Marketing Communications essay

The body of organizations viewed collectively as the object of fundraising or of donation the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. ” (Oxford Dictionary, 201 1). To be a charity is as a result of a combination of who you are, what you do and how you actually do it. 4. 0 The Marketing Communication Mix The established components of the Marketing Communication Mix are Advertising Direct Marketing, Personal Selling, Public Relations and Sales Promotion.

The first step in the Marketing Communication process is deciding which of the Marketing Communication Mix will be used to converse with your target audience because selecting the right components is essential for the process to run efficiently. Putting together these five elements together make up the promotional or communication marketing mix with each component providing a separate and different service depending on the size Of the charity and their advantages and disadvantages. Figure 1. 0 4. Why is it important? The Marketing Communication Mix is important because it is the core to very organization and charity trying to reach to their target market, each element has their own unique ways in attracting consumers. Every element will have been used by charities in Great Britain to raise awareness of their charity, from billboards to radio and from leaflets to television advertisements. It puts it into perspective as to how successful and valuable marketing as a tool is in today’s world.

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Even though marketing underwent an enormous alteration in the twentieth century, due to the technology available to everyone now in the 21st century the traditional components of the racketing communications are still in use and are important today. In order for the five communication elements to work well the charity must remember to co-ordinate the communication mix with SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). This way when a charity starts up a new campaign there are targets throughout drive to get to so the promotion doesn’t start to lose its message and is always in the public eye.

Setting SMART targets is a good way to run a campaign because this it is a good way to track where the campaign is, even if its two weeks down the line or months. . 2 The Marketing Communication Plan A Marketing Communication Plan is an extension of your overall Marketing Plan and is also a tailored proposal specific to the campaign. The Marketing Communication Mix will help you to define your target audience and the right message and media to reach them with.

The Charity Commission of Great Britain will never be able to predict what campaign will be the best until it is unveiled and shown to the public, it is similar to never being able to predict which of the five elements of the Marketing Communication Mix will work best and provide the greatest results. A charity s Marketing Communication Plan will never be exactly the same twice because of SMART goals altering and the public environment changing too often but always focus on the features of the strategy that have the greatest results and then centre your next strategy around your main strengths.

Every plan entails hard work, vigilant supervising and modifying if needed to achieve your targets but also recommendations and suggestions for the future campaigns. 4. 3 Advertising ‘Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services through mass media such as newspapers, Gaines, television or radio by an identified sponsor. ” (Armstrong and Kettle, 2008:692).

The purpose of advertising is to inform and influence the consumers to donate or buy the product whilst trying to persuade their target audience to change their opinions of the charity as well as reminding the consumers what the actual message is so they can hopefully changed their emotions and attitudes to the product or service if they have been upset by such as posters with offensive language or pictures on them. Advertising is a mass media technique of marketing communication and offer exposure to the biggest, most geographically circulated audience at the lowest cost possible.

Although, advertising has become more costly in recent years and it can be very expensive and with the prices adding up quickly. For example, advertisements on television can be extremely expensive depending on the day of the week; time of day and which channel it will be on. For a thirty second advertisement on a Saturday night around eight o’clock companies are willing to pay millions of pounds for a slot, and at half time of the American Football Super Bowl in the United States of America USA) television advertisements can be brought for one hundred million dollars for a fifteen-twenty second slot.

This is where the gigantic global companies will be to make sure they capitalist on a global audience of around one billion people. Now radio and even online advertisements are getting over priced which are far too expensive for charities to pay for a single advertisement. Advertising is now stretching all over the World Wide Web where charities are advertising on web pages of large companies and are now being inter linked and associated with them.

Other traditional forms of paid advertising include billboards, signs and posters which are still used but because of the technology that is out there today these forms of advertising are now not always having the same effect as they once did. Newspapers and magazines seem to be the exception to this rule as charities are obviously still happy to advertise in local and national papers as well as a two page spread in a monthly magazine. In essence, anything which offers a chance to target “eyes and/or ears” can be a setting for advertising and you can see examples Of excellent promotional advertisements in the most unlikely places.

Figure 1. 2 The Advertising Process: – Sequential Steps (Product Penetration) Marketing Strategy D Advertising Strategy C] Budget C] Revisions… Media Schedule C] Copy Content C] Evaluation Implementation (Taken from lecture 19. 10. 2010) An example of a charity using advertising as a way to contact the general public and their target audience would be EUNICE. Recently, EUNICE has begun partnerships with world-class athletes and teams to promote the organizations work and to raise funds. They have been associated with the Spanish football team FCC Barcelona.

As part of the agreement, FCC Barcelona ill wear the EUNICE logo on the front of their shirts for a total of five years and they will pay ?5,000,000 million a year to EUNICE for the honor. This is actually the first time a football club has sponsored an organization or charity rather than the other the organization sponsoring a club. This will help both organizations as FCC Barcelona has a fan based of around 9. 5 million people worldwide and games are shown around the world therefore EUNICE will be seen around the world too.

FCC Barcelona will get an enormous amount of support and sponsorship for this kind gesture. 4. 4 Sales promotion Sales Promotion basically refers to purchase enticement that you provide your consumer with. These can be a number of things including offering free goods or services such as a cuddly toy for adopting an animal, coupons and vouchers money off a meal at restaurant associated with the charity, gifts and prizes for example entering a prize draw for donating money to a dog shelter and any other incentives a charity may offer you for joining and donating to the charity.

Sales Promotions are normally one off incentives that are intended to lure customers and provide them with that last thrust to buy. No matter what the size and type of your charity, you should constantly be looking for ways in which to create additional value for customers because a customer if kept happy can stay with you for life they will also be grateful for it and in return may use word of mouth to mention the charity and how good they are with their customers. The typical sales promotion objectives are to try and introduce the product and service, hoping that the consumer will buy one and then repeat the purchase over and over again.

That then starts to build customer loyalty which breaks down loyalty on the rest of the intention and the consumer starts to purchase more frequently. Examples of this are extremely frequent with animal charities as they want to keep you for as long as they can so send you money off vouchers, letters from the “animal” you have adopted and cuddly toys for the children who are usually part of the animal charities target audience as they see the advertisement and persuade their mother or father donate to the charity so it feels like the child owns an animal.

The animal charity seems to target the children because of the preconception that parents will do anything to make heir child smile. Figure 1. 3 Sales Promotion Planning Establish sales promo objectives Dandies Integration needs and potential Select sales promotion tools CA Constructing the Sales promotion programmer L] Pre-testing the programmer 0 Implementing and controlling the programmer C] Evaluating the programmer (Taken from lecture 23. 1. 2010) 4. 5 public Relations Public Relation (PR) regards how you handle your relationship with the press as a charity and with the public or anyone who is affected by the charity.

This also includes any partnerships, competitors and also the government. PR as become a more and more vital element of the Marketing Communication Mix as a charity or organization develops and gets bigger. It is obviously still a very important component of the Marketing Communication Process to consider for smaller charities as well. PR tools include press and media releases such as mini statements that are read out on television, radio or newspaper, lobbying, public events, sponsorships, interviews and any other method of promotion of a positive image to the public.

PR has now become the marketing tool that every charity or organization should have in their sickroom staff because we are in a world now where everyone sees everything nothing is private and So to have a good Public Relations team or “Spin Doctor” working for you is essential so that you do not suffer bad press to a damaging degree. Being conscious of everything around starts with the individual and carries through to the charity, individuals buy from individuals and the most thriving organizations/charities are those that benefit other people the most.

As with everything PR also has a good and bad side. 4. 6 Direct Marketing The Direct Marketing component of the Marketing Communication Mix includes direct mail, online marketing, catalogues and coupons and inserts. If Direct Marketing is done precisely by The Charity Commission of Great Britain it is extremely effective in the long term and will allow for a targeted marketing approach at the consumers to create important enduring relationships.

Direct Marketing is the marketing communication method that enables companies to interact with a relatively large number of customers and encourage a call to action or most wanted response which is usually a purchase or donation. The drawback of Direct Marketing is that it is usually unwelcome and seen as a nuisance by the general public. Telemarketing, e- mail spamming and junk mail are universally detested as well and so Direct Marketing tools should be used with consideration and caution. One charity that uses Direct Marketing is Barnyard’s.

Barnyard’s is the United Kingdom’s (IS. K) “Leading Children’s Charity’ and they help over one hundred thousand children every year no matter of their circumstances, gender, race, disability or behavior. ‘We believe in the abused, the vulnerable, the forgotten and the neglected. We will support them, stand up for them and bring out the best in ACH and every child. ” (Barnyard’s, 201 1). They send out thousands of flyers and leaflets asking to help children from all sorts of backgrounds and beliefs.

Barnyard’s have also created a television advertisement to make everyone aware of what is happening out there and the cruelty that children are suffering. This is a pulsing campaign, Barnyard’s have started at a low level sending the leaflets out first to catch the publics attention and to make them aware of the situation and then suddenly release this hard hitting truth serum of an advertisement to shock people because the leaflets can only portray so such emotion and for the truth and reality to really come out the one minute television must show that in full.

This has had a good effect so far as it has shocked people but it could start to have a negative effect if the advertisement is on too much as people do not like to see the truth about cruelty to children and therefore may switch the channel over. 4. 7 Personal Selling Personal Selling is a “two-way, face-to-face communication component used to inform and give demonstrations to maintain or establish a long term relationship with, or persuade specific members of a particular audience. (De Plasterer et al, 2001:16). Personal Selling is a very formal but informal way Of advertisement, they are the people that stand in the streets by shopping centre and try to catch individuals off guard to talk to them about donating three pound a month for Lama’s in Africa. Unless this is done with class, efficiency and elegancy there is not much hope for the people doing this as the general public do not like to be bothered like this and will ignore any approaches.

This is a burst campaign when the charity workers will be there for a short period of time and will try and ask as many people as possible. . 0 Market Segmentation Market Segmentation is the act of dividing up the total market in to separate and identifiable groups of consumers who share common interests, needs and wants. The possibility of a tighter focus of the management and marketing effort results, thus the right services can be supplied at the right time and place at optimum price.

Figure 1. 4 Segmented Groups 1) Media Habits 2) Media Consumptions 3) Lifestyle Habits 4) chirography’s 5) Demographics 6) Socio-economics 5. 1 Why segment the markets? The markets are segmented because each person is different and is unique n their own way, everyone has different wants and needs, you cannot satisfy everyone with one product and it’s easier to promote as segments. Figure 1. The Segmentation Process (The Market segmentation company, 2. 5. 2011 ) 6. 0 Conclusion Throughout this formal client report for The Charity Commission of Great Britain, JP Communications has looked in to detail about developing Marketing Communication strategies for them and critically analyses how other charities use the Marketing Communication Mix in order to raise awareness and get in touch with their target audience for their charities.

The Marketing Communication Mix is essential for The Charity Commission of Great Britain as these five elements are the platform for developing marketing strategies such as burst, drip and pulsing campaigns. Advertising is a mass media technique and plays a major role in enhancing a charities profile especially now with the money that is being spent on television and radio advertisements. The techniques used by advertisement agency have now become so complex that you are able to see the difference in price and quality.

Bigger charities seem to of gain an edge on the smaller competition u to their superior budgets. With charities and organizations being made the most of advertising other methods of the Marketing Communication Mix are not used as much as some of the other techniques like Direct Marketing seem to drive the general public away as flyers/leaflets, junk mail and spam e- mails are seen as an annoyance and highly irritable.

This is for the reason that most of the mail can cause viruses to computers and leaflets make too much clutter. Public Relations (PR) is another element of the Marketing Communication Mix which has major helped charities with their press overage and view to the public. With “Spin Doctors” being used to help stop any bad press that the charity may receive and to generate good press when the charity have done something new and exciting the idea of PR has changed. 7. Recommendations The first recommendations that JP Communications believe would be beneficial to The Charity Commission of Great Britain would be to start advertising on Backbone because at this time it will be cost effective as the advertising slots are good value for money, there are over two hundred million people on Backbone that would see the advertisement and the Charity Commission could find a target web audience which would enhance their image as they would be seen as up-to-date charity moving into the 21st century and undertaking new means of advertising and exploring new ways for their campaigns to be seen by the general public.

The second recommendation that we have thought through and decided would be beneficial for The Charity Commission of Great Britain is instead of going for a Burst Campaign where the advertisement and sales promotions are in a fast and short period we believe that it would be more useful if they SE a Drip Campaign and the period for viewing is long and reminds the public of the message but the impact is not as immense. Our last recommendation for The Charity Commission of Great Britain would be for moving billboards outside busy shopping centre and supermarkets.