Love vs Lust essay

Lust Love is defined as something you earn or gain in months or even for some people years, lust is simply defined as something you can gain in a matter of weeks or in some cases minuets. Love is like a complicated puzzle that you can only put together with one other person. Lust can be like a puzzle too but if you have various people helping you day in and day out then some of the pieces might have gotten lost or rearranged.

If you have a puzzle with lost or serrated pieces there won’t be anything left for that one person to put together. It may seem like a common cliche© but loves does conquer all even if you’re the most pessimistic person out there, no one wants to put together a puzzle alone. Love is best defined as a feeling you get when you spin around in circles really fast. You feel out of breathe and everything loses its form right before your eyes. However unlike spinning around and having the ability to control whether you stop or not; when you’re in love you can’t control the spinning.

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Love isn’t an over-night pimple cure, love takes time to brew up and blossom into its full effect. Sometimes people prove their love by going out of their comfort zone. When Hercules went out of his way to the underworld to save Meg’s soul not only did this action prove his bravery but how committed he is to this one girl. Going out of your way for good reasons is love (mind you that you don’t have to go the underworld for it though. ) Another part of love is the family. Family may not be important to your significant other but if you want o call it love you have to respect where your significant other came from.

Being in love with someone also means having love for you. You have to be able to be comfortable with who you are because if you don’t like you then who would? Lust is a cruel act of an “in the moment” feeling with people you find attractive at that said place and time. Lust can be described as an indecisive feeling that can only lead to hurt for yourself and those you concern yourself in that lust with. When that person leaves you, you feel depressed and dependent on lust and those that satisfy that feeling.

Lust is often rendered s the “one night stand”; people in the media talk it up as if it’s something to brag about It isn’t because you’re only hurting yourself and your chances of finding someone you have actual lasting feelings for. In order to gain your “one-night stand” you have to devise a plan that’s built on nothing but deceit. You aren’t being yourself and when you aren’t you it’s uncomfortable to be in your own skin saying things and acting in way you normally wouldn’t. With lust it’s like you’re putting on a mask and leading with your best dressed-up foot forward.

Leading in that way leads you nowhere. Love and lust are simply put as ways of expressing a feeling for someone. Given the benefit of the doubt, they deal with putting yourself on the frontline of getting turned down. They are considered insane or irrational feelings by pessimist and optimistic romantics of all types. A fear of being turned down is common in both love and lust. This fear turns people away from love and leads others into something way worse than just lust. In a situation of love and lust you have to place your feeling on the target whether those feelings are permanent or just a flash.

With placing all your feelings on he line, some people get turned down, then in that moment you must deal with the way that relationship ended. How you handled that is often what separates love from lust. Love can conquer any obstacle placed in front of it. Lust is a fling which people have often but isn’t exactly healthy. However love when placed in the wrong hearts isn’t love. The word “love” is commonly used among teenagers. Teenage love is a trap of lust. You’re clingy, obsessive and often just isolated with that one person. Another love killer is being in a relationship that you call love butts ends up being lust.

In this situation you’re either desperate or just not in a healthy situation. Age is also a factor when you are young. Age is key to a healthy relationship regardless of what Twilight portrays. Love has many interpretations and is rarely found, lust however is everywhere you look nowadays. It clouds the minds of even the truest of hearts. Love handled, packaged and delivered properly is pure and true. Lust is often defined as love but don’t let it fool you. You’ll know when you know. Simple as that. In the end when all is said and done, love conquers all.