Meeting Simulation essay

Miss Whitney Chow Went Me- Supervisor of Marketing Department The chairperson opened the meeting at 1 :Pm. 1. Minutes of the previous meeting Discussing Mrs.. Lee – one of our senior employee, her behavior has been changed dramatically in these three months. 2. Matter arising Miss Chow and Miss Kong gave some different view on this matter. Miss Kong informed that the sales report of Mrs.. Lee was dropped these three months if compared to the previous months. Since she always took medical leave, rude align and late submission of his sales report, Miss Kong suggested that Mrs..

Lee should be fired according to her poor performance and there have no any improvements after giving two warning letter before. 3. Discussion of employee issue Ms. Whitney agreed with Miss Kong opinion to fire Mrs.. Lee as she had warned Mrs.. Lee of her attitude, but Mrs.. Lee did not take it serious. However, Miss Chon do not agreed to fire Mrs.. Lee as she found that she had contributed a lot to this company and she had achieve the sales targeted very months before these three months. Besides, Mrs..

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Lee is a senior employee and she has been worked for 15 years for this company. There must be a reason of her changes. 4. Action to be taken Miss Whitney suggested that can start hire a new employee and train him or her to handle the job of Mrs.. Lee. After that, Mrs.. Lee will be fire when the new employee familiar with the job. Miss Chon directly pointed out this was a non-morally action and it will influence the company reputation if this incident has been spoken out. Miss Kong suggested that we can give a final warning letter to Mrs..