Of Mice and Men Essay essay

While on the ranch George and Leonie met lone Ii migrant workers who had lost hope for success. Although the characters differed from one another they all were connected by their dreams of living a better life.

In Of Mice and Men Steinbeck used George and Line’s dream of the ranch to suggest a general dream for migrant workers; and to show the importance of partnerships in dry earns even though they can be impossible to achieve. In , characters expressed their their dreams to escape from poverty. Steinbeck used evidence of George and Line’s dream when Leonie told his plan to Crooks. Crooks told Leonie, “l seen hundreds of men come by on the road an’ on the ranches, with their bindle’s on their back an’ that same damn thing in t heir heads.

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Hundreds of them. They come, an’ they quit an’ go on ; “an every one of me’s got land in his head”(76). The quote provides the reader with an example of how the Am Rican Dream is seen by migrant workers. Also, Crooks was pointing out that many p people before George and Leonie had similar dreams but never were accomplished. When Leonie told his dream to Curlers wife her response was similar to Crooks. She says, “Hell, I seen too many guy. Leonie Hershel quit enable on the road in two, three weeks. Seems like ever’ guy got land in his head. (76) The dream of a ranch supports how people in the Great Depression Era longed for success and comfort in their life e. The migrant workers lived in old bunkhouses with little money. They all felt a need to escape the poverty they were living in. Steinbeck used the importance of camaraderie in when George and Leonie talked about their dream ranch with with the swamped Candy. Who en George told Leonie the plan of owning their own ranch once again, Candy became into rested and explained that he had saved a great amount of money. He offered to invent SST in the ranch. The characters came to a surprising reality.

Steinbeck described George e and Line’s reaction, “They fell into a silence. This thing they never really believed In was coming true”(60). During their time period where friendship was scarce, they f armed a new partnership showing the importance of community. The dream ranch woo old provide Candy with a home, allow Leonie to tend rabbits, and release George from the e stress of caring for Leonie. After Leonie had killed Curlers wife the dream no longer ex sites, but was what allowed George and Leonie to live their life with meaning by working g hard for their future.