Future Prospect Of Pepsi Co essay

In the future, PepsiCo will continue to develop its business prosperously through 2 crucial policies: increase their annual dividend by 4 percent to $2. 15 return more than $6 billion to shareholders since 2012 . Crease its contribution to poor health >changes to its product line reduce the sodium content of “key foods” by 25 percent by 201 5 add sugar contention “key drinks” by 25 percent by 2020 incorporate more fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and loaf dairy into its product line develop new artificial salts and low or incorporeal sweeteners expand and triple the sales Of its healthier product lines, including Naked juice , Taco tea, Tropical and Quaker. Recently, PepsiCo Inc , the maker of Pepsi and Fritillary snacks…. As raised it s annual dividend by 4 percent to $2. 15. This also was 40th consecutive annual dividend increase of the company. Besides, the company has expected to return more than $6 billion to shareholder deer since 2012. After the anticlimactic obesity initiative f first lady Michelle Obama in the US and a demand from parents around the world for healthier options in schools ? from Mexico, India and Japan, PepsiCo is planning to decrease its contribution to poor health through widespread changes to its product line.

The company has committed to reduce the sodium content of “key foods” by 25 percent by 201 5, the saturated fat content of “key foods” by 1 5 percent by 20 20, and the added sugar content in “key drinks” by 25 percent by 2020. It plans to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and loaf dairy into it s product line and to develop new artificial salts and low or incorporeal sweeteners.

Pepsi also plans to expand and triple the sales of its healthier product lines, including Naked Julie The company’s commitment to stop selling vulgar beverages in schools worldwide by 2012. Under the new policy, Pepsi will sell only water, feature and loaf milk, and surcharge juice for general consumption in primary schools. According to Derek

Yacht, the company’s senior vice president of global health policy storage will be made available only “when physical activity is carried out in special relation to sports , not for everyday use,” Storage is a brand of flavored non carbonated sports drinks manufactured by the Quaker Oats Company now a division of PepsiCo The same rules will be in force in secondary schools, except that allegoric (diet) drinks may be sold in those schools.

Teamwork essay

Alone you can go fast and far, but together you can go further. Meaning that you may be able to get things done quickly, but after a while you will get tired easily. But together, the load is distributed among the members of a team, and we have many brains to help think of many kinds of solution to a problem to work out the problem, because the knowledge that your teammate has may not be what you have because there’s always a limit to what one person can only do.

We also help to encourage each other and SSH each other to continue on the work, thus motivating your team members. “What matters is working with a few close friends, people you respect, knowing that if times did turn bad these people would hold together. ” Never feel that you are more inferior to others: For example, in the movie Mark James was the bully, and he went overboard by kidnapping Sarah Hart, this crossed John Smith’s limit and used his powers against him, which almost killed Mark.

Stop bullying because you may never know that the other errors is just holding back, and it gets you nowhere to being a better person. And also John Smith mentioned a sentence, ‘You have no idea what I’m capable of. ‘ Which leads me thinking that all of us are unique in our own ways and have our own talents and capabilities. So never think too lowly of yourself thou are not doing well at some point of time in life because there’s still a long way to go and you never know that you could be someone you admire of because things changes very fast, but most importantly to enjoy the journey.

Christianity essay

What functions do worldviews fulfill? Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher who was a noted atheist, once said “l would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong. ” What he was referring to was his worldview, better defined as what we as individuals or members of larger groups believe to be true. When looking at worldviews in reference to religion, Coaching WAC refers to this as the Theoretical Expression, or what is said in religion.

Worldviews are a set Of beliefs that we hold and a way to understand those beliefs and how we view and understand the beliefs of others. When WAC refers to the Theoretical Expression, he explains that this type of expression is what people say in religion. I believe that there are four questions that need to be answered when trying to explain what functions worldviews fulfill, what is the meaning of life, why are we here, who put us here and what happens when we die?

While there are countless numbers of answers to these questions, the answers will vary depending on the religious beliefs of the person you ask. For example, if you were to ask a Christian, they would say that God created us and put us here for his pleasure. In the Bible, Ephesians 1:11-12 says It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.

To answer the last question, a Christian would imply say that a person goes to Heaven or to Hell when they die. Timothy Evokers GAGGED – World Religions unit 1 According to Wash’s theory of expression, the theory is expressed in two ways, through stories and through doctrine. Stories are used to tell the history of a religion. These stories put the ideas and values in story form. For example, the Bible tells the story of Jesus, his miracles, his love for others and his death. Within the past few years the phrase “what would Jesus do? Of “WOWS” could be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts and bracelets, all to be seed as a reminder of the stories the Bible tells and how a Christian should always strive to do as Jesus did. Worldviews give people an understanding of not only their beliefs but also an understanding and insight to the beliefs of others. A lot of times it is how a person is defined. “l am a Christian” or “l am a Muslim” is often a more important way to be defined than “I am an American” or “l am an Iraqi.

Homeostatic Imbalance Regina Gilman essay

To function properly the body has systems to maintain homeostasis, the maintenance of a steady internal state, despite changes in external or internal conditions. Homeostasis is maintained through negative feedback and positive feedback systems. Homeostasis enables body systems of a human being to function as expected because of proper temperature regulation. When someone has to be placed on dialysis their body goes through a process that waste products are excreted from our bodies artificially by a process called diffusion.

This process of removal of waste products In a healthy person is facilitated by kidneys. People that is diagnosed with kidney failure experiences problems with waste removal this is where dialysis comes into place. People with renal failure and are in the process of dialysis have been known to have several homeostasis imbalances. One of the major effects is electrolyte imbalance and this usually lead to different types of conditions. One of these condition known as hyperemia may occur if calcium levels exceed the amount that can be excreted.

Another condition hat may arise in the course of dialysis is arrhythmias (Elsevier,201 3). This can lead to electrolyte imbalance and changes in homeostasis of acid and base. Other issues that can arise related to increased removal of fluid volumes include low blood pressure, cramping as well as muscle spasms. During dialysis, there is a high possibility of damage to the normal net filtration pressure due to increased membrane permeability and this as well leads to homeostasis imbalance.

Dialysis causes biochemical and toxic effects as a result of hemolytic and this may destroy red blood cells. Other homeostasis imbalances include thrombosis, dehydration, and hypertension. Since most Of our body systems functions through regulation by enzymes, body temperature regulation is important for proper functioning of these enzymes (Linton. , 2013). Getting enough rest, exercising and eating a well balanced diet to maintain homeostasis balance. The connection between water and salt in our body is that the two play a key role in determination of the volume of blood.

Blood volume is mainly determined by the amount of salt and water ingested in our body, excreted to urine by kidneys and lungs, and skin (Linton, 2013). The volume of blood in our body is not constant due to variability in the amount water and salt that is ingested and excreted. To maintain blood volume within the recommended range, the kidneys functions to regulate both the amount of salt and water that is excreted to urine (Linton, 2013). The main mechanism deployed by the kidneys when regulation the volume of blood in our bodies is through adjusting the amount of salt and water excreted to the urine.

Like when the volume of blood increases above normal range, the pressure on the blood arteries also increases leading increased renal perfusion (Elsevier, 2013). As the rate of globular filtration rises, the amount of water and salt excreted to urine also rises thus reducing the volume of blood to the normal range. When the blood volumes decrease below the normal range, the rate of globular filtration also decreases due to both decreased arterial blood pressure and renal perfusion. This functions to reduce the amount of water and salt that is lost to the urine thus increasing the blood volume to normal.

This mechanism of blood volume regulation is known as pressure antiquaries (Elsevier, 2013). Other mechanisms that function to maintain blood volume actually utilizes the same principle though they are regulated by various hormones and enzymes.

Family essay

It analyzes human psychological, physiological and emotional factors that an individual or other external impact on decision making processes and relationship eluding abilities. The historical patterns has greatly impacted the changing pace to modern trends and mind development. Consequently, other variants have remained constant despite the dynamic alterations to modernize thus leading to the rift that categories member by economy, political, world region and individual life accomplishment, Kitchen et al. 2002.

Significant impact on the child’s psychological, social, emotional and physical skills due to impairment can affect their education and association with other people. The changes that can be seen through the motor, cognitive and thinking this can e seen when a child has been born. Although, there aspects that can enable a parent identify a disabled child. Medical researchers and expertise provide advice on how to bring up children with disabilities in the normal way possible. They provide resourceful information on motivation tactics and methods to empower their development skills.

Children with disabilities have the ability to learn, play and communicate normally hence integrate freely with the members of public. It is essential to observe a child keenly as they grow so that physical challenges can be noted and curbed if possible, Chem. 2014. Table showing parental practices of three generations Generation 1: Children were raised in the years 1980 – 1 990 Generation 2: Children were raised in the years 1990 – 2000 Generation 3: Children were raised in the years 2000 to present Parental practice 1: Education Emphasized on academic performance, discipline and child takes their own initiative.

Harsh discipline such as canning on instances where child portrayed irrational behavior. Parents were over controlling and reinforced performance. However some were supportive but lacked cognitive skills to understand children irrational behavior. Parents were concerned and supportive of their children academic performance. Involved actively in initiative programs that enhances learning abilities. Parental Practice 2: Breastfeeding Mothers breastfeed their children to the age of two years onwards.

Mothers breastfeed their children up to the age of two years Mothers breastfeed their children to the age of 3 months maximum of 6 months to one year depending. Parental practice 3: handling children with disabilities Parents lack skills and knowledge about child disabilities and how to note the challenges they faced. Parents have been equipped with favorable knowledge n children disabilities. However challenges on how to adequately support their children’s learning abilities. Parents equipped with knowledge on different form of disabilities.

Accessibility of resources, technology, specialists and intervention programs to adequately support a child’s learning capacity. However factor involved in the playing process of a child are the cultural, economic and social. This means that the child may be able to acquire the necessary learning material for their growth depending on the family income level and the acceptance. In some culture, they may be unable to acquire the squired resources and support to take care of a disabled young one. Others may face discouragement from the family and public due to the toddlers’ impairment.

This discernment may arise negative feeling to completely encourage the positive growth. Awareness about disabilities, their causes and how to manage them may assist families in the situation worldwide. Discrimination against them may inhibit their ability to learn how to become self-sufficient. The child encourage in their home environment can enable them accept their challenge and work hard at adapting to normal life (Chem. 014). According to Kitchen and Forehand 2002, method used in parenting contributes to the child’s well-being.

The various attitudes and perception enforced in a home environment contribute to the psychological aspects of a young one. Children tend to emulate the adults in their surroundings. In context of self-development, the person influences start from a cultural point of view which depends on their family and ethnic background. This can be extend or nuclear family setting. However, the historical development of parental practices has changed over time. Modernization and advance in genealogical system that has increased awareness and shared culture.

Therefore, the parents adapt to the culture or social practices that suit their needs and wants. Currently, the disciplinary measure established in a family has changed drastically. The harsh implications that lead to physical and psychological trauma have been restructured. The upbringing fundamentals have an impact on the child’s self esteem, interaction with peers, academic performance and social behaviors. Supportive parents or guardians who are strict without unnecessary harsh news are able to have confident children with motional stability as well as high academic achievers.

This is attributed to the positive nature of the family environment. However, issues that can affect a child’s mental growth and performance involve financial hardship, divorce and family member suffering from a chronic disease. The scenarios require that parents reinforce their relationships with their children so that they are able to cope with negative situations. This is done to avoid stress, depression and mood swings that can affect their ability to perform their other duties and obligations, Forehand et al. 2002.

As a parent, monitoring and involvement in he child’s daily activities in both home and schools enables to provide necessary support or corrective measures so as to maintain their objective of reaching their life set goals. Consequently, parents who are overly harsh and controlling tend to have difficulties In understanding their children. This tends to affect the emotional, social and psychological attribute of the children. As a result, the young one develops irrational behavior, low self esteem, and poor academic performance and lacks social skills. Pressure mounted onto a child at a young stage can have developmental consequences.

Family intervention programs heavy emphasizes on the child development. Delays in the child growth can be contributed by the physical, social and cultural environment. The collaboration of the interdisciplinary and interagency can engage different team members into enabling child growth. The establishing appropriate models and programs to support research findings and curb situation is essential. Focusing on the unique needs of children up to the age 5 years can enhance their competencies. Information can be gathered through parents, extended families, nannies and school administrators.

This s to enable the understanding the root cause of the problem as well as evaluate the current situation of the children. Philosophies and practices that revolve in the home environment influence the learning capacities of young children. The factors that contribute include the social, cultural and economic. It is important for the family to collaborate these factors so as to enhance the knowledge of toddlers with special needs. The formation Of their habits, cognition, emotions, communication and movement can be home trained by parents or other family members.

Learning and development of young ones re centered by their families practice. Professional engagements enable to increase their ability and knowledge Families require understanding the necessary support to assist in the education progress.

Communication essay essay

The essay focuses on a unimpressive description of the interaction, thoughts and feelings of the communicators during and after the incident, reflecting on and analyzing the interaction from a theoretical perspective. I will be using my knowledge of communication models and communication theory, identifying the needs of the communicators within this interaction, discussing the communication strategies used during the exchange, exploring the use of verbal and nonverbal communication, and explaining the factors that I believe influenced the outcome of the interaction and may have had an impact on the relationship between the communicators.

Conclusively, I write about the effectiveness of the communication based on my analysis of it and identify one strategy that was used, by the communicators, and one strategy that could have been utilized to create a more positive outcome. Reporting The context is in a regional hospital, day three post- surgery. I had suffered severe ligament damage to my right ankle, a broken tibia at my left ankle and broken fibula to my left lower leg. The operation left me with an incision on both sides Of my ankle and outer lower leg, my pain level was a five on the Abbey Pain Scale and I was completely immobile.

The time was approximately 1500 and was very bleary from the Undone and Concoction medication. A registered nurse I had never met came into the room and stood in the proximity of my bed end, looking down at me with a flat facial expression, arms crossed showing a resistance to communication, I felt her uniform was an artifact used to create another barrier to our communication, her kinesics seemed bored and uninterested in myself, her charge for the shift.

Without introducing herself or asking or my permission, she pulled back my top sheet and started to remove my bandaging. I asked her if she had washed her hands, my Paraguayan admittedly was of a stressed nature due to her haste and lack of communication. I received a vocal segregate of’ Horns and, quite an uncaring look, I asked her to stop, please wash her hands and put something clean under my exposed leg. The nurse reluctantly left and returned with a bluely sheet and gloves.

I explained in an assertive manner that did not want a monoclonal infection in my leg, and from that moment on she did not speak to me, presenting an interpersonal behavior of aggression. Finally, as she left, she smiled at me. Responding The whole interaction was extremely upsetting and left me feeling quite sad and bullied. I tried to understand why her interaction was so cold by putting myself in her position, and wondered what was happening in her life to have behaved so unfeelingly. Left , 1 955) pointed out that in order for nurses to improve self-awareness they could use the Shari Window model, in this instance the nurse was showing traits of being in the blind area of the Shari Window, that being that she was not known to self but known to others, as the nurse portrayed an absolute unawareness of her inappropriate behavior, or was not feeling empathetic in her work role, which is a prerequisite to effective nursing practice.

My theoretical understanding of the interaction was demonstrating to me that her interpersonal behavior was passively aggressively abusive, bullying. I was the communicator she gave no power to, and she was the communicator with all the power. From this interaction I was left feeling disrespected, powerless and vulnerable.

Relating and Reasoning Weinberg (1981) in Personal Communication Process, describes the basic principles of communication attuned within the nursing process involve the incongruence of the transmission of information, the meaning of the transmission, and the behavioral effects of the transmission, this is valuable for nursing communication as it emphasizes behavioral aspects and internal and external influences on communication, these influences to our interaction were a large part Of the ineffectiveness of our communication process, due to there being no two way verbal interaction, only me left assuming my own conclusions.

Arnold and Bogs (1 995, p. 76) pointed out that “The nurse must be the sender and more importantly the receiver of Lear information, patients have a difficult task sending and receiving the messages and are unsuccessful in making themselves understood if the nurse does not partake in effective communication”. My communication was clear and assertive, however, her acknowledgement was poor. Disturb and Higgins (2001 ) state the term therapeutic communication as the dialogue between nurse and patient to achieve goals tailored exclusively to the patients needs.

In this case the dialogue used by the registered nurse in the form of body language and a grunt to communicate were highly ineffective. I had been bullied and according to Mayer (2008, p. 07) a growing body of research illustrates a significant relationship between bullying and emotional intelligence, this is a set of abilities related to the understanding, use and management of emotion as it relates to one’s self and others, “accurately perceiving emotion, using emotions to facilitate thought, understanding emotion, and managing emotion”.

Bullying is abusive social interaction between peers which can include aggression, harassment, and violence. Bullying is typically repetitive and enacted by those who are in a position Of power over the victim, in this case the patient, me. McKenna and Webb (2013, . 560) state “lower emotional intelligence appears to be related to involvement in bullying, as the bully and/or the victim of bullying”, given that emotional intelligence is illustrated to be malleable, emotional intelligence education could greatly improve bullying prevention and intervention initiatives.

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control one’s own emotions, the emotions of others, and that of groups. (Coleman, 1995). In this instance the registered nurse portrayed none of these qualities, most unprofessional, and I was feeling that I wanted to report her behavior. Self-awareness is being consciously aware of aspects of your own self, such as your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors and values. Developing self-awareness requires an ongoing ability to accurately assess self as a unique person and to become conscious of self (Stein-Parry, 2009).

Although this experience was very frightening and frustrating for me, it has highlighted how would not communicate with my patient’s. (NC 2002) outlines that we must not add extra stress or discomfort to a patient by our actions and we must use our professional skills to identify a patient’s references regarding care and the goals of the therapeutic relationship. Again, the nurse definitely added extra stress to my already very stressful predicament. Bruce and Young (1 986, p. 308) state that faces are one of the most ecologically important stimuli of visual perception.

Over the last decades, perceptual and cognitive studies have repeatedly shown that humans are remarkably good at recognizing face information like gender, age, identity and facial expressions. Facial expressions are special in as much as they constitute the only information in the face that, besides mouth events for visual speech, rapidly and constantly changes in a variety of complex ways. We are, however, easily able to tell different expressions apart within only a short glance.

Moreover, in order to extract the correct meaning of the different types of facial expression, we do not necessarily need to know the person; that is, facial expression processing seems largely invariant to facial identity. The avoidance in eye contact and flat facial expression displayed by the nurse showed a distinct lack of interest in me as her patient. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Angelfish stated that one of the barriers to hermeneutic communication is a lack of regard or respect for the patient, this definitely was a barrier to our communication.

I had been unsure about what to say or do to alleviate my anxiety as the nurse continued to disrespect me and I had adopted what the (Watson & Wilkinson 2001 ) describe as the blocking technique. By the nurse continuing her actions while ignoring me holistically, she was cutting short my need to communicate by blocking me. It was a no win situation for us both. Rowe (1999) explains that a person must identify their weaknesses as an initiative for becoming self-aware.

Only with acceptance Of one’s self, can a person begin to acknowledge another person’s uniqueness and build upon this to provide holistic Furthermore, according to the American Holistic Nurses Association and American Nurses Association (2007) “healing and wellness include not only the physical health but spiritual, emotional and social health of a person”, these aspects were highly challenged throughout our interaction, which may potentially have a negative long term effect on my physical healing and wellbeing.

Reconstructing Due to the emphatic feeling of being bullied by the nurse took it upon myself o communicate my concern to the most senior staff member on duty, this conversation resulted in the nurse in question being asked to meet with the Director of Nursing. With further reflection it would have been better to have allowed more time to comprehend what the registered nurse was thinking and feeling, as I found out that her husband had just recently left the marital home.

Lam, Batons, and Detect (2007) put forward an argument that empathy would have been a positive attitude for me to have in this case, also that would have been better to imagine how I would feel in the nurse’s taxation, as she was evidently emotionally exhausted. This has been an excellent learning experience for me to learn how to be more empathetic and how to do my best not to bring my personal Issues into the workplace. Watson and Wilkinson (2001 ) pointed out ” There is an abundance of information about communication, especially for nurses because it is considered by many as the core component to all nursing actions and interventions.

Lack Of effective communication is a problem that still exists because the learning process that leads to a skilled level of ability that may aka years of experience to develop”. Will definitely be utilizing the abundance of available information in order to maintain my effective communication currency. Fifth nurse had been congruent with her communication to me in that first instance, the outcome would have been a positive one, albeit, it was not how it happened. Conclusively, the knowledge I have gained through reflection of this experience will ensure that I will treat patients with unconditional positive regard. Eve gained a new perspective of my nursing practice, to set myself personal goals of constantly reflecting ND implementing consistent effective communication between the patient, colleagues and myself.

Organisational Change Management essay

Over the past two years many developments took place in the surrounding area including a inema, a sports center, 30 office buildings and many private apartments. As a result there were three new restaurants and two pubs have opened in the nearby area. The employees Of that specific building choose to have their lunch at the other restaurant in outside which led to a dip in the overall profit of the galley Cafeteria. The long-serving manageress of the Galley retired after many years of service. So lunchbox UK Ltd appointed Ms. Jean Porter as a new manageress.

As Jean was approximately 10 years younger than most of the older staff, Jean suffered with the communication gap. There were many changes that Jean incorporated in the Galley such as a hot breakfast, themed menu, a wider range of dishes and a no smoking zone etc. now Jean has to reduce the total wage over the next six months to overcome the poor financial performance of the Galley. Analysis of internal and external factors impacting the galley. Brief explanation see appendix 1. As per the Galley Cafeteria the SWOT analysis are as follows: Strengths 1 .

Location: As per the galley located on the top floor ofthe eight-story building which will create a good view and nice atmosphere to the restaurant. Although this location will make the surroundings more eco-friendly to pull in the customers. 2. Existing infrastructure: As per so many companies working in the building, which the Galley is located. It will get more customers and also the local area is developing rapidly so there is a chance of making contacts to deliver foods to other companies. 3. Brand name of lunch box: The Galley cafeteria now handling by the lunchbox UK Ltd, it as got many outlets in different places. . Experienced manager and employees: since the manager who had newly joined in the galley had previously managed the other lunch ox operation, and also the employees with 20 years experience are still working in galley. 5. Still holds the profit: Even though the sales and profit has down, but still the lunchbox-catering unit earns its marginal profit. Weakness 1 . Age barrier: it has been clearly stated in the report that the 20 existing staff members were quite old and had many years of experience. 2. Lack of marketing and communication: there is no directly communication with the owner of lunchbox.

So there was no clear communication between the company and the employees in the Galley Cafeteria. 3. oor communication: as per the result of Jean was 10 years younger than others all the changes that she made was not politely responded by the employees. The staff of galley cafeteria is not flexible. 4. Imposing rules: the existing employees at the restaurant were not fully satisfied with the new rules, which made by Jean Porter. 5. Lack of motivation: Jean couldn’t motivate her staff and make them understand of the present situation. 6.

Inability of staffs to implement the works: the staffs of the Galley cafeteria will not be able to face the huge competition. Opportunity 1 . Development of local area: with the increase in the growing market the galley cafeteria can push themselves towards a more bigger competition. 2. Changing environment: environment in the market decides the opportunities. 3. Diversification: the galley can open up new concept like variety of dishes, so to attract more customer to earn revenue and it is going to very good opportunity to make profit. Th reats 1 .

Competition: all the new markets and the developments are the very major competition for the Galley. 2. Change management: change management process is most effective when they are flexible and can be scaled to fit the articular business need (Hiatt, 2003) 3. Trade union: if the employees are not happy with the company and complains about their problem, there should be a chances to closing the company and trade union would not be allow to run the company. The PEST analysis: Social: In order to have an added advantage, Galley should have as in depth knowledge regarding their competitors in the same area.

Hence, there more restaurants and pubs have been developed; this has led to a change in the overall profit of the organization. Economic: location also plays one of the most crucial factors in the demand or the Galleys restaurant. Politics: problem amongst the trade union would create major external issue in the organization. Any type of issue amongst the out sider as trade union might create a problem in the smooth functioning of the restaurant. Technological: The galley is still using the old sane technology since 1980. So the outdated resources were the drawback of the Galley.

It has not come up with the new technology. Nature of change brief explanation see appendix 2 Some of the changes, which should be incorporated, would be as under. Work with existing staff members: It is well stated that the newly recruited manageress Ms. Jean Porter made various changes in quite a short spam of time without even knowing the staff members quite well, she did not gave due time to know the employees as well as their reaction which might arise due to the changes in the organization. Revise the updated working practice: Time to time revision of the work practice should be used in the organization.

This would help the organization ij order to manage change in a well-defined manner. Jean instead of only imposing the change should have explained it to all the staff members. Due participation of the staff members: With the help of direct participation of the employees at the restaurant, the staff members would be able to work harder and in a much smart manner, hence, it would be recommended that Jean should try to involve all the employees in strategic planning (woods & king, 2002) participation of existing staff members at Galley restaurant would help in order to minimize the barrier and maintain cordial relationship with one another.

Examination of employee reaction Explanation see appendix 3: Base on the galleys situation, we can clearly seen the first two stages of the ive stage model, the denial and the anger. Denial is usually a temporary defense, which can give the time to understand news of change before moving to other changes. Its the initial stage of numbness and shock. In this case employees were unable to accept the new change suddenly from their long-term typical terms and conditions for about 20 years. They don’t want to believe the change is happening.

That’s why they all respect their managers and obey their customers. Although employees shown their dislike by the higher rate of absence, lateness, and scruffy dressing styles. If we can make elieve that the changes are not happening, it may be will go away if we keep it as a distance. Second is anger. When we realize that the change is real the natural reaction might turns to anger. In this stage employees get angry and look to blame their manager or will do something against for the new terms and conditions for making that changes happen to them.

But this anger can be directed in many different ways. The main reason for this stage should be the top management’s fault for not planning properly. Jean porter made an incremental change in galley. Not only this but also the change management rocess is most effective when they are flexible to match the particular business need. According to Kirkpatrick’s model of change management, there are 4 levels should be taken into consideration. They are the reaction, learning, behavior and the results.

Reaction: this level should take into consideration the various measures through which employees could be trained in a well-defined manner. Jean should trained their employees to the new changes and also have to give some time to them to be familiar with the new terms and conditions. Training would help in order to improve the entire organization. Learning: in this stage Jean should consider the extent of learning. This means that how much the existing staff catch new changes from the training from reaction. The various objectives like theme menu etc. of galley restaurant should be kept in mind.

Behavior: in this level we should consider employees behavior on new changes as well as in the ongoing training process. In this level Jean should take time to understand the employees behavior and has to make some other option to improve Galley. Results: this refers to the various outcomes, which might come in future as ell as turn out to be good for the entire business. More in appendix. See appendix 4. Recommendations Jean must lead the changes as transformational first. She should try to communicate and to cheer up all the employees regarding the mission, vision, plans and strategic of lunch box 1. K Ltd. This could help the staff to understand in depth knowledge and a wide range of the company. Jean should act as a guide who can help the staff to develop and support the entire team. She should work towards the desired changes, which would change employee’s behavior. Also she should make proper training to mprove staffs knowledge of work as well as the new techniques. Jean has introduced many varieties of dishes in the menu and hot breakfast. So proper training methods should be given to employees to handle it in a proper manner.

Jean also tries to arrange various types of meetings and should take detailed feedback regarding the current situation. Not only the manager but also employees should try to be quite flexible and open with the new manager. They should discuss about their problems and challenges when they face critical situation made by Jean. This would help to build a bridge for he gap between Jean and entire employees of the galley. Jean might organize some various activities, which might build a team spirit and corporation within the staff.

As a new manager Jean was not very familiar with entire existing team. So they all should have a better communication with Jean. The participation of the existing employees at galley would help to minimize the barrier, which are faced by Jean who is younger than them. Conclusion It can be clearly concluded, that this case consideration with variety of internal and external factors which are being faced by Jean at the Galley estaurant. The external factors are level of competition, location of the restaurant and the trade union policies.

The internal factors are the new rules and regulations, age barriers, breaking of old rules, lack of trust, bad coordination and the attitude of the employee. Some of the change management models would help Jean to solve so any problems being faced at galley. Mainly the Kirkpatrick’s model of change management helps Jean to overcome from the challenges. Kirkpatrick’s four levels should be implemented in a well-defined manner other three functions such as mpathy, communication and participation also would help Jean to break the relationship gap.

Highlighted point is the galley should work with existing staff members. Fair communication strategies would help to build a firm relationship in the internal company. Finally we can say that the direct participation of entire employees at the galley, jean should overcome from the barriers which she facing at the moment. Appendix 1: The galley faced many changes after jean joined as a new manageress. These changes may occurred as internally and externally.

This case study simply hows the way to proper staffing and infusing understanding in them and extracting more customers satisfaction as a result of their efforts plan increasing the interest of the employees in her work where the time was bad. Here through we can explain the internal factors by the SWOT analysis and the external factors by the PEST analysis. SWOT means: Strength Opportunities SWOT is meat to be used during the proposal stage of strategic planning. It is an excellent tool for organizing information, presenting solutions, identiWing roadblocks and emphasizing opportunities.

Research Paper essay

Throughout the years, society never fails on setting unrealistic expectations on women and ho w they should act or look in order to be recognized as pretty. People tend to practice ignorance and overlook the damaging consequences that these expectation have. An example Of this sign range often celebrated that only preserve the stereotypical image of women are beauty p agents, and all sorts of other contests that criticize a human beings outer appearance. In beauty p agents, contestants (whether they be children or adults) go to various lengths to try and win the cry own.

Whether this means putting on dazzling gowns, sickish heels, applying flawless makeup, or even putting on butt glue to ensure that their bikini bottoms are glued to their rear ends, BEA TTY pageant contestants are very willing to take desperate measures just to be deemed as the fairest of them all. However, in regards to beauty contests, one has to consider what the real definition of beauty, whether it has a universal definition or if it varies from one person to another. Littered 2 For a majority of people, beauty is something achieved by winning the genetic lottery.

To be more exact? They base beauty from physical appearance, beauty pageants are the one of the largest influential competitions that send a bad message. They perpetuate the e extremely sexist troopers society has placed amongst all women, beauty pageants are dam aging; they are restrictive, objectifying and constrict the already narrow definition of beauty. According to a study conducted by Thompson SSH, and Hammond K. The connection between child beauty pageants and body image reveals itself in the journal “E at Weight Disorder. The selflessness and dieting habits Of 131 female beauty pageant contestants, around the ages of 25 to 26, from 43 states were examined by an anonymous survey. 89. 6% rope rated being a pageant finalist or winner and 55. 2% had competed at the national international anal level. Over enforcer of the women had been told or perceived they had an eating disorder deer which reportedly began at 1 6 years of age. Almost half, 48. 5%, reported wanting to be thinner a ND 57% were trying to lose weight (Eat Weight Disorder .

These statistics only show how influential beauty pageants are, especially to young girls, and the influence they’re sending out a re far from good. These beauty pageants not only send a bad message but also set unrealistic e expectations on how girls all around the world should look: small waist, long legs, perfect hair, and flawless skin. These expectations only put pressure to women and instead of teaching them o accept their flaws and differences, it only makes them want to abandon them and In most cases in the most harmful way possible; which generally leads to depression and selfsame.

Although some may claim that beauty pageants aren’t the sole reason of the numerous debilitating conditions girls are Littered 3 Another reason why beauty pageants shouldn’t glorified is because it poisons the mind of people, especially impressionable young girls who are forced to doubt their own selectors and think that it is a necessity to look for validation in others. An example of t his instance is a RL named Jeanne, a beauty pageant competitor who started at a young age if ends herself and her own definition of beauty in a time of distress; she shares her story in an article e by PBS. Org and her ongoing battle of anorexia (Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and Family). At a young age she was exposed to beauty pageant girls who went to extreme measures in order to lose a couple of pounds, ‘ most girls smoked because it was a way to stay thin, some did cocaine; Jeanne chose the eating disorder route She was one of the very many girls who seeded validation, but only in her case she craved compassion from her mother, Hough that if I could be thin, then could be pretty, and then that would be something she would respect, or woo old be lovable. To think that selectors relies simply on outer appearance, shows how unstable s he was, mentally and emotionally, all because Of the big influence beauty pageants have contra butted to her. And SSH?s not the only victim of this, more and more girls are being forced to resort t to other people’s opinions, they are not taught on how to find inner beauty and selectors but I instead are fed with the bitter media’s false realities. There’s a reason why a beauty pageant calls itself a “beauty’ pageant.

There’s an ongoing debate on whether winning a beauty contest really depends entirely on the candidate’s appearance or not. However, it seems that the criteria for Miss America, one of the largest and most separated beauty pageant in the world, is not in favor with the latter, AC Roding to Miscarried. Org the official Miss America website their judging process cons sits of a variety of factors, such as, but is not limited to, their clothing, their talent, and the private Littered 4 interview.

One aspect of the judging process involves the onstage questioning , the portion where a candidate’s intellectuality is showcased. What is interesting to note is that Miscarried. Org also states the percentage of how much each of these aspect TTS factor into the final scoring of each contestant, but what is astonishing is that the percentage of the onstage questioning is five percent, adverse to the swimsuit category which is fifteen p recent (National Judging Process, Miscarried. Org).

The criteria proves how little Miss America cares about the brains and the personality of their contestants and are more geared towards their outer “beauty. ” This information exposes the fact that beauty pageants are biased towards co entrants that are ore physically pleasing and judges are most likely to crown the one that is m ore appealing to the eyes; and yet, according to Olivia Bergen, a political science student and e enthusiastic feminist claims that beauty pageants are not solely about the physical appear once of a woman and are “empowering” rather than objectifying (The Gazelle. She believes that they are a stepping stone women can use to benefit them, since the Miss America Page NT is the world’s largest scholarship program for young women. Although this statement is agar able and does have a valid point, there are still alternative ways besides parading your half n seedless in front of a panel of judges; there are various ways to achieve one’s goal, the possible ties are limitless.

Women shouldn’t be required to take part in something so ridiculous, so judge mental, and so subjective just to prove their significance in this horrendously unfair w oral. The qualifications needed to fulfill in order to participate in something so absurd a re also very unreasonable, like for example, women who have history with pregnancy are not allowed to compete; and yet, it is almost apparent that if people were to be questioned a bout who they thought the most beautiful woman in the world is, most of them would probe lay respond with Littered 5 their mother’s name.

The reason why they choose to not let mothers participant et is because they feel that mothers do not meet the superficial standards society so desperately y tries to ingrain and simply because they think these mothers are past their prime age, as backed up by the fact that Miss America’s judging criteria consists of more than 35% being geared toward ads looks. This is merely one of the many discriminatory requirements that Miss America deem ND which only verifies the true intentions of the pageant, which is that they look for the “fair est.” of them all and deem her the winner.

Although many people may especially the judges and t he people behind the Miss America competition deny this and still continue to promote the fall e ideas of beauty pageants. It is undeniable that all pageant winners share the same exact facto r and that is that they are all superficially beautiful. It is undeniable that one of the greatest contributions of beauty pageants to it s contestants is that they make them strive to be the best version of themselves, with a focus s on their community, academics and personal success.

It is also understandable that the is kind of environment would seem empowering. The idea of joining a beauty pageant gives the impression of glamour, and potential prosperity. Although, the consequences and the en active impact it has on society often get neglected. Women from all around the world are forced t o reevaluate their worth importance in society and are led to believe that good looks are a huge factor that determine their success.

In the end, it all boils down to the question that linger RSI in the back of everyone’s head, that one question that seemingly no one can answer that o en question that seemingly no one wants to answer, “Can’t women be valued for their minds a d talents without having them strut down a stage half naked? ” Littered 6 Beauty is freedom, having the choice to do whatever you want to do without having to worry about what other people think.

Most people tend to forget ABA out the true meaning Of beauty and Often are ashamed Of the flaws that make them spear ate them from others and makes them a unique individual. Beauty pageants are the exact problem that hinder this very world from letting each and every individual from having their own idea of be duty. If people decide to cease on supporting and celebrating something so restrictive and pr eye on the insecurities foemen then the world would be a much safer and happier plan CE to live in.

Although some may argue that beauty pageants aren’t as harmful as they ma y seem to be and are only a small component of the harm inducing media, it is still very essential to take into consideration even the smallest factors to contribute to something so damage nag. They are the absolute epitome of society’s unreasonable expectations for women, often mi stakes with glamour and female integrity. Beauty pageants are harmful because they fail n contributing to society advancement and only prevents it from recognizing the depths of be duty, they are one of the primary sources of insecurity.

It is absolutely destructive to both its con testaments and audience, more and more women are being told to feel that it is necessary to fit society ideals even if it means losing their own being in the process.

Victorian Poetry C essay

He had a buoyancy of mind. With the onward rush of the tide of his belief, all the sawflies would be floating away. He had a temperamental optimism. His optimism includes both the microcosmic world (I. E. This world) and microcosmic world (I. E. After-world). In his ‘Far Lippy Lippie’ Lippy asserts: “This world is no blot for us, Nor blank ?-it means intensely, and means good. ” Browning never questioned the propriety and goodness of creation and the justice of divine plan. For him, all pain as well as joy is right; all combine in life.

He thinks, one should only remember that man is a cup molded by God and He will drink ‘new wine’ from it: ‘Thou, heaven’s consummate cup, what needs thou with earth’s wheel? ‘ Browning believes not because there is problem in two beliefs but because disbelief is a like a serpent. The more the serpent coils, the more its head stands erect. Browning thinks that the more there are doubts, the more firmly a man should stick to his faith. Disbelief is a kind of challenge and man should face, not fear or compromise with that challenge.

For him optimism is such when one derives away pessimism: – Welcome each rebuff That turns earth’s smoothness rough; Learn, nor account the pang; dare, never grudge the throe. ” Browning thinks, man is struggling to achieve the ideal. He always sees life as a joyful battle, the imperfections of this world, being remedied, under the dispensations of an all-loving God, by the perfection of the next. In fact, Browning faith and hope in the triumph of goodness was genuine and unflinching. His optimism is very powerful and unshaken: “Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake. Browning had a strong faith in God and his benevolence. He attained an impossible thing by his faith. His wife Elizabeth Barrett had become invalid. But Browning courageously went away with her to Italy, and later, she was cured of her disease. This reinforced his faith in God. He believed in the immortality of soul. For him, death was the entrance to a new life. And this philosophy formed the foundation of Browning optimism. Question: Comment on Arnold’s spiritual quest in his poetry. Answer: In his poetry, Arnold makes a strong spiritual quest. Because. He luminous world around him was a waste land, sprawling in all its hideousness. To Arnold, for the superficial progress and outward show, every man became crippled and incomplete, groping in the darkness of the night, crying for light and hope. They need to restore their spiritual faith: The sea of faith Was once, too at the full, and round earth’s shore Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furled. ” But that sea of faith has now been withdrawn owing to the unfavorable atmosphere of the skepticism that has engulfed the world. “But now I only hear Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar. Arnold’s spiritual quest becomes more expressive in his poem “The Scholar Gipsy. ” The Scholar Gipsy had an ideal life of deep contemplation in the pursuit of truth. The Victorians had a fickle life of enjoyment. While the Victorians had been caught in fatigue, doubts, uncertainties and aimlessness, he scholar gipsy had a serene, resourceful mind, While the Victorians suffered from frustration, and despair for their “sick hurry’ and “its divided aims”, he was always cheerful and thoughtful as well. The Victorians ran after diverse objects and suffer from numerous frustrations.

In grief and despair man leads his life, without ever the glow or joy of life, the peace of mind. Actually, in ‘The Scholar Gipsy’ the tragedy and pathos of man’s life in the universe is pathetically depicted: “For whom each year we see Breeds new beginnings, disappointments new; Who hesitate and falter life away, And lose tomorrow the ground won today. ” The minds of the modern people are so much oppressed and burdened with the feverish hurry and confused aims that the poet calls upon the scholar gipsy to avoid coming into contact with the people Of the present generation.

Unlike the Victorians, the scholar gipsy never deviated from spiritual quest which was his only one aim: “Thou heads one aim, one business, one desire. ” Thou whitest for the spark from heaven. ” In his poem, “Thirsty” also, we find Arnold’s spiritual quest. The poem ends with Arnold’s hope of gaining spiritual illumination and he invites his friend, Slough to roam on and on: “Why faintest thou? I wandered till I died. Roam on! The light we sought is shining still. Thus we see that Arnold was more concerned with spiritual thoughts and values in life.

To him, an ideal life is the life of spiritual quest. To solve the religious crisis of Victorian people, he made an intense spiritual quest. Question: Discuss Tennyson as the most representative poet of the Victorian age in the light of Victorian Compromise. Answer:—- Tennyson is a scintillating star in the literary sky of the Victorian era. He is the typical Victorian poet voicing in his poetry the hopes and aspirations, the doubts and skepticism, the refined culture and the religious liberalism of the age. The Victorian age was essentially an age of peace and prosperity.

The old fire of revolutionary enthusiasm had been quenched and the Victorian people longed for a life settled order, stability and peace. Tennyson in his poem “Lockstep Hall” expresses the ideas of the liberals of his time who proposed to spread the gospel of peace: “Till, the war-drum throbbed no longer and the battle-flags were furled In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world. ” The poem also expresses the Victorian spirit of democracy when the poet says, Men, my brothers, men the workers, ever reaping something new. Again, the poem depicts the Victorian craze for science and scientific achievements of future time: “For tip into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the vision of the world and all the wonder that would be. ” Politically the Victorian was striking a compromise between aristocracy and democracy. Tennyson presents this compromising spirit of the age in his poetry. Again, the Victorians took pride in their nation and national glories. In Tennyson poetry the sense of national pride and glory is well sounded when e says in “Lockstep Hall”, “Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Catchy. In the Victorian age there was a conflict between science and religion. Tennyson sought a compromise between this two to revive the frustrating spirit of the Victorians. He welcomed the scientific advances and at the same time did not deny the necessity of religion. In “The Lotus-Eaters”, we find that the Victorians are in great despair and are trying to evade their social responsibility. The Victorians ask, “Death is the end Of life; ay why Should life all labor be? ” Tennyson tries to soothe the bleeding heart of the Victorians and revive their active spirit in his “Ulysses. Ulysses’ thirst for knowledge and experience shows that he is a Victorian— “l can not rest from travel; I’ll drink Life to the lees. ” Ulysses thinks it is very ‘dull to pause, and make an end. ” He wants “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. ” In fine, we can say that Tennyson is the mouthpiece of the Victorians. His poetry contains all the essential features of Victorian life and his curious sensitiveness to the tendencies Of his age makes him the organ voice Of his age. Question—Discuss Tennyson as a poet of nature. Or, Discuss Tennyson retirement of imagery/pictorial quality in his poems.

Answer:-? Tennyson is not a poet of nature, but no poem of his is without a natural background. He does not worship nature devotionally but he loves it physically, he utilizes nature his best. Tennyson is somewhat like Keats for his pictorial quality but is much different because he can not rest content with sensuous beauties of nature only. Nature in Tennyson poetry serves as the background for human action. There is no communication between the two, but nature comes inevitably when he deals with human affairs. In “The Lotto Eaters”, the lotto-land exactly rallies the mental landscape of the mariners as well as of the poet.

The scenes and surroundings of the mythical land are made to symbolize the inner feelings of the companions of Ulysses, ?a land In which it seemed always afternoon All round the coast the languid air did swoon Breathing like one that hath a weary dream. ” It is a land where the temper of life, the motions of things have been slowed down, here the sun lingers in the west, the energy and vitality of the waves are diminished, the snow does not melt away; here ‘all things always seemed the same’, as if they had eaten like the people, Dittos like narcotics which caused their drowsiness and languor.

Tennyson had a scientific perception of nature. His observation of nature lacks imagination; he describes it with minute precision and exactness of a scientist. The starry heavens are arched over his poetic consciousness. Frequent are the references to the constellations and none is more beautiful than in “Lockstep Hall”: “Many a night from yonder ivied casement, ere I went to rest, Did look on great Orion sloping slowly to the west. Many a night saw the Pleiades, rising thro’ the mellow shade, Glitter like a swarm of fire-flies tangled in a silver braid. ”

In Tennyson poetry nature reflects human sentiments and emotions and that she rejoices or is sorrow-stricken in accordance with the mood Of a joyous or sorrowful man. Tennyson nature descriptions are quite in accord with the trend of the time he lived in. The Victorians did not believe so much in the flight of fancy or imagination as in ‘recognition’. Tennyson is usually vivid, precise and interesting in his natural portrayals. But he does not soar high like Wordsmith. In conclusion, we can say that Tennyson, in spite of the agitation and the crisis of the Victorian era, had keen eyes and ear open to nature.

He unfolds and upholds the glories of nature. In Tennyson, nature generates a deep poetic sensibility which makes him a distinguished poet of nature. Question:— Write a note on Browning attitude to art and life as revealed in his poems. Or, Write a short essay on Browning philosophy of life. : In almost all the poems of Browning, there is the touch of Answer – Renaissance spirit and following the Renaissance, art has taken a vital place in his poems. His concept of art is mixed with his Concept of life.

Browning was greatly concerned with the artist’s life -?his problems, his relation to the oral and society, and his concern with ethics and religion. Some poems of Browning are called “art poems” and they are “My Last Duchess”, “Andrea Del Sartor” and “Far Lippy Lippie. ” “Andrea Del Sartor” is, in one aspect, ” a discussion of what constitutes failure in art. ” Andrea is rather a feeble creature. He is fully aware of his wife’s making love with her cousin to whom she frequently gives money to enable him to pay off his debts. But this awareness does not dampen his passion for her.

His life and art match the grey twilight which slivers the landscape outside the window, “A common grayness silvers everything- All in a јlight. Andresen’s art is deprived of positive greatness because it lacks the spiritual power that comes from striving in art as in life. He realizes the basic drawback in himself. He has no lofty aim to strive for. It is only noble aspiration that inspires one to spiritual exaltation: “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s Heaven for? ” Andresen’s art has no divine passion like Rafael.

He is faultless in execution, but devoid of noble purpose in life or in art. So he cries out— “But all the play, the insight and the stretch Out of me! Out of me! ” Browning own view on art and life is explicit in his “Far Lippy Lippie. Lippy disagreed with the prior’s view of art that the artists work has not to be merely realistic, but should depict ‘soul’ and that the body was to be painted only to the extent to which it helped in showing the soul. The prior instructed Far Lippy Lippie? “Paint the soul, never mind the legs and arms! But Borrowing’s conception is that an artist should paint the realities of nature and bring to the people’s attention things which often go unnoticed. Art is meant to heighten our interest in the beauty of things. Thus the painters vision helps others to appreciate everything created by God. Even he says hat nobler things painted realistically would be more effective than the priors sermons in making people conscious of God. The world has a deep meaning and it is right to enjoy it, because God has created it: “This world’s no blot for us Nor blank —-it means intensely and means good. Far Lippy Lippies aim in life is to understand the significance of this world and present it in his paintings. In conclusion, Browning holds the artist in high esteem, as they symbolize mankind and are the voice of humanity. Browning even portrays artists as the conscience of an age. Question: Discuss Arnold as a Victorian poet or a poet of Victorian Crisis/ Victorian unrest/Victorian conflict. Answer:—Arnold, a poet of Victorian conflict, is regarded one of the leading representative poets of the Victorian age. What Arnold felt was that, as civilization advanced, culture declined.

The luminous world around him was a waste land, sprawling in all its hideousness. To Arnold, for the superficial progress and outward show, every man became crippled and incomplete, groping in the darkness of the night, crying for light and hope. People living in the darkness of ignorance struggle and fight aimlessly : “And we are here on a darling plain Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, Where ignorant armies clash by night”. (Dover Beach) Actually, the poem “Dover Beach” represents the vision of the tragic and alienated condition Of man. It records the loss Of religious faith in the Victorian age.

Arnold focuses the fact that there had been a time when faith like a sea flooded the human world with living spirit. The poet says, “The sea of faith Lay like the folds of a bright girdle fur I’d. ” Here land is human life which is barren and naked shingles signify doubts and skepticism tormenting the Victorian life. The poet also hears the eternal note f sadness in the sea which he thinks the sadness of human life. Similarly Arnold’s “The Scholar Gipsy’ had an ideal life of deep contemplation in the pursuit of truth. The Victorians had a fickle life of enjoyment.

While the the scholar gipsy had a serene, resourceful mind. While the Victorians suffered from frustration, and despair for their “sick hurry/’ and “its divided aims”, he was always cheerful and thoughtful as well. Actually, in “The Scholar Gipsy’ the tragedy and pathos of man’s life in the universe is pathetically depicted: unlike the Victorians, the scholar gipsy never deviated from spiritual quest aloes in life. To him, an ideal life is the life of spiritual quest. Arnold sees the spiritual crisis in Victorian life, which clearly shows his position as a poet of Victorian conflict.

Question:— Discuss Tennyson use of myths and legends to express the problem and ideas Of his own age. Answer:– A close survey of the poetry of Tennyson will reveal the fact that the source of his many poems have been taken from Greek mythology. Indeed like Keats, he was fond of writing poetry on Greek legends. But while Keats turned to Greek legends for their beauty mainly, Tennyson turned to them for their moral implication. Lotus Eater is based on ancient myth showing the despair found in the minds of the Victorian people.

In their homeward journey from Troy, Ulysses and his sailors came to a strange land. It was the land of lotus eaters. Here the inhabitants gave Ulysses and his comrades lotus to eat and those who tasted it forgot their homes and wished to remain there for ever. Considering the end of human life and some other natural phenomenon their apathy for work became stronger. They thought that if death is the inevitable end of life where lies the fun of living and striving— “Death is the end of life; ah, why Should life all labor be?

Video game console essay

While someone might like more motion based games for one generatio n, the next time they might want to go back to controller based. While Wii was successful with their motion based, they were not able to stay the leader because their competitors realized that t hey needed motion based devices, and quickly developed similar systems.

The reason why Sony was the exception would be the fact that Sony had first mover’s advantage, which allowed them to enter the market ahead of Microsoft and Nintendo. This allowed them to gain market share ear ier which means their console was already in the living rooms of their competitors. Sony was al so able to become dominant due to the fact that they were already an existing manufacturer of e lectronics, which meant they could design and manufacture parts in house.

Question #2 According to the case, Nintendo launched Wii and its motionsensitive controll in 2006. This was a significant success because it appealed to a broader mark et and the non traditional gamer with total sales of the Wii ( 86 million units) outdoing the sal es Of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The starting price for Wii was also $250, much lower than the ompeting consoles. Nongamers would be more willing to spend money on a cheaper co nsole especially when the competition is asking for $400+. To prevent the responses from competitors is not easy.

From the case we can see that Sony and Microsoft dethroned Wii’s position by introducing their own motionsensitive c onsoles. One way to minimize the effects of potential responses would be using cost efficiency s trategy to provide an unbeatable price to the customers, differentiation is hard to do unless Nint endo is able to keep coming up with revolutionary ideas. Nintendo could also focus on matching t heir competitors ther capabilities like graphics, BluRay, memory, internet connectivity and mu Itimedia.

Nintendo has failed the launch of the next generation of the Wii called Wii U. Several major factors caused the failure. One thing is shareability. Nintendo focused on shar ing that is very emphasized by Sony and Microsoft. In addition, the Wii U is not much differen t from the original Wii and still lacks built in features like a DVD or BluRay. One of the possible factors that could explain why the leader in one generatio n of console gaming did not become the leader in the next generation is because of the fa ct that the leader oesn’t keep up with the current trend.

There is always something new in the market every day and competitors are always looking to be a level up than your products. While Nintendo was enjoying its success in 1990s after the merge with Japanese company, they we re unable to continue being unique and different than their competitors. They couldnt live up to the newest trend expectations, whereas, Sony introduced PlayStation 2 and took over the market. The reason Sony is an exception of still being a leader is because the compan y keeps on improving and outperforming its competitors.