Odyssey Final Draft essay

He was not h assistant giving false information when in difficult situations, and has a reputation of being witty. T he proficient hero reflects the task some must do in order to be rewarded with protection and d sired following events. In the the epic poem, The Odyssey , tactics that involve dishonesty have value if used to get the outcome planned for. Odysseus is naturally very good with his words, and never hesitates to think a bout what he is about to say. ‘”But tell me, so I may know: where did you put your well De ship when you came? Nearby or far off? So he spoke, trying me out, but I knew too much h and was not deceived, but answered him in turn, and my words were crafty: “Poseidon, SSH Akers of the Earth, has shattered my vessel. He drove it against the rocks on the outer coast of y our country, cracked on a cliff, it is gone, the wind on the sea took it (Palpable, Arthur N) DOD uses speaks with Polymorphous, and does not mention where his ship is. This clever wordplay ay saves the men Adams 2 because, the Cyclops may destroy their ship, and keep the men stranded. The hero uses his witty moments to defend, and clearly finds value when protecting the people he c heresies.

This action expresses the dedication he has for his friends, and ship crew, and how using lying as a defensive mechanism is not careless or unethical. Odysseus represents a good leader, a ND saves his men from potential danger by not being honest. “Odysseus was important not so much as a fighter but as a counselor and a schemer. ” (Cottrell, Arthur) He uses his brain when getting what he wants, a much more effective way instead of using force. His large vocabulary is advantage hen facing a problems that will affect the people he values. He is cunning a ND wily, living by his wits rather than brute force, small, compelling in argument, impressive as a person through sheer force of intellect. ” (Senior, Michael) This shows how Odysseus, even thou ugh a strong and robust, uses his mind when trying to get out of a dangerous situation for his men, and himself. “From the start of the campaign against Troy it is clear that King Agamemnon, the Greek leader, placed great store upon Odysseus’ cunning. ” (Cottrell, Arthur) It is obvious the at Odysseus is Hough very highly of, because a King, a great authoritarian, thinks he is clever r.

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Odysseus is known for using his brain in order to get out of a tough scenario, instead of us inning harsh force. He chooses knowledge, and nimble means, a strategy looked highly upon. In the Odyssey, and in Greek culture lying is common, it is used in a variety of ways, and for different reasons. “In the Odyssey, it has been made clear that disguises a ND deception are important components of the Greeks’ way of Using lies and digs guises, Odysseus tricks people and immortals in order to retrieve what he pleases. It is a casual hinge for Odysseus to do, and it does not surprise others, mostly because it is not a new act smart t warriors try. Deception was used at Troy with the Trojan horse, allowing Odysseus and the Greeks to Adams 3 prevail. It is used by the gods and other divine characters, such as Athena who o uses disguises to help Odysseus and his Odysseus is not the only one who uses deception, other Gods use it, but Odysseus is famous for it. Deception is a helpful tactic used in war, and is a familiar strategy, therefore, it is not completely immoral to do so. “People choc SSE to lie for a variety of reasons. These motives for not telling the truth typically fall into two categories: lies to benefit the self and lies to benefit the Grandee Y. Minimums Kim, and William F. Sharked) Odysseus uses both tactics, some more at a time than others, but is still sincere when doing so. Odysseus is very devoted to his men on his ship, he watches out for the majority of them, and at times he realizes when he must sacrifice some in order to save a greater amount. The natural leader takes risk, and always comes out victorious. Odysseus rep scents that the use of deception is a good option in specific situations. During the Odyssey, Odysseus is a faithful man, and helps his men on his ship in dangerous situations. “… Hen people were presented with a scenario in which deception would serve to benefit them, those who valued their independence were actually MO re willing to use deception than in cases where deception would benefit someone else. People who valued social relationships over individuality, however, reported a greater willingness to us e deception to benefit others rather than for silvering Grandee Y. , Minus m Kim, and William F. Sharked) Odysseus helps other rather than himself, although he does lie in favor for is self benefit, he supports social relationships but also values his individuality y.

This shows how great of a leader Odysseus is, and how when helping others, it makes it okay t o use deception to a degree. “Odysseus proceeded to reveal himself to his cowherd and swineherd by shoo wing them his Odysseus is a trustworthy man, when he lies he lies for the good of others, an d Adams 4 has much independence. Odysseus is a favorable example of using beguiled .NET, because of his validity. By showing his swineherd and cowherd his scar, he is revealing that h e has a plan, and proves to them he is the true. … Why is it that Odysseus suddenly feels power full enough to reveal himself so Odysseus is willing to reveal himself because e, he knows his men trust him, and will not ruin his plan. He understands that he has gained t heir loyalty, and will be even more trustworthy by returning after a two decade journey through hoot the Mediterranean. His hard work gives him partial permission to use crafty lies. T his quote explains how Odysseus trust others in order for them to trust them. A standard that m cost leaders should be accompanied with, and it is a skill most people need, but Odysseus is born tit it. Surely his brave tale of the war is inspiring, but Odysseus changes his story multiple times throughout The Odyssey, thus rendering it somewhat unbelievable and counterfeit. “(Membrane) Since Odysseus changes some of the story around, it is an example of his independent once, but his selfishness is made up for by his social loyalty with others. He disorientates the e tale, in order for him to appear more appealing. It is a method common in unfaithful men, but can be forgotten if the dishonest men are heroic, and to more good than evil, like Odysseus.

This attitude is also found in many current and historical events, thus rendering the confirmation of deception is okay. It is an ancient procedure, it has been used by Neanderthals, when willing g to do anything In order to survive. Also modern men and women use deception, but for an nun rotor cause. Odysseus still exemplifies a great leader, and shows how deception is a nature al maneuver. Odysseus is a faithful, trustworthy, and honest man. He uses deception to get what he wants, but for others too. Odysseus uses dishonest tactics, but does so to area chi a honest goal.