NTM Review essay

Incognito feature on a browser – Google Chrome Mac – security system is the SIS Gatekeeper Mac – change system settings through “Preferences” Approximate range for Bluetooth -? Up to 30 feet. Mobile device – virus is called mobile mallard Logical virus – Logic bomb – when logical conditions exist, for example at a certain date or time for virus to initiate. Macro – Virus embedded in a Microsoft office document. Worm – Self-replicating program. Click jacking -? Icon that you click on and it takes you somewhere else. Important to run anti-virus software, delete history and cookies on a comps term.

Know what could indicate a virus present on a computer. Firewall – acts like a locked door on your computer. Zombie – similar to a root kit – computer that is controlled by the hacker without the user’s knowledge. Easiest way to get on your network is with a wireless network. Wireless router security should be set at the best or the highest. WPAD – Security standard on a router. Passwords – Use symbols, not personal information. Don’t use function keys. Symbols mix upper and lower case, numbers. Social Media, Linked, number one site for social media to get jobs. Lion on Linked – Linked In Open Networked.

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Social media privileges can be revoked if you do something that you should not on the site. Ask for Linked recommendation from someone immediately after completing a project. Maximize button on browser is the square. RAM -? Random Access Memory -? memory storage on your computer. Problem step recorder. Screen recorder, LANA – Local Area Network. Ready Boot – Windows 7, 8, 8. 1 -? Can use storage space on a jump drive as RAM. Professional picture on Linked – shoulders and head. Peripheral Device – Keyboard, mouse, printer. Anything that you plug into a computer. Speakers, microphone. Speed – hertz.