Online Church Management Software Development Proposal essay

In addition, churches are seeking to accelerate response times, improve service delivery and enhance session-making processes. To achieve these aims, vast amounts of generated data must be converted into useful information-and effectively distributed throughout the organization. With the advent of new technologies and better security, church software systems are being created around the world to help process the vast amount of information generated in churches today. They also do automatic report generation to help churches management in their decision-making process. . 2 Objective(s) 12. 1 Main Objective The main object of this project is developing an automated Church management system that will support all churches which worships on Sunday. 1 . 2. 2 Specific Objectives Also this automated system will have the following specific objectives which will help to achieve main objective. To collect and document requirements specification. To model the requirements of the system. To implement different functionality of the required system 1. Problem Identification As one of the organizations engaged in community service, the church has a wide range of activities and transactions to accommodate the needs of the congregation, both in terms Of ecclesiastical activities and financial ramifications of the church. The church would also have a considerable amount of data in a large and fairly high complexity. Under these conditions, the church should have integrated and centralized data storage to facilitate the storage, management, and presentation of data.

Backdoor and Grab described the information system is formed by the information itself [11. It means that the diversity and multiplicity of occurrence of information contributed to the need for them together to categorize, which automatically led to a certain, separate groups of information which are formed into information systems. And the development of information system can be drawn as a part of implementation of information with technology through analysis, design, implementation and support.

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The system can be defined as a set of interrelated components that work together to achieve the desired results. Information technology is a combination between computer technology (hardware & software) with telecommunications technology (network data, images, sounds). Thus, the definition of Whiten & Bentley [2] concluded that the information system is an arrangement of people, data, recesses, and information technology that interact to collect, process, store, and provide the information needed to support the organization.

An information system according to O’Brien & Marks is an organized combination consisting of people, hardware, software, network communications, data sources, rules and procedures that store, acquire, transform, and distribute information in a organization. But the current problems are recording and storage of data on the EX. church still manually by utilizing the resources of different applications such as paper or a program such as Word and Excel.

This weakness resulted in data storage separated and not centered and complicate the administration of the church employees in acquiring and managing information that requires a long time to present a specific report. This weakness also increases the risk of data loss, either intentionally or unintentionally. With the implementation of data storage in DB’S (Database management systems) is expected to help the church to eliminate data redundancy and produce consistent data, and generated a centralized data repository and can be equipped with integrated security and data access.

In addition, the development information system at EX. church used the web-based application as a media rendered that specifically facilitate the congregation in worship accessing information, news weekly, or ecclesiastical activities and generally facilitate the congregation in accessing general information related EX. Church. The purpose of this study is to analyze and understand the business processes that are taking place in the church EX. to find weaknesses that would be the definition of the church needs, and designing information systems that support the activities in the church.

CHAPTER MO Literature review Technology have been growing continuously in many aspects of human life, one of them is in the religious practice. For the last few years, the adoption of information and technology for communication in church is also growing. More and more people all around the world are turning to the internet and social media to find personal, social, and also religious information. The Ecclesiastical institution is devoting more and more resources to improve their presence on the web There are several studies how information and technology influence the church nowadays.

Guenon [5] in his research resented the important of information by developing an understanding how the church uses information in learning and the result showed that the exploration may help church organization, church leaders and lay people to consider how information can be used to grow faith, develop relationship, manage the church and respond the religious knowledge. More research came from Boll [4], he discussed the adoption of information and communication technology in church communication for growth in Nigeria.

He analyze the perception of church leaders on internet usage for church growth, communication, as well as the deployment of church CIT infrastructure for church administration and human capital management. The result showed that most churches have email add Reese and website but there is little communication between members and church leaders. In addition, not many churches upload bible studies, music, and other information on their website for people to download. Finally although while most churches do not have CIT personnel and infrastructure well, they totally agree that they need to have one.

Harvey [6] in his research examined selected technological advance and their influence on the life and work of the hurt among four dimension, there are Authority (Control) is the methods and means of establishing and maintaining adherence to a set of beliefs among a population of humans; Evangelism is propagation of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ among the unconverted and bringing them to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; Community is the gathering of believers into functioning groups for education, nurture, and fellowship, worship is corporate gatherings for adoration, praise, and celebration of mighty acts of God.

On the other hand, Seller said that information technology is very important for church. In his Journal entitled Technology and Ministry, Seller said that “Technology is a major issue for every church, because it is a major issue in society’ [7]. Seller also describe that website technology is meant to function as a form of community for congregation, it have a way for people to interact online, to connect with the church and with others in the congregation, and to stay connected when they are away, and also update users on what’s happening within the church.

Grinner [8] presented the results of their research in four sections focused on different aspects Of ministry served by Sits: Corporate work; Sunday Worship Service; Coordinating the Church Community; and Outreach to People outside the Congregation. Further, Grinner also describe that technologies play an important role in the management of the church to support financial data, payroll for any employees, service for community and so forth. Further study come from Czech [9] in his research, he tried to find out the effective design of church website.

Technology is a mainstay in most people lives especially for religious purpose, using website the church can provide information and pep members engaged with the church community. The review of available literature on the church management system reveals the following conclusions: Online users are interested in easy navigation through the system. They want abundance of information for the services offered in text and pictures. Trust is vital for the usage of the system. Online system design can significantly influence the online experience of the users and their purchase intentions.

Online System design itself does not guarantee online purchases but it is the perceived utility of the product that attracts customers. CHAPTER THREE 3. 1 Proposed System The proposed software system is expected to solve the above mentioned problems and the record keeping will become neater with reduction of paper works by using computer based record keeping. The proposed software system will be used to manage the front-desk activities as well as online reservation Activities of different hotels. It will be able to accept reservations, to record information about the hotel Guests, to verify room availability, and to allocate rooms to guests.

With the computer based information keeping , the churches leadership as well as church members will both benefit, Members will benefits by using the be to know their history of contribution to the church , how much they have contributed so far. The Leadership will benefit since they can easily know how many church members they have , who are active members and who are not , if the member was baptized or transferred from another church, they will also have a quick access to churches financial details.

Churches will benefit since their information is stored electronically, searching for information becomes much easy, churches income and expenditures calculation becomes easy, automatic report generation hence hotels operations run very smooth. The system will cover all aspects of the church management and record storage such as 3. 1. 1 Church Members The information associated with each member is: name, address and phone number. The full name of a member is represented by a single string of characters. Member are searched using a substring, any member name that contains that substring is returned by the search operation.

The address of a member is represented by a single string of characters. This contains the complete address (street, city, postal code, The phone number is represented by a string of characters. An account can be printed and contains the information about a member and the amount of contribution they have paid. The printed account also includes the name of the church and the date at which it has been issued. 3. 1. 2 Church Contributions Each contribution has a name. Some contribution are paid by all church members and some contribution are collected from individual church members.

Some contributions have a goal in terms of Amount, and also some of those contributions also have amount goals for the church members. The contribution reports can be retrieved using criteria like contribution name, Amount or date(s) . 1. 3 Chug arch Expenditures Each of the church expense has a name and a code. The church expenses are coded because It makes it easier to produce a report on a single expense. The expenses also have date information plus descriptions providing more details about them. The expenses records/ reports can be retrieved using criteria like expense codes,Expense Amount or Expense date(s). 3. 1. Non Functional Require reorients This project should be built with enough flexibility such that it can be used by a wide variety of churches. Each church can be able to create an instance on he system and acquire all the functionalities that the system provides. The system should be secure, only authorized personnel are allowed to access it with a privileged control. It is client/server software, the amount of information sent to the client should be minimized. The user interface of the system should to allow a user to enter and modify information concerning the church configuration (church members, staffs and church contributions etc. Provided that they have a proper privilege in the system, However, there should exist another means by which the church information can be captured such as a text file such as excel). Information concerning church members must be persistent. 3. 2 Expected Outcomes All information will be kept into the database; so will easily be accessed and reported. Paper works will be highly minimized and offices will become neater. Custom generated reports will be possible and easily generated in shortest time.

Data will become more consistent and non-redundant since all information will be coming from the single source Data/limitation sharing with other stakeholders will become more easier Church members/expenses/ income tracking will be faster and easier. 3. Expected Benefits of the proposed system. A. Eliminating manual storage of all hotel information as all information will be stored electronically. B. Backing up Church information will be simplified and automatic. C. Simplifying information retrieval i. E searching Church member’s information, viewing Churches expenses and income will be so simple. D.

Automatic generation of church reports e. Easy for church members to view their contributions and other necessary details. F. Easier for other stake holders from outside the country to view the church Status. G. Easier to see the members who have transferred from one hurt to another. CHAPTER FOUR 4. 1 Approach plan The system will be a web based system developed using Physiotherapist ,Ajax Programming languages and Myself database creating a Client-Server environment. In this environment, database is kept in one computer called server and users will be connecting to this server from different computers called clients.

The system will be multi-tasking and multi-user with network support. That is, different users can work on different tasks from different computers on the single database. 4. 2 Methodology We will use various data collection methods such as conducting critical iterate review of work done by others in the relevant field including observing existing systems inside and outside our country, interviews with stake holders who are exercising all duties of the hotels so as to identify system requirements and specifications.