Mobifone, a Vietnamese Mobile Network essay

In addition, the report is also show the important of stakeholder In decision-making process and strategies o improvement for company. The information of this assignment access all of the current research resources such as textbook, study guide, tutorial and so on. It will be presented in references at the end of assignment. 1. 1 The range of decision taken by managers at Ambition. Today’s, Ambition is one of the three biggest mobile network company in Vietnam. In the case of Ambition, the different types of decision are taken by higher level of organization such as CEO, Manager, and Chief Accountant and so on.

The decision in an organization can be divided into three level as following below. Figure 1 Level of decision-making process (Tutor. Net, 2013) 1. 1. 1 Strategic Decision Level: Highest leader in organization usually takes the strategic level. The owner or board of directors will make decision on objectives of the organization. These decisions always is big choices and complex. The CEO of Ambition need to have vision and make the plan for company. This decision will affect the long- term of business and the successful of company in the market.

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In the case of Ambition, the manager of company should have more project to compete another big competitor such as Payphone and Vitiate. In addition, the anger will dealing with complex issues that company face in market. In addition, board of manager can decide the available fund to invest new project or service. 1. 1. 2 Tactical Decision level: It is mainly use by middle level of management to ensure the effective use of resources within organization. In this level, the resources input to a process produce the maximum amount of output. The middle management decide the overall direction of company and help to implement the strategy.

The manager will create tactical plan, which have more detail than strategic plan. It is also relate to the economic use of resources. In the case of Ambition, middle manager will decide what the plan and mission for one month. They can create some project to promotion the image of company in public such as advertisement on television, newspaper or websites The Supervisory Board special focus on the financial performance with policies by conducting meeting, together with regular meeting, discussion and email communication to conduct major task as follow, to ensure the stakeholders right. 1. 1. Operational Decision level: These decisions involves in short-term and focus on the effectiveness of task carried out on daily basic. It usually solve the problem through the action of employees or customer services. Manager at this level decide the daily activities happen in company. In Ambition, manager usually solve the problem from customer’s complaint about services of company. The manager will make decision all daily activities to make sure the system run smoothly. Example of unstructured and structured decisions at the different levels of management fall show in the following table.

Level of management Decision Example Top (Managing Director) Strategy planning for company Ambition organize the new plan. Depend on the finance information, have major investment. Middle (Production Manager) Us port for strategy planning Create the discount program for customer. Operation (Production Supervisor) Set up routine task, rules in company Dealing with the problem of customers. Set up rules for performance in workshop. Hiring new supervisor. Table 1 The example of decision-making. The information is very important to make decision within the organization.

In fact, the success or failure of decision depend on the information. A good information can help to reduce the labor cost or making the operation more efficient and improve customer services. In order to ensure an effective session, manager need to have some kind of information that can be analyzed into three levels. There are strategic, tactical and operational information. To get the highest effective decision, the company need to know information about competitor, consumer and market. 1. 2. Strategic information: Directors and senior managers always use this type of information to plan the organization’s overall objectives and strategy. Making the plan for future so the report of forecast sales growth or profitability and market share is very important. In recent years, the Vietnamese telecommunication market have growth rapidly with billion profit. Vietnam have more 90 million people so the number of mobile network subscribers increased quickly day by day. It is great potential to expand business and attract new customer.

Figure 2 Vietnam Mobile Subscriber Growth White Book, 2012) From the figure, it is clear that Vitiate, Payphone and Ambition remain the market leader with the majority of market share. However, in recent years the market share dropped sharply from 29,11 % down to 17,9. The development of competitor especially Vitiate is the main reason for this. Therefore, the board of manager should have more policy and strategic plan to recover the business of Ambition. . 2. 2 Tactical It mainly use at middle level of manager.

The main purpose of tactical information is support manager or supervisor manage and control some activities such as pricing, purchasing, distribution and stocking. There are some tactical information that manager must know such as a twelve-month budget of sales analyzed by production department or the plan for next month. Especially, human resources manager want to know information about employees to support the training. Figure 4 The number of stations of Ambition (Ambition History, 201 3) Figure 5 The revenue of Ambition from 2005 to 2013 (Ambition History, 01 3) 1 . 2. Operational information: It is used by ‘front-line’ manager such as supervisors or head clerks to ensure that specific tasks are planned and carried out properly within a factory or office etc. (Management: Communications and Achieving Results). The main operational information of Ambition is machine output statistics, delivery schedules, list of customer complaint etc. Ambition is a telecommunication services company so the equipment to build and operate network is very important. This is the reason why the company always check and maintenance to ensure everything run smoothly.

The quality of services according to telecommunication companies own evaluation have improved in recent years. 1. 3 Internal and External sources of information in organization. Nowadays, the organization need to information and knowledge to make decision and run activities. Therefore, the sources of information is very important for manager to collect them. From the information that manager can have solution or idea to make decision. A modern organization always required two sources of information consist of external and internal. All of them usually is primary, secondary data. Figure 6.

The organization structure of Ambition (Ambition Websites, 2013) . 3. 1 Internal sources: It is necessary for all management level in any organization. It is useful for making decision in the organization. In Ambition, there are many Sources Of internal information include the accounting ledgers, personal and payroll systems, production department and marketing department. The internal information can be expressed document, report or anything related to make decision affect inside of organization. These are various types of example: the annual report, income statement, the attendance sheet and so on.

For example, the human resources manager manage the employee attendance whet or having access to payroll system of company to manage staffs activities. For information about customer, manager can access information from marketing department or customer care services. 1. 3. 2 External sources: It is information from the outside parties including customer, supplier, and government and so on. It emanates from official and unofficial sources but most of external sources from government statistics, trade association, commercial, newspaper, the internet and other electronic sources.

This source of information is very important to help company make decision and solve the outside factors. Customer always is an important external information sources because their feedback or complaint will help company to improve the quality of product and services. Then the manager will understand what customer need and make decision. Secondary data is also useful sources of external include newspaper, internet, and televisions. Manager can know many information about new policy or the situation of stock market. In addition, company have many ways to collect information and date.

When manager want to get a lot of information from people quickly, he or she can organize the questionnaire and survey. This method is ass to analyses and compare data. Another method is manager can create a focus group with ten people then they can discuss together. The information from this group is a useful resource for manager. A good sources information is also depend on the structure of organization. A large organization will have many level of management. In the strategic management, manager usually use more of external information to make decision and create planning more than lower level.

In the hierarchy structure, decision maker always require good information from different department for taking decision. In conclusion, the effective of information upend on the quality of sources and the skill for sender to collect and analyze data. 1. 4 The recommendation for improvement: In today’s business environment, information is one of the important factor for any operates because it help people can make decision. In order to improve the communication process, Ambition should improve the way of communication between employees and manager.

In fact, the success or failure in business depend on the human resources of company. At the present, Ambition having more 3000 staff so it is necessary to recruit, train and develop suitable employees for company. In order to increase the making-decision processes and the usefulness information whether internal or external the company should crate the strategies for improvement. First, Ambition should identify the customer need. They can organize and open customer surveys to collect information and data. From information, they will understand the demand of market and have strategy for improving.

Ambition can use the management information system (MIS) to improve the effective of company. It is a system to convert data from internal and external sources into information, and communicates that information in an appropriate form to managers at all level. (Management: Communications and Achieving Results, 2010). The role of system ensure the information and data that collected from various sources can run smoothly. This system will provide and support manager at all levels to meet information very easy. The structure of MIS is also design in three level are operational, tactical and strategic.

Each level have different function to support for manager. Besides, Ambition should use the network computer and web browsers to get instant to control activities of all level of department. Therefore, the decision-making recess will improve quickly and get the highest effective. The technology is a huge advantage of Ambition so they can use to create electronic meeting between supplier and partnership. Then the information will transfer easier and convenient. The MIS can support manager of Ambition to management and improve the effective the process inside Ambition.

In addition, the system will increase the exchange of information and knowledge between different departments of company. Company can also use Decision Support System (DOS) to support decision maker by providing them relevant information. Ambition have a large number Of staff so building an information network is the best way for improvement information and knowledge management. Manager can create and manage decision making among 20 or more people. It is an ideal number for group of decision-making because they will have more idea and solution to solve the problem.

In addition, the structure of company is also important affect the making- decision. In the case of Ambition, company have tall structure with many level management and department so the manager should build a flexible system that the speed of connection among departments is quickly and smoothly. Manager of company can take a quick action to solve the customer’s complaint 2. 1 Stakeholder for decision-making process at Ambition: Stakeholder is any individual or group who interest in or affected by some way of organization. The stakeholder of Ambition can be divided into two types are internal and external stakeholder.

Internal stakeholder are individual or group affect inside activities of organization for example: employees, manager, shareholder and so on. External stakeholders include the government, local authorities, customer and supplier. Stakeholder is an important factor that effect the making-decision process in company. Thus, the company as Ambition should improve contact with stakeholder who influence highly influential. Identifying stakeholders and examining their respective interest is an essential part of the overall decision-making process they influence the effective business of company.

There are the list of stakeholder of Ambition effect on decision-making process. Employees are the most important of the factor of production and effect on the success of business. However, when the company has lost profit and business down then the company must cut the number of employees to balance the finance account. The result is employees may be unhappy unless the board of manager have solution is increase the role and wages for subordinates. Customer are people who pay a reasonable price for those good and services.

The main customer Of Ambition is young people so they require the high quality of services. Hence, the company should make satisfy their needs. A clearly example of the decision-making process at Ambition is they always offer to discount from 7-12 percent on the customer’s monthly bill. It will promotion the loyal customer and attract new potential customer to use services of company. Supplier is always important stakeholder especially a arrives company as Ambition. Hence, the board of manager will choose the suitable supplier to provide the raw material and equipment.

At the present almost equipment of Ambition to operate network from Hawaii (China). If company pay supplier late, existing supplier will decide to stop supplying. Besides, Ambition is a telecoms company so it distribute services through retailer. Identify who is key retailer is very important for manager to expand and build the brand image. By providing product such as mobile card and packages services in retailer store, customer can easy to know and buy them. Retailer store is always important partner to help Ambition attract new user. Government has a big role in the making-decision process of company.

Because the government generate the law such as competition law and economic policies that it will effect on performance of company. From this point, Ambition should follow to meet the government’s objectives. 2. 2 Survey about product and services of Ambition: The customer services or marketing department of Ambition should design the customer’s survey and questionnaire. With a marketing research, company is given priceless information from customer about their product ND services. It will help and support manager for improving the company’s performance. The survey is organized on internet and interview can follow this link: HTTPS://docs. Google. Com/forms/ d/ 1 HTH-4pFXCrQBSqmXM5knllQwGvx8cOjvflOtfgd7x_fly/vermiform The sample of survey will show in appendixes From the survey, management information system department collect and analyze data to transfer the report and chart following: Source information of customer Advertisement on newspaper, television 23% Internet 14% Friend, family 36% Events, conferences 18% Others… Table 2 The percent of source information of customer. Figure 7. The percent Of type Of paid in Ambition services. Figure 8. The Average Age of Customer. Figure 9. The Ambition’s Awareness.

From the data of survey, the main customer of Ambition is young people such as staff and students with the average from 15 to 25. They are the potential customer can bring the huge profit for company. Therefore, Ambition must aim at that segment of the customer between the ages of 15 to 25. In addition, the trend of subscriber would prefer use the post-paid services than pre-paid services. The reason is the target customer is people have higher income then they can pay more money for high quality. Besides, the survey shows that around 60 % respondents rate the customer service of Ambition as excellent and good.

It is a good news for company to understand the satisfaction of mobile subscriber. In addition, the rate of interview aware Ambition is 52 percent that mean that mean Ambition image can easy to realize in public. Almost user know Ambition from the relative and close relationship that marketing department must create product awareness on internet and social media. Creating more project to increase the awareness of people is one of the important strategy of Ambition. 2. 3 Developing business legislation with stakeholders: The organization’s success depend on many factors, one of them is the good business relationship.

Therefore, CEO of company should create the useful contact of stakeholders to increase the business relationship. Making contact with important stakeholder is the SUccessfUl factor of business. Communication and build the trust is the main sources for a lasting relationship between stakeholders. There are some way can develop the business relationship in organization. Ambition can organize special event in cultural, artistic and entertainment program for promotional purpose. In addition, company can offer the customer rewards for PIP such as tourist or special discount packages.

Thus, the customer loyalty will increase then they can spend more money for service and product of company. The brand image also improve and attract more new customer. Building social networking sites is a huge opportunity for improving contact with stakeholders. Advertisement with many discount program will help company to sell more product and attract more customers. Beside the customer’s relationship, Ambition should focus on caring their employees. Company can organize an employee of the month program to motivate them to serve the customer in the best way possible.

Ambition is a services company so they can send the message or email to customer, supplier or partner also improve the stakeholder contact. In business, a good supplier relationship can support and create the value for company. Therefore, manager must have suitable strategy to improve this relationship. For example, company can share the information and future plan for best supplier. Inspiring, encouraging the key supplier is also good way to improve. All stakeholder mentioned above have big effect on the decision-making process of company. Making contact with takeover, company can organize an informal meeting for any group of stakeholders.