Module essay

Explain and evaluate the notions of Karma, samara, and Nirvana. Karma can be explained as reaping what you sow. According to multiple religion ions karma is inevitable. Our negative actions of the past, will undoubtedly affect our lives i n the future. So if you cause harm, hurt, or suffering to someone, rest assured that it will be rep resenting itself to you. There is no way in which to reverse these effects, as you must “pay the pi per.

The flip side of this is if you do good things, they shall also represent themselves to you Samara is defined by the Buddhist as the continuous replication of death, birr h, and rebirth. According to this cycle individuals don’t have their own souls. It is believed the at there is no physical component, and that you must undergo various cycles of rebirth. Nirvana is defined as a means to extinguish. It is understood as a passing into another kind of existence. It is a release Of the mind from defilement, by giving up worldly ATT Achaeans and possessions.

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It is the intermingling of the individual existence into the ultimate e reality. 2. Explain and evaluate the Hindu ideas of Brahmas, atman and reality. Brahmas is the ultimate principle or reality that sustains all things i. . People and gods, while the atman is considered the soul. Brahmas in the Hindu religion, is considered d “the One and only One. ” According to Banished there are four sayings that contrast brash man and atman as being one: these include the Consciousness, That art Thou, The Self and I a m. In order to understand that brahmas and atman are the same, it must be understood the rough meditation and contemplation.

Throughout the years brahmas and atman have been the matter of various in trepidations. One understanding was that only the ultimate principle existed, and everything g else is an illusion. Another understanding was that in addition to the ultimate principle, there were souls that existed and that the remainder of the world didn’t consist of an illusion. A ND the third understanding was that the ultimate principle is the cause of the world, and t he soul had it’s own independence. What this leaves for us is the comparison of our lives to the ultimate reality. 3. Explain the Buddha four noble truths.

Is he correct in his view. The Four Noble Truths as explained by Buddha include: 1) There is suffering; 2) suffering has specific and identifiable causes; 3) suffering can be ended; 4) the way to end s offering is through enlightened living as expressed in the Eightfold Path. Am in agreement with portions of the Noble Truths, and others disagree wit h. Take for instance there is suffering. I believe that goes without saying. As we look at the e multitude of people dying daily in third world countries, due to things we take for granted such as clean water, food and drinks.

Some may relate karma as the cause of some suffering g, but what about the infants that are born into suffering; what have they done to deserve e what they are experiencing? Presumably this may an action of a past life??? Not. In my opinion n suffering is meeting that is experienced until your time of expiration. May it be suffering g with a terminal illness, or being left by loved ones as you going through emotional emptiness in your older age. There may be portions of suffering that may be eliminated,however there e is no specific ways in which to permanently eliminate suffering. 4) Explain and evaluate the “Eightfold Path”.

Is this a reasonable philosophy for life? The eightfold path in my opinion is the ways in which we are taught to govern our lives. The cessation of suffering as by the eightfold path is questionable, however it is a guide in which life is to be directed. If all are to live their lives according to these guidelines, t would make for a more productive way of life. The “Right Living” for example requires one to obtain their livelihood through proper means, thus avoiding selfish cravings. Thus providing for the individuals who are out committing crimes such as grand theft, possession of illicit substances, etc. o avoid those behaviors and obtain their means of survival by legal means . The “Right Action” would include De people valuing others lives and adhering to the bible commandments of thou shall n to kill. 5) Explain the connection or relationship between Tao, Yin, and Yang. The Yin and Yang as understand it is like two halves of a whole. An example of this would be day and night. They are individualized, yet together they form a complete day. The two are thought to be harmonious of one another, in which the whole is greater than each part. One is unable to exist without the other.

Taoism is much like Yin(contractive forces) and Yang(expansive forces) of the universe which are natural and eternal. 6) Explain and evaluate Ala Tutu’s notion of effortless ministering. The recommendations of the Tao is to live life by the simplest means. This wow old include peacefulness, delicacy, and self sacrifice. It relates that the world should follow w the natural course set forth for it. Thug felt the simple way of living would be superior for a anyone who chose it, however he didn’t expect the rule by force to die. TO summarize ever hitting in a couple of words, “just go with the flow. 7) Explain and evaluate Confucius principle of Mean. The Principle of Means provides a measurable standard for all things. It state s the human race should avoid attempting to reach the highest degree, and simply strive of r only for what is necessary. When things function according to this principle, they develop a partnership between people and nature. When the principle is carried out, it causes things to thrive supply each other without contention. What take from this is,we shouldn’t push life to the extreme. We should be satisfied with reach ins the middle or median ground, as to prop did stability and sanity.

Explain and evaluate the views of Muralist Skibob and the role and stats 8) us of women. Kibosh’s view were that women are of a lesser caliber than men. In order for a woman to reach heaven, she would have to be reincarnated as a man. The mere fact that t presented as a woman according to him, displays a past life of a man that lacked worthiness s. The Japanese woman’s life was basically hopeless, unless she represented herself and lived as a righteous man. With basic detachment from the world and mixture of ingredient .NET, women may possibly have a chance at salvation. ) Explain and evaluate the argument Of SST. Ansell for God’s existence. SST. Inseams’ belief is similar to my own. For anyone to deny God’s existence in my opinion IS absolutely absurd. The mere fact that we exist with the complexity of our strut sutures, means we were created by a being far superior to any of us. Clearly identified by God ‘s words at Psalms 14:1, the “senseless” one says there is no Jehovah. The conclusion of h s argument was that God is the greatest being conceivable, and his nonexistence is simply unimaginable. 10) Explain and evaluate Ganglion’s objection to the ontological argument.

Ganglion’s argument appears quite completing. He compares the perception o f a perfect island to God. However he doesn’t take into account that there may be a per etc island out there, which one hasn’t discovered. That doesn’t mean that it is nonexistent. One person’s reality of the perfect island may differ from another persons reality, however i t may still exist. The perfect can actually be existent today, depending on your interpretation of perfect. In the oral today there are many that believe that God exist, but their interpretation n Of him differs based upon the various religions. 1) Summarize and evaluate SST. Thomas Quinoa’s Five Ways. Aquinas first way makes sense in that the earth, sun, and the heavens could ‘t have just evolved over time. The second way concluded that nothing could possibly ca SE itself. In order for something to exist, there must be an original inventor. However in t he case of God, he has always existed. The Third Way is most definitely complex in it’s understanding. I don’t believe it was a necessity of God to bring us into existence, more so a love of us.

The complex city of what God has done is far more complex than any of us could ever begin to understand. None of the Five Ways are based on any religious understandings, and can the reform be agreeable to believers and nonbelievers. Therefore proving that all should so me belief in Gods existence. 12) Leibniz claims that this is the “best of all possible worlds”. A) Why does he say this? B) Do you agree with his assertion? Leibniz claimed that this is the best of all possible worlds, otherwise God wool don’t have chosen for it to exist. My belief is that this is true to a certain extent.

How UN restart it is God created the earth and placed perfect individual on it, to live and multiply. Then one of his former angels who felt that he was far superior to God, came along seeking p rower and interfered with the things originally planned. Therefore leading up to all of HTH s wickedness we are currently faced with. During a time in the near future, things will return to the ways in which God planned for them to be.