Nursing Philosophy Statement essay

Everyday someone is coming across a problem that they have to face, the information’s that people expand, and the things that we learn are engaged and processed in our daily life has made the world that it is today. An individual in their lifetime has contributed to the society at some point in their lifetime, whether it has been through teaching, sharing their ideas or their opinion.

Keeping this in mind, will illustrate about my ethical beliefs that relate to the nursing, perception of care, the strategies and goals set for urging, and affirmation for the nursing profession. “Ethical beliefs are influenced and the consequences that can occur when moral conflicts of right and wrong arise need to be explored Charade, & Belcher, 2012, p. L). Additionally, ethical beliefs and viewpoint may be described in numerous ways, whether it be the patient’s ethical beliefs or they are my own ethical beliefs.

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My stand on the ethical beliefs is on what is right or wrong for that individual that it’s being applied to. My beliefs regarding the health care profession is how I can apply my knowledge and give my patient he best care possible and make them feel as much comfortable as I can. As for nurses, it is significant to feel and understand about their personal ethics and it’s our responsibility to be able to familiarize With their beliefs and provide them the best care possible for them. Nursing is a profession that is very well respected and trusted around the world.

According to the Creaser and Bribery (201 1), “The status of nursing as a profession is important because it reflects the value society places on the work of nurses and the centrality of this work to the good of society’ (p. 7). Nursing is also a selfless act profession that most people choose as their career because they are passionate about caring and taking care of others. This career gives nurses an opportunity to make difference in their community and give everything from teaching the patients, to even learning things from the patients. Ant to ensure for my patient safety and be able to have that bond with the patient, where they can trust decisions that I take to provide the best care possible for them. As continue on with my profession in nursing, my goal to provide the best are to those that is in need for some serious health care. Want to make my degree further and run my own practice as being a nurse practitioner. My personal goal is to spread love and care to those in Africa, India, and other countries where they don’t have any health care system and people are constantly dying.

I want to spread all the knowledge that I have to people and help them feel better and make them comfortable. I also want to be able to provide the shelter, food, and first-aid kits. One day, when I do become a nurse practitioner one day, hope to make a difference in the world and hope o treat those in need for some serious help for free and just spread love and care. Some of my personal goals are to finish nursing school as soon as can and get the experience as a nurse so I can help people. Also want to graduate on time with the BBS degree and than take my UNCLE. My goal is to pass the UNCLE the first time I take and in order to reach that goal, I have some strategies that will help me reach and succeed my goal. Some of the strategies that I will use are to start studying for the UNCLE as am going through nursing school and get use to the way the questions are being asked. My goal is to read the questions and know exactly what it is asking and learn to eliminate the other answers and chose the best answer.

As nurses there will always be ups and downs and will face some serious situations, however to get through those situations, I will remind myself that I am here to help people and make them feel comfortable and healthy. The biggest motivation to get me through tough times will be God. He is the one that is looking down and giving us His blessings and giving me the strength to stay strong and help others. I feel as God is helping people Himself through e and it is my duty to give it all have and help everyone that I can.

This will also be the biggest motivation to the others and get them through the tough times. “It can be said that those who practice nursing are not only nurses, but also teachers and students” (Creaser and Bribery, 2011, peg. 224). In the field of nursing, an individual is constantly gaining new information whether is has to do with the patients or your own ethical beliefs, perception of care, the strategies and goals set for nursing, and affirmation for the nursing profession. As nurses we are teaching the patients and we are also gaining knowledge from the patients as well.

It’s essential for all the nurses that work together to get along and work together to create and strong environment to provide the greatest care possible for the patient.