Director and I work all around town with non-profit organizations. My plan State I should get paid around $75,000 annually. Most Of this will go to my living expenses like gas or electric bill, but it is not expense. Live in San Miguel, and have a citizenship because I have a job here. The city San Miguel resides in Conjugate. Conjugate borders Scatters, San Luis Photos, Queertaro De Ortega, Macho;n, and Calico. The climate of Conjugate is very dry. Most of the rainfall comes between November and April, but it rarely comes and the average monthly rainfall is 3. Inches. The average temperature is 661 In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NONFAT), made to boost trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico by getting rid of tariffs and eliminating many restrictions on several sorts of goods, went into effect. According to History-corn, industry, trade and tourism flourished in the Conjugate. The state’s economy has flourished from its silver mines, which are one of the richest in the world. Other minerals harvested from Gunboat’s mountains are tin, gold, copper, lead, and mercury.

The state also comes first in the manufacture of shoes and the production various farm products, such as lettuce, potatoes and fruits. Women’s rights in Mexico are a problem many are trying to held deal with”The state of women’s rights in Mexico is alarming” said Rupert Knox, researcher on Mexico at Amnesty International. “In recent years we have witnessed not only an increase in killings of women but a continuing routine lack of effective investigations and justice. ” Amnesty Internationally report said.

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Mexico State is not doing well with protecting from gender coordination, Violence against women, failure to fully comply with Inter American Court of Human Rights judgments on the rape of two indigenous women, and not acknowledging the killing of many women. Many human rights activist work hard to assure justice in Mexico for their deceased relatives. Mexico has no official religion; however, most people in Mexico report they are Christians, and this is reflected in several aspects of life there; Christmas is a national holiday and every year during Easter all schools in Mexico, public and private, take vacations.

About 89% of Mexicans identify themselves with that division of Christianity. It is the nation with the second largest Catholic population, behind Brazil and before the United States. Many people do not acknowledge the minorities in Mexico. Black Mexican activists guess the population of Afro-Mexicans at about 1 million, but there are no official figures. Earlier this year, they petitioned the National Institute of Statistics and Geography to include the Afro-Mexican population as a separate category in the next census, in 2010.

As a result, Afro-Mexicans say hey have been left out of institutional programs and are without a cultural identity. The group Mexico Negro A. C. Is joining with comparable Afro- descendant group in Latin America that have achieved success in securing better treatment. “ewe no longer want to be detained by security agents in our own country who say that in Mexico there are no blacks,” says Rudolf Prudent Dominique, an activist with Mexico Negro. Mexico is a beautiful place and can easily live in Conjugate.