Mental Health and Mental Disorders Quiz essay

Which of the following would the instructor include as the primary purpose of this classification? A) Provide a commonly understood diagnostic category for clinical practice. B) Describe treatment modalities for psychiatric disorders and mental illnesses. C) Identify various etiologies for mental disorders based on family histories. D) Provide optimal outcomes for treatment for individuals with mental illnesses. 2. A nurse is providing care to a patient with a mental disorder classified by the ADSM-IV-TRY.

The nurse understands that although the first three axes appear to contain all the diagnostic information about a patient, a truly accurate picture of the client is incomplete without considering other factors such as an estimate of current functioning and: A) Life stresses Cultural background Marital Status D) Genetic history 3. A patient’s global assessment functioning reveals that he has minimal symptoms with good functioning in all areas. Which score would the nurse correlate with these findings? A) 94 B) 82 75 63 4.

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A female patient was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, and in the ours of her treatment, it was determined that she was experiencing alcohol dependence because she began experiencing alcohol withdrawal while she was in the hospital. When the psychiatrist who was called in as a consultant documented the patient’s mental disorder, he identified her alcohol dependence on which axis? A) Axis Axis II Axis Ill Axis IV 5. A 25-year-old woman who recently had abdominal surgery was admitted to the psychiatric unit, where it was determined that she had a borderline personality disorder.

During the first week on the unit, it was determined that she also has diabetes. Her diabetes mellitus would be listed in which axis of her ADSM-IV-TRY diagnosis? A) 6. As part of a class activity, nursing students are engaged in a small group discussion about the epidemiology of mental illness. Which statement best explains the importance of epidemiology in understanding the impact of mental disorders? A) Epidemiology helps promote understanding of the patterns of occurrence associated with mental disorders. B) Epidemiology helps explain research findings about the neurophysiology that causes mental disorders.

C) Epidemiology provides a thorough theoretical explanation of why specific mental disorders occur. D) Epidemiology predicts when a specific psychiatric client will recover from a specific mental disorder. 7. A nurse is working in a community mental health center that provides care to a large population of Asian descent. When developing programs for this community, which of the following would be most important for the nurse to address? A) Public stigma Self-stigma Label avoidance Negative life events 8. A group Of students are reviewing the multiracial diagnostic system Of the ADSM-IV-TRY.

The students demonstrate understanding of the axes when they identify that each axis represents which of the following? A) An evidence-based research finding An experimental design to guide care A domain of information A laboratory test finding 9. A nursing student is assigned to care for a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia. When talking about this patient in a clinical phosphorescence, the student would use which terminology when referring to the patient? A) Committed patient Schizophrenic Schizophrenic patient Person with schizophrenia 10. Mrs..

Green is a patient on a psychiatric unit. At the time Of her admission, her dog was killed when a car accidentally ran over it; in addition to that, she just mound out that her mother has been diagnosed with colon cancer. This information would be addressed in which ADSM-IV axis? A) 11. A nursing student is reviewing journal articles about major depression. One of the articles describes the number of persons newly diagnosed with the disorder during the past year. The student interprets this as which of the following? A) Rate Prevalence Point prevalence incidence 12.

While working in a community mental health treatment center, the nurse overhears one of the receptionists saying that one of the patients is “really psycho. ” Later in the day, the nurse talks with the receptionist about the moment. This action by the nurse demonstrates an attempt to address which issue? A) Lack of knowledge 13. After teaching a group of students about mental health and mental illness, the instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the group identifies which of the following as reflecting mental disorders?

A) Capacity to interact with others Ability to deal with ordinary stress Alteration in mood or thinking Lack of impaired functioning 14. A nurse is preparing a presentation for a local community group about mental disorders and plans to include how mental disorders are different from medical disorders. Which statement would be most appropriate for the nurse to include? A) “Mental disorders are defined by an underlying biological pathology. ” B) “Numerous laboratory tests are used to aid in the diagnosis of mental disorders. C) “Cluster of behaviors, thoughts, and feelings characterize mental disorders. ” “Manifestations of mental disorders are within normal, expected parameters. ” 15. Which of the following would a nurse identify as being categorized as Axis in the ADSM-IV-TRY? Select all that apply. A) Paranoid personality disorder Postgraduates stress disorder Anorexia nervous Mental retardation E) Unemployment F) Coronary artery disease 16. A psychiatric-?mental health nurse is providing care for a patient with a mental disorder.

The patient is participating in the decision-making process. The nurse interprets this as which component of recovery’? A) Self-direction Empowerment Person-centered Holistic 17. A nurse is explaining recovery to the family of a patient diagnosed with a mental disorder. Which statement would be most appropriate for the nurse to include about this process? A) “It is a step-by-step process from being ill to being well. ” B) “The patient focuses mainly on the emotional aspects of his condition. C) “The patient is helped to live a meaningful life to his fullest potential. D) “Although peer support is important, the self-acceptance is essential. ” 18. A psychiatric-mental health nurse is preparing a presentation about recovery for a group of newly hired nurses for the mental health facility. Which of the following would the nurse identify as one of the most important concepts? A) Peer support Respect 19. The nurse is reviewing the medical record of a patient and notes the information below. Which of the following would be found on Axis Ill? Select all that apply.