Memorable Memory essay

The summer of 2014 started amazing of course like any summer it started in Alas Vegas. An like any other summer in Vegas its over 1 00 degrees, but I always stay ins De in the air conditioning. I’ve gone to Alas Vegas very summer ever since 2009, I Stay with my sister and her husband. We always do fun things and we also do different things overtime I go, that’s why I like going. The beginning of this summer went really fast next thing I know me and my sister are on a seven hour plane flight to Panama. Then were hopping on another fight t o Costa Rica.

Once we got off the flight were running to get our luggage and we start walking are undo looking for my aunt and uncle. We see my uncle and we start walking to the car when I see m sister and my two nephews that I haven’t seen for 2 years. I got running to towards them an d hug them. I started to cry as well tears of happiness. How couldn’t I say it was one of the b est. moments of that summer but that was just the beginning . Hernandez 2 After the airport we went to my grandparents house and the whole family WA s there happy to see us.

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We spent hours talking and laughing, it was kind of funny be cause most of my family didn’t think spoke Spanish because I looked really white but once got off the phone with my dad to tell him the flight and everything else went great. They were Ii eek Oh my god you peak Spanish and I said yes and they all started laughing. After that we went to my sister house where we would be staying for the rest of the summer. We put our stuff away and went to sleep. The first two weeks were like that just us staying at the house and bonding WI the my sister and nephews.

But it wasn’t until the last week of my summer where we went differ rent place. Like we Went dirt back riding and we went on a chocolate tour. During the time we we re traveling the world cup was going on and Costa Rica was winning some of their games. And when Costa Rica won against this one team the whole country went crazy and they were Celebes ting, it was such a fun and crazy experience. Could not ask for a better summer, I got to spend it with the ones love and I got to see things never seen before.

On our last day we were all packed up and we were e saying goodbye, when I was saying goodbye to my oldest nephew he started to cry and didn’t want us to leave. It broke my heart into a million pieces. But am glad got to spend my whole us emmer with him and my family as well. Will never forget my summer of 2014 in Costa Rica that t I got to spend with everyone one love and probably won’t see in a long time. That is why the is summer was my most significant memory and I am glad it is.