The Odyssey Study Guide essay

Provide clear and accurate responses to the following questions. Incorporate quoted evidence for support , provide page numbers, and insightful analysis (how or why the information/quote is important). Else blue/black ink and make your responses legible. Book I 1 . What does the invocation (the first 13 lines) say the poem as a whole will emphasize? 2. What first impression does this book give us of the gods? How much of a role do they play in human affairs? What seems to motivate their actions? 3.

What is our first introduction to various characters? The suitors, for instance…. Are they a homogeneous group, or are there differences among them? What qualities does Telemeters possess at the outset? Book II 4. How, according to Mutinous, do the suitors view Penelope reluctance? Why do they think they are justified in behaving as they do? Provide your own Opinion and explain. 5. How well does Telemeters handle the suitors’ chief Mutinous and his self- justification? Provide analysis. Insightful analysis (how or why the information/quote is important).

Use Book Ill 6. How does Athena help Telemeters prepare to meet the old King Nester? Provide analysis. 7. What is the purpose of this book? Why is it important that Telemeters go and visit old Nester, aside, of course, from the fact that he’s out for news of his father Odysseus? 8. What exactly does Nester tell Telemeters about the War and the return home? Why does he dwell upon the fate of Agamemnon, killed by Augustus, the lover of Clytemnestra? Provide analysis. Book IV 9. How does Menelaus represent himself as responding to his wanderings on the way home to Sparta?

Provide character analysis. 10. Why does Menelaus still value and accept Helen, even though her elopement with Paris led to the Trojan War? Discuss Helen and provide analysis. 11. How might Menelaus’ story about the Old Man of the Sea, Protest, be instructive to Telemeters in his quest to find his father? Why, for that matter, would Menelaus’ response to the knowledge Protest gives him be instructive for Odysseus? Book V 12. What sort of character is Calypso? Provide a literal description and analysis. How long does Odysseus stay on her island?

What is the source of Calypso’s power over Odysseus? Provide character analysis for Odysseus as it relates to this situation. Calypso Beautiful nymph Self-interested Lonely Odysseus Stays on island for seven years Heroic Cunning poses a problem because on Calypso’s island Odysseus has no way to be a hero; there is no active challenge For many years Odysseus has been ruled by his male side (animus) and has denied his female side (anima) so his isolation n Calypso’s island may be Odysseus confronting his anima outside himself. 3. Discuss the interaction between Calypso and Hermes. Analyze Calypsos response to Hermes message from Zeus. To what extent does she help Odysseus or hinder him once the decision to let him go is forced upon her by Hermes? 14. How does Odysseus respond to the storm that he meets upon leaving Calypso? Follow the motions of his spirit as he struggles to save himself – that is, track how the poet presents Odysseus’ emotions and thoughts during and after the shipwreck. Provide character analysis. Book VI 15.

Describe/Discuss Musical’s behavior/interaction with Odysseus. What makes Unmusical an admirable character? How does Odysseus treat Unmusical? Provide character analysis. Book VII 16. What sort of kingdom is Aphasia? How well is it governed, judging from the Way the King relates to his family and subjects, and the Way he receives the suppliant who washed up on his shores? 17. Discuss Odysseus’ interaction with Ar©tee. Provide analysis. What does Odysseus say when Ar©tee questions him sharply and asks him to reveal his identity? Book VIII 8.

What effect does the first song sung by Edematous have upon Odysseus? Edematous sings again later in the book again, with what effect on Odysseus? Discuss and analyze each of these songs and their effect on Odysseus.

My future essay

This part of my life… This part is all about trying to make the right choice for my future. The right choice so can pursue my dream. I got a dream and this dream is to have a degree from an English university and have a career within the UN after volunteering. The fact that I want to volunteer for the United Nations is also based on my personal experience. From an early age, I was taking part in voluntary activities at the local and community level. It helped me understand that the motivation of a volunteer is special. SE the world « special because the fact of doing something voluntarily, involves contribute without necessarily expecting something in return. One of many questions everybody asks me is why want to work for the United Nations. Let me start off by writing that the United Nations was established after World War 2 in 1945 in purpose to maintain world peace and security. Being able to have an impact on the global security and world peace is indeed challenging, but it would be a huge achievement for me as a person. The United Nations also has a purpose to develop friendly relations among efferent nations.

The United Nations also increases respect for the Human Rights and try to create a better standard of living in developing countries and this is one of many reasons why I want to work and represent them. Their activities cover all parts of the globe and they also cover a number of global issues such as environmental protection and refugees, the fight against terrorism as well as disarmament and non-proliferation. This organization is also involved in the promotion of democracy, human rights, expansion of food production and public health etc.

They are also responsible in many other important issues in order to achieve their objectives that include focusing in actions to try to create a more secure world not only for present generations but also future generations. This organization is based on gender equality and justice. Their work is based on neutrality and they are objective. By their presence around the world they have the strength and the ability to have a large impact in countries where they are present. In order to come closer to my dream, to apply to universities in the ASK, I had to choose the right course for me. Rest wanted to study Marketing but later realized that this course was not for me after all. I realized that wanted to study something that has to do with politics and my final decision was to study Politics and International Relations. I reached out to Across the Pond. Across the Pond offers free advice for anyone interested in studying in the LIKE. They have advisors that are expert when it comes to studies in the KICK. The advisors, who also happened to have studied in the KICK, help you through the entire application process and every question you have when it comes to study in Britain.

They will help you find the university that fits you best, in terms of both professional and personal goals. They will help you improve your application so you that you have more chances to get into the school you want to study at. After communicating with my advisor I had to apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service known as AAAS. I had to write a personal statement where wrote about who am as a person and why wanted to study the course I wanted to study. After this I applied to six different universities (Brunet University, University of Mary Queen,

Kingston University, City university, Middlesex University and Oxford Brooked University). Waited for 3 weeks before got my answers. I have received conditional offer from all the universities I’ve applied to but my firm choice is Kingston University. Kingston University is situated in south-west London. It has four different campuses. This institution of higher education is known for its career focused courses and excellent high quality teaching. There are 21 000 students and 4 000 of them are international students from 154 countries.

The students play an important role in this university life by ringing new ideas, methods and experiences into their society. Kingston University has one of the most ethnically diverse student populations of any British university. It is Auk’s leading modern university and the Complete university Guide 2014 also adds that this university is one of Britain’s fastest growing universities in the past year. Kingston is a good university with good academic teachers and the university reputation is good. Its location is approximately 30 minutes away from central London and the university offers a mix of city mix of city and rural environments.

All the faculties of the university are considered excellent. With its excellent contact within organizations and business across London, the university is an ideal choice for me and for those wishing to experience London, both in terms of opportunity for work experience, studies and social life. I see no disadvantages with studying at my firm choice university. Kingston University and studying abroad will give me the job opportunities after my studies. Employers look for the soft skills that students typically develop abroad such as flexibility and communication skills. I always wanted to study abroad.

The impotence and experience that I will acquire abroad will be of great value both for me and the environment will be working in. Studying abroad builds your self confidence. You become mature and start managing your own life. Living and studying abroad builds cultural awareness and a deeper understanding of global challenges and opportunities.

Review wreched of the earth essay

French writer Louis C©line wrote in “Voyage to the Edge of the World” hat most people die at the last minute; others twenty years beforehand, some even earlier. They are the wretched of the earth. Wretched of the Earth is a book on those who live as dead people. Franz Fanons ancestors were African slaves and he was also born as a political slave on the Caribbean island of Martinique which was a French colony. By profession he was a psychiatrist but his intellect made him philosopher and his spirit compelled him to become a revolutionary.

He became great inspiration not only to the political sections but he also influenced writers, artists, singers and intellectuals of Europe and ASSAI. Franz Fanny’s wretched of the earth is a treatise on imperialism and colonialism. It is one of the most important documents on the realistic study of colonialism. In this book Fanons, with his experience of a revolutionary fighter using a psychiatrist’s intellect chalks out this book regarding colonialism and decentralization. He examines the impact of colonialism on the people who are colonized.

Fanons explains how systematic maltreatment of the marginalia happens, what the exploited think of themselves, while reflecting on their potential and resistance. An interviewer asked Sartre about Karl Marx ‘in. ‘hat is your opinion about Marx? Was he a philosopher or a revolutionary? ‘ Sartre replied “he was a revolutionary philosopher same is the case with Franz Fanons. He was three in one. A Psychiatrist, philosopher and revolutionary. We can watch his three dimensional personality in his great book The Wretched of the Earth.

This writing became the handbook of most political leaders and activists who struggled against colonialism. Wretched of the Earth explores the psychological world of the colonized, the colonizers and effect of colonization n the psyche of a nation in the book which was became controversial due to preface written by French existentialist Sartre who justified violence against colonizers. It is yet to be understood why a peace loving writer of “Being and Nothingness” advocated violence for freedom of nations. Let me say this was influence Of the book “The Wretched of the Earth” which is beautiful blend of head and heart.

The Wretched of the Earth is a book that offered ideology to the national movements during Cold War period. Before Fanons national independence movements were considered as reactionary movements based n anger and emotions only but Fanons gave a scientific approach and theoretical foundations to all nations in chains. Hence The Wretched of the Earth became Bible of national movements. Sartre was very much right in his opinion when he wrote that “Fanons is voice of all oppressed nations in Asia and Africa”. The Wretched of the Earth discusses in detail the psychological effect of colonization on the psyche of a nation.

Though accounts and case studies in the book move around the colonial conditions of Algeria but its effect is broader, it takes whole third world in its grip. Therefore all colonized nations saw their clear picture in the frame of the book. In The Wretched of the Earth fanons proved that colonized nation is a sick nation and it can not be healthy until in does not achieve freedom. Freedom struggle is struggle for health of unhealthy nations. We know that the expression of a slave nation contains elements of sorrow and anguish.

Most of the books about colonized nations are sad and full of subjective details; we find only pain on the pages of books about the nations imprisoned by colonial powers. But The Wretched of the Earth is full of hope. It is not mourning but it is message. It is not the cry but a wake up call. The tone of the book is echo of popular revolutionary song “International”. Message is also same. As the Internationals opening words are: Stand up, damned of the Earth Stand up, prisoners of starvation Reason thunders in its volcano This is the eruption of the end.

Of the past let us make a clean slate Enslaved masses, stand up, stand up. The world is about to change its foundation We are nothing, let us be all. That’s exactly Fanons gave message to all colonized nations in his masterpiece book The Wretched of the Earth. We must keep in mind that colonial powers always encouraged the peaceful struggle. During the third and fourth decades of 20th century Britain did her best to portray M K Sandhog’s nonviolence theory and practice. It suited colonial powers. But Fanons book starts in defense of violence.

Book’s opening chapter ‘Concerning Violence’ which is a document of bitter attack on colonialism and its legacy. It discusses violence as a means of liberation and a catharsis to subjugation. Hence it was hard to digest by imperialist powers. The Wretched of the Earth is the book that shook the minds of intellectuals of Lonnie nations. Fanons proved that intellectuals are soft target of imperialists. Because being locals people trust them and poor souls make them as their role models. Therefore Fanons asked intellectuals beware of their importance and historical duty in the movements of national freedom.

The Wretched of the Earth is not only intellectual attack on colonizers and their allies but this is also guidebook of the nationalist revolutionaries. Fanons advices revolutionary groups to organize and educate the unemployed section of society. The ideological term for that force is “elementariness”. Fanons considers this class very important force to expel colonists. It was believed before Fanons that only industrial working class if the revolutionary force to change the course of history but Fanons insisted to work in peasants living beside the cities.

From Fanons point of view this is the real force Of the colonized soil. There fore he writes “And it is clear that in the colonial countries the peasants alone are revolutionary, for they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The starving peasant, outside the class system is the first among the exploited to discover that only violence pays. For him there is no compromise, no possible coming to terms; colonization and decentralization a simply a question of relative strength. Hence being a Marxist Baboon did not follow traditional path but he contributed new thoughts in revolutionary philosophy. Few critics believe that books like The Wretched of the Earth have lost value in the changed world. But we can think “has exploitation ended? Are men free? Are all men equal? Equal in all means? If no, than this book has not lost its importance at all. This is still an important book to study and understand the classes and sections of societies which are ere much alike colonized nations.

For example this book can be the lamp in the dark sections of society where there is lot of exploitation visualization. Fanons has written in The Wretched of the Earth that “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity. ” We need to use this book as weapon in war for ultimate peace.

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