Merida Initiative essay

Shared Interest united States and Mexico dilemma of protecting its borders Does the relationship between the United States and Mexico in combating or GA nixed crime benefit the United States, though the Merriam Initiative methods not bee n successful, why do we continue to fund Mexico in combating organized crime? This question must be answered in two parts, with two possible answers to fir SST part of the research question. First, the relationship of combating organized crime as assistance provided by the united States is mutual.

Since the United States and Mexico share alma cost 2,000 mile border. Which is the main entryway of drug flow in the Ignited States. The sec nod question of why do we continue to fund Mexico in combating its drug war, will be address De in the course of this research paper, will attempt to answer this research question by first conducting an historical I analysis of organized crime reduction in Mexico and U. S borders. I will analyze relevant s scholarly reviewed research and other articles, as well as statistical information relating to organic De crime.

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I intend to use reviewed scholarly articles obtained from from ASTOR, Google Scholar a ND Obscenest for this research, as well as any books or news articles relevant to the subject. The scope of this paper will range from early 21st Century in which the Merriam Initiative was Cree dated to combat organized crime, up till this present day. This topic is relevant due to the ongoing incremental ongoing allocations of IS united States tax dollars to Mexico to combat organized crime.