Miss Brill homework answers essay

Katherine Mansfield Discussion Questions 1 . There is evidence in the story that Miss Brills might be experiencing some m mental or emotional problems. What parts of the story support this interpretation? At the beginning part of this story Katherine Mansfield wrote ” “What has bee n happening to me? ” said the sad little eyes. Oh, how sweet it was to see them snap at her gag main from the red eiderdown! But the nose, which was of some black composition, wasn’t at all firm. It must have had a knock, somehow. ” In this parts of story we can see that Miss Brills eight be experiencing some mental or emotional problems.

Because she actually talks with an object, with a fur! 2. On a related note, throughout most of the story, Miss Brills seems to expire once reality not as it is but as she would prefer to see it. What parts of the story support this interpretation? In the story the writer wrote about ” fine old man in a velvet coat”, and she IM gained that people were dancing along to the band for her, and also she imagined a girl w ho was throwing violets as if they had been positioned. Miss Brills also imagined hers If performed on the stage. At the end, she realized everything was just her imagination. 3. What do we know about Miss Broil’s life?

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How might some of the facts of he r life contribute to her problem with reality? Miss Broil’s life is one of shabby gentility and pretense, this impression come once in the opening paragraph as she lovingly takes an loadstone’s fox fur out of its box for her usual Sunday outing to the gardens. 4. Discuss the significance of the story setting in a public park in a French SE aside town. What ideas about the story does this setting help to convey? She finds great drama in the love affair between different members in the par . 5. Identify and discuss the significance of at least three symbols in the story.

The fur stole is the symbol of Miss grill, she does not see that the way people I ask at the fur is actually the way that people look at her. Also the women in the ermine torque is a symbol of the rejection that Miss Brills is to face. In the story, when Miss Brills puts the fur stole in the box and hearts it “crying” she failed to connect with the fact that the fur was actual Ill her crying in herself, because she was the one who was rejected by her fellow “cast mates” not the fur. 6. Discuss the use of irony in the story. “but why? Because of that stupid old thing at the end there? ‘ asked the boy. Why does she come here at all who wants her? Why doesn’t she keep her silly Old mug at ho me? “‘ Throughout the story Miss Brills considers herself to be quite extravagant and wonderful. She thinks herself an actress in this grand play she is a part of every Sunday. She d goes however spend quite a lot of time critiquing the other actors and actresses. She scorns the old uptight old people in the park. She gets bored listening in to a couple’s conversation a bout glasses. The irony plays into the theme of the story which is that every person judges and gets judged. 7. Identify the epiphany in this story.

Miss Broil’s epiphany in “Miss Brills” relates to her relationship to other people. It starts when she realizes she’s been relating to the other people in the park as if they were characters in a play, when in reality, she’s part of the “play” too. Then she listens in on the you mug couple, only to find they are talking about her-?and treating her like she’s a character in a play, for their entertainment. She’s quite hurt, and so realizes the layered cruelty of the world d. Her epiphany, then, is that we are all connected, but we don’t all realize it-?and that when w e don’t, we hurt one another. How do the young couple both represent and contradict the idea that Miss Brills has of them as the “hero and heroine”? A young couple arrive and share Miss Broil’s bench. Miss Brills believes they are nicely dressed and warmly pictures them as the “hero and heroine” of the play. However, SSH e overhears the boy make a rude remark about Miss Brills being a “stupid old thing”, and the gig RL agree, “It’s her fur which is so funny. ” 9. Identify at least three themes present in the story. * Reality * Loneliness * Alienation * Appliance 10. Identify the point of view from which the story is told. Why is this point of IEEE an effective technique?