Money Tree: The Good Luck Charm essay

My mom didn’t have a job causing her shop logic self to spend my dad’s money he had earned. That wasn’t fair to him so he had to end the marriage. After the divorce, my dad was barely able to buy food because we were so close to been g broke, and our only option was to live in a one bedroom trailer. My dad was very close to my grandpa and had asked him for some help with our situation but my grandpa’s reply was, “This is your own journey you need to o overcome on your own. These experiences you make together, will make you and your daughter onto people that you will be glad you became. My dad respected his words, and my grandpa g eave my dad a peachier aquatic tree as a gift to our new future and said farewell. The Apache a aquatic tree is an gaggle token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. Another name of r it is the “good luck tree” but we liked to call it our money tree. The money tree has a braided trunk with shiny green leaves. The green leaves reminded me of money and as a child I actually thought “the money tree” would actually grow money. It’s shop,n. Flowers growing with the leaves have long, narrow petals that open up like a banana peel to reveal hairline yellowish orange stamens.

My dad and I took turns watering the money tree on our tiny dining room table e everyday, watching it prosper and grow. It never died because we nurtured it like there was actual money growing from it that we needed to save, something my mom never knew how to do. We moved at least 7 times in the course of 3 years and the money tree never I oft our minds or dining room table. My dad was getting better paying jobs, my mom changed and we darted having holidays together, and our money tree was fully grown.

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My dad d and I felt accomplished, and realized that the tree was a symbolic tool that we used to attract wealth, money, and prosperity into our lives. The tree was apart of our family, and granted us with good luck. After the 3 ye ears of finding our path and going through many hardships, my dad opened up 2 bus ninnies of his own and bought a 4 bedroom house with 3 acres Of land. Don’t give the money try e credit for his accomplishments, but I feel it gave him hope. I thank the peachier aquatic for that.