Love essay

Love is a feeling that is different for different persons. For some its the completeness, for some it’s the soul, for some it’s a part of life and for some it’s useless. But frankly speaking the every school of thought that is present has provided some sort of answers (duller, 2005). This paper deals with perception of love as per me and then have relate the feeling of love with the human biology as stated by different Biologists. The two of them are different, interesting and hold some similarities too. There are different views about love.

Some says it truly caring for that person’s happiness and interests, some says it’s the sacrifice of one’s own life for the well being of the person you love (Barrels, Andrea, Geek & Semis, 2000). They all have some valid forms. But if see deeply then it can be seen all this forms are too altruistic. As given in literatures, explained by the biologists and experienced then it can be seen that human cannot do anything through another person’s frame of reference (Lewis, Thomas, Llanos, Richard, Mini & Fair, 2000). So, the meaning of love that is related to leaving of self does not hold any existences according to the human science.

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One’s human body can only help oneself to be healthy physically and emotionally, no other person can perform the basic functioning of human body or to be frank one cannot replace or work for other body. Love is combination of pleasure of sex, attachment and the partner preference. However it can be said that loving is a act of loving oneself through the other persons. It is act of loving those people who can bear us, make us feel better and bring out our best. The human biology suggests that the love is associated with three major drive. Sex drive, attachment and the partner preference (Slater & Lauren, 2000).

There are hormones the body known as testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, extinction and possession that governs the feeling of love. The Central dopamine pathway determines the partners behavior, possession and extinction mediates up the partner preference and the attachment to the partners. Sex drive is controlled by the impossible dopamine pathways (Frankfort , 2005). The estrogen and testosterone brings out the drives by making changes in the dopamine pathway. If there are adequate levels of ermine in the brain of female and male then only these drives are initiated.

The chemical substances that are meant for the passionate and long time love are present in those partners who participate in unison. The person who has just fallen in love has high level of cortical (Routing, Domicile, Hamilton & Grafton, 2007). According to the biologist love is an essential part to let body to function properly. Dry. Arthur Jason, is known as the author of ‘The Biology of Love”. He says that the right hemisphere is larger than the left hemisphere and it controls the feeling, emotion and is the part of where the process of hinging takes place.

The thoughts, the plans, the approaches and the concepts are carried out in the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere grows up in the individuals at the age of two whereas the left hemisphere matures from the beginning itself. The feelings are the pre date thoughts. When we see through evolution it can said that we become a feeling being before being a thinking being (Fisher, Aaron & Brown, 2006). It is also been shown the negligence, the lack of love in one’s life has a adverse effect on the human life and its development too. Dry.

Jason suggests that the new born or the small children who are neglected from starting has a different brain than the other normal children’s. In these neglected children the stress hormones receptor are at much low levels, which causes a high level of stress and thus gives rise to unhappiness. Biologists have identifies the processes that occurs in brain when one individual loves the other individual. The studies show up some correlations also. Dry. Helen Fisher says it is the drastic increase in the hormones that causes a person to get attracted to another person at the first.

At this point of time there are feelings of euphoria and giddiness in the body of the person (Griffith, 2011). The people who are involved in recent love have the serotonin levels also high in the body than the other normal person who are not in love. Some studies also suggest that there are correlations between the ability Of a person to bind emotionally with the Other person and in these persons the extinction hormone is present at that time. This hormone is generally linked to the human reproductive system like the lactation process and the orgasm process in males and females.

Brain scanning quenches such as Functional magnetic resonance imaging have been used to investigate brain regions that seem to be involved in producing the human experience of love. It is seen by studies that there are specific brain regions that are involved in producing and making love. Semis Geek and Andrea Barrels of University College London in the year 2000 that there are at least two regions of brain that are involved while making love. They are mainly the foci in media insult. The brain associates this with instinct and a part of anterior Cingular cortex that links up with the euphoria feelings.

It can be en these findings are linked up by the definition of love described above. Notably a interesting correlation exists between the act of loving an individuals and the different types of chemical substances present in the person who is in love, as found up by the biologists. The chemical hormones are not only associated the feeling of love but also are related to forms of gratification. Extinction hormone is secreted in the brain during the time of sex or orgasm, dopamine is secreted to provide the pain relief and the euphoric feelings so it plays up the role of amphetamines and cocaine.

The hormone is inked to generate the feeling of happiness and calmness inside the body (Margarita & Canals , 2004). So it can be seen the feeling of love is associated to the attainment of pleasure and the secretions of the hormones in the human brain. Thus the feeling of love can be compared to the attainment of self-gratification. Philosophically it can be said loving another person is to love oneself and in the biological sense love is to attain one’s own pleasures by loving another person (McGregor, Callaghan & Hunt, 2008). At the end it can be seen loving is a feeling that is requirement of a human body.

It helps the body to grow effectively and work efficiently. The feeling of love is associated to the attainment of body requirements of pleasures. So to love someone is to attain the pleasure requirement of body. Love is a form of fulfilling the body needs as per the human biologists.