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The Cold War’s foreign policies encouraged the growth of anti communist whys terra and the spread of democratic ideals which had a profound impact on domestic life e in the United States. Being prepared for nuclear war became a way of life. Air raid sirens we re installed, bomb shelters were built, and duck and cover drills were practiced. The government started to build an interstate highway system in case of an evacuation. This helped spread people e to family centered suburbs such as Elevation. America lived in constant fear that a bomb would be dropped due to people like McCarthy who exaggerated this communist threat.

America had 10 Eng feared differences in society such as the Salem Witch Trials portrayed in The Crucible . The government had attempted to remove these perceived threats from America. However, eve en stronger fear and paranoia was to get rid of communism in America. McCarthy captured and put on trial Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for believing they were spies and revealing secrets. They were e later executed heightening America’s fear and paranoia. House Committee on Americana Activities targeted Hollywood to determine if communist ideas were reflected in films.

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Labor Nun ones were stripped of their rights and with Deflectable Act which required labor unions to confirm that none of their leaders belonged to the Communist party. Furthermore the backdrop of the Cold War helped people realize that African American struggles for freedom were condo emend as Americana. President Truman desegregated US military troops and the decides ion in Brown v. Board of Education ended segregation in schools. However, these Civil Right r forms in the early Cold War were not well implemented and much De facto segregation still I occurred.

It was ore just proof of change to impress people internationally. Propaganda was key in showing that only with democracy these racial changes could happen. Martian Luther King J r. Used the Cold War as leverage to influence the domestic audience. But these changes in doom cities life were significantly due to the global war America was fighting and the many foreign policies that came with it. Containment of the Soviet Union and communism shaped 20th century foreign n policy. The dropping of the atomic bomb depicted in the book Hiroshima by John Hershey began the atomic age and the advancement of the arms race.