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This diet consists of the recommended food of the Prophet such as honey, dates, beatitudes (black seeds), olives, milk and many more. Dietary supplement defined under dietary Supplement Health and education act of 1994 in united States as a product (other than tobacco) which ingested and contain that allowed ingredients based on the country (Ooh, 2009). Supplement food market is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. In Malaysia , we have recognize many product of supplement food that contain Saunas diet, which is more to Islamic history foods based from Prophet Muhammad SAW food taking.

Our prophet, Muhammad S. A. W is concern in taking nutritious and quality DOD. The amongst food taken are vegetables, seeds, fruits and milk. Muhammad S. A. W said that “Nothing is worse than a person who fills his stomach. It should be enough for the son of Adam to have a few bites to satisfy his hunger. If he wishes more, it should be: One-third for his food, one- third for his liquids, and one-third for his breath (Narrated by Tired and Bin Major) (salaries. Net, 201 1).

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Thus, the Muslims worldwide today are experiencing an increase in their awareness towards the Saunas concept and this has opened up the demand for Saunas food in convenience taking such s in tablets, juice drinking, and in medicine. In early year 2009, Malaysia has recognized this development of the product and creates a fastest growing industry of Saunas supplement food through this year. There are several factors that they may have the intention to purchase the Saunas supplement foods such as the religion, food quality, and health requirement.

Muslims consumers are very similar to any other consumer segments, demanding healthy and quality products, which must also confirm to Shari requirements (AY-Harlan and Low 2008). 1 Statement Of Problems Saunas supplement food has become a timely topic today in medical search, business and legislative area. The use of this product is high across all ethnic groups. Usage tended to increase with age, education and physical activity levels. In general subjects with healthier lifestyles are more likely to use Saunas ingredients as their supplement food in order to meet the religion needs.

In most cases. Supplement food demand is being driven by customers who have expressed a strong need for the benefits obtained from dietary supplement and the desire to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle (Berry, 2004). Despite the great impact that this health conscious consumers have had on he market, there has been very little research in this aspect. Understanding Saunas supplement food products purchase intention is the pre-requisites for healthcare professionals in providing consumers with accurate dietary supplement information and helping them to recognize and avoid misinformation.

There is a desire need to know the reasons why consumers need to purchase Saunas ingredients into their supplement foods. What are the factors that influence their Saunas supplement purchase intention? There is no doubt that presentation is always better than cure, but it should be in a trial and healthy ways. 2 Research Questions Based on the problems discussed above, the following specific research questions are addressed to guide the entire research effort: 1 Does food quality influence consumers’ intention to purchase Saunas food as their supplement products? Does religion influence consumers’ intention to purchase Saunas food as their supplement products? 3 Does healthy requirement influence consumers’ intention to purchase Saunas food as their supplement products? 3 Research Objectives 1 To examine the influence of food quality towards consumers’ intention to arches Saunas food as their supplement products. 2 To examine the influence of religion towards consumers’ intention to purchase Saunas food as their supplement products. 3 To examine health requirement towards consumers’ intention to purchase Saunas food as their supplement products. Scope of Study The scope of the study is focused on marketing which based on perspective of consumers to consume the Saunas diet as their supplement for daily life and activities. Which the study is designed to identify the intention of people regarding Saunas ingredients in the supplement food products this study also aims to encourage and make them realize and acknowledgment the significance of Saunas diet and leads to good dietary habits. The units of analysis is individual, focused on working people comprises of local consumers as the main respondents. In addition, the study more on reliable of consumers that have healthy problems.

In case they may consume other supplement product to help them in giving more energy for daily lives. This research utilized the quantitative research methodology through a questionnaire survey on consumers in groups or as individuals. 5 Significant Of Study The research findings Will enhance the study on important to provide in- depth information on Saunas diet on dietary supplements purchase intention. With a better understanding of the customers, it helps marketers to serve their customers better and to assists them to satisfy their real needs (Kettle & Armstrong, 2006).

Moreover, an understanding of the consumers’ intention towards Saunas diet is crucial in light of public health issues surrounding the religion needs and application of Hall food in consumption. In addition, to gain the responds from consumers about the awareness, lath safety and quality aspect in choosing the dietary supplement, either they mostly preferred to Saunas foods as their consumption. Therefore, the findings provide significance on practical Muslims guide and indicated the importance of Saunas diet for healthy consumption.

Furthermore, based on the expected positive perception of the samples regarding religion, quality of foods and healthy requirement that may influences the consumers’ intention. CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW The current chapter is aim to identify factors influencing consumers intention on Saunas diet as their supplement products food. This research examines the main variables involved in the present study will be touched upon, namely religion, quality of foods as well the healthy requirement. Besides, the Hall concept is being determine the purchasing of the products amongst the consumers.

Following the research framework that will presented in last section of this chapter. 2. 1 RELIGION In general, religion can be defined as a strong belief in a supernormal power that controls human destiny or an institution to express belief in a drive power. Religion is a system of beliefs and practices that dictates individual espouse and interpretations regarding what is supernatural and sacred (Johnston, 1975). In Islamic perspectives, Hall is a Aquaria term that means permitted, allowed, lawful or legal.

Its opposite is Harm (forbidden, unlawful or illegal). Hall and Harm are universal terms that apply to each activity carried out by man whether in related with his EBITDA Or mulatto or mascara’s. However, Hall in relation to foods specified by the Quart and the Saunas( Hussein, 1 993 ; Mohammad ,2005). Islam is the religion which is compulsory for the Muslims do the order as the Allah said. It also persuades people’s goals, decisions, motivations, purpose and satisfaction ( Zanzibar and Ruche, 1979).

Religious beliefs are tangled with build their attitudes and behavior which also plays a dominant role in shaping individual’s attitude and behavior towards material goods and services (Pam, 2004) . Religion acts as a cultural lens through which a respondent decodes the incoming message thus directly influencing the outcome of marketing communication ( De Run, 201 0) Muslims are more concerned on the products they consume in Islam principle plus they would have followed the Assyria that given in Islamic egging.

The Quart and Saunas both recommend food rich in nutrients and prohibit the consumption of substances that have been proved to be harmful , or whose harms outweigh their benefits (Marco,2011 Moderation in dietary habits can help people to lead healthy and balanced lives. Allah the Almighty says (what mean) “Eat from the good things with which We have provided you and do not transgress (or oppress others) there in, lest My anger should descend upon you. And he upon whom My anger descends has certainly fallen”(Quart 20 : 81).

Thus, Islam lays down injunctions and rules for living in order to promote the lifestyles even food consumption also has been said in Quart in Hall ways. Apparently, dietary prohibitions and recommendations Saunas foods also being said in Quart in order to meet the Muslims consumes’ ways. 2. 2 FOOD QUALITY Muslims in enhance there is additional need for food quality assurance in that only food deemed as hall is fit to be consumed (Ammonia, Hosanna, Hassling and Juliann, 2009). Quality may be defined as the overall excellence or superiority that consumers perceive from a product or service.

In addition, quality in foods is requirements necessary to satisfy the needs and expectations of the consumers’ purchase of dietary products (Nor Zinnias Quantity, Moraine, and Unruly Shaking, 2013). Of course we generally known the Saunas food was from organic food which came from its originality fruits and seeds. People will give their priority to the Saunas diet since it contain its quality and safety for consumers purchase towards many products such as Jus Hideaway from Sera Mass company that contain various of saunas foods from dates, honey, pomegranate , saffron and Era fruits that have their own nutrition for body healthy.

Food quality management practices such as adopting Hall certification can cost customers’ confidence and hence can lead to their satisfaction ( Ammonia et al,2009) . Hall certification is known for its beneficial characteristics which not only being enjoyed by Muslim consumers but also by non-Muslims. Additionally, implementing Hall in food quality will produce better quality products compared to those that only implement the conventional standards (Taliban and All,2009) .

Mood Hyssop (2004) defined food quality as an examination of food processes in its preparation, slaughtering, cleaning, processing, handling, disinfecting, storing, transportation and management practices aspects. In addition, every each of the saunas foods contain their perceived quality in consuming them in any supplement. Local companies introduced their variety Of product in many ways such as olive in cooking oil to several of medic perspectives. All these quality of product are convincing and influenced the consumers to purchase on the readily dietary supplement. . 3 HEALTH REQUIREMENT Coachman (1997) defined health as behavior as ” those personal attributes such as beliefs, expectations, motives, values, perceptions and other cognitive elements ; personality characteristics including effective and emotional states ND traits; relate to health improvement”. Health is the greatest gift of all human beings from the Creator. Healthy living is an integral part of Islam, even in Quart and Saunas outline the teachings that show every Muslim how to protect their health and live in a state of purity ( Unruly Shaking 201 3) .

Eating hall and saunas foods, is not only good for physical health but also for spiritual development since it fulfils God’s commandment. In fact, many Muslims consumers are demanding healthy and quality products for their daily lives, as possible maintain the good health, eat for survival that still in harsh requirement. As with many other subjects in Islam, prevention is considered better than cure. Therefore overeating has been strongly discouraged in the Quart and Saunas; as Allah the Almighty said “Eat and drink, but be not excessive. Indeed He likes not those who commit excess” (Quart 7: 31).

One of the saunas foods that may to health consume is apple cider vinegar. It carried benefits our health, and cites numerous scientific proofs of this claim. In which when its mixed with honey, it has also used as tonic to help those with arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, colds, constipation, cramps, aviates, diarrhea , indigestion and sore throat, (salaries. Net ). Consequently, Islam believes that optimum spiritual health goes hand in hand with a sound, healthy physical constitution. ( isolationists, Editorial @ Translation Department, 201 3) 2. Proposed Research Framework This study will be conducted using specified model, which clearly define independent variables (IV) and dependent variable (DVD). INDEPENDENT VARIABLES DEPENDENT VARIABLE Figure 2. 1: A proposed Research Framework CHAPTER 3 3. 0 METHODOLOGY In this chapter, researcher will discuss about the data that researcher use for this research. Research methodology will discuss the Research Design, Data collection Method and Interpretation that researcher to select and determining the appropriate research design to be chosen for providing the framework in conducting the study. . 1 source of Data This section is very important to researcher to get the clear view of their studies. The primary and secondary data Were both used in the data collection and data sources for this study. 3. 1. 1 Primary Data Primary data can be defined as data that originated from researcher that have been used for specific purpose of addressing a problem at hand. In this research, the primary data were collected from the consumer area Jota Kimball. The data were collected through questionnaires that are distributed to the target respondents. . 1. 2 Secondary Data Secondary data is a data that have already been collected and are readily available from sources. Several secondary data were collected from journal of Marketing Journal of Marketing Research, magazines, internet, the previous research report and books. 3. Research Design According to Maltreat (2004), research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research proposal project. It details the procedures necessary for obtaining the information needed to structure or solve marketing research problem. 32. Descriptive According to Maltreat (2007), the descriptive research is the type of the conclusive research that has as its major objective the description of something, usually the market characteristics or functions. The objective of using descriptive is to determine more detail and effect be;en the 3 independent variables (religion, food quality and health requirement). Descriptive research design was chosen because it is a quantitative research hat will precisely descriptive on getting thoughts, perceptions and opinions of large population regarding a particular issue. . Research Instrument 33. 1 Questionnaire Questionnaire is a structured technique for data collection that consists of a series of questions, written or verbal, that a respondent answers. Questionnaire is a formalized Set of question for obtaining information from the selected respondents. Questionnaire survey will include fieldwork procedures such as instruction for selecting, approaching and questioning respondents. There are two parts in the questionnaire. Part 1 asks for the respondents demographic, and Part 2 consists of all the variables (independent and dependent).

The participants answered the items of each variable in Part 2 using Liker scales varying from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 7 (Strongly Agree). In this study, there is no particular counterfeit product being specified. Questions considered the expression “counterfeit products” as general because the aim is just to assess purchase intention of consumer towards counterfeit product as an overall. 3. Sampling 3. 4. 1 Population A survey was conducted among respondents in Jota Kimball and the amplest selected are of consumers between the age of 18 and above.

The respondents include both male and female, who are students or working professionals from various institutions and organizations, or self-employed or even retirees. The number of respondents for this study was 50. 3. 4. 2 Elements Based on the Cabana Prearrange Jota Kimball, total estimation of people in Jota Kimball is 629,943 people as estimated for year 2013. Therefore, among 629,943 people in Jota Kimball, only 50 persons as our respondents. 3. 4. 3 Sampling Frame A sampling frame is a representation of elements of the target population Maltreat, 2010).