Nonverbal Communication Ashley essay

Which is taking care of the guests in their area, taking care of their work area, keeping stock up, etc. This observation was taking during their busier hours with are the weekends during pm-9-pm. The tables were well lit with candles and had the proper condiments needed. The tables were set close together so people had to sit in a close area. The dcore was nice and accommodating. Overall the setting was nice and professional. I would imagine a lot of people would enjoy this scenery because of how hip but cool it is and still be professional. People ere able to get seated but most weren’t. The ones who were able to get seated, didn’t get their food fast enough. So they were displeased. As I observed all customers were no happy. One person at each table were aggravated and it showed on their face. The workers were very nice and pleasant. They would greet and take care of everyone apparently and promptly. When I would look into each of the relationships of each table, would learn how a son and mother got along. I saw how he cared for her and how well he took care of her.

Their nonverbal messages let me know what heir relationship was and gave me reassurance that there are great children out there. I have been working in this environment for a while now so can tell and appreciate when see great service or amazing relationships. In the kitchen there is a lot of touching going on, which makes me uncomfortable. But the workspace is tight so people use that as an excuse. For example my coworker bent over to put dishes in the dish washer then another coworker came up behind her and sexuality groped her in a manner that I’ve only thought was in the bedroom.

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She allowed him to do this then just went on tit their night. I was just in complete dismay! But I guess some people just have relationships that I’m not aware of. Many of the customers seemed a bit annoyed by the long wait but in the end got feed and got their drinks. There is a online service to put a reservation in. So in plain sight they are wrong for being a walk in on a weekend night. In the end, nonverbal communication should be used to reinforce verbal communication, and contradict verbal communication. During that short period of time in a small environment, observed all of the above.