Marriage is a Private Affair by Chinua Achebe essay

In this short story, “Marriage is a private affair” by China Achebe. The main c harassers are Unmake and his father Cooke. Is getting marry with his love, Nine. But his father doesn’t agree it because his father thinks marriage should chosen by p arenas. His is a complicated decision for Unmake because he must choose between the m an who raised him or the woman he loves. The tension between Old and new ways Of living sometime mess creates conflict within families, especially between generations.

It was also difficult because if he chooses his fife, then his father may never speak to him again, but if he chooses his father r, then he may never experience true love ever again. I think the protagonist is Unmake be cause he said “l have come to ask for forgiveness. ” He felt apologize for his father cause he ca NT just marry with a girl who he doesn’t like but his father likes and he already have a fiance. He came home to ask for forgiveness, in this point I think he is good son cause he didn’t run away a ND did response to his father. L am engaged to marry another girl who has all of Gouge ‘s good q elites, and who… ” He is trying to explain to his father and let him believe Nine is a good girl and he doesn’t marry a wrong wrong person. Unmake never say any depreciate w rod even the girl he doesn’t like. He believes he should listen to his heart, only marry with the girl he likes. Think Cooke, who is Namesakes father is the antagonist because he stop his son marry with his love. When his son trying to introduce Nine to him, he just he doesn’t want to hear anything about this girl. “… Thing is different. What one looks for in a wife AR e good character and a Christian background. ” Cooke said it to his son, he believe a good wife s would be that. But he never give Nine a chance, even she is a good girl and she is Christian. “… If my son wants to kill himself, let him do it with his own hand. It’s not for me to help me. “He doe isn’t bless for their marriage and he thinks his son is killing himself because his son doesn’t I sites to him. After they got married, they send him the wedding picture because father didn’t co me for the wedding.

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Cooke got the picture and wrote a letter back, he said he would decided to cue doff Nine to send the picture back because he has nothing to do with her and he doesn’t want t o see her. I don’t understand how could a father acting like that, even though his son is happen sees. I think he wasn’t a good father, a good father should let his son/ daughter to be happy. That is the most important thing let them be your happiness.