My Friend Luke essay

After reading the story, it can be seen that Luke was having an identity crisis. He acted differently on the bus and off the bus. He portrayed himself as a guy with multiple personalities for the changes of his behavior on and Off the bus. Off the bus, he was a man who is shy, sweet, with soft voice and did not want to cause any inconveniences to the others. He would rather avoid others instead of saying excuse me when they were in his way. It can be seen that he did not have much friends as well. However when he was on the bus, that was a different version of him. He acted like a bully on the bus.

For example, he liked to take up more seats than he supposed to have which is really rude because he is not the only passenger on the buy so he does not have the rights to take up so much seats when other people are just standing there. Besides, when he had to travel standing up, he liked to keep his jacket unbuttoned and adjusted his posture so that his lower edge of his jacket can hit the face or eyes of those who are sitting. He did a lot of terrible things in the bus which is unbearable. And this is why identity crisis is so obvious in this story as Luke was acting differently.

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The second theme of the story is love towards family. From the story, it can be seen that Luke loved his son very much. He was willing to make sacrificing, for instance, inscribing his favorite two publications, Reader’s Digest and newspaper to to save up enough money to pay for the tuition fee for his son. He was willingly to do that even though he was being treated hostilely by his son. It shows that he really loved him. Moreover, the theme rebellion is showed when Luke is in the bus. The word rebellion brings the meaning of refusal of obedience or order. In general, a rebellious action is categorized as an immoral act.

A person is being rebellious because they are struggling for identity, acceptance, attention and control. For an example consuming drugs, vandalism and sexual situation is one of the rebellious acts. The author showed several incident that done by Luke when he was in the bus, such as “If anyone is reading, they are easy prey for Luke. Watching him or her closely, Luke places his head near the light so s to throw a shadow on the victim’s book” (Serotonin, n. D). Basically, by carrying out this immoral act, we know that the community will be annoyed and isolate from us.

In my opinion, the people should avoid this act as it will harm the self-reputation and there is a lot of ways to relieve the stress from doing an immoral act. Lastly,the theme stated in this short story is trust. Luke is distrusted by his wife and his son. His wife does not trust him as she does not allow him to have a spare key to enter the house. Every time he comes back home after ark, he had to wait for someone else to open the door for him. This proves that Luke is not being trusted. His son disrespects Luke as he only obeys his mother.

In my opinion, trust in a relationship is a vital. McLain (2010) stated that without trust, there is fear and insecurity, dampening and limiting the relationship’s potential. I think that Luke unusually on the bus because he feels insecure when he is off the bus. He tries to gain attention from the passenger and the bus driver as he is not given enough love and attention at home by his loved ones. In my opinion, he feels more secure on the bus because he believes that the passenger who boards the bus does not know him personally and would not Stop him for his rebellious acts.

In conclusion, trust is an important aspect when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. Luke is a character that succeeds in his obligations as a father but is a total despised human being with not a single shred of dignity given to him by his family. Luke is a person with two personalities. One, off the bus, he is shy, timid, quiet and awkward. Two, on the bus, he becomes a monster of his own linings, an annoying barbaric Luke with anger issues. He is decent when he is off the bus, loving father, tolerant husband, hardworking employee and what not.

However, on the bus he disturbs other passengers, selfishly takes up the back seat, inconsiderately opens and closes the windows during different weathers which will either chill or scorch the other passengers The literary device that can be obtained from the short story is symbolism. The most obvious device of symbolism is the actions of Luke on and off the bus. His peculiar, weird and different actions on the bus symbolizes identity rises. When Luke is off the bus, he is timid, shy and does not like to induce any inconveniences to others.

He even avoids people and strays when he is walking on the road. But when he is on the bus, he portrays a totally different attitude. He is a selfish, annoying bully. The moment he stepped on the bus, he started to annoy the bus driver by giving the coins at different intervals which gets on the nerves of the bus driver. When he is in the bus, he likes to take up more seats that he supposed to be. It symbolizes that he is an attention-getter. It is because off the bus, he is not a good-looking man and does not attract the attention of others.

So this causes him mentally imbalance. Besides it also symbolizes that he likes to take control of the situation. It is because off the bus, he is just a small unnoticeable guy who does not have any control over the work and even his family. There is a huge different what Luke is on and off the bus. There is a big contrast there. Off the bus, he does not like to bother and cause inconveniences to others. He always walks sideways at road, instead of saying excuse me’, and constantly avoid thing that could cause inconveniences to other people.

He is selfless too. It can be seen by the willingness of him to sacrifice himself just to provide the best of all to his son. For instance, he is willing to sacrifice by inscribing his two favorite publications, the newspaper and Reader’s Digest. He also respects others when he is off the bus. Luke owns only a shirt which is rather frayed and shabby, but in order to prevent the disapproving look ad respect of his boss, he always wears a better looking jacket of his which is in a very good condition.