are supervised ND regulated by legislation in order to guarantee the employee’s advantages and could offer tax benefits (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). An investigation in U. S. Public sector by Brown and Westerner (2014) examined that numerous states formatted a core public DB plan but also provide DC plan as a substitution for DB.

Nonetheless some commons in DB and DC pension plans, there are numerous different features between DB and DC in risk taker, measurement of valuation, incentives and others. 2. 1 Evaluation of retirement payment DB plans use the set formula to promise a retirement profits as an annuity on he basis of working years, final average retirement income and generosity rate of more and good service (Bodied, Marcus and Morton 1988:141). DB creates fairly stable measurement as time goes on and generates contribution from the set percentage of earnings (Even and McPherson 2007). In addition, workers will collect the pension payment all lift time.

Whereas DC pension scheme measure the valuation of the asset straightforwardly that just weight the assets in the retirement account at current market value (Bodied, Marcus and Morton 19881140). The amount and duration of DC plan are unknown in advance and it will on the basis of the um of contributions, the return of investment and interest rate (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). Employees have rights to manage their account balance. They could use the compensation from rate return of the asset to contribute pension fund in the form of drawn or purchase an annuity (Even and McPherson 2007). . 2 Risks for employers and employees The supreme visible distinction between them is the risk taker. In traditional DB pension scheme, employees acquire regular payment depend on the working years in the organization and the date of retirement to death. The employers need to fulfill the obligations to meet the goals at the time of employee’s retirement even the firm going bad and bear the risk of salary replacement, market timing and inflation (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006).

Moreover, the organization will continue to pay longevity employees who exceed the contract years. In contract, according to Bodied, Marcus and Morton (1988), employees under DC plan have the choices to invest their account in different forms of bonds, stock and money market funds. The employee will receive a lump sum or an annuity to an individual count depends on the retirement accounts accumulated value of funds from the return of investment in the financial market. Thus, the employees should take all risk of investment returns and inflation of annuity rates.

The organization will not charge for any risks. Furthermore, individual should accept the costs of initial marketing and setting up which could use up the contribution of the first two years (Blake 2003). Therefore, employers should bear risks for the persons following DB series whereas Employees take risks totally under DC pension scheme (Even and McPherson 2007). 2. 3 centimes The employees in DB plans will have more motivation to maintain their efforts and regulate retirement behavior to boost company’s productivity (Brown and Westerner 2014).

In respect of this, Blake (2003) observed that working in the same organization could obtain higher final average payment and earlier leaving employees would take a lump-sum payment which will not to obtain further benefits at retirement. Aaron’s and Coronado (2005) stated similarly opinion that employees in DB plan gained few profits in the early stage and then consider speedy increasing during the years before detriment. The institution aims to use DB scheme to maintain skilled employees, encourage tenure, work effort and hence promote productivity entirely.

Thus, DB is only in favor of the staffs that prefer to work in the same firm as long as possible (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). However, employees could confront the risk when the firm encounter bankruptcy or inability of repayment (Even and McPherson 2007). DC is entirely dissimilar to DB pension scheme. In real life, significant quantity reasons lead to people change jobs such as migration and across industries Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). DC pension scheme owns the characteristic of portable benefits which means no impact on frequently switching job employees (Even and McPherson 2007).

This is also the reason that a proportion of new employees towards to DC plan (Coco and Lopes 201 1). According to Disturb et al. (2011 the key issue has to be considered that the difficulty in running DB for employers involves longevity and the taxation of pension surpluses. DB pension scheme has potential risk when retirees live longer as the company must pay the retirement until the death. The pension ands as the liabilities appear on the balance sheet of the organization that will load adverse impact on company’s ability (Aaron’s and Coronado 2005).

Furthermore, the return on the assets could not attain an expectation amount and thus force employers to raise the contribution so that result in adequate underfeed (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). On the contrary, employers could achieve more financial flexibility when shifting the DB to DC pension scheme due to the contribution of employee performance and the possibility of cumulative their own investments to increase pension income (Josiah et al. , 2013). For this reason, corporation efficiently transfers investment responsibility to households under the DC plan.

Additionally, retirement with DC plan benefits is habitually principally for after salary compensation. Corporations hold the ability to coordinate between employees and financial providers with the intention of satisfy for both sides. In the condition of running well, shareholders will achieve a significant value from the resource of DC pensions (Daffier, 2002). Taxation is the factor pushing institutions to choose DC pension scheme as well. The evidence from he investigation by Josiah et al. (2013) examined that ASK Pl chose DC plan for new employees.

As a series change to the taxation by UK Government in 201 0 made a significant passive impact on DB and caused a reduction in pension. ASK guaranteed the employees with existing pension and closed DB plans to new employees (Josiah et al. , 2013). 3. 2 Costs and risks Another line of thought on moving to DC pension scheme is some uncontrolled costs related to DB plans such as compliance costs and longevity¬∂y’ costs. If an institution employed DC pension scheme instead of DB plan, it will void the redundant costs.

Owing to aging workforce, organizations with DB plan faced increasing costs. The reasons are prolonging post-retirement period as early retirement and incremental longevity (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). Another cost type appeared in DB plan is the compliance cost that often happen in the change of legal requirements and administrative burden (Turner and Hughes 2008). In fact, the organization should have ability to forecast future value and keep at least the equation between expected discounted present value earned by employees and their final pension payments.

However, the institution actually is difficult to control the risks of low-interest rates and volatile asset returns and longevity (Coco and Lopes 2011). As a result, increasingly businesses shift to DC pension scheme in order to avoid a growing number of costs. The rate of return risk will transfer to employees under DC strategy. Nevertheless, employees will have more control, choice and flexibility on their retirement savings and to make investment decisions corporate equities (Daffier 2002).

Such of control could build more benefits on equity returns and stock market performance tit enough security (Broadband, Pabulum and Woodman 2006). A study completed by Daffier (2002) explored that the tendency of assets invested in the equity market valuation had expanded from 44 percent to 60 percent in the period of 1987 to 1996. Consequently, the employers could use DB plan with the purpose that not only avoid superfluous costs and late retirement employees, but also keep away from the risk. From the side of employees, they could control their savings and raise extra benefits. . 3 Industry’ composition and labor force demographics According to the study of Aaron’s and Coronado (2005), the transform of industry structure and labor force demographics was the primary factor push away from DB pension scheme. They used a statistic method to get the conclusion that DB plan had potential accrual risk for workers. As an illustration, labors who are dual-earner couples had more willing to obtain portable benefits due to the decision of employment accompany with their spouses’ opportunities Aaron’s and Coronado (2005).

As well as an investigation made by Blake (2003) found that the percentages of job changing is increasing. One person will have average six times of job change during the career period. As a result, they will undertake a loss under the DB pension scheme for approximately 20-30 per cent of the full service (Blake 2003). Hence, unlike DB plan, DC pension offers more portable benefits for workers who have intention to change employers or migrant to another city. (Turner and Hughes 2008).

This paper has been discussed the distinction between DB and DC pension schemes and analyses factors pushing forward to DC plans. It has been seen the differences when estimate the proposal of DB and DC pension schemes. DB plan will allocate a foreseeable retirement funds for staffs with the incarceration years for the institution and final average salary. While DC will provide employees the compensation payment after salary on account of contribution, investments return and market value. For that reason, employers in DB pension scheme bear all the risks while with DC plan, employees take the risks.

Cash flow essay

In this task, will analyses the cash flow problems a company may face and consider how such problems arise, making reference to the cash flow forecast. Definition of cash flow management A cash flow forecast can help to identify where there are potential shortfalls but might also indicate where there are large amounts of cash left at the end of a month or year. It needs to be noted however, that cash flow forecasts are just that, a forecast, and therefore the actual cash flow of the business should be monitored alongside the forecast to see if inflows and outflows are as expected, better or worse.

Problems within the cash flow forecast Problems occur with cash flows when the business’s outflows are greater than the opening balance plus the inflows, as this will result in a negative closing balance. This means that the business will not have enough cash to meet payments that are due. Very few businesses have consistent cash flows throughout the year; they are likely to experience busy times and quiet times. These fluctuations are known as the cash flow cycle. For some businesses, particularly those in a seasonal industry, these fluctuations can be quite severe.

Someone who owns a small bed and breakfast in a seaside town will have to pay costs like rent, heat and light, insurance and bank charges throughout the year. In season, they will also additional costs like wages and stock, but it might only be in these summer months where there are any cash inflows. Causes of cash flow problems There are various causes of cash flow problems that companies need to be aware of such as the following; Seasonal demand The demand for some products and services is seasonal, and companies will incur costs in producing in advance of the peak season for sales.

This will cause a temporary, but predictable it is easy to persuade suppliers to provide credit or to negotiate a bank overdraft. Overriding Firms may become too confident and build up high levels of production and or stock, in anticipation of higher sales but without obtaining funding to support this. Over-investment in fixed assets Firms may invest in fixed assets in order to grow, but leave themselves with inadequate cash for day to day payments.

Credit sales The marketing department will want to give credit to customers, to encourage them to buy, but it can lead to a lack of cash in the organization if sales are to leading to immediate receipts of cash. Poor stock management Organizations might hold excessive stock levels, using up cash that could have been used for other purposes. Unforeseen change Cash flow difficulties might arise also from internal changes or external factors. These could be attributed to management errors or poor planning.

Types of cash flow problems There are also various types of cash flow problems that businesses need to be aware of such as the follows; Long term structural problems that will reduce profit in the foreseeable future, the lack of profit is causing shortage f cash that will continue to be a problem. Cyclical features such as seasonal demand that will always create cash shortages at given predictable times. Internal problems or inefficiencies that are reducing the firm’s cash flow. External changes that are affecting sales and or costs. Working capital problems.

Solutions to cash flow problems If a business has predicted cash flow problems in advance, then there are a number of possible solutions. These include; Over drafting arrangements A business with a fluctuating cash flow cycle should be able to show the recast to the bank and make arrangements for periods of negative cash flows. Bank sometimes offer free overdraft facilities to help businesses through these periods, but only if pre-agreed. Going overdrawn on a bank account without an agreement with the bank can be a very expensive option.

Negotiating terms with creditors Creditors are people of businesses that a business owes money to, normally because goods or services have been bought on credit as opposed to cash purchases. A business with cash flow problems could try to negotiate a longer payment term with its suppliers. A negative effect of this however may be the loss of any discounts offered for prompt or early payment. Reviewing and rescheduling capital expenditure Having identified cash flow problems, the owner or manager could review what cash outflows were being spent on.

Such a review might identify areas of expenditure that could be cut or postponed. It is difficult to do this if the expenditure is on revenue items. A business could for example postpone plans to replace machinery or buy a new van. Planning Improved planning and more through market research and intelligence will elf to anticipate changes, so that the firm can anticipate potential problems before they occur. Diversifying Diversifying the product portfolio may help to create a range that sells throughout the year.

Decision making Improved decision making procedures, planning, monitoring and control will prevent inefficiencies. The firm must balance the desire to delegate more responsibility with the need for close control in order to create an environment in which the workforces productivity is maximized. Contingency fund A contingency fund should be set aside to allow the company to meet unexpected payments or cope with lost income. In industries subject to more rapid change, a higher contingency fund should be kept.

Sahara and Ryan’s cash flow forecast have attached Sahara and Ryan’s cash flow accounts for their first year. The cash flow account illustrates that they are making a loss in their first 6 months, which is evident by the negative figures. It is also evident from the cash flow forecast Sahara and Ryan have invested El 2,500 into the business and that they have also taken out a bank loan in the sum of EYE,OOH. This effectively means that they will repay El ,OOH each month, which will mean it will take approximately 80 months to repay the bank loan.

It is also important to note that interest will be accrued on the bank loan, which will also need to be repaid. It is advisable in this situation that the bank loan is repaid in larger sums than El ,OOH to keep the interest to a minimum, which will mean the company will save more money. Also if the company repay the loan by paying E,OOH – E,OOH a month the loan will be paid off quicker and the interest it will accrue will be lower. Another option would be to take this bank loan away completely.

It is also important that the company retain their customers, which will help the Company produce more profits as currently the company is making less profit by doing sales on credit. In order to retain customers it is advisable that the company introduce and promote incentives; such as gifts, discounts, special offers or prizes that can be won by entering into a competition. These tactics will prove to be very effective as it will attract more customers and will buy their loyalty. The company could also advertise sees frequently which will help to keep the costs for advertisement to a minimum.

Although it does need to be noted that when the company did pay for the additional advertising per quarter year it did increase the company profit, however, towards the end of the year the profit had decreased. It is evident from the cash flow forecast that in August, September and October, which could be because of seasonal demands i. E. School holidays. Hence, it is advisable that more money is spent on advertising in the months where the business is not making enough profit to increase profitability instead of advertising all year round, which only increases company expenditure and it does not always translate into profit.

Furthermore, the company could rent out fixtures and fittings instead of purchasing them outright. This would prevent the company incurring debt in the first few months and gain more profit as they will be keeping the company expenditure to a minimum. The company could also look into purchasing second hand fixtures and fittings, which will be cheaper than purchasing new machinery. Furthermore, cutting down wages and salaries of the staff could be another option which would enable the company to save money.

It is very important to spread the costs out and cut the costs. Although this would most likely cause problems for the employees in the long term it is financially beneficial to the company because currently the company is spending EYE on staff wages and salaries. It needs to be noted that these changes could be temporary and not permanent until the company becomes profitable. Moreover, the company could also minimize money spent on utility bills and reduce costs of heating and lighting for example the staff members could ensure they turn off the lights behind hem.

This will save the company money which can be invested into the company to make it more profitable. It needs to be noted that the company’s cash flow will not be identical each year or month. For example the company’s expenditure on purchasing machinery and fixtures and fittings will vary from one month to another and it is important that businesses are aware of this. There are fixed expenditures of a company too such as staff salaries and rent although this could also vary if for example there is a pay rise or more staff is hired.

The utility bills will also vary from month to month pending on the amount of light and heat used for example in the months of December and January it is more likely that the heating bills are higher than they are in the summer months. It is important that company’s appreciate this because their cash flow forecast will not be identical every year to the previous years. Conclusion This advice can help companies save money and consider where they can in particular have cut backs which will help them overcome problems in their cash flow forecast. The money that is saved then can be invested into the business to make it more profitable.

Twelfth Night Essay essay

Fest in some ways is also deceiving and though he was not seen making proof mound remarks, Fest seems to be the wisest out of all the characters. Fest the fool, brings co seventies to the play, due to his clever humor, deception and ability to show other character’ s true personalities. Fest is an essential character to the play of Twelfth Night. Firstly, Fest, joins in on the deception in , by dressing up as a pastor and attempting to convince Million that he has gone insane.

FOOL: Stays thou that house is dark? ” MILLION: “As hell, Sir Topes. ” FOOL: ” Why, it hath bay windows transparent as barricades, and the clerestories toward the southern are as lustrous as ebony; and yet complain nest thou of obstruction? MILLION: ” I am not mad, Sir Tops. I say to you this house is dark. ” (4. 23543) Fest continues to add humor to the play by dressing up as Sir Tops (a curb et) and convincing Million that he is going mad.

While Million is trapped in the dungeon, Fest (dressed up as Sir Tops) approaches him to ask Million if the dungeon is dark, Million rep lies by saying “As hell, Sir Tops. ” Though the dungeon is dark, Fester still trying to convince Million of his lunacy, then explains that there are windows in the dungeon and they allow p .NET of light to pour in. Which then leads Million to believe that he is not only going mad buy t also going blind, thus Fest, adds deception to the play, Twelfth Night, but also in a humorous manner.

Secondly, Fest adds humor to the play and although he was never seen make inning any profound remarks, he still seems to show wittiness through his jokes. Fest is a good judge of humans, and while having a conversation he says: “Now Jove, in his next com modify of hair, send thee a beard! ” (3. 1 . 4647). This implies that Fest is aware of Viola’s disgust SE (as Corsair), and if so, this means that Fest, is the only character in the play to know AIBO t Viola’s disguise, therefore adding more to his cleverness.

Learning Team Reflection week essay

A number of guiding principles for Title VII compliance has been issued by the EEOC. Unfairness due to an religious beliefs, nationality, sex, and pregnancy are among some of these guidelines. Other guidelines include programs on affirmative action, the testing of employees, background investigations and selection procedures should all be considered when owning and operating a business. In order for our business to operate within these guidelines we have collaborated with a Human Resource Consulting Company to help strategically plan for any issues that may arise.

Applied Principles Austin, Texas federal employment laws require a limousine driver to have a Class C driver’s license with a passenger endorsement. If a driver does not have proper licensing, the company and or individual will be subject to fees and penalties. With twenty five employees as a goal for the new venture, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1 964 must be considered when factoring employment laws. This title prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee as it pertains to pay, hiring promotion, job training, race, religion, sex, etc.

The Equal Act Pay of 1963 should also be taken in inconsideration. All employees should be paid at their wage with no discrimination against sex or gender. In similarity, the Age Discrimination Employment Act protects those employees that may be treated differently in pay or benefits due to their age. These employees can file a lawsuit against the establishment or individual. Should an employee win his or her lawsuit, they may be eligible to receive compensation and back pay. Workers compensation is also necessary in providing medical insurance for on-the-job related injuries.

If Landslide Limousine Services does not provide this insurance and an incident should occur with their drivers, they will be responsible for the penalties that will follow. Applied Strategies In order for our client to comply as small business in Austin, Texas, we gave him insight on what he could and cannot do as far as advertising. The biggest issue with advertising against our competition is to ensure the information that is being put out to the public is truthful as well as can be proven.

Environmental aspects were also covered to pinpoint the laws that have been passed to ensure there is a limited amount of air pollution being passed into he air. The fact that Landslide limousine deals with vehicles; it is essential that they understand the emissions portion of this law. Scenario 1: Sexual Harassment One of our teammates is employed at a local hospital whose organization is familiar with the sexual harassment laws among other principals and practices.

Sexual harassment is considered a civil rights law and set-up to ensure equal and fair treatment of employees on the job. The hospital has implemented a zero-tolerance policy that stresses these laws in the new-hire orientation before an employee begins their assignment. After the laws are discussed in the individual and orientation groups, the employee is asked to sign a form acknowledging that he or she understands the information they have received and heard. The process ensures protection for both the employee and the employer.

Scenario 2: Small Business Another perspective from our team is that Family Dollar Stores has been opening more locations recently in order to give the consumer a convenient way to shop and receive a good product at a low price (“Family Dollar”, 2015). This entity started out being a small business and has grown into a large soused business. Their mission is to be a “compelling place to shop for our customers” (“Family Dollar’s New Strategy: “magical” Price Points and Lots Of Alcohol”, 2014). Family Dollar is trying to implement a new strategy that would help in the increase of sales.

This strategy is the introduction of beer and wine products which are both considered high margin items and is currently being sold in an estimated 500 stores. Family Dollars principles may be impacted on this decision to release these new products because they are known to be price saws to the consumer. Family Dollar is not solely a dollar tore, but they do rely on giving individuals a good product at a low price and introducing beer and wine may take away from those guiding principles (“Family Dollar’s New Strategy: “magical” Price Points and Lots of Alcohol”, 2014).

Conclusion Ultimately, Landslide Limousine Service will have to adhere to certain rules, principles, and strategies to operate its small business venture. The company must keep in mind that starting up a small business has to involve strategic planning, staffing organizing and having the right leadership in order to be successful. With having 25 employees to start, the benefit packages, insemination, minimum wage laws and the amount of hours that a company can work its employees must be considered.

What Will Humans Look Like In The Future Essay essay

Darwin says and from experience, I can tell that sometimes in dependence from your background, you can tell where your genes came from. In addition, I think that humans in the future will be less intelligent than they are now purely because of yet again, the way we rely on technology for our lives and so technology will be so advanced that they do not require to think as much. This means that their head will become smaller but also their body mass will increase.

This is because of our new obsession with fast food and unhealthy foods and how we feel the need to have more sugars and treated fats, meaning that our body weight is something that we need to work on. However there could be technical tools in the future to help prevent obesity rather than exercise. In addition, I think that due to the way we are conserving the things we have in our planet, we will soon run out of fresh vegetables and fruits and might be dependent on artificial foods and engineered health products, also having a negative impact on the way we look.

This could also mean that we are even more reliant on things such as deficiency pills and drugs that are also not as good as normal foods. There ill also be more and more people wearing glass due to the obsession and more and more need to look at screens in our daily lives and possibly through it becoming more and more popular through natural selection and passing on of genes.

Answer the following questions using essay

Answer the following questions using 150 words each unless otherwise indicated. List the the source for your information and use your own words. Attach this assignment here as a word file by June 4th. 1. Discuss taxonomy (cheap. 1). What are the two disciplines involved? Who “invented’ modern taxonomy? What are the different levels of taxonomy? Taxonomy is the process or system of describing the way in which different living things are related by putting them in groups.

The two disciplines involved are Aristotle and Carl von Lion who, invented modern taxonomy. Aristotle seen hierarchy of organisms, and called it the “Latter of Nature. ” His “Latter of Nature” consisted of the lowest level of taxonomy which was rocks, then plants, then animals, and the highest level being humans. Humans have the ability to choose, think, and create. The next level of taxonomy is the animal kingdom. He then divided the animal kingdom further. The highest level of division was with or without blood. Those lineup today with vertebrates and invertebrates (with or without backbone. Animals with blood ere subdivided into ones that gave live birth (mammals), or ones that gave birth via egg (fish and birds). The animals without blood were then subdivided into insects, mollusks, and crustaceans, which were then divided into those with and without shells. The Swedish botanist Carol’s Linnaeus is regarded as the father of taxonomy, as he developed a system known as Lineman classification for categorization of organisms and binomial nomenclature for naming organisms. The 7 different levels of taxonomy are Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species 2. List all levels of taxonomy for a specific plant and animal.

Tehilim Module essay

Even though David was in the middle of a desert, Hashes made sure he had green pastures i. . Food, shelter and water, not just water but still tranquil waters that are clear and sweet as opposed to torrential waters which are turgid and muddy. Adam and Cave also were in green pastures of Gang Eden until the Sin of Knowledge and they were outcast to the real world troubles pains and suffering. In Poss. 3 and 4, David is on the run from Shall Hamlet he is in exile in middle of the desert.

As it says: “Even when I walk in the valley of darkness, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me”. Even in the time of his Goals, David has complete Immune that nothing will happen to him and Hashes will protect him. We, as the Jewish nation must also in the time of Goals have complete faith and belief that Hashes will bring us to no harm and will redeem us very soon with the coming of Mishmash Ben David.

In the last two Opossum, David is asking Hashes: “May only goodness and kindness pursue me all the days of my life, and dwell in the house of the Lord for lengths of days”. Goodness and kindness means material success, but this is prefaced by the word “only” meaning just enough to live here in this lowly mundane oral lest his real luxuries and wealth in the Loam Wabash he is deprived of or slightly diminished. The Jewish people as well are in Goals suffering but this is only as a cleanser so they enjoy all the luxuries in the days of the ultimate redemption. . David is saying in the first poss. “Lo Shore” that “l shall not want Because Hashes is his shepherd, his guide and his protector, David is saying he will have everything he needs and want in this desert which he will (future tense) be entering as hideout to stay clear off Shall Hamlet who was trying to kill him. Just as a sheep feel no anxiety, because their shepherd sees to their every need, so does David express his complete contentment in the knowledge that Hashes will not deny him any legitimate need.

It is also said that this Capitol will be sung by the Jewish Nation when they would leave their captivity of Goals Babel back to Ret Hakes. May we also sing this capitol as we march out Of Goals to the ultimate redemption with Machismo Digitized 3. In Poss. 3 it uses the term “restores my soul”, because Divide’s spirit had been weakened by troubles and haste and now Hashes was restoring it to its revises status. The verse continues “He leads me in paths of righteousness”, which means to the straight path, so that David should not fall into the hands of enemies.

The word “restores” also means circular. David was in a state of being wild and confused (going in circles) (He was not recognized by the public as King for his past sins and was constantly on the run by the current King, Shall Hamlet), until Hashes set him onto the righteous straight path. The root word of restore also means to return; that David did Teahouse for his past sins and was thus put back onto the straight path. David is also saying that I was restored to my previous status, so that I could rule the monarchy for Haste’s sake alone.

In Poss. 4 it states: “Your rod and Your staff’. “Your rod” refers to afflictions as it says “And I will punish their transgressions with the rod”. “Your staff” refers to Haste’s mercy to be a staff of support in times of affliction. Haste’s staff is his Torah as it says in Barbarian: “with the lawmakers scepter, with their staff’. There are those that say that both the rod of affliction is itself the staff of support. Because only wrought affliction can man atone for his wrongdoings in this world so that he may receive his rightful portion in Loam Wabash.

Another commentary says rod and staff refers to the same stick because a shepherd uses one stick for two reasons; as a rod to hit the sheep from straying from the path and as a staff with which to lean his tired body when he stops to rest. This brings to “they comfort me” i. E. Through affliction and support blended skillfully together achieves the desired effect. The affliction is the support they go hand in hand with each other. As we know Hashes does not put more on our late that we can handle.

Every time we are in a situation of trouble or suffering we must remember that this is all part of the bigger picture, bringing us one step closer to Machismo. In Poss. 6 it states: “May only goodness and kindness pursue me… ” . “Goodness and Kindness” refers to material success. David begins his request with the word “only”; only a small amount the bare minimum of worldly necessitates, without the unnecessary luxuries that would deprive him of his full share in Loam Wabash. “Good” refers also to spiritual self-enrichment and “Kindness” a deep concern in others spiritual ell-being by making an effort in teaching them to the ways of Hashes.

Sensory Details essay

Mum’s “half-mast eyes” (Fuller 1 1), Dad’s “tobacco- our breath” (Fuller 42) and Van’s “conversation-stopping beauty” (Fuller 72) are topics mentioned during the story. Eyes are always important in stories because they tell a lot about one’s character. For Mum, they are used in a simile too: “like the flag at the post office whenever someone important dies, which in Zambia, with one thing and another, is every other week’ (Fuller 1 1 Her eyes symbolize her drunkenness, which worsens after each child she has that passes away, but this sentence tells us something else: it shows us that in Zambia, people die often, that it is a usual occurrence.

While Mum is drunk, Dad smokes day and night. Though both parents have faults, but Boob does not necessarily follow their paths; she drinks and smokes sometimes but never does as much as her parents do so. Boob has a beautiful big sister to look up to and learn some valuable life skills. She also knows how dazzling she appears to others, with her “pale, almost glassy blue” eyes, “long, blond hair, and “full lips”, but they learn that sometimes it can be dangerous being so attractive (Fuller 74).

Her lips observation later causes her to think like a child: she reflects on lips and how she would chop hers off if she could. Also, Dad smokes so frequently that Boob remembers its scent well, and also remembers how Dad acts when he does so: “Dad lights an after-dinner pipe and smokes quietly…. He stares out at the garden. The sun has set in a red ball, sinking black limbs of the mass trees” (Fuller 20). Boob consistently talks about the sky and nature in general; here she focuses on the appearance of the sun and then the African mass trees.

Another example of the sun as red ball is: “l frown into the high summer sun, a big ball of red hanging through the haze of wildfires, over the yellow fig on the edge field” (Fuller 108). Fuller is skillful at organizing these descriptions; every new place Boob moves to or visits, the reader gets a different feeling of the place. When she introduces Burma Valley to us, she lets us feel the air around us: “it is almost always cool, and the air is sharp and wholesome with eucalyptus and pine” (Fuller 46).

In contrast, there are numerous times when she focuses on the “hot, humid aid’ of Africa, but she mainly complains about it (Fuller 10). The sounds in Africa are also indispensable; we hear the “African dawn, noisy with animals”, the wind, and the people combined, giving us another bevel of sense (Fuller 7). There are different ways to experience Africa but it is as if Boob allows us to hear the right sound at the right time. It’s morning and we hear “the bantam hens start to crow’ (Fuller 7); then all of a sudden it’s night time, and then we hear “the cries of night insects, the shrieks of the small, hunted animals, the bats… (Fuller 20). Aside from the regular sounds, there is dialogue. Much of Fuller’s memoir is made up of this and contributes to our understanding, especially of characters. It’s how they communicate and talk which give us information of their level of education but also about heir lifestyle. Sometimes, the senses are linked to what Boob is feeling. For example, there is a time where she is helping her mom bring cows back to the farm; she is extremely thirsty but her mother tells her not to complain. She reflects on her surroundings: “l hold my breath and listen.

I am surrounded by the high, whining noise of insects- their frantic spring singing in dry grass- and by the occasional shriek of an invisible bird” (Fuller 11 1). When she tells you what she’s doing, holding her breath and then listening, it makes the you want to do the same, and it leads to a world of imagination. All of sudden, it’s real: you’re in Africa. The annoying sounds mixed with the mysterious ones make up a complicated but fascinating atmosphere. Though the sounds are important, smells can be just as critical in adding to the feeling Boob has in Africa. “the cooler night air is releasing the scents trapped by a hot day; the sweet, warm waft of the potato bush… ” (Fuller 118). Boob states later in the book that she doesn’t even notice some sounds and smells until she leaves to another continent. She talks about “an explosion of day birds”, but also about smells: “hot, sweet, smoky, salty, sharp-scoff (Fuller 30). This blend of smells, only in Africa, is explained throughout the book. Sometimes she smells the coffee or tea the servants serve. She also smells other things such as “fresh fire, old sweat, young grass” scents.

When she gets sick after drinking the unclean water, she lays back and hears the music around her; she also notices “the sweet smell of the African bush, wood smoke, dust, sweat” (Fuller 179). An unforgettable factor in Bob’s life is food; everyday she eats of course. When she goes somewhere fancy to dine, we get the “dizzy with the luxury ND Coke” feeling she does, and we feel the “unfamiliar bitter-smelling chill of air-conditioning”, see the “hushed lights”, and hear the ‘Vigorously flushing sass” (Fuller 50) all happening at one moment around her.

Direct Marketing report essay

This journal takes the perspective Of direct marketing by asking why and how a message sent by a company may be more effective if it is targeted at individuals through social network media. The author introduces this perspective by stating that there is a dilemma faced by companies planning to interact with social networks. On one hand, companies may seek to control the communication with customers in the network to make sure that their brand message comes through clearly. Social outworks can also attract companies by the availability of demographic and lifestyle information available.

However, on the other hand, a social network implies members feeling a sense of ownership of the community. Therefore, individuals may be resentful of brands overstepping into what is perceived to be their own community space. The journal proposes a model to guide direct marketing in the assessment of online social networks. The model is based on three elements of the social network environment: the seller, the customer and the community. Sellers need to interact with selected communities to achieve a variety of benefits; including spreading positive word of mouth and gathering information about buyers’ need s and preferences.

The challenge for direct marketing is how to achieve a position at the center between the seller, buyer and community. It can be difficult to reconcile the concept of community with a company’s desire to manipulate communication to its advantage. Producer-led communities One way for a brand to be part of a social network community can be by creating a ‘brand community”. It is formed when individuals become unconnected because of common interests towards the brand. A brand community allows the company to share information, perpetuating the history and culture Of the brand or providing assistance to members.

The company can then improve its brand loyalty by showing that seller and buyer are part of the same community. In a study by Maloney, 62% of young adults have visited a brand or fan page on a social network, and 48 per cent actually joined such a network. Another way for a brand to use social media in marketing is to place ads on leading social networks such as Backbone. However, the same study also noted that although the majority of young consumers (84 per cent) noticed ads on social networks, only 19 per cent found them relevant and 36 per cent never clicked on any ads.

Therefore, social networks ads might not seem profitable for a brand. For a marketer, supporting a brand community involves a fine balance between using pressure to guide the community in the direction that would be in the brand’s interest, and leave some degree of control of the brand to the community. Successful online brand communities need to include a variety of interests hat have a direct, non-invasive connection with the brand in order to generate a sense of belonging to a group with shared interests.

The author gives the example of “Musculoskeletal” which gives the user the opportunity to share, vote, discuss and see Struck ideas. A company’s involvement in social network sites can also result in a wider range of strategic benefits. The feedbacks, conversations Of the users can be used to learn about customers’ need and inform them about new products or promotions. Using social networks to facilitate purchase decision-making Social network ties have a practical function in facilitating product choice.

Buyers’ peer group often influences his purchase decisions and buyer behavior. Customers prefer to be guided by information from friends and other personal contacts rather than company’s formal promotion mix. An important communication objective for firms is therefore to leverage ‘free” positive promotion through word-of-mouth recommendation. Instead of a dyadic relationship between the company and its customers, direct marketing increasingly has to become involved in a triadic relationship between the company, the customer and the immunity to which the customer belongs.

As well as telling their friends, messages left with social network sites can spread a message very rapidly. Many companies have embraced the Internet to develop “viral” marketing. By influencing customer behavior with traditional marketing is becoming less effective, with the proliferation of social media and falling readership levels of conventional media. However, social network sites can pose a threat as well as an opportunity to companies as they can rapidly spread the views of dissatisfied, angry customers. Personal opinion – Conclusion

People do not join social networks to be confronted with marketing messages; instead they join to be social with friends and family. Therefore, marketers must understand that social media works very differently from traditional direct marketing channels. There cannot be aggressive sales and marketers have to be careful with their tone. They have to make users feel like they are part of the same community. Social media is all about community participation. A direct marketer must be prepared to listen to what users want and answer their questions or provide them with suggestions.

Online social media is an important element of marketing strategy today. In fact, the term “direct marketing” may become a misnomer, as companies increasingly have to integrate direct communication that is aimed at target customers, with indirect communication aimed at their social network. The Internet offers unique opportunities for companies to engage with their markets and to learn about customers’ needs. However, direct marketers face dilemmas in trying to reconcile their desire to dominate and control an online community, with the community’s desire to stay as a member-driven environment.