Management essay

Conflicts arise naturally in every arena Of our daily life. Every organization encounters conflict on a daily basis. The aim of the study was to know how conflict is being managed in an organization. Case study approach with quantitative and qualitative methods was chosen because the study strategy involves a systematic investigation into Nubians as an organization. The study was also carried out through questionnaires and interviews of management and staff of Nubians-Adam Kumara.

A sample size of 20 employees were selected out of 50 populations in Nubians using simple and sampling technique for the distribution of questionnaires and interviewed three department managers. It emerged that perceived conflict occurs because of ignorance, poor communication, and lack of proper personnel management. Actual conflict generally occurs when there are multiple paths to accomplish the same goal. The commendations were that, management should focus on encouraging democratic representation in the choice of leaders and should also strive to treat the employees in the best possible way.

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It is something that cannot be avoided. It happens on the job, between groups, in our society, within families and right in the middle of our most personal relationships. But it is possible to manage them when recognize them on time. It is necessary to continuously track the organizational signals which point to their existence. If we do not react duly, this can lead to the situation that the conflict will negatively affect the organization. Conflict occurs between people in all kinds of human relationships and in all social settings.