Orion System essay

What recommendations would you make to Rosa about organizing the Jaguar project, and why? I feel that the Orion organization needs to follow and maintain a strong matrix structure in organizing the Jaguar project. By ensuring a solid matrix structure, the project manager Rosa will have a border control over the project and the functional departments will execute their functions as subcontractors. As a result of this the project can be completed before the u date.

This would also increase the efficiency of the project. In order to escalate the flexibility of the project, their needs to be a solid project focus within the project group. The project manager should also establish a task driven culture. According to the case, there was a concern about project ownership. However I feel this can be overcome with a strong communication plan between the members of the project group. Equality in the workplace is a critical factor in the success of a company.

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Team members need to be reared equally and need to assist each other. There should also be a performance based reward for the employees who perform their duties well. In addition to the above, they should establish strong risk management programs, examine and comment on project portfolios within the company and audit current and completed projects. 2. How would you change the organizational chart and master plan to reflect these changes? I would recommend Rosa to include ways to address the concerns found in the case.

I would also include a manger for the production, quality ND logistical support on the front of the organizational chart. Redesigning the master plan to ensure it engages with the manufacturing and logistical support. The organizational chart would also indicate the time frame of each step commencing as soon as the previous step is finished. Lacerating the arrangement of the higher project management team provides enhanced cross functional assimilation. Also adding QUA and ILLS managers to the project can benefit the project.