They’re left with the responsibility of sealing the deal essay

Same/similar distribution channels Target group consisting of middle to upper-income professionals Multiple target segments Geographical coverage (primarily United States at this time) Successful identification of Conic’s strategic group enables the company to illuminate the prominent smartened market competitors. This allows SONIC to thoroughly analyze each company and formulate opportunities. For example, SONIC can strategies to highlight and advertise its 64 KGB drive (which is double the amount of KGB Apple phone offers) to acquire percentage of

Apples current customers. Should SONIC select a class of competitor to attack on the basis of strength versus weaknesses, closeness versus distance, or good versus bad? Why is this appropriate in the smartened market? SONIC should select a class of competitor to attack on the basis of strengths versus weaknesses. At this point, consumers are more concerned with smartness products that can readily adapt to their tech analogical needs, demands, and expectations as they navigate from one phase of life to another. As a result, the smartened market is rapidly changing.

Identifying the weaknesses of the strategic group enables SONIC to develop a product campaign that is focused on highlighting product strengths that are solutions to its competitors weaknesses. For example, Apples original release price is $723. 00. Conic’s advertisement should highlight that SONIC phones offer the same capabilities for less than half the price ($350. 00). Competition among smartened market companies is based on the ability to improve and differentiate product features and costs. Identify a weakness, create solution, present new option to market.

As a startup company, what competitive strategy would be most effective as SONIC introduces its first product? We suggest that Sonic follows a niche approach for first product introduction. Conic’s first year objective includes increasing brand awareness and specializing phone features that cater to the needs of a few specifically targeted segments. If Sonic can successfully analyze spending habits, technological needs, and technological preferences of the professional segment, it is likely to acquire loyal consumers. Consumers will recognize and appreciate Conic’s technical features and value- eased pricing.

This strategy is appropriate because it will introduce and shape Conic’s overall brand. This “shaping” route establishes cores values and qualities of Sonic and its future products. As a result, consumers will be more likely to purchase Conic’s next product. CHAPTER 12 What aspects of product differentiation would be most valuable in setting SONIC apart from its competition and why? Product Features: Conic’s product includes highest quality video, largest amount of KGB storage available, touch screen has high-quality color, and its one of two companies that have offer a our inch screen.

Customization: Sonic is working to provide a product that caters to the needs and expectations of a specific group. Market research has been dedicated towards developing a thorough understanding Of the targeted segment of business professionals. Thorough understanding a specific segment enables product customization that increases sale revenue and market share. Should SONIC use ingredient branding to tout the Linux- based operating system that it says make its smart phone more secure than smart phones based on some other operating system? Yes.

Smartness assess ample personal information that needs secure protection. Protection gives consumers the sense that their personal information is not easily accessible if stolen or loss. However, there are other features to better attribute to overall success and performance of the product. The Linux-based operating system doesn’t meet all of the qualifications for successful ingredient branding. It may be difficult to convince consumers that the Linux- based SO is superior to other smartness. Sonic should focus on the product differentiation areas listed in question one (product features and customization).

How can SONIC use packaging and labeling to support its brand image and help its channel partners sell the smart phone product more efficiently? The package is the consumer’s first interaction with the new product. Packaging and labeling supports brand image by reinforcing product value and distinctive qualities. Package display draw emotions from consumers. For example, the text stated that blue packaging draws a sense of security and productivity. It’s fair to assume that the professional is highly likely to appeal to the Sonic 1000 if its package is blue.

It is important to loosely consider labeling font and text. Carefully text and font selection helps highlight strong attributes or downplay attributes that companies would rather consumers overlook. For example, a cigarette cartridge may have the term smooth in all caps with color red. And on the small side area of the cartridge, you can find the dangers of tobacco consumption in small print. Text placement, font, and color help shape consumers perception of products. If product are appealing to consumers, it makes the channel partners’ job a bit easier. .

Malcolm X The Ballot or the Bullet Rhetorical Analysis essay

Malcolm X gave a speech that transformed the cultural con consciousness of Fragmentariness. The Ballot or The Bullet revolutionized the black mind, changing Africanizing attitudes across the country from passive and reticent to cacti eve and sulfonamide. While Malcolm inspiring tone of voice and remarkable rhythmic c speaking captivated his audience, his true success in achieving his purpose was his expo ret use of rhetorical strategies.

In a five paragraph excerpt of this speech, these rhetorical skills AR e exemplified. Within this short passage, Malcolm X has a clear, concise point of view and a d river purpose him and the rest of the 22 million blacks living in America are victims to the sys stem, and if they want to change that, they must go out and vote. In the onset of the passage, Malcolm X is building up a tension to bring the AU audience’s attention to a maximum. Malcolm X relies strongly on repetition to create this tension.

He lists, n a repetitive sentence structure, immigrant groups fresh off the boat who AR e considered to be American “Hankies… Are already Americans, Pollack are already Americans; I Italian refugees are already Americans;… Every blubbered thing, is already an American” After t his sequence of repeating phrases, he is able to drive home his point at an optimal moment, when everyone’s eyes, ears and minds are open.

Contrasting Commencement Speeches essay

Ellen expresses that she believes that you should follow your own d stint and not let others opinion influence your decisions in life and Cowan believes your path will Chaw Eng many times throughput’s life. Ellen Degrees conveys her life experiences with humor and wit but she alls o expresses a serious underlying message using aphorisms such as, “Follow your own pass on, stay true to yourself. ” She is expressing that thou listening to others advice may be helpful, you shoo old always do what feels right and don’t allow others to change you.

Being comfortable with who you a re regardless if that is being a dreamer, being of a certain race, religious belief, or sexual orientation allows to to cell in other attributes. She also states, “For me, the most important thing in your life e is to live your life with integrity, and not to give into peer pressure. To try to be something that you’re e not. ” Putting emphasis on the theme of not letting others affect who you are but also saying to live WI the a sense Of character.

Cowan states through his comedic prowess that you should follow your pass ions but to expect your path to change. When he states, “Well am here to tell you that whatever you think your dream is now, it will probably change and that’s okay. He explains that circumstances c hang and your aspirations in life will change as well. You shouldn’t be afraid to go through to her doors that open around that falter from your original desire. He also expresses to, ‘Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen. Saying that you should chase after opportunities and word k hard to do so. Overall Ellen and Cowan both express through humor that life will be hard an d that through hard work you will succeed. However, they differ on the angle to work hard at and at what level on stress you should have. Cowan carries more of a serious tone then Ellen claim Eng that being special won’t get you anywhere because everyone is special and that you should expo etc to be disappointed in life because the path you choose isn’t always the path you will stay on.

Ellen CLC aims in a more optimistic and hopeful tone that accepting what makes you special is the way to be successful along with following your own ambition. So, from both speeches you can take away that life will change and you should d expect it but, you should not be afraid to be who you are and that if you use what makes you u special and work hard at your goals you will succeed in life.

Return on Investment Ashford essay

Overall the goal is to realize a return on the investment add in the education of business administration. Explanation of Decision The decision to enter into the field of business administration was made primarily as a response to no longer wanting to work for average hourly wages. The field of business administration encompasses a wide variety of fields including management of people, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources which opens the door to more job opportunities. A degree in business administration improves the aspect of employability and ensures the possibility of higher wages and more growth opportunities.

An education, sugarless of the subject, does not come without expense. Summary of Expenses The expense of a four-year college education includes tuition, books, fees, housing, meals, transportation, and personal expenses. The average tuition, including books and fees, for a four-year degree in business administration at a private for-profit college is $46,272 not including interest (National Center for Education Statistics, 2012). The average interest rate for student loans will depend on whether the loans are federal, what type of federal loan, or private.

For the purposes of this paper, we will assume all student loans are deader direct and were taken between July 2013 and July 2014; therefore, the interest rate on all student loans will be 3. 86% (Federal Student Aid, 2015). See Table 1 for an amortization of student loans based on a ten year payback. The cost of housing meals, and transportation will vary depending on choices made for each; but the average cost combined for a four-year degree is $9830 (National Center for Education Statistics, 2012).

Essay About Drill essay

Our units should continue to practice drill to build confidence, sustain high military standard and discipline, and to carry on our tradition. Since day one in boot camp, we practiced basic marching movements that further down the line we moderately mastered. Upon graduation every recruit marched across the parade deck with precision and excellence. Overtime however, when Marines finally get to their units, basic Marine Corps knowledge and drill movements are no longer practiced.

During many formations and ceremonies, it is noticed that Marines forgot basic commands ND movements, and nobody likes to take charge to form up a platoon. Every Marine is a leader and every leader should know how to march a platoon, form up formations and conduct uniform inspections. The ability to lead close order drill builds up confidence, leadership, as well as teamwork and every unit can benefit from that. L With those leadership skills, each and every Marine will represent the Corps to a higher degree while progressing as a leader.

Compared to other branches, Marine Corps always held us to a higher standards and requirements. Our physical fitness test is much more emending, our basic training is a lot more challenging, and it is a fact that we look better at drill and in uniform than any other branch. As we are held to a higher standard, the American public recognizes that, and often, people will come up to us and thank us for our sacrifice and freedom. It goes without saying that drill teaches discipline, improves units morale while instills the habits of obedience to orders.

Even though close order drill is not a professional requirement, every Marine should have the desire to carry on our Marine Corps traditions. We represent the most disciplined fighting force there is in today’s society. Behind every tradition, we stand by our core values; honor, courage and commitment. Drill enhanced our brotherhood with cohesion and unity. Even though we no longer use drill in combat, it is one of our oldest traditions, a tradition that thought us discipline, precision and confidence. It is our responsibility to practice our traditions, and to keep them alive.

As a noncommissioned, and staff noncommissioned officers, it is our responsibility to do our part to continue passing on our radiation. Through drill, each and every Marine will become a part of our tradition and history. 3 As Marines we should not have to attend professional military education academies to learn drill, it should already flow in our blood. The close order drill needs to be practiced more at our units, and it will not only build confidence in our Marines, enhance high military standard and discipline but also will uphold our traditions for many years to come.

Ethical Decision Making essay

Then, during sass, it was found that senior executives at a number of large companies ad deliberately caused the falsification of the income statements and balance sheets of their firms in order to report much greater profits, gain mush higher stock prices, and receive much large bonuses. The following researches are about how ethics is losing in the short term for a longer term sense of self-worth and transcendent values. About a decision making model for organizations to use their pursuit of business ethics and social responsibility.

How ethics deal with concept of right and wrong. It is how to build trust, commitment, and effort among the stakeholders of the firm. Can ethics be taught? How to adapt a model for organizations to use in their pursuit of business ethics and social Responsibility? 3 Are the managers needs to be moral and concerned about the distribution of benefits and The allocation of harms brought by their decision and actions? 4 What are the nature of moral problem in 5 Is the practical wisdom in the managerial decision management? Aging process is necessity? 6 How does it help one to understand the factors and process related to ethical decision making? This research about ethical decision-making focuses on these five questions: Can Ethics be taught? In this journal, Thomas G. R. And Bison J. (2011) traces the evolution, strategy, and implementation of the path breaking leadership, ethics and corporate responsibility. The ethics scandals create a sense of urgency that business must do a better job of promoting ethical behavior.

There is a growing suspicion that legal compliance alone is not sufficient to promote responsible practices and to maintain the public trust. This view that ethics cannot be taught is refuted by development psychology, which shows that people do acquire more sophisticated forms of ethical reasoning as they For many years educational programs have dealt with ethics. Mature. However, can ethics be taught? Secondly, how should it be taught?

The notion that ethics is a process of communication that gives way to new understandings and commitments to our social life has been utilized herein to explore if ethics can be taught, and how should it be taught. Ethics is often presented in classes by educators as a moral philosophy that infuses critically assumed beliefs which are used to search for a good human life. The educator may discover or currently know that they cannot teach ethics cause of religious and cultural disagreement linked to what should be taught.

To choose to not discuss ethics may be a safer path yet avoidance sends messages that this topic is a private matter and not suitable for discussion. It is not a private matter yet avoiding discussion of ethics at all levels of education may only fuel mystification and/or ignorance. Discussing ethics should not be a private it should be within educational programs and rightly so, according to the many business school deans who rank ethics among the top five learning goals (Martial & Cauldron, 2005).

The general study of goodness and the right study of right action constitute the main business of ethics. Its principal substantive questions are what ends us Ought, as fully rational human beings, to choose and pursue and what moral principles should govern our choices and pursuit (Thomas G. Ryan and Jeremy Bison, 2011). How to adapt a Model for Organization to use in their Pursuit of Business Ethics And Social Responsibility? Most of us have some idea what this term mean, but it often seems fuzzy.

This can make it a daunting task for managers to adopt strategies to address Hess concepts. The ethics deals with concepts of right and wrong, and entails actions somewhat beyond the legal minimums. Social responsibility tends to mean utilizing the stakeholder model and taking into account to a greater degree the interest of those impacted by corporate decisions and actions. One way to consider the manner in which ethics and social responsibility apply in the corporate or business setting is to approach it as part of decision making process (Tim D. C. 2006).

That is what managers do; they make decisions. DRP. Tim D. Cheney said that all the facts seems to be basic concept, but it is often shortchanged in the rush of everyday decision making. Most large judgments against organizations arise due to the fact that managers ignore those “bad” facts. They get hit hard not for a first “bad fact,” rather for the last in a series. Somebody has complained of harassment; maybe it will go away. No, it will not. Knowledge of Ethical Decision-Making the facts is expected; organizations cannot use the “l did not know” excuse.

In this day, society Expects more from organizations; they are expected to know. Who is impacted by the decision and subsequent action? This utilizes the “stakeholder” model of decision making. Generally, Stakeholders are those parties who might be affected by a business decision and subsequent action. These can include employees, customers, competitors, the surrounding community and Society at large. It basically entails making a broader consideration of the potential impacts of business activity before is finalized and implemented.

What are the potential interests which might be affected? Are there monetary interests? Possible physical interests? As it applies to stakeholders, it can be helpful if we can keep in mind the rotational basic consumer rights of safety, being informed, being heard, and having a right to choose. This rights can applied to other appropriate stakeholder as well and help create and build awareness of the possibilities of socially responsible decisions and actions. We may also evaluate just where or what the bottom line must be for us to stay in business and act in a responsible manner.

This can involve the question of overall profits and the balance between various stakeholders in the interplay of wages, salaries, benefits and dividends. Corporate needs to set forth standards and intentions of the organization as to how it will interact with its stakeholders. By creating and communicating the code, it can feed into the culture and create a more socially responsible environment Are the Managers Need to be Moral and Concerned About the Distribution of Benefits and the Allocation of Harms brought by Decision and Actions?

It is proposed that managers have to be moral, have to be concerned about the distribution of benefits and the allocation of harms brought by their decisions and actions (Large Tone Hosier, 1994 “p. ” 191-204). In order to build a trust, commitment, and effort on the part of all the stakeholders re essential for long-term corporate success. In this article, Hosier wrote; that men should keep their compacts is certainly a great and undeniable rule in morality.

But yet, if a Christian, who has the view of happiness and misery in another life, be asked why a man must keep his word, he will give this as a reason: Because God, who has the power of eternal Life and death, requires it of us. But if a Hobbies be asked why, he will answer: Because the public requires it, and the Leviathan will punish you if you do not. And if one of the old philosophers had been asked, he would have answered: Because it was soonest, below the dignity of a man, and opposite to virtue, the highest perfection of human nature.

It sums up three of the major reasons for acting in a morally responsible manner. We owe it to our God, and our sense of brotherhood. We owe it to our society, and our Sense Of order. We owe it to ourselves, and our sense of self-worth. But, what shall we say to a modern Gages active in management? The fanciful ring with the turning collect has been replaced in recent times with a much more realistic means of access to power and riches without fear of retribution; executive positions tit their salaries, bonuses, promotions and perks based upon profit performance reviews.

What are the Nature of Moral Problem in Management? In Large Tone Hosier (2011), defines the nature of moral problem in management: Understand the different standards; the goals, normal beliefs, and values of a person will vary depending upon the cultural and religious traditions of that persons, and those variations will in Ethical Decision making turn affect the moral standards. Recognized the moral impacts; whose well- being will be substantially improved by the present or proposed actions either by ourselves or by the Organization to which where we belong.

State the moral problem; to reach a solution, according to the author, we want to get everyone to fully comprehend our view of the issue. If all groups Fully understand all sides, clearly and accurately, then a compromise that meets the tests of economic benefits, legal requirements and ethical duties is possible. Determine the economic outcomes: All market must be competitive; open and competitive product markets must exist for all output goods and services, and open and competitive factor markets must exist for al input capital, labor and material to generate a true net benefit for Society.

Consider the legal requirements; legal requirements in moral analysis refer to the laws adopted by members of society to regulate the behavior of members of that society. Evaluate the ethical duties; “ethical duties” in moral analysis refers to the obligations owed by members of society to other members of that society. Company managers are people who maximize corporate profits as a means of balancing market demands and factor supplies. No one acts as an individual human being, pursuing personal goals that moved beyond economic outcomes to personal desires for liberty, opportunity, dignity worth, and pride.

The main focus of Hosier is on the moral problems faced by managers. These are the situation in which a firm’s financial performance and social performance are in conflict. Specifically, these are the occasions in which some individuals and groups to whom the organization has some form of obligation are going to be hurt or harmed in some way outside their own control, while others will be benefited and help. These are also the occasion in which some of those individuals or groups are going to see their rights ignored or reaps diminished, while others will see their rights recognized and even expanded (La Rue Tone Hosier, 201 1).

Is the Practical Wisdom Wisdom In the Managerial Decision-Making Process is necessity? Doyenne Melee (2010) is aiming to present the necessity for practical wisdom in the managerial decision making process and its role in such a process. She seeks to contrast the position with two conventional approaches based on maximizing and satisfying behavior respectively. Practical wisdom helps the decision maker to determine how a decision will contribute to the human good in each particular situation.

Findings-Maximizing and satisfying are based on the facts-values dichotomy, which separates business and ethics and presents a rationalistic and incomplete view of the reality. The alternative is the decision as a whole, and this is a more comprehensive understanding of the reality. Ethics is better integrated into the decision making process, since it is an intrinsic part of such a process, not an extrinsic addition. Practical implications-Every decision has an ethical dimension, which should be considered by managers for making good decisions.

Practical wisdom is essential in perceiving such a dimension and in making mound moral judgments in the making of decisions. Managers do not need only skills for making correct decisions, but practical wisdom and moral virtues, too. Originality/value-The approach presented defeats the conventional but narrow views of managerial decision making based on maximizing behavior or on satisfying behavior and introduces the categories of good and evil as the main driver for managerial decision making.

Ethical Decision-Making How does it Help One to Understand The Factors and Process Related To Ethical Decision Using a managerial framework, Farrell, Frederica, and Farrell (2011) explained how ethics can be integrated into strategic business decisions. The framework provides an overview of the concepts, processes, mandatory, core, and voluntary business practices associated with successful business ethics programs. Every individual has unique personal principles and values, and every organization has its own set of values, rules and organizational ethical culture.

Business ethics must consider the organizational culture and independent relationships between the individual and other significant persons involved in organizational decision making. Without effective audience, a businessperson cannot make ethical decisions while facing a short-term orientation, feeling organizational pressure to perform well and seeing rewards based on outcomes in a challenging competitive environment. To improve ethical decision making in business, one must first understand how individuals make ethical decisions in an organizational environment.

Too often it is assumed that individuals in organizations make ethical decisions in the same way that they make ethical decisions at home, in their families, or in their personal lives. The ethical decision process in business includes ethical sue intensity, individual factors, and organizational factors such as corporate culture and opportunity. All of these interrelated factors influence the evaluations of and intentions behind the decisions that produce ethical or unethical behavior.

To help one to understand the factors and processes related to ethical decision making: To recognize that the ethical issue requires an individual or work group to choose among several Ethical actions that various stakeholders inside or outside the firm will ultimately evaluate as right or wrong. The intensity of an ethical issue relates to Its received importance to the decision maker. Ethical issue intensity, then, can be defined as the relevance or importance Of an ethical issue in the eyes Of an individual, work group, and ‘or organization.

It is personal and temporal in character to accommodate values, beliefs, needs, perceptions, the special characteristic of the situation, and the personal pressures prevailing at a particular place and time (p. 128-130). Identifying the ethical issues and risks that employees might encounter is a significant step toward developing their ability to make ethical decisions. The more ethical employees perceive an organization’s culture to be, the less likely they are to make unethical decisions. Ethical dilemmas involved problem-solving situations in which the rules governing decisions are often vague or in conflict.

The results of an ethical decision are often uncertain; it is not always immediately clear whether or not we have made the right decision. Farrell, Frederica and Linda Farrell proposed that gaining an understanding of typical ethical decision making in business organizations will reveal several ways that such decision making could be improved. With more knowledge about how he decision process works, we will be better prepared to analyze critical ethical dilemmas and to provide ethical leadership regardless of our role in the organization.

Introduction to Professional nursing essay

These observatories of the National Competency Standards are also combined with the structure for the codes of ethics nurses use to delegate and deliberate their performance. This analysis of competency standards as well as the demonstrating the purpose and function of the national competency standards, defining the relationship between the national competency standards and the code of ethics and the significances and future velveteen of these standards will be examined and explored throughout this essay.

The national competency standards for registered nurses is necessary component f nursing to ensure the standards of registered nursing are advocated for appropriately. These standards are critically important to the flow of nursing and distinguish the purpose and function of patient advocacy and care. The purpose and function of the national competency standards for registered nurses is to assess and review on the performance of a nurse.

These standards ensure all nurses abide by these core standards for individual and group protection, thus ensuring registered nurses are competent and perform to the standards necessary to ensure patient according to Canadian Nurses Association, “It gives guidance for decision-making concerning ethical matters, serves as a means for self-evaluation and self-reflection regarding ethical nursing practice and provides a basis for feedback and peer review’ (Canadian Nurses’ Association, 2002).

These standards are not only used to address nurses, their professional manner and behavior, but also address consumers to ensure the understanding of the public of what they need to expect from nurses as revised by Nursing and midwifery board Mime standards provide the framework for assessing competence but also serve to monomaniac to consumers the standards they can expect from registered nurses, midwives and nurse practitioners” (Australian Nursing Journal, 2006).

The function of these standards is to not only address nurses and benefit the consumers but are also used to benefit employers and universities. Employers of nurses use these competency standards as a criteria to decipher new nurse’s potential to their working environment.

Universities correspondingly use the National Competency Standards to assist with the development of nursing curriculum and to evaluate the performance of radiates and current students as argued by Ellis Hospital, “Ensuring a safe level of nursing practice through competency testing and validation has been a critical function of a nursing educational department” (Robinson & Barberries; Ryan, 1995) National Competency Standards and Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia work within each other to provide guidelines and framework to nurses.

The eight codes of ethics for nurses are in place to ensure the fundamental ethical standards and values are up held at all times while practicing medicine.

The repose of these Codes of Ethics is to “identify fundamental ethical standards and values to which nursing profession is committed, and that are incorporated in endorsed professional nursing guidelines and standards of conduct, provide nurses with a reference point from which to reflect on conduct of themselves and others, guide ethical decision-making and practice and to indicate to the community the human rights standards and ethical values it can expect nurses to uphold” (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia , 2013), the following purposes correspond to those of the National

Competency standards for nurses thus highlighting the relationship as a clear corresponding set of values and principles that nurses must uphold and endorse at all times. Codes Of Ethics promote the “recognition of universal human rights of people and the moral responsibility to safeguard the inherent dignity and equal worth of everyone” (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia 201 3), thus this recognizes that within health care the understanding and acknowledgment of the relationship between rights and health is critically important.

Without this understanding and codes of ethics in place the human integrity would suffer a mortality within the health care system. This connection can be made to the critical connect of primary health care and the social determinants that are an overarching importance to the health care system.

Social Determinants of health care are subsequently the most important acknowledgement as a nurse to have; to proceed with care of a patient without full and comprehensive knowledge Of a patients social determinants can eliminate the codes of ethics that rely on diversity, respect, ethical management, cultural safety, the social, economic and ecological environments, and the quality of care for all people. Professional practice is one of four domains within the competency standards of nursing that is an important element of a functioning workplace and is an overarching theme that emerges throughout nursing codes and standards.

It is a competency that is critically important to the nursing industry and its functionality. “Professional practices relates to the professional, legal and ethical responsibilities which require demonstration of a satisfactory knowledge ease, accountability for practice, functioning in accordance with legislation affecting nursing and health care, and the protection of individual and group rights”. (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2013). Professional practice contains ten subsections that give details on the responsibilities listed under the National Competency Standards that are professional practices.

Professional practice is a critically important part of the health care system; being bond to the codes of ethics for nurses it applies laws and escalations to protect the patients as well as nurses, allows the nurse to fulfill their duty of care to the patient whilst regarding any cultural, ethnic or other values of the patient and to appropriately use protocol to respond to unsafe practices as stated by the Association of Operating Room Nurses “As preoperative nurses, we are accountable to our patients and their family members, our colleagues, our workplace, and our profession.

Because of this, preoperative nurses should hold themselves accountable for patient advocacy, continuity of care, lifelong learning, to colleagues, the nursing repression, and their organization” (Association of Operating Room Nurses, 2014). To best meet Professional Practices within nursing further research must be undertaken. Furthering research in professional practices in the sense of understanding the purpose for which it is designed to affect. A greater understanding and knowledge of a topic can only broaden the way in which it can succeed.

The comparison Of similar associations that obtain National Competency Standards, thus interacting with new and improved ideas to best meet this Competency within nurses as argued by Mary Carmella, Debra Thomas, Cecilia Luau, Elizabeth Eminences, “Formal analysis of the validity and suitability of competency standards in relation to the purposes for which they are designed; the mapping of competency domains, elements and performance criteria to identify similarities and differences in order to provide insight” (Mary Carmella, 2008).

Increasing cultural understanding and the understanding of Social Determinants within nursing. With a growing multicultural society, a greater ethnic understanding would add additional comfort, support and willingness to patients that display cultural barriers any lath care facility. In Conclusion the national competency standards for registered nurses are a critical part of nurses and the health care system. National competency standards combine with codes of ethics enhance the care and safety for not only the patient but nurses also.

These codes and ethics are a crucial part of patient care, and understanding. Without these standards and ethics not only patients but nurses would be unable to ensure the safety, the right conduct and protocols are taken thus, demonstration the importance and necessity of he National Competency Standards and its relationship to the Codes of Ethics. References Association Of Operating Room Nurses. (2014). Accountability in Nursing: why is it important for Patient Safety.

Essay Topics For The Things They Carried essay

O’Brien says his novel is a “love story’. Discuss why this is true using char caters and events from the book to prove your thesis. 4. Choose one theme from the story. Then use your three body paragraphs t o prove that the theme is present in the story by using characters and events to prove it. Themes topics violence, war, weight, religion, superstition, revenge e, courage, manliness, shame, innocence, mentors, love, guilt, 5. Choose three different themes from the story. Then use your three body p arcographs one theme per paragraph) to prove that those three themes are present in the e story by using characters and events to prove them. . O’Brien uses many examples of horrific images in war, but contrasts them by writing about beautiful images as well. Choose three different “sets” of contrasts and discuss them each, one set per paragraph, using characters, events, and the imagery provided by O’Brien to suppository ideas. Also, in each set, discuss why O’Brien include sees these polar opposites in his book. 7. War changes people. Choose three characters from the novel and discuss In your here body paragraphs how three characters changed (one character per par graph).

Be sure to include how O’Brien describes them early on and then how they chi anger over time by the events that surround or involve them. 8. Discuss the role of women in the novel (one woman per paragraph). How do they Churchill 2 control, affect/effect, change or alter the events and/ or male characters in the story? Requirements for all essays: ; 5 paragraphs ; Minimum of 5 sentences for paragraphs 14 ; 23 sentences for the conclusion ; Essay must be in ML format see handouts for models ; Minimum of three quotes per essay.

One in each body paragraph. ; Works Cited page for this, besides the novel itself, you will also use two other outside sources to help you with your paper. This does not mean you copy someone else’s paper. What it does mean is that you can read an analysis of the book online. This will help you to understand, think about, and find topics to include in your essays. These three sources (at a minimum) will be on your Works Cited page. ; use Sybil. Com to create your Works Cited page. ; Spellchecker your essay.

Serial Podcast Evaluation Essay essay

The research project and its conclusion will analyze this murder rhymester from a different angle, pinning Jay as the killer and Jean as a conspirator, an d evaluating possible motives. Chose this topic for a number of reasons. The first being my belief that DNA Seed did not murder Ha Min Lee. I will link all my genres together based on t his belief. The second reason why I picked Jay was because he was not analyzed on an i needed level. One of my genres will include a test of Jay against the psychopaths test.

I will point out the inconsistencies in Jays testimony and where most of the uncorroborated avid ill then begin to outline my theory that Jay was the one who committed this murder. Jay Wilds was the lead witness and testifier for the state of Maryland against A Dana Seed. What was mainly disappointing to realize was that’s was not used in t he proper way by the police. His home was not searched for evidence, the police knew h e was lying about some things yet he was never subjected to a polygraph test, his involve meet in the case was minimized by the police yet he aided in the crime and received zero days in prison.

It is a culmination of fragments that lead to this flaming signal that Jay s more than we have been led on to believe. Jay chose not to be formally interviewed by either “This American Life” or by “Serial” host and producer, Sarah Koenig. In the potash Koenig pointedly chalk longed Jays account of events and his motivation for assisting Adman. Jay feels strong lye that he was unfairly depicted by Koenig and that she painted a highly misleading port royal of him and his role in the case. We don’t see much fays, rather, we hear quite a lot.

What we are hearing fro m Jay is a mess of carefully plotted lies. As have discovered, Jay is an incredible liar. This leads me to the first part of my theory. This is at the heart of things for me: Jay is a f fabulous liar. He lies about little, inconsequential things. He lies about enormous, critical HTH nags. He lies the spectrum and all shades of the rainbow. What’s more, he lies about why h e lies. And then he lies about why he lied about lying. He is an endurance, distance liar. He lies for attention, and he lies to divert attention He lies with intent.

He lies with purpose. He lies on CUe. He lies for unfathomable reasons. He lies, and then he lies some more. Jay is a ceaseless liar. The way I can tell Jay is lying during his interview with The Intern pet, is his constant change in past and present tense verbs. “2. Verb tense. Truthful Poe plea usually describe historical events in the past tense. Deceptive people sometimes refer r to past events as if the events were occurring in the present. Describing past events using t he present tense suggests that people are rehearsing the events in their mind.

Investigate Or’s should pay particular attention to points in a narrative at which the speaker shifts to inapt appropriate present tense usage. We see this in even the first seven statements in Jays in terrier, and in the recording of his testimony. Moving on to the first part of my theory, who chi is the fact that Jay has been fed all the information he needs in order to frame Adman. T hat, with the incredible lying skills, sets up the perfect storm for Jay to frame Adman, with the e collaboration of the police. Ill now introduce my entire theory which is based on factual information, a ND evaluate some possible motives Jay may have. Jay had been cheating on Step hankie with a girl, whom I believe is Jean. Jay harbors some resentment against both Adman and Ha, because Ha is upset with him for cheating and Adman has it easy with the girl Is. Also, both Adman and Ha knew about the major drug operation that Jay was carrying o tin his grandmother’s house. Adman in his “presumptuousness” tells Jay that he need s to get Stephanie a gift. Think this is key to the rising tension and somewhat of the t ruining point for Jay.

Adman and Stephanie were already close [as stated by Adman in the SSH owe] and Jay was probably already feeling territorial due to that. The problem is exacerbate deed by Adman’s reminder to Jay that he should get Stephanie a gift and is, for lack of a better phrase, ‘being the hero’ by lending him his car and phone to do it. He may have felt Adman w as being condescending and pointed in his suggestion. With all of this in mind (or subs unconsciously), Jay takes Adman’s car and decides to hook up with Jean before or just after gar ebbing a gift for Stephanie.

Maybe he was tying to work his feelings of aggression out or maybe he was just doing something he’d be doing normally. Ha, who is passing through the mall cooking for Don’s car to leave the note she wrote earlier sees Adman’s car and decides to swing by to say hi. Instead she finds Jay and Jean hooking up in Adman’s car. Is once Ha already denounced Jay for his actions of stepping’ out on Stephanie, it stands t o be reasonable that she was visibly upset and didn’t hold back on letting him know w [Ha is described as vocal in the show].

Jay gets out of Adman’s car to confront Ha in Hake’s car. He’s already got the underlying resentment to Magnet kids (as seen in the Nit receptor interview). Then he makes the connection of Ha to Adman and thinks about t sees two people who kept telling him what to do, how he is inadequate, less than them, how he is hard, a thug, and he’s tired of high scholars bossing him around. He will go b lank and find himself squeezing her neck, and out of an effort to escape she broke the turn signal on her car.

If she was sitting in her front seat with the window down and he had acted fast enough, he could have “easily” reached in and done it from outside the car. Perhaps Jean wasn’t with Jay at that moment in Adman’s car at the mall, but t hind it’s safe to say that Jean knows much more than she has let on since her cacao nuts are, too, overcharging. She could have witnessed it or she could have been contacted I eater and informed. It doesn’t have to change Jay’s motives necessarily. After all, Adman doesn’t have an alibi.

His phone and car are with Jay, its just a normal day, and this gives it me for Jean and Jay to coordinate their story and come up with a grand lie to frame Adman This topic, and what I specified it down to, required a lot of creativity on my p art. I had the basis of a theory on who killed Ha Min Lee, but all that consisted of was that it had to be Jay. Then, when presented with this topic, I evaluated the evidence and some of the new evidence I found and fabricated a new story on how the murder was carried out.

This really broadened my horizons and allowed me to think in the victim’s/ murders shoes. The task of using a multistage platform was definitely challenging and a little confusing, but I prefer it over writing a traditional paper, especially because y o have a way of linking your chapters together without needing to write it out. Hope my audience keeps an open mind throughout this research project, and understands the motives and what Hess pieces Of media mean to the overall topic.

TO clarify some Of what I war et, I didn’t go in depth about Jean Pastier. Jean was Jay’s friend, not Adman’s. On January y 13th, there were six calls from Adman’s phone to Jenny’s. It is speculated that Jean was the girl who Jay was cheating on Stephanie with. There is a multitude of signs that points tow rd Jay being the killer, and hope that the theory that proposed will make sense to all of my readers. The task of making it understandable was quite challenging, because obviously y everyone doesn’t think and analyze in the same way.

Rough Draft Mockingbird Yup essay

Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird” uses a Mockingbird to symbolize the character of Tom Robinson and Boo Read eye as well as satirized the racism within the book. A big central idea behind the title To Kill a Mockingbird is the idea how mocking seabirds do no harm and only sings sweet songs and that you should never kill a mocking bird because it does is innocent and evil. This is supported when Attic’s said to Gem one day, “I’d RA there you shot at tin cans in the backyard, but I know you’ll go after birds.

Shoot all the bluebags you want, if you can hither, but remember i?s a sin to kill a mockingbird. Tom would be coins Deere a symbol of a mockingbird because he was a kind man who harmed no one. On many coco Asians he helped Male with different chores around her house. His intentions were good; he meant no one harm. He only wanted to be kind and helpful. A quote supporting this is whew n he is on trial and he says ” Looks like she didn’t have nobody to help her.

I felt right sorry for h ere. She seemed… ” Mockingbirds only do good and that was what Tom Robin moons was doing was f lending bad for Male and only helping her, He acted like a Mockingbird and never raped he r, and he could to have because his left arm got crippled by a cotton mill a long time ago. As idly it was the sass’s and racism was strong and alive and Alabama and even with the trial eel Nanning towards Tom Robinsons favor he was still convicted of murder and sentenced to dead h.

Harper Lee used Tom Robinson to symbolize a Mockingbird and how he was innocent and only did good and no harm and he was accused and he was sentenced to death. Harper Lee also uses Boo Raddled to symbolize a Mockingbird as well. In the b ask “To Kill a Mockingbird” Arthur Boo Raddled as seen through the eyes of Scout and J me is a scary old evil monster who they get a thrill of telling stories out of, he is a scapegoat for the town’s problems and is seen as crazy and dangerous for when he was falsely accuse d of stabbing his father with scissors.

But as we see throughout the story this is far from the try HTH and Boo Raddled is actually a innocent kind man who even leaves gifts for scout and gem. Like Miss Muddies definition of the mockingbird “They don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. ” Boo was a innocent child who was hurt by his father just like a innocent mockingbird b Ewing harmed only by an evil person. This event caused him to realize the evil in society and is who at kept him in his house. Scout and Gem Start understanding why he never comes out after the t Arial stating “Scout, think I’m beginning to understand something. Hind I’m beginning to understand and why Boo Reader’s stayed shut up in the house all this time… It’s because he wants to SST ay inside. ” This is the moment when Scout and Gem realize and see the true malicious ways of s society and people in the world, it goes back to the idea that only a mean truly evil person would ha arm an innocent mockingbird, in this case it was Tom Robinson. Later in the story when Bob E well comes for revenge and tries to kill scout BOO Raddled being the Mockingbird he is does go do and prevents Bob’s attack and kills him.

Heck Tate knows what happens and knows that Boo o killed Lowell but refuses to do so because he is a man who honors the idea of not to kill a mock kingbird in this case Boo being the Mockingbird was only doing good and saving Scout from the eve IL man Bob Lowell. Scout later realizes that Boo Raddled symbolizes a Mockingbird when Attic’s as KS her why they are not sending Boo Raddled to court, and she says “Well, it’d be sort of like shoo tin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?

Scout learns and see as Tom Robinson a mocking rd is hurt by an evil man Bob Lowell, and later realizes that Boo Raddled was only doing good an d protecting scout from the evil Bob Lowell, and by not convicting him is like not hurting a mocking gibed. Harper Lee also uses symbolism of the mockingbird as a satire to racism in the e story as well as in general. As I explained in the beginning the whole idea of not hurting g a mockingbird because they represent pure innocence is a well known saying in Alabama.

An d as I explained earlier in the book Tom Robinson represents the idea off mockingbird and most of the black immunity is much like a mockingbird in the book as well. Harper Lee uses c heaper 13 to introduce the black community to the reader and emphasizes the goodness a ND solidarity of the black community. Even after the trial after Tom Robinson lost, Attic’s receive d many gifts of food from the black community this is another example of the black communion ties kindness.

Tom Robinson as well as many other black people are hurt and discriminated, eve n though they do no harm. Yet many white folks of the time, and their sense of white superiority, d id not see the connection between them hurting or discriminating against blacks to the Sam idea as harming a mockingbird. And Harper Lee uses several quotes in the book to show this co injection and one of them being when scout says, ” Mr.. Underworld didn’t talk about miscarriage SE Of justice, he was writing so children could understand.

Mr.. Underworld simply figured it w as a sin to kill cripples, be they standing, sitting, or escaping. He likened Tom’s death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children, and Macomb thought he was trying to write an editorial poetical enough to be reprinted in The Montgomery Advertiser. ” Harper Lee u sees Scout to titrate the society of the time, how a little girl sees Tom Robinson as innocent , while most of white society’s prejudice and racism blinds them, this is a huge message of the e book.

Harper Eel?s book “To Kill a Mockingbird” uses a Mockingbird to symbolize the character of Tom Robinson and Boo Raddled as well as satirized the racism with n the book. The idea of killing a mockingbird within the book is a very important to the comps emission and understanding of the book. Even though the book TO Kill A Mockingbird by Ha riper Lee was written over fifty years ago its message and overall meaning is still valued by many people today.