Malcolm X The Ballot or the Bullet Rhetorical Analysis essay

Malcolm X gave a speech that transformed the cultural con consciousness of Fragmentariness. The Ballot or The Bullet revolutionized the black mind, changing Africanizing attitudes across the country from passive and reticent to cacti eve and sulfonamide. While Malcolm inspiring tone of voice and remarkable rhythmic c speaking captivated his audience, his true success in achieving his purpose was his expo ret use of rhetorical strategies.

In a five paragraph excerpt of this speech, these rhetorical skills AR e exemplified. Within this short passage, Malcolm X has a clear, concise point of view and a d river purpose him and the rest of the 22 million blacks living in America are victims to the sys stem, and if they want to change that, they must go out and vote. In the onset of the passage, Malcolm X is building up a tension to bring the AU audience’s attention to a maximum. Malcolm X relies strongly on repetition to create this tension.

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He lists, n a repetitive sentence structure, immigrant groups fresh off the boat who AR e considered to be American “Hankies… Are already Americans, Pollack are already Americans; I Italian refugees are already Americans;… Every blubbered thing, is already an American” After t his sequence of repeating phrases, he is able to drive home his point at an optimal moment, when everyone’s eyes, ears and minds are open.