National Junior Honors Society Application essay

Junior Honor Society prestigious, it promotes character, citizenship, and leadership. These are incredibly important traits to individuals, but even more so to the society as a whole. I strive to better my community, and know will find a kindred spirit in the other NUNS members. Together believe this caring society can light a beacon bright enough to guide everyone towards a path of good intentions. Those capable of leading by example are well respected among their peers, and show many traits such as the three mentioned in injection with NUNS.

My strongest leadership qualities include sympathy for others, perseverance, and motivation. When I see others in need of help, I am able to sympathize with them and I become motivated and driven to seek help for them. I persevere, and give my best effort until feel I have done what I can. My leading by example inspires others to pitch in too, and together we can rise up to the cause. This can be seen in many famous instances of bravery and leadership, such as with Diana Fosse and her fight to ND gorilla slaughter.

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These qualities are very important not only to be a good leader, but a good person as well. Hopefully, I will take those traits with me as go through life into high school and college. I aspire to learn many different languages, study abroad, and travel all overt learn about unique cultures and religions. Eventually, hope to use my studies to help less fortunate people in third world countries and around the globe. The qualities of a leader never lessen in importance, nor do the benefits to the community ND members of societies like NUNS ever cease.

I believe the National Junior Honor Society provides a unique opportunity for me to expand my outreach to the community, as well as build on values that I will treasure throughout my lifetime. Most importantly, it allows its members to come together and lead those in their school and others around them by their example and actions. It is the mark of a true leader.